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Naughty Little Shopper

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This story is dedicated to my dear friend Frank...

I was walking through the local Wal-Mart, picking up some supplies for a party my husband and I were hosting over the weekend. My phone beeped, and looking down, my smile was instant. Our texting had been going on for a few months; but we had never met in person. We met in the chat room of a swinging site. My husband and I were new to swinging; we had met a few couples, and had some good times. Frank and his wife Jewel had a bit more experience, and he had given me advice. Our chats were usually friendly, but not too risqué.

As I became more comfortable with Frank, we had decided to exchange phone numbers, so we could chat via text during any hour of the day. My husband wasn't exactly pleased, but he decided it didn't really matter since Frank lived almost 800 miles away. Neither of us thought that we would ever meet Frank or Jewel in person. Our text messages grew in familiarity and sexual innuendos, until every text from Frank made me wet with desire.

I sat down on a bench to chat with him; I was in no hurry today. He always brought a smile from my lips, and made my nipples harden longing for touch. He had pushed the limits of my desire, he knew that I was a submissive person by nature, and he loved to forcefully tell me what he would do to me.

I mentioned I was at Wal-Mart, and he stated that he already knew that. I decided that I must have told him my plans yesterday. He asked what I was wearing; I stated that I was wearing a denim mini skirt and t-shirt. He told me to go into the bathroom and remove my panties. I only hesitated for a moment, when I got up and went to remove them. I loved playing these little games with him; they always made me very excited. I took them off and put them in my purse, then went out and headed to the register with my cart.

As I was ready to pay for my purchases, I pulled out my wallet, careful to keep my panties tucked into my purse. Suddenly, I felt someone standing just behind me. I turned slightly and there was a very handsome man grinning at me. He stated to the cashier that he believed I had something in my purse that I had not paid for. I blushed deeply and denied having anything in my purse, but she immediately alerted security, and I was whisked to the office at the back of the store.

The entire time I was stammering that I was not a shoplifter, and I had paid for every item from the store. The older, gruff looking security man asked if he could search my purse. I blushed deeply, because I knew my panties were in there, but stated that he could. He dumped my purse on the desk and proceeded to examine the contents. He found my lipstick vibrator, that I keep for those emergencies where I just need a quick O during my lunch hour. After turning it on and off a few times, he placed it aside. He then found my panties. He picked them up, and actually smelled them. He said, "These don't smell new. In fact, these smell very much like pussy." I told him that they were not new, that I had been wearing them, but had taken them off and put them in my purse. He said, "I don't believe you. Let me see if you are not wearing panties." My heart was pounding, I was so embarrassed, but at the same time, I was extremely horny. I could not believe it, but I stood up and raised my skirt so he could see that I was not wearing any panties.

He stood and walked around his desk towards me. "I need to examine the evidence to make sure that these are in fact your panties." He dropped to his knees in front of me, and pushing me back down into the chair, he pressed his hands to my inner thighs to spread my legs for him. Here I was, sitting in the security office, with my bare pussy just inches away from this old security man's face. He breathed deeply, smelling my sweet musk, and smiled up at me. "I think I just want a little taste. Would that be ok?" I did not know what to say, my heart was racing and I could not believe how incredibly turned on I was. He took my silence as assent, and began to work his fingers up and down my slit. I lifted my legs further, placing them on the arm rests of the chair and he grabbed my ass and pulled it closer to the edge. Using his thumbs, he spread my lips and blew across my clit. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes, knowing that my body was betraying me... my nipples tingled and stood erect, aching for a touch.

The intercom buzzed, alerting security to another part of the store. "Damn it," he muttered, standing. "I don't suppose I could talk you into meeting me this evening? I really wanted to taste your beautiful pussy." I stood on shaky legs and shook my head, keeping my eyes lowered in shame. I could not believe what I had almost let happen, I was not sexually attracted to this man, and I had spread my pussy and been so close to orgasm with only the slightest touch from him. I had turned into such a slut, what was wrong with me? He adjusted his erect cock in his pants and told me to gather my things and I was free to leave. He walked out of the office.

I gathered my wallet, vibrator, panties, and shoved it all back into my purse. I stepped out of the office into the store, and quickly rushed to the front door. I needed to get behind the wheel and try to get my thoughts back together. As I walked across the parking lot looking for my car, I noticed the sexy stranger who had been in line behind me. I saw him smiling at me, and my face flushed. I was so aware of his animal presence, that my pussy clenched and I could feel the juices start to flow down my thigh. He walked toward me; he wasn't going to let me walk past him. The rage that had been just below the surface bubbled over and I swung my purse at his shoulder, "I cannot believe you have the nerve to stand here smirking at me when you just tried to have me arrested for shoplifting!" He grabbed my purse before it could make contact and continued to smile at me. He had the most amazing smile, with a slight dimple on the right side, and a bit of stubble on his jaw. I wondered if it was rough or soft, and my fingers twitched with the urge to reach up and feel his cheek with my hand.

