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My wife on a business trip

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My Wife Lisa and I have been married for almost five years.

We met each other through a mutual friend, I had first noticed her at our local small town bowling alley, she had an ass that was killing me, all I could do was think of her and I asked my friend to introduce us and he did. Our relationship started very slowly, all the guys said she was hot and she had been with everybody, I didn?t care because all I wanted to do was be with her too.

She was very sexy and the spotlight person wherever she was especially in the bowling alley lounge, guys were always hanging around wanting to talk to her and slow dance with her, she was very flirty on the dance floor, I would watch her slide down guys legs rubbing herself on them so I assumed she was a loose woman and I pursued her.

I finally got around to asking her where she worked and if she would go to lunch with me, she said she would. She worked for the county and could flex her lunchtime to coincide with mine.

We met for lunch the first time and had a nice lunch at a local restaurant convenient for both of us and out of the way, afterwards we went to a local park for a walk in the woods and I took her hand as we walked, after a while I stopped and turned her towards me and kissed her fully on the mouth, it was very exciting so we kissed a few times, she sure knew how to get it going in a hurry so we went back to my van and made out , she was not a bashful girl, she reached over while we were kissing and rubbed my dick through my dress pants, she had on a dress that was split all the way up and she had the most beautiful legs I had ever seen, she spread her legs just far enough so I could see her panties, she was gorgeous everywhere, we made out for awhile and then she said she had to leave, I sadly let her go not knowing if I would ever see her again.

We started meeting for lunch on a pretty regular schedule, I finally talked her into going to a motel with me, of course I had a tough time getting it up so we cuddled for awhile and just laid in bed, once I thought it wasn?t going to happen I relaxed and things started to happen, I felt my cock getting hard, of course I wanted to get my dick in her before it went soft again, we finally fucked and I couldn?t believe how tight her pussy wasit was all I could do to get my cock inside her, I ate her pussy and licked her everywhere, all the time thinking that she was probably with other guys all along, it didn?t matter because I was starting to fall in love with her, as a matter of fact I already was.

After we fucked she told me that she was going to a bowling banquet that same night and she wanted to see me again. I had already rented the motel room and it was mine until eleven the next day so we decided to meet there after her banquet. I couldn?t wait until later that evening so I got there a little early and just waited on her. She showed up as promised and she had had a few drinks at the banquet, she was a little tipsy to say the least, we went into the room and locked the door, she turned to me and kissed me hard on the mouth and started unzipping my pants, she had my cock out in nothing flat, she was on her knees and sucking my dick in less than a minute,

she was taking her jeans off while she was sucking me, she got them off and laid on the floor, she never even got her panties off, she spread her legs and begged me to fuck her right then, she said she had done nothing but think of fucking me at the bowling banquet and couldn?t wait any longer.

My cock was raging hard and I got on top of her and pushed her panties to the side. I put my dick in her wet hot juicy tight pussy, god it felt good, we fucked all night long. I fucked her from the behind, I fucked her on top of her, and I couldn?t believe how good this pussy was. We left that night and my dick was raw.

I couldn?t do anything except think of her and I couldn?t talk to her until the next Monday because of her husband. She called me on Monday and we had lunch, I fucked her again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We fucked everyday except Fridays in the beginnings and then she started meeting me at our favorite motel and we fucked on Fridays most of the time. I could talk her into almost anything, I would ask her to take off her panty hose before she would come out for lunch and she would, I would kiss her at the first red light and slide my finger into her wet pussy, she was always wet and ready to fuck., we would get to the park and close up the curtains, get in the back, she would sit on the edge of the seat and spread her legs, I would get on my knees and get between her legs, I would tease her by sliding just the head of my dick in her pussy, it was so tight and hot, I would almost pass out.

She could only take so much of this and then she would reach around my back and pull me all the way in to her and I would fuck her until I would almost come and I would pull out and sit on the seat, she would straddle me and sit on my dick, she would close her eyes and lean her head back and just fuck me until she would come, she would come so hard she would almost pass out and then I would come out of her and lay her down on her back and spread her beautiful legs, she would put one on the back of the seat and the other one on the van floor, I would slide my cock in her drenched pussy and just fuck her until I came

I would talk to her during the day and we talked about sex, that?s all we did, when I couldn?t see her I jacked off thinking about her, this went on for years and we finally ended up getting married, our sex life has been incredible for over five years now.

We make love and we tell each other stories of sex with others, our fantasies are great, we talk about her past lovers and mine and then we started talking about being in a threesome, first it was her and I with another guy and then me with another woman. It finally progressed into blindfolds and spankings, from there it went to bondage and nipple clamps and then we would talk of fucking other couples.

I bought one of those lovers swings you hang from, I bought a full face mask and would have her come home late to a dark house, while she was trying to find a light I would come out of nowhere and r*pe her while she was screaming for help, tearing her clothes off, ripping her panties off and smacking her all the while, I would fuck her real hard and then just get up and slam the door as I was leaving never speaking a word so she was never really quite sure if it was me or not. I would come home a little later and she would just fuck my brains out and never say a word to me about it.

