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Neglected Wife Part 1

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Thank goodness for neglectful husbands. When we met, Kris had not had sex for 4 years. Her husband was obese, diabetic, and didn?t do anything to take care of her in the bedroom. We met at least once a month for over 2 years. Enjoy this true story. I sure did.

I had discovered one of those phone in and play lines that actually had real, horny women calling in and connecting with guys like me. This was before online chat so I thought I had struck gold. I made several ongoing connections with fun women all over the country and enjoyed satisfying phone sex a couple of times a week.

The system also had a personals tool, so I tried it out. I rarely checked my inbox since there was more action on the live line.

That changed one night when I heard a message from Kris. She had a soothing, sultry voice and answered my recording telling me she was interested in talking and she was fantasizing about meeting someone outside her marriage.

After a little message tag, answering each other?s questions, I left my number and she called me at home.

We had a casual conversation and developed some nice rapport. I held back until she started down the road by asking me questions about what I enjoyed in bed and what I fantasized about.

We shared a mutual passion for oral sex and an intrigue for anal. At that point in my life, no woman had let me slide into her ass and I yearned to find out if it really was everything I had read and heard about. Kris had some experience and also shared that she enjoyed playing with a man?s ass. I had played with my hole on the urging of some phone friends, but had only had one woman go so far as to use her finger on me in person. I knew I liked it and often thought about more.

Our chat progressed into an enjoyable, mutual session of pleasure. I, being the gentleman I am, made sure Kris had a satisfying orgasm before getting off myself. We ended the call with plans to keep talking until Kris was ready to meet in person. She made it clear that was her ultimate goal but she would need me to be patient. I was more than willing to get to know this sensual, articulate, passionate Latina.

We talked a couple more times, enjoying each other?s company, but did not have phone sex again.

Then came the call.

I was sitting on my couch watching TV one afternoon. I worked from home and had finished for the day. The phone rang and it was Kris.

She left the gym early and wasn?t expected home for an hour. I had told her where I lived and she wanted to meet face to face. She just wanted to do a drive by to see me in person, but not come inside yet.

I agreed to meet in my parking lot and gave her detailed directions.

She called as she was pulling in, so I went outside. I was dressed in sleep pants and a t-shirt. I stood on the curb, barefoot, as this Camero came around the corner and pulled up in front of me. As she rolled the window down, I smiled big. Kris had medium length, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an inviting, shy smile. We had shared stats and her full 36D?s filled out her black leotard nicely.

We chit-chatted casually for a few minutes. She shared that her girlfriend had been urging her to get off her butt and come see me and Kris finally got up the nerve. She made it a point to tell me that her friend knew where she was in case I turned out to be a crazed somethinerother. I had to laugh at that and assured her I wouldn?t do anything to her that she didn?t want me to.

She smiled even bigger at that.

Then she decided to park and come inside. I applied no pressure, just remained casual and relaxed.

Always the gentleman, I let her go first through my front door. I offered her something to drink, but she declined as we sat on the couch next to each other.

She tucked her legs under herself facing me and I looked into her eyes as we chatted some more. As I said before, Kris and I had shared stats. She asked if I had told the truth about my 7 ½?, thick cock.

I said, ?Yes. And you?re making it grow.?

Kris paused, licked her lips, and avoided my look for a moment. Then she locked eyes with me and asked, ?Can I see it??

A cat-ate-the-canary grin grew on my face as I raised up and pulled my sleep pants down so the elastic was just resting under my balls. I was only semi-hard, but starting to rise.

Kris actually gasped. The sound and the look on her face as she stared, fixated, made me continue to stretch and grow.

?Can I touch it??

I barely got the ?Yes? out of my mouth before this hot woman leaned over, grasped me gently in her warm, soft hands and squeezed.

I sat back and moaned as she started playing and fondling my now fully hard manhood.

She was making more yummy noises than I was.

?It?s been sooooo long,? I heard her moan under her breath.

Then, she took me into her mouth. For someone who had not seen or touched a hard dick for years, she had not forgotten how to please a man. She was great at using her tongue, her hands, her fingernails, and her enthusiasm.

I ran my fingers through her thick hair and ran my other hand across her back and down to squeeze her shapely ass.

I?m not sure who started it, but soon Kris was straddling my lap, grinding on my hard cock through her shorts and leotard, and sticking her tongue down my throat. Our tongues wrestled as I alternated between holding her head in my hands and cupping that full ass. Some piece of clothing under her leotard was stiff and restricted some of where I wanted to squeeze her, including her tits.

My dick was benefitting from the heat she was generating between her legs. I could feel her wetness spreading across those gym shorts.

?I?ll be right back,? she said as she got up. ?Where?s the bathroom??

I pointed her there and reveled in my good fortune as I watched her walk across my carpet.

I was surprised to see her still fully clothed when she came back out and approached me. It turns out she had taken off her constricting wrap she wore during her workouts.

She climbed back onto my lap and we continued kissing, caressing, and dry humping. It wasn?t very dry, but there were at least 2 layers of clothes between my cock and her getting-wetter-by-the-second pussy. I was still enjoying the heat and moisture directly on my hardness.

And now I could get to her tits. They were full, soft, and all natural. I could feel her nipples harder under my hands and fingers.

We were both out of breath by the time Kris stopped and said, ?I have to go? as she stood up.

?You?re not going to leave me like this are you?? I gestured to my dick pointing straight at her.

?Ummm, I guess not,? she smirked as Kris sank down onto her knees.

I loved how warm her hands were. And then I was loving how warm her tongue and mouth were.

Kris was not done showing me how enthusiastic she was.

She picked up her pace with her mouth, her tongue, her hands, and her moans.

It wasn?t long before I announced that I was about to cum.

Kris pulled back and gripped me firmly, stroking faster and staring me right in the eye of my penis.

The groan came from deep inside me as my hips writhed and my cum boiled up out of me to shoot into the air in front of Kris? sexy face.

She tasted a little of it before going to clean up and bring me back a towel.

I walked her out to her car as we said goodbye until next time.

There were many, many next times.

Stay tuned.

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