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Naughty Niece

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This story is a recent happening between my niece, by marriage and myself. I’m nearing 57 and my niece is 41. I guess I relate it to the swinging lifestyle only by fact that my wife and I used to swing in our mid 40’s. We’ve been inactive in swinging for some time because of multiple reasons, none having to do with still enjoying the thought of swinging.

Anyway, that being said, the naughty niece story begins with her family moving next to us on adjacent land. We have about 7 acres and some of it being wooded adjacent her property. This spring I’ve had to do the normal clean up, picking up hundreds of limbs and sticks from the winter. The woods is fairly far from our house’s or at least dense enough for being private. While working alone I heard her familiar voice calling hello and assumed her to have her dog and kids along on a hike. But it was only her. I said hello and she just yacked about the nice day and the pretty blooming of spring. I noted she seemed unusually gushy and was wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt. She has an extremely tight bod, flat belly, long legs and a beautiful smile. She seemed to be scanning the surroundings as we just had typical idle chit chat.

Then she stepped closer to me, locking eye contact and with a few seconds of hesitation and looking for words she suddenly looked at me with a huge smile and in a near laughing way she said “Do you wanna fuck?”. I was at a total loss for a response and in a dumbfounded reply I could think of nothing but to say “You mean here?”. She replied, her face somewhat flushed with embarrassment, “Yes, right here and now!”.

I could only say “Absolutely” but I had to inquire a few questions. She told me she always had a fantasy about what it might be like with me. She also said people make such a big deal over sex and while she wasn’t normally the promiscuous type, she decided if she ever wanted to make a fantasy come true and have sex with someone she could trust in complete discretion, she thought it would be with me. I caught the drift that perhaps somehow she was aware of our past experience. “Well?”, she asked with a glint of orneriness in her eyes. Her look cause a thump in my pants.

I put my arms around her and she pulled tight to me grinding her crotch into mine. I said it might be a little risky and difficult here in the woods. She must have thought this out ahead of time and proceeded to tell me we didn’t need to strip down. She said this first time she just wanted to sit on my cock. Wow, I was somewhat stunned at her thinking this out ahead of time. I warned her at my age and in this new situation it may be a little difficult to get really hard. With that statement she had an absolute evil grin on her face and said “I have my ways and techniques to help that”. She then had her hand in her shorts while kneading my cock through my unzipped jeans. She pulled her hand from her crotch and put it to my face and nose. Her scent was driving me crazy and her finger was soaked with her pussy juices. She held it under my nose while saying “ I want your cock in my pussy and unload all you have deep inside me”. By now she had my cock out of my shorts and the scent and erotic talk had me harder than I’ve been in a long while.

She looked down at my cock for the first time and with a small moan she pushed her hands further inside my jeans and cupped my balls. I’m about 7-1/2 erect. She then put her hand back in here shorts and this time she was really wet. Rubbing my dick with her wet hand was driving me wild. She guided me to a short tree stump, stripped off her outer shorts and laid them on the stump. I pulled my jeans to my knees and sat on the stump watching her in her undies. She erotically pulled the crotch of her undies to one side exposing her beautiful wet and hairy pussy and stepping over my legs she pushed her pussy to my face. This was just pure wild nature sex happening in my mind as her scent filled me with lust. She then squatted down slowly hovering her pussy over my cock. Spreading her lips with her fingers she began taking me in and with a few strokes she buried me to the balls in her hot, silky smooth puss. We just sat there in a tense state as she looked me in the eyes and said how great this felt. She had awesome vaginal muscles as I felt her squeeze on my dick. She began to grind her ass as I did my best under the conditions to thrust. I could feel the juices on my balls as we fucked. She then began nipping my neck with her teeth and in her erotic state she whispered in my ear to fuck her and fill her. It didn’t take long for my nuts to begin aching so damned good and within the next moments I was fulfilling her wishes pumping ropes of cum deep into her.

We both sensed the risk of being seen and she quickly jumped up. She cupped her hands over her pussy to catch the huge drips of cum and she just smeared it around her mound and covered it with her soaked panties. I stood as she grabbed her shorts from the stump. She said “You’re a mess too” as she wiped my cock, balls and inner thighs with her shorts. She said “See!, that was no big deal now was it!” laughing as she continued to gather herself. “My goodness, that was great” is all I could mutter out as I felt drained standing there zipping up.

We got it together after a minute or so. She looked at me again with that huge grin and said she promised no one would ever know. She had thought this all out and her only goal was to have a trusted fuck buddy and she would never expect anything more than the occasional fun we can always have in the future. Hopefully sometime in a more comfortable atmosphere but even if not, then remembering this “out in nature raw sex adventure” would always be a pleasant memory.

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