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My time with a younger Marine -- support our troops -)

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My hubby and I have been married for over 10 years now and we've had an open relationship since shortly after marriage. I got implants about a year and a half ago and had taken my time before letting my hubby share me again. I'm writing this because it was a very exciting time for me and I'd like to relive it a little. This might take a little while to write so let me start

Nearly a year ago my hubby began hinting at the urge to share me again and we had been discussing a few fantasies during sex. I wanted to be with another guy on my own again. I wanted to feel dirty and taboo and it was hard to feel that way with just my hubby. I wanted to serve a younger man and do as he wished with me until we were both worn out. My hubby was way more into the idea than I imagined he would be and urged me to have my fun.

I began casually looking online when I saw a young Marine post an ad that he was in town for only a few days for training and wanted some fun. He had pictures with his ad and I knew I wanted him. I was 33 and he was 21.

A few emails back and forth and shortly later we were chatting on skype. We discussed what we both wanted. I wanted to serve him and please him as he wanted. He wanted me to dress up and knock on his hotel room door. I agreed. He didn't want to use a condom and frankly neither did I. This was almost a deal breaker for my hubby but my young friend ensured me that he was given a clean bill of health not long before. My husband wanted to meet him first and this was almost a deal breaker for him. I convinced him it was ok and we agreed to have lunch the following day and I'd come to his hotel the day after on his last night in town.

We met for lunch and things were a bit awkward at first. He was about 8 or 9 inches taller than me and a couple more than my hubby. A very attractive young man. We got a corner booth and I sat next to my hubby at first. Discussion was about his military career at first mostly guided by my hubby until the discussion got sexual. My husband was now mainly concerned with him getting too rough with me due to our size differences. It was agreed we would have safe words in case it was too much for me or I needed a breather. I wanted this very bad and my hubby knew it. I looked him in the eyes and knew I had his blessing.

I excused myself to the bathroom and when I got back I sat next to my new Marine friend. The chit chat was more relaxed now and he began to open up. He asked that I wear a skirt and t-shirt of my choosing, heels or platforms, and no undies. My husband rolled his eyes but I still agreed. He confirmed with my hubby that condoms weren't necessary. He told me I was going to show up around 4 or 5pm and he would text me when he was getting off duty. At this point he had his arm around me and the check arrived. I was worried the waiter would realize my hubby was sitting across the table but she seemed oblivious. After the waiter left I let my left hand drop into his lap and he was stiff. I had one more thing for him. A little blue pill, he said he didnt need it but still took it from me. We got up to leave, hubby paid the bill, and we parted ways.

I couldn't wait for the next afternoon to come. We texted each other dirty texts a few times when he had breaks at his night training. I told him I had picked out a jean skirt, a white t-shirt, and my favorite pair of heels. My hubby told me I was going to look like a stripper or prostitute. I liked that comment but I still picked out a different and thicker t-shirt in case I ran into someone on the way there. I left him one last text that I couldn't wait and that I hoped he took that little blue pill. I put lube, sports bra and ponytail for the ride home in a small purse.

The next day I got a text about 3:45 from him telling me he'd be ready and expecting me in an hour. I changed my clothes, got in my car and called my hubby on the ride over. He told me to be safe and to have fun. As I arrived I was beginning to feel a little nervous. He was in an end room and I still remember the room number was 201. I entered a side entrance, saw the elevator and the hallway was clear. I rode the elevator up to the second floor and as I was getting off another uniformed Marine was getting on. We glanced at each other but I quickly got off. Room 201 was about 5 rooms down and as I reached the door the nervousness kicked in again. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He answered the door shirtless and in a pair of running shorts. His hard on was obvious because he had no underwear on and he had taken my advice to take the little blue pill. He grabbed my hand and shut the door behind us. He turned my back to the wall and we began a passionate make out session. We swapped plenty of saliva until he guided my head towards his gorgeous Marine pecks. I began to lick and massage them. They felt wonderful and were a tremendous turn on for me.

