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Natural Exploring

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Amanda knew she was pushing her luck speeding down the highway, but her efforts to leave earlier had proved futile. As she passed her second patrol cruiser, she knew she must have had an angel on her shoulder. Gently she eased her car into the left lane to take the exit off the highway. As she neared the turn to the park, her tummy suddenly settled. "Now this is odd," she thought. Her car came to a halt next to his right on time, her car clock said 11:00. She breathed a silent sigh of relief.

There sat Bryan, on the hood of his car, waiting for her. She turned off the engine, left her purse inside and got out to greet him. Very casual, he didn't greet her with a hug or kiss, nor even a handshake, just a simple "hello".

They chatted for quite a while about their last meeting at the Swingers meeting. They reaffirmed their spouses were okay with their meeting today. Soon, the tension was obviously building and they decided they needed a more private place to chat. His eyes wandered, looking up towards the sky, then around the park. She giggled, teasing him about having trouble thinking of a place. This was his area and he knew it well. His eyes suddenly lit up with an idea and she moved to lock up her car. He helped her into his car then slid in beside her and started the engine. Soon they were on their way.

The mood in the car was charged, both by nervousness and anticipation. As they drove past a motel, he commented he should have brought some money and saved time. She laughed. She could have gotten them a room, but didn't want to explain this to her husband, considering this was just a meeting of them, not the four of them.

He did his best to get her lost, which he did, successfully. They talked most of the way about how they felt and about their spouses. She warned him that she would make him blush, some day and somehow. He smiled and almost dared her with his eyes. He made a turn up a small side road and said he hoped there would be a dirt road somewhere so they could park. But, after about twenty minutes of more turns, more roads and still plenty of houses he was getting frustrated. He finally found a place he had fished at, a small creek with nice places to hide.

He pulled the car down the path and turned off the engine. By now both were getting comfortable with touching the other's leg or making teasing remarks. They seemed to spend most of the next hour just staring into each other's eyes. He had very deep green eyes, which captivated her. She felt held there by his gaze, as she tried to read what lied behind them. Occasionally she giggled, as a way to ease the sexual energy surrounding them. She ran her hand over his thigh and rubbed his bulge, straining the material of his jeans. He was wandering over her shoulder, reaching for her aroused breasts. He asked her if she'd like to meet 'him'. She nodded, then he proceeded with releasing himself, allowing his cock to stretch out into the warm afternoon air. She asked if she could say hello and get more personal. He nodded, as she leaned forward and took his head into her mouth. Slowly her tongue swirled around the tip, tasting and enjoying it, taking more as her cheeks puffed from it's girth. Her hand playfully teased the shaft as she gave him a little blowjob. As she did, she felt his fingers trying to unclasp her bra. She didn't want to finish him yet, just wanted to give him an idea what he would enjoy when they all met for fun.

He seemed to enjoy it, his eyes fixed on her as she rose back upright in her seat. His fingers moved under her top and began caressing the bottom of her breasts, before moving to her nipples. She shivered inside, his touch was so tender and soft. They talked more, not about anything specific, just talk between soon to be lovers. They both admitted to bringing protection, even though neither was sure how far this day would take them. He smiled and said he could probably use all they had if they had the time. She blushed nad looked away shyly.

Soon, after much teasing and whispers, they decided to get out of the car. He grabbed a blanket from the back seat and placed it on the hood of the car. She undid her shorts and stepped out of them, as he stood back, taking in the new views. As he prepared himself to enter her, she gazed around them, totally enjoying the freedom of being half naked in the secluded area they shared.

She leaned over the hood as he moved in behind her. Having trouble entering, she told him to push, it would be tight. As he did, they both felt his cock suddenly enter her, and she moaned. Even though he was tall, they managed to enjoy rocking together in a slow rhythm, the sensations sending her to the clouds. "He is as hard as a rock," she smiled to herself. Each thrust brought sensations to every part of her pussy. Before long though he withdrew and turned her, asking her to sit on the blanket on the hood. He helped her up and he quickly grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulder as he entered her again. His cock slid in easily, she was already so wet. But the blanket started sliding down the hood and they both laughed. Repositioning themselves, they locked hands and quickly shared a rhythm of thrusts, some soft, some hard, which thrilled her. She had hoped no one could hear her as her moans were growing louder, despite attempts to keep quiet. Time seemed to stand still as even the birds singing around them were not heard. All she could hear was her moaning and his cock sliding in and out of her.

So was she, but she looked at the clock and it was getting very late. She had to head home. He took her into his arms and gave her a strong hug, and kissed her lightly. He asked her if she had came, and she shook her head. She explained that she hardly ever comes during intercourse. He smiled and said that he would have to remedy that. So, in sultry voices and devilish eyes, they agreed they each had their own challenges ahead of them.

The drive back to the park was quick but a much needed calm down time. She doubted she could have driven too soon after enjoying him. She was very intrigued by him and the mysteries held beneath those brown eyes.

As he pulled back into the space he had occupied earlier, they sat in near silence for a while, just catching glimpses of the other. Leaving was always the hardest, especially after sharing what they had.

But they knew there would be more to cum.....

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