I took a step backward, I was so flustered I thought I might scream, or break down and cry. He still had his hand on the strap of my purse and was pulled towards me as I backed up. "Hey sweetheart, relax, it was just a little joke," he said in a soothing voice. I couldn't believe it, I had bared my naked pussy to a dirty old man in a grungy office in the back of the Wal-Mart, and this guy thought he had pulled the greatest prank in the world. As the rage returned to my face, he returned to grinning. He lifted an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side, and let his eyes travel from my face down the length of my body, lingering his looks on my erect nipples and then traveled all the way down my long legs, then back up to my face. It took all of my willpower to not cross my arms in front of my chest, I knew my thin t-shirt and light lace bra were not hiding my perky breasts or the nipples that I could tell were erect from the tingling sensations I got just from his gaze.

Silently cursing myself, I decided that I seriously needed psychotherapy. I had always been such a good girl. My husband and I had been together since I was 18 years old. Besides one fumbling experience in the back seat of a car during high school, my husband had been my only sexual experience. We had always had powerful, amazing sex, and he had taught me many things. Earlier in the year, after an especially amazing lovemaking session, he had shown me a website where couples searched for other couples and singles to swap with. I could not believe that people actually did those things; I thought they were just fantasies we had read with each other in the naughty magazines he sometimes brought home with him after being out of town for a few days. That same day, we had created a profile, and taken a few sexy pictures of me in some lingerie. Things had certainly escalated quickly from there; we had actually met a few couples and had full, sweaty sex with them. I had also discovered that I was bisexual; I could not get enough of a sexy woman, and loved to bring them to pleasure with my lips, fingers and tongue. I had become a complete nympho, craving and thinking about sex all the time. Even as angry as I was with this stranger, I wanted to know what he looked like naked, and wondered if he would still have that smirk on his face as he felt my tight wet pussy enveloping his hard cock.

He cleared his throat, and that brought me back to the moment. He had taken another step toward me, and still held onto my purse. He was about an inch taller than me, and he was dressed in a t-shirt that outlined his strong chest and showed off his muscular arms. His dark jeans outlined his hips and I could see the distinct bulge in the front of his pants. There was the hint of a tattoo on his left bicep, and I thought I could see rings in his nipples underneath the shirt. My fingers again itched to place my hands against his chest, to feel his hardness under my palms, and tease those nipples with my fingertips. I looked back into his face and bit my lower lip. My breath was catching, and my heart was racing, I wanted him right then more than I had ever sexually wanted anything or anyone ever before.

Again he smiled and whispered, "Can I ask you a question, sweetheart?" I couldn't find the words, so I only nodded, looking into his dark eyes. "Why were your panties in your purse?" I felt myself blushing, but couldn't make my mouth work to talk. He raised his eyebrow again and looked at me, "Did you put them back on?" I shook my head no, and lowered my eyes. Now I was looking at the bulge in the front of his jeans, and I couldn't believe it, but it had gotten bigger. I decided that his jeans were probably very uncomfortable for him right now. "Can I tell you a secret, sweetheart?" I looked in his eyes again and nodded yes. He touched my cheek, pushing a lock of my blonde hair out of my face, and leaned toward my ear. "I know all about you sweetheart, I know you took off those panties because deep inside you are such a dirty little slut. You like to walk around in public, just sexy enough to get looks from all the men and half the women, but deep inside you relish the fact that no one knows what an amazing whore you really are in bed. How much you crave cock and pussy. How just the thought of sex with a stranger has your pussy creaming and your nipples hard." I gasped. "Sweetheart, I know all about you," he said.

"H-H-how do you know me?" I stammered. I took another step backwards and felt the bumper of a car against my legs. He followed me, and pressing against my body, he whispered, "Sweetheart, I have been looking forward to meeting you for so long. I'm Frank." I brought my hands up and pushed into his chest, trying to get enough room to breathe. This couldn't be Frank, he lived in Pennsylvania, and he would have told me if he was coming to see me. I looked into his eyes, saw him smile again. Then recognition came over me. It really was Frank. I didn't know why he was here, but I knew that my fantasy lover was holding me in his arms. I knew that some of my hottest fantasies and deepest desires were going to come true.