He put his hand on top of my head and guided me on to my knees and told me to take his shorts off. As I pulled his shorts off my purse fell off my shoulder to the floor. His cock was fully erect, maybe slightly longer than my hubby but definitely thicker. He continued to guide my head to suck on his head and then lick down the shaft. With one hand he pulled his cock to his belly and with the other had me suck his balls. With my free hands I was able to get the bottle of lube out of my purse. I squirted enough in my hand and reached up to stroke and lube his cock. He stopped guiding me for a second, I looked up and he was in ecstasy. Shortly after he grabbed the back of my head and began to make me suck deeper and deeper. This continued until it was too much for me and I pushed back on his thighs. He took the hint so he moved on. He had me stand back up, leaned over and we began to kiss again. As we were doing this he hiked my skirt up over my hips and told me to take my shoes off. He turned my back towards the bed, walked me towards it, pushed me back on to it and then he climbed on himself.

He spread my legs, climbed over me and began to play with my still covered boobs. I leaned up and took my shirt off for him. As he played with my boobs I began to play with myself because I knew he didn't exactly have foreplay on the mind. He leaned up, moved my hands away and slipped the head of his cock inside me. Usually I love a lot of foreplay but this time was different. He was slightly stretching me, more than my hubby could, and I loved it. My moaning was becoming louder and he was getting deeper inside me. At some point he asked me how I liked Marine cock. I worked out an "I love it" and we were in rhythm. It took me much shorter to orgasm than I was use to. It was a whole new experience and he lasted longer than 21 year old guys when I was in college. He was fucking me good and shortly after I had orgasmed I felt him push in deep and begin to cum. His moans and his warm cum turned me on tremendously. I could feel his cock spasm as he cummed in me.

At this point I was out of breath but it was barely a start for a Marine who couldn't possibly get rid of his hard on if he tried. He stayed in me for a while after he cummed and never lost his hard on. At this point I knew I was going to leave exhausted and sore. He pulled out of me and began to massage and caress all over my body. I had just got used by a Marine, he wasn't done yet but he was taking his time. I was loving every moment of it. He started up top with his hands and worked his hands down to my feet and back up my inner thighs. He has big hands. He sticks a finger inside me and then two. His cum starts to leak out and he has me taste it. At this point I was relaxed and enjoying his hands. He has me get up so he can lay down and he directs my head towards his cock. I can taste many tastes on his cock. He keeps fingering me and when he gets a little cum on his fingers he has me lick it off.

He tells me to hop on and I don't second guess him. I get on top and ride him slowly. He doesn't seem to mind me going slow at first he has his hands crossed behind his head watching me. He has me lean forward a little and he plays with my boobs until he's ready to pick up the pace a little. I lean forward and he wraps his arms around me as we get a rhythm going. We keep at it for several minutes before he's ready for something different. He wants doggy. I get in the position for him but he has to get me just right for him. He pushes my face and chest into the bed so I use a pillow for support and arch my back for him. I hear him open the lube and shortly after he sticks the head of his cock in. He slow works all the way in and then pulls out. As I let out louder moans he does this several times to his pleasing and then he pushes in me hard and deep. I let out a long and loud moan and he doesn't slow down. Im loving it and he knows it. As I'm screaming for him to fuck me someone bangs on the wall of the opposite room. He informs me it's his friend and he must be tired of the noise. He pulls out of me and tells me to make noise. He pushes into me hard and deep and I moan a load "fuck." This continues several times and he goes back to fucking me fast and hard. This pushes me over the edge to a hard orgasm and out comes another long "fuuuck."

He's satisfied with doggy after I had a hard orgasm. Back on my back I go and he informs me he's going to cum in my mouth. I tell him anything he wants but ask why he doesn't want to cum in me. He tells me to keep quiet its not my choice and to open wide and swallow. I spread my legs for him as he fucks me to his desire. Slow and then fast a few times until he pulls out and pulls my head close. He finishes himself with one hand and positions my head with the other. In my mouth a considerable amount of sperm goes. It's salty and he tells me to swallow. I do and he seems satisfied for now.

