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My wife's boytoy and her new camcorder

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My wife just bought a camcorder and we have been having fun with it. We used it to tape ourselves having sex and it was great. We both like to watch porn and we enjoy it very much. I'm more of a voyeur and my wife Liz is the opposite, she loves to show off her sexy body.

Well, my wife also has a boytoy, Ed, that she meets a couple times a month and he fucks her really good. It keeps our sex life fresh since we have been married for over 15 yrs. We have incredible sex after her boytoy has fucked her. She turns into a nympho for about a week after each fuck with Ed and I get alot of sex out of it. We love each other very much and it pleases me that she is getting fucked by another man.

She lets me listen on her cell phone while they are fucking. He doesn't know about it, she keeps her cell in her purse next to his bed and i'm listening on the other end. She also carries a tape recorder and records him fucking her. We both listen to it and we fuck like rabbits by listening to it while we fuck. Liz just met her boytoy and she has been fucking him for about a year now.

Well, she just bought a camcorder a couple of months ago and I told her that I wanted her to record him fucking her. He knows that she likes to watch porn so it wouldn't be a big deal to him. He doesn't know that I know but he knows that she is married. He is getting off on the fact that he thinks she is cheating on me, when in fact, he is being used by us for our sexual gratification.

Anyway, Ed called her to meet her so they could have there weekly fuck. Liz told him okay and she had a surprise for him

Well, She showed up at his place and she always dresses sexy. She wore this sexy black outfit. It was a two piece and wow!!!, she looked great. She wore her favorite black high heels and mmmmmmmmm, she looked good enough to eat. My wife is a very sexy hispanic woman, she has sexy long hair, erotic brown eyes, this sexy smile which she outlines with red lipstick, small but firm breasts, a very sexy heart shaped ass. She is 40, 5'4", 130lbs, great tits, a great ass and a very nice body. She lights up the room when she enters. She is always getting hit on by men and she likes the young ones. She has fucked boys half her age. The youngest yet is 20 yrs old and she loves to fuck them. Ed is a little older, 35, 6'0", 185lbs, very muscular, he works out at the gym just about everyday and boy does Liz love to fuck him. He fucks her really good each time they do fuck. My wife loves sex and loves to fuck me also and she also likes anal sex but I don't get to fuck her ass that much. But when it cums to Ed, he gets to fuck her ass each time they fuck. He loves anal sex and Liz gives in to him. She tells me that he fucks her so good that she doesn't care what he does. So, each time they fuck, he fucks her in the ass. Its a turn on to me because it is like a game for me. Like, its something that I can't have. Only Ed gets to fuck her ass and I try to fuck her in the ass when I can. She tells me no alot but I don't care, its like something that I can't have and I love it that only Ed gets to fuck her in the ass. Its like she belongs to him and I'm trying to have something that only Ed is getting to fuck. She brags about his cock, she tells me that he has a huge cock and she loves his cock. She says that she can put both hands on it when she is stroking him and there are still about 2 inches that she can't cover. She loves fucking that massive cock of his and by the sound of her cumming, I can tell. He always makes her cum a few times when they do fuck. Man can he fuck, he makes my wife scream and cum like no other man can.

Well, back to the camcorder. She told Ed that she had a surprise for him. So, she showered and got ready for him. She looked like a million dollar whore and I couldn't wait for the end result.

So, before she got to his place, she called me on her cell like all the times before. She then puts the cell in her purse and leaves the line open. I can hear her walk up to his door and ring the doorbell.

I can hear him open the door and he gives her a passionate kiss. He compliments her on how she looks and she just giggles and kisses him some more.

She is carrying the camcorder and he asks, whats in the case? She tells him that she just bought a camcorder and she wants him to use it while they fuck. Ed knows that she likes porn so, he was not suspicious. He was a little reluctant about using the camcorder while they fucked but she told him that he didn't have to show his face. He could either wear a mask or not show his face at all. He said that he had an old mask he wore from a Halloween party and she said that would work.

So I could hear as they went to his bedroom and they starting undressing. My wife told him to start recording, she wanted to see every minute. So he turned it on and pointed it at her and watched as she got undress and she got onto his bed naked. He put the camcorder down on his dresser and pointed it towards his bed. I could hear as he was getting undressed and then went to his closet to get his mask. It was a small one, kind of like the one that Robin wears in Batman. I could hear everything as my wife put her purse right next to the bed.

