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My wifes neice

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Almost fourteen years ago when I me my wife I met her neice (18 then)< She was very gogeous brown hair , brown eyes, not real big breasted 34 b I thnk, and a beautiful ass and legs. I told my wife then wow I would really like to get to know her. She told me she is very shy and a one man woman. Well though the years she has gotten to know us and she knows we swing.

About three years ago we were going out and she wanted to go we told her we were going to swing club and she said OH well I guess that leaves me out.

We told her she was more then welcome to go and at least watch and see what it is like, she could just go to socialize if she wanted.She said no I don't think I could so we went on and she had asked a little about it and we told her what we do and what we like etc. I do enjoy watching wife but also joining and she does like a gang bang or a few good hard men at once. Her neice was red faced and said as fun as it sounds I would be scared of what could happen, She said what if I don;t want to do that or whatever.....

We explained to her that NO means NO and she could do what ever she liked, but tese clubs are very open and you see all kinds of things. she then went on to ask about safe , celan sex and we explained that condoms are a must for us and many others as well. For the most part it is very safe and clean.

As time went on I helped her to move out to a new place a few months ago. The last load of stuff in the truck and I went on to her new place and went on to move smaller boxes and so on in, my wife had to work that evening so it was her and I moving the last load of furniture and boxes in. We sta on the couch as the evening moved on us and she had a few beers and smoked a joint, I was helping her unload some things and came across a porn flick, it was a gang bang flick, I thought to myself it must have been her moms.or her rothers and threw it on top of the stuff and went on to unload, I found some toys and I thought well that's cool. She had came out of the shower and said OMG you seen my things and my movie I am so sorry you had to see these, her face was red and her body actually was shaking. I told her that it was OK no big deal..

Of course she had a joint and some beer in her and she said well I might as well tell you that I fantasize about many men and play with myself when I get horny and I am embarassed about it. But I know you and **** swing so I guess it is no big deal to you.

I said No, it isn't and that it is OK I was wondering why she was shaking she said I want to do it in fornt of you I want to play with myslf and have you watch me while I watch that movie. I have been waiting to get you alone and thought about this I want to see what you do.

I then sat down put in the movie she got her a beer and sat down as the movie played she began to moan and grind and slid her hand down her shorts and then poof they came off wow she was trimmed and so pink and so wet I could see it.

She rubbed that thing and moaned and licked her fingers and slid them in herself. She then got that dildo and slid it in her it wasn't big but it was a vibrating frenzy. She slid it against her clit and I could see the wetness building on her she was talking about seeing these cocks in her all at one time and she I want to do that.

I said I could arrange for her to get it that way. When I told her that she went wild and was cumming and moaning I had to shut the windows she was cumming so hard.

When I had shut the window close to her she motioned me with her finger to come closer I did, I kissed her passionately and licked her neck and her tits. I was rubbing her soaking wet pussy and playing with that clit slowly but feeling her squirm made me go faster and faster, She then came and shot a little load on me. I slid my finger in to her trying to find her G spot above her clit and curled my fingers two of them towards it I went down to lick that clit and fingered slowly and took my time as she shook in extasy she literally was squirting loads all over her couch and me.

As she began to cum again I slid a finger in her ass all the way in and two in her pussy and kissed her again and again she again shot a large load this time like a water fountain all over and she shook and was exhausted as she lay there in her own juices she said OMG I have never came like that what did you do to me.

I laughed and said I don't know but since the day I seen you I wanted to make you shake and squirm, she kissed me and played with my rock hard cock and asked if I would fuck her and we had to have a condom I had one on me and slid it on and we fucked doggie style while she came, I laid her on her belly she came again but no squirts I thought I was to small for her , she then said take my vibrator and lube it up fuck me in the ass while you fuck me with your cock and I had her on her side spooning her with my cock and slid that dildo in her ass as I rubber her clit she bagan to squirm and moan and almost scream she gushed all over with enogh force to throw my cock out of her she shook and was in heaven She then slid her head down to my cock and told me no one has ever done that to me I want to suck you off and swallow your load, I was ready to explode, she slid the condom off of me and this girl knew how to give head I will tell you she slid her tongue up and down as she stroked my cock looking at me with them big brown eyes and smiling. She then started to slowly take it in her mouth rotating that tongue around it, I was ready to just let it go she slowed down and sepd up and took the whole thing almost down her throat and stroked it with her hands she did. I told her I am going to unload this this thing she looked up at me and gurgeld and said let it go she stroked me while she kissed that bottom part of my cock and it then slid it in her mouth and up and down she made me shoot a load of cum it seemed as if though I would not stop I came so hard I felt it shoot out she swallowed evry drop and then laid there and said Now i will go to the clubs with you as long as you participate with me.

To this day she does go to the clubs with us and she is still exxciting as hell, I am trying to talk her in to other womaen she is very curious but still wants me there Never know we mat see some of you at a local club and watch this incredible young lady do groups and gang bangs and maybe a woman as well.

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