He lays down next to me cuddling me slightly. We lay there for a while just regaining our breath until I ask him what else he has in mind. At this point it's almost 6pm and I had been there for a little over an hour. He tells me to order a pizza. I do so and use my debit card. He tells me I insisted he take the blue pill so he wasn't done with me yet. We wait on the pizza to arrive while watching the TV. A knock at the door and he tells me to answer naked. I couldn't do it so I wrapped myself in a towel. I get his pizza and he slaps my ass and tells me I shouldn't have done that.

I ate a small piece of pizza and he ate several as we took a short break. He had small bottle of vodka stored in his fridge. I took a shot and took a few. It wasn't very cold so it wasn't smooth and I had to drive home later.

We laid on the bed for a few minutes with the TV going until he cut it off and he wanted more. He stood up off the bed and he spun me around so that my head was over the edge of the bed. He wanted 69 with him on top. He wasn't fully erect at first but he surely got there with a little bit of sucking and the help of that pill. Suddenly he was rock hard again and pushing a little bit too deep and hard. I slowed him down once and and then twice shortly after. He realized it wasn't the easiest position for me. He decided to change things up a bit, he spun me around, got on his knees and began giving me oral. Mmmm it was good. He went from kissing my thighs to fully using his tongue until he found that right spot. Once he found it, it was a short time before I had my 3rd orgasm. I was here to please him but this was still good

At this point he stood up, got a little bit of lube, and didn't hesitate to push deep in once he got inside me. I was still on my back and I realized missionary was his favorite. We were in a slightly different position this time with my legs on his shoulders and him really pushing into me. This time I was sure he was going to last much longer than the last two and he did. He fucked me on my back for a while. I was still on edge from the orgasm he gave me with his tongue and he definitely kept me there until he flipped me back over to doggy. Doggy is my position if I'm going to orgasm from fucking and soon enough I was there. A 4th orgasm, not quite as strong as the last from doggy but it was still good.

Now he had one last idea for how he wanted to cum. He pushed me down flat on my belly, got the lube and soon after stuck a finger in my ass. I'm not new to anal as I allow hubby to do it occasionally. One finger, two fingers, to eventually three. He lubed his cock up and slowly stuck his head inside me. Pushing slightly and going deeper and deeper until he was all the way in me. I could tell he was really enjoying it. He was giving me deep consistent thrusts. Not too rough but I knew he wanted to cum. I told him to push deeper when I thought he was close. He wrapped his arms underneath my armpits and pulled himself in and suddenly I felt him cum. He didn't cum as long as before but I knew he enjoyed it.

After we regained ourselves I told him I'd shower him. I needed it myself and I wanted to clean every inch of his body. I got the water running and we hopped in. I quickly bathed myself and then moved on to him. Soaping up the wash cloth, reaching up and starting as his neck and shoulders all the way down to his feet. I cleaned every inch of him and went back to his cock. He stiffened up but quickly told me he couldn't cum again.

We got out of the shower and I dried him off and went to retrieve my clothes as he put on clean clothes from his luggage bag. I put my skirt on and sports bra that I had brought with me on. Then found my shirt on the other side of the bed. It was stained with saliva and lube I guess but its all I had so I put it on. I put my hair in a pony tail and sat next to him on the bed. It was pushing 8pm I had been there over 3 hours and had 4 orgasms. We chatted a bit until I left him with a kiss at the door and he smacked my ass as I walked out. We've chatted on skype a few times since then. He probably won't be back in my city anytime soon but he's 4 hours from me so maybe I could visit him one day

I get home close to 9pm and my hubby is drinking beer and shooting pool with his friend. I went and changed before they could see my shirt. His friend thought I was with my mother all day and they asked how my day was. Of course I replied wonderful and soon went upstairs to head to bed. My hubby came to kiss me goodnight and ask me a few more personal details. I told him he was a loving guy with a Marine body and stamina. It was the truth. I had an amazing time with him and it opened my marriage back up to different adventures but none as exciting as this one. The details were of course shared in mine and hubbys intimate times.

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