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My stranger encounter on vacation

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My husband and I recently returned from a vacation in the Carribean. We stayed at a very nice adults only resort which primarily caters to couples and a few singles. The second story room was spacious and had a beautiful balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. Each morning we chose to order room service and have our breakfast on the balcony so we could enjoy the morning air and beautiful view. Rather than getting dressed and walking to the dinning room, this only required putting on a short robe and stepping outside.

One of those mornings I awoke early and decided to have my coffee on the patio while my husband continued sleeping. As I stood, leaning on the railing, I noticed a relatively young guy looking at me. He was fit from what I could see and maybe early thirties in age. It stuck me odd that he was alone on the beach. he would occasionallylook my way but I really gave it no mind assuming he was just curious as to why I was alone on the balcony as well.

A short while later, he stood up and waved to me. At first I assumed it was one of those moments when you see someone wave but assume there must be someone else in their view, so I just continued looking out over the ocean. He then started to wave more vigorously and pointed directly at me. I then realized he was attempting to be friendly so I lifted my coffee cup and smiled. He returned the smile and gave a short bow.

I have to admit that I was flattered by the unexpected attention. He then started to motion for me to come down to the beach. I didn't want to call out so I pointed to our room and gave the sleeping sign as if to say my husband is sleeping. He put hishands up and nodded from side to dide indicating that he had no clue what I wes trying to indicate. I then stood up straight and pointed up and down my robe to indicate that I was not dressed for the beach. As I did, the ocean's breeze actually blew the top potion of my robe open exposing my breasts. I quickly closed the robe and saw that he first laughed then made a clapping motion.

My first response was to be embarrassed but then I got a little more adventurous. I looked around the beach to see if any one else was in view. since it was so early the beach was vacant. So I lifted my coffee cup with my right hand and loosened the belt of my robe with my left. The ocean breeze did the rest. He smiled brightly and gave me a full bow as if I had just rewarded a servant. I let the breeze flow for several minutes until I heard my husband getting up. Tying my robe, I smiled and waved goodbye.

The remainder of the morning was as usual. Our breakfast on the balcony was slightly different as I would occasionally glance at the beach to see that he was still there and occasionally looking our way.

When it was time to go to the pool, I did take