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Hello there, thought I would never see you again, she said as she opened the door of her apartment. How could I not have contacted you after our last get together, he replyed.

Slowly she lead him to the rug in front of the fireplace. She pulled him down to sit beside her. Her mind had been wondering for awhile what she would do when she finally got him alone. She reached over and unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off of him. Do you mind, she asked while looking up into his eyes? All he could do was moan in anticipation of what was to come.

Slowly she started kissing him on the neck, nibbling on it from front to back, blowing in his ear, kissing it, sticking her tongue in it as she went on. Working her way down to his nipples, she could see that they were hard from what she had been doing eariler to his neck and ear. Gently she took one of his nipples into her mouth, suckeling on it just like she was a new born infant. Twirling her tongue around it, teasing it, making him moan with what she was doing to him. Down she dragged her tongue until she found his belly button. She gently pushed her tongue in and out of it just like she was making love to it. She felt him shudder under her touch.

Slowly she got up and made him lay down on the bear skin rug. She started to unbutton his jeans and unzipped them slowly. She pulled it off, one leg at a time and placed them near the rug where they were laying.

She got up and went and lit the candles that she had placed all over the room, hoping that he would show up tonight. Then she went to the radio and put in the cd that she had made of love stories. Going over the the light switch she turned off all the lights. There was nothing on now except the lights from the fireplace and the candles that she had lit.

She walked slowly over to him again, knelt down in front of him and spread his legs apart so that she could get inbetween them. She bent down her head and found the place that she was looking for, the head of his hot hard shaft. She took her tongue and gently started to tease the head with it. Not using her hands, she licked up and down the long hard member all the way down to his balls and back up again. Licking and teasing.

Gently she put one of his balls into her mouth and started to suck on it. First one and then the other. Slowly she moved down to the place that all say is forbidded. But she did not care. She pushed his cheeks apart to get to the lil button that she was looking for. Gently she licked it and kissed it until she felt him shudder from her touch. She made love to his lil button with her tongue. Moving her tongue in and out, in and out, licking kissing, until she felt like he was ready for her to continue to please him in other ways.

She went back up to his hard shaft and put the head into her mouth. Slowly she began to swallow him intil she could feel his balls against her teeth. Moving back up she let her tongue slide up his shaft as she pulled it out of her mouth. Up and down slowly at first and then faster as she felt his his began to move under her, trying to keep up with the rythum that she was making. Faster and faster until she felt him began to shudder and then releasing all his love juices into her mouth. She was swallowing all of his hot juices down her throat, making sure not to let any slip out of her mouth. She did not want to lose any of it. She sucked until there was nothing left to come out of it. Slowly she looked up into his eyes to see the sparkle that was there. She layed her head on his chest, he put his arm around her, no words were needed.


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