The whole time we have been together she has made several business trips to Columbus, Ohio for quarterly meetings. She always went up with this older lady she works with because this older woman didn?t drive. They always had parties after the meetings were finished on the last evening.. All the different counties from Ohio attended the meetings so it was almost always the same attendees. This one lady had gotten her son hired a few years ago and he started attending the meetings and became friendly with my wife.

This is what she kept from me.

She finally fessed up one night while we were in the middle of a fantasy, we were really into it, I really got her hot, I talked her into posing nude and talked her into letting me post her photos on the web, that just turned her on more when she saw all the downloads of her pussy.. I got her to tell me about someone she had fucked in the past. I meant like way past, before we met kinda past, boy did she shock me.

She agreed but told me that I might be angry, I assured her that I wouldn?t get mad, I had no idea what was coming. She said are you sure you want to know this, I said I did and she said, OK, here goes.

She said that when the meetings were going on this young friend would always manage to sit next to her and they would always go to lunch and take smoke breaks together, in the evenings they were always at the same hotel and they would have dinner and then hang out in the lounge and shoot pool, well I?ve already told you how her ass looks, it is incredible. This young friend finally started putting the moves on her and talked her into staying in the lounge after everyone else went to their rooms. She said that he played a few slow tunes on the jukebox to get her in the mood. She said each slow dance he got a little braver and started to rub her ass when she had her back to the others in the lounge. She said he slid his hand up the back of her blouse and rubbed her skin real soft and finally started to rub her pussy through her jeans, she said she started to get hot and wet but knew they had went to far already, she decided to call it a night. When she finally stood up to leave she was very drunk and was having trouble walking so he offered to walk her to her room.

She said he offered to make sure she was ok so he went into her room. She said she just wanted to lay down and did, she had no idea he had not left the room and was awakened by his kissing her ear real soft and sticking the tip of his tongue into her ear and rubbing her pussy through her jeans.When she started to wake up he realized this and stopped for a few seconds but continued when she didn?t resist, she said she got so hot and turned to kiss him on the mouth, he immediately started to unbutton her jeans and unzip them, she said she wanted to stop him but it felt so good. He finally started kissing her real deep and telling her how bad he had wanted to fuck her for so long, he finally got her jeans down far enough to start finger fucking her, she said he finger fucked her and kissed her so hard she couldn?t resist any longer and slid her jeans off, she said her panties were so wet that she could feel wetness all the way down her legs as she pulled them off. She said he put his face between her legs and ate her pussy like a mad man, she said he licked and sucked her like no one had ever done before. By this time she said she reached for his dick and could feel it through his jeans and it was huge, she said it was sticking out above his belt so she sucked it that way for a little while, she said that he had slid his thumb into her pussy and his finger in her ass, she said he was squeezing his thumb and finger together while sliding them in and out she said no one had ever finger fucked her like that before.

She said she unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, he had no underwear on and his cock was the biggest one she had ever seen, she said it was so hard it was purple and she sucked him so hard the whole time he was finger fucking her. She said she just had to have that huge cock in her pussy. She said she rolled over on her back and spread her legs so he could go inside her, she said his cock was so big that it felt like he was ripping her pussy open but it felt so good, she said they fucked in every position imaginable and he fucked her until she was raw, she said she begged him to stop long enough for her to use the bathroom. She said when she got back in bed he went down and started eating her pussy again, when she got wet he put his huge cock in her and started to fuck her so hard she wanted to cry, when she couldn?t take it any more she begged him to stop and she got on top of him and she said he reached places no one had ever reached before and it felt so fucking good that she came almost instantly and he was right there with her, she said she could feel his come squirting inside her and it was hot. She said they laid there until he got soft and started to come out of her.

She said she raised up off of him and let his come drip on his belly, she said there must have been a cup of it. After he left and went to his room she said she cried because it hurt so bad and that she had cheated on me and was not ever going to tell me.

She said they saw each other every time they had meetings and that they fucked like crazy people every night, she said it is the best cock she has ever had and that she can?t wait to go back again. This has been going on now for 7 years.

Well needless to say I was shocked and didn?t know what to say to her, she said she loves me and that I had been telling her to have sex with another man and that I loved to talk about it.

I didn?t know whether to be mad or excited so I just became very quite and laid there, trying to absorb what she had told me because I knew it was the truth. She started kissing me and rubbing my cock, She kept telling me over and over that she was sorry and would never do it again if I was mad ,when she got it hard she started sucking me and I became more excited than ever before, it was a whole new experience because I started thinking about her fucking him, I started smacking her in the face and calling her a fucking whore, bitch, cunt and spanking her ass real hard, I was half mad and half excited like never before.

She started smacking me hard and calling me a fucking asshole whore and a bastard, The whole time this is going on she is trying to get up on my dick, I have never seen a woman so hell bent on getting fucked, it was almost like she was possessed .

She started fucking me so hard and begging me to use our nipple clamps on her, we never could leave them on for very long because they squeeze so hard and start to hurt after awhile, she begged me to handcuff her hands behind her back and put the nipple clamps on her and leave them there, then she started begging me to slap her hard, real hard, she came so fucking hard I thought she would pass out, I came just as hard as she did. That was the best fuck of my life and I can?t wait for her to go back to Columbus so she can fuck her stud and then call me and tell me about it. I am married to the horniest woman in the world and I love hearing about her trips to columbus.

The lucky man

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