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As he walked down the lonely dark sidewalk thinking of the day he passed a bar. He slowly but reluctantly entered for one cold beer to help ease the tention of the day. He approached the bar and asked the bar Keep for a cold one to wet his whistle. The music was playing loud as in any bar. It was a live DJ who was spinning the tunes one behind the other. He turned to watch this creature of heaveny beauty as she spun the disks.

He was lost in a daze as she played song after song. He slowly sipped his beer until he got up the curage to approach the Lovely Maiden of Music and request a song. " Could you please play When We Make Love by Alabama" he slowly asked as the butterflies began to twist his stomach into knots. " Oh thats my favorate song to play when I have someone stay with me for a night " she replied " sure thing I will be more then happy to play it for you.

" Here is a special request thats a favorate of mine " she announced to the croud. As the song started he glanced her way to see her looking at him as if in aww. Slowly he walked over to her once again and asked if she could dance with him during the song. Her reply was a fast yes as the smile lit up her face. Out to the dance floor they walked and began to dance slowly close together.

Nervously he asked her what time she would be getting off work and if he could escort her home. She slowly looked into his eyes and saw the passion burning in his soul. " I get off at 1a.m." she softly replied " and I would be happy if you would escort me home. A couple of more hours passed until the bar closed.

Slowly they walked a few blocks to her appartment. At the door he slowly and nervously kissed her sweet lips. " Would you like to come up" she asked ? "Well I am kind of tired from the walk" he said in a soft tone " but I don't want to be a bother, I know you must be tired". She turned to him and told him it was no bother, then turned and opened the door. Slowly they walk in to a dimly lit room and the smell of strawberry filled his sences.

" Make your self at home, while I go change" she said over her shoulder as she headed down the hall. He slowly looked around the room as he waited for her to return. She stepped out from the darkness of the hall with a gown that was so short it was as if she had on nothing. His eyes focused on her and he was star struck with her soft flowing skin. Perfect in all its glory. He could not find the words to tell her just how beautiful she was standing there in the low light that was filling the room.

Slowly she walked over to the stereo that was in the corner and put in a CD. The volume was down low and the song that started made him weak in the knees, for it was When We Make Love by Alabama. Not another word was spoaken as she walked to him and tenderly kissed his lips. Again they began to dance to the song as it played. But this time something was differant. She smelled of the same strawberry sent that had filled the room.

The song played over and over a few times before she led him down the hall to her bedroom where he found candles lit and the sent again of strawberries. Again no words were spoaken as she let her thin gown slid off her shoulders to the floor. He was spellbound at that moment as she wispered in a suductive voice " make love to me tonight".

Slowly she removed his attire as he stood in a daze of what was taking place. She lead him to the bed where she let him fall gently to the cool sheets. With the lightest touch she began to kiss his lips and neck as her hands caressed his body. Slowly he began to respond to her touch, her kisses and hee desires.

She slowly worked down to his chest and began to nibble at his chest. She could feel him as he tensed up but she assured him with a kiss that she was not out to harm him. Could this be real he kept asking his self as she slowly worked her way down to the bulging manhood that was no firm and erect. Slowly she took it in to her mouth, He could not hold back the moans that swelled deep in his chest.

Up and down slowly she slid her mouth over his riggid shaft. Warm and wet was the feeling that were felt as he laid there almost motionless, for he was afraid if he moved too much he would awake to find it all a dream.

Her mouth and tongue glided skillfully over his shaft and he could not take anymore, He had to have her then and there.

He reached down and took her by her arms and rolled her over onto the sheets. He began to kiss her lips and he could taste the precum from his saft on her lips. This sent a fire burning in his groin. Slowly he worked his way down to her supple breasts where he found two nipples like buttons on a blouse, firm yet soft, errect yet not to big. He too one into his mouth and teased it with his toungue as he softly suckled it.

Her eyes closed as she let her inabitions go. Her mind and soul were in flight to the heavens as she felt his mouth encircle her nipples. First one then the other. She reached down and pulled his head closer to her breasts and softly let out a coo like a dove in flight. She had never been with a man who touched her as he was doing. Most of the men she had spent time with were rough and just wanted to fuck and leave. But here she was with a man who was enjoying her body.

" Please please " she began to beg " Make love to me now ". " Not just yet" he softly replied as he moved even lower letting his tongue leave a trail of dampness behind it. As he lowered his mouth between her soft thighs and letting his mouth encumpass her now throbing and wet passion fruit. " OH MY GOD" she said aloud as he body began to shiver to the touch of his tongue as it danced around her now swollen cliterus. "My God My God you are wounderful " she said : Please take me to heavens golden shores"

He possitioned his self now between her legs as the tip of his manhood was just inches away fron the slit of her dripping passion fruit. He slid her legs over his broad shoulders as she looked deep into his eyes. Then with a gentle yet forceful thrust he was inside her. She screamed with passionate screams of pleasure. The passion of the night had her quivering like never before as they made love. Over and over durning the early morning hours they made love.

He awoke to find her asleep in his arms. He knew he could not be there when she awoke or he would never leave. Slowly he eased out of bed and dressed. He made his way to the door and turned to look at her one last time as he closed the door softly. He walked out into the sun as it was just pearing over the horizon.

She awoke several hours later to find he had gone in the night. Would she ever see him again was all she could think about that day. For her it was more than a night of Passion.

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