He put his hands in my hair and pulled me to him for a sexy kiss. He licked my lips, probing them, looking for entrance. I opened my mouth slightly, and felt his tongue probing and pushing into my depths. His fingers tightened around my head and I was spinning. My hands were still on his chest, but instead of pushing him away, my fingertips explored his chest, and shoulders. Running my hands over his shoulders, down his muscular arms, and back to his chest, I lightly stroked his nipples and realized they were pierced. I flicked them with my fingertips and he hissed and ground his growing bulge into me. I put my hands around his waist, to pull him harder into me. He kissed down my neck, flicking his tongue on my racing pulse and nipping at my sensitive neck with his teeth. I arched my back and dropped my head back to give him better access to my soft flesh. He put his feet between mine and pushed my legs open further, all the while he traced kisses up and down my neck, dipping once in a while to lick my cleavage that was showing from the t-shirt. I lifted my leg and wrapped it around him, grinding my softness to everything that was hard about him. I whimpered and held onto his head as he devoured my body.

Pushing me back even more, I found myself lying across the hood of the car I had been leaning on. Frank used this opportunity to let his hands find my breasts and knead them with his strong fingers. My nipples were very erect through the lace of the bra and the thin shirt; he rolled them in his fingers while he looked at my expression. I looked him in the eyes and wrapped my legs around him, making my skirt rise up to my waist. My bare ass was sliding on the car hood, and I was rubbing my pussy all over the bulge in Frank's pants. He bent his head and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking it and gently biting it with his teeth, pulling on it. My pussy was drenched and pulsating so much; I needed him to help me quench this fire. "Please," I moaned. He smiled at me and let his hand smooth up my thigh and he grabbed my ass pulling me even closer to him. His fingers slid around and found my wet and throbbing pussy. He slowly pushed a finger inside of me, and groaned at the sensation, "you are so tight and wet, sweetheart."

He used that one finger and slowly pushed it in and out of me, all the while teasing and abusing first one nipple then the other with his mouth. His left hand squeezed and stroked my ass. "Oh God, I need...." I whimpered. I didn't know what I needed, but I was going to die a slow death if he kept this up. He looked at me again, smiling and kissed me again, taking my breath away. As his tongue attacked my mouth, he let another finger join the first one inside my pussy. He found the spot on the front wall of my tunnel, and started a slow, steady stroking. His thumb flicked my clit with every stroke of his hand. I held onto his shoulders, my head fell back, and I exploded in ecstasy. He kept stroking my g-spot, kept hitting my clit with his thumb, until I came down off of my high. He continued to smile at me as he took his fingers and put them in his mouth and tasted my sex. I kissed him tasting myself on his lips, and I knew I wanted to make him feel just as happy as I was at that moment. I pushed on his shoulders and he helped me to stand.

I looked around, it didn't look like we had attracted any attention, that was good, but there were still people in the parking lot and I figured we had better find a more private place to continue our fun. He held me close to him, and I could feel his throbbing erection pressing against me. I dropped my hands to his waist, and undid his button. He gasped... "Sweetheart, if you take my cock out, I'll never be able to put it back in my pants and walk across this parking lot."

Now it was my turn to smile. I pulled him back towards a van, and dropping my purse, I kneeled on it in front of him. His hands shot out and held onto the van when I took his zipper down and freed his hard cock to my fingers. I lightly stroked him from balls to tip, and then squeezed it at the base while I licked the slit and all of his pre cum. I looked up at him with a devilish grin, and took the head of his thick cock in my mouth. As I took as much of it as I could in my mouth, I reached into his pants and massaged his balls with one hand, and grabbed his ass with my other hand to let him know he could set the rhythm and pump into my mouth. I looked up at him, and he put his hands in my hair and began to slide his hard dick in between my lips. With each thrust he went deeper, I swirled my tongue around it and relished the look on his face. Soon, he was thrusting his cock as deep as it would go, and I was swallowing the end of it down my throat. He grabbed my head and I knew he was going to cum; I moaned around his cock, making it thrum in my throat. He groaned and started pumping his sperm deep into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking until he pulled his spent cock from my mouth. I kissed it and cleaned it before helping him tuck it back into his pants.

He helped me stand, straightening my hair and gave me a great big hug. "I can't believe I waited so long to come visit you," he laughed. "Where is your car?"

As we traveled to my house, he explained that he had been talking with my husband, and they had set the whole thing up as a surprise. Frank and Jewel had gotten into town that morning, and right now, Jewel and my husband were doing all sorts of naughty things to each other. I sped up a little bit; I couldn't wait to join them. We had almost a week to live out all of our fantasies, but I wanted to get started right away.

As we drove, I told Frank about the security guard, and what a naughty girl I had been...

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