Well, when he came back to the bed, he went straight for my wife's pussy. I could hear him lick and suck my wife's pussy and i could tell that she was enjoying every tongue lashing as she was moaning. My wife is very loud when she fucks and especially when she cums. She is very vocal and you can tell when she cums. She kept moaning as Ed kept eating her pussy and her moans kept getting louder. I could tell that she was close to cumming and after a few more minutes of Ed eating her pussy, she let out this very loud moan and I could tell that she came.

She then instructed Ed to go get the camcorder and she wanted him to record her sucking his cock. Liz loves to suck cock and she is very good at it. She has gotten so good at it that she has learned how to keep throat. She likes to compete against the porn stars on t.v. We watch porn just about every night and she likes to practice her deep throating on me and she has gotten very good at it. She also likes to swallow and she doesn't miss a drop. Ed got some very good shots of her sucking his cock and I could hear each slurp, lick and suck. I can tell when my wife is deep throating as well by the sound she makes when she sticks a cock that deep in her throat. She takes a deep breath in after deep throating as to catch her breath so I can tell when she is deep throating that massive cock of Eds. She wasn't kidding about his cock either, after seeing the video later that night, he does have a massage cock. From what I could tell he is around 9 to 10 inches long and very thick as well. No wonder my wife loves fucking him, he is hung like a horse.

I could tell that Ed was about to cum from his moaning and my wife kept sucking and deep throating him and then i heard him give his loud moan and i could hear as my wife was swallowing every drop of his cum as he emptied his balls into my wife's throat.

Well, she was not through with him and he continued to record her as she once again started to suck his cock back to life. It didn't take my wife long before she had Ed's cock hard and ready to go again.

She instructed him to fuck her in the missionary position and to keep recording. Well, my wife has a very tight pussy. Shes had 4 babies but you can't tell that she has 4 kids. She has a great body and its made for fucking. Well after our last child that she had, the doctor told her that he stitched her up so her pussy would be a little tighter than usual and that her husband would appreciate it. Well, he wasn't kidding, her pussy was just as tight as an 18 yr girl, it was nice and tight.

Well, since Ed was so big he would have to take his time to get his full length of his cock into her pussy. My wife loved it too, i have never heard her moan the way she does when he is fucking her. After watching it on video, I couldn't believe that she could take that massive cock into her pussy. Well, once he was in, he fucked her really good and I could tell from the sounds my wife was making that she loved every mintue of it. She would moan like she has never moaned before and he got every minute of it on video. It was great and I could tell once again that she was about to cum again and then she let out this very loud moan and I could tell that she came again.

Ed wasn't through with her, he always had anal sex with her and I knew that he was about to fuck her ass. I could hear that he was still recording and he told my wife to turn around so he could fuck her ass and she obeyed. Well, once again, he took his time putting his cock into her ass because he was so big. I could hear as he lubricated her ass with some vaseline and my wife was getting ready and getting into it. He then proceded to put the tip of his cock at the entrance of her ass I could hear her as she said to take it slow. Well, my wife made these very low moans like it was a feeling like no other pleasure that she had ever felt. He slowly pumped his massive cock into her ass and i could hear as they began fucking again. My wife loves to have her ass spanked and I could hear at Ed was spanking her ass and fucking her in the ass. She was moaning louder and louder and once again I could tell she was about to cum. I could also hear Ed moaning and he was about to cum as well. Then I heard this very loud cry from my wife and I knew that she had came once again. Ed just kept fucking her in the ass and he then let out this loud moan and I could tell that he once again emptied his balls and filled my wife's ass with his cum. I could hear as they both laid there tired from the fucking they had been doing for the past hour and a half.

I then heard my wife say, she had to go before I got home and he understood. He didn't want her to get caught but little did he know that I was listening and was about to see everything they had just done.

Well, I couldn't wait till my wife got home and as soon as she did, I plugged the camcorder to the t.v. so we could both watch what they just did. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw Ed fucking my wife and she was right, he had a massive cock and I couldn't believe she got that cock into her pussy and also her ass. Well, we look at it every so often and we both enjoy it very much.

She still fucks Ed a couple times a month and my wife is still my little bitch and nympho. I wouldn't trade her for the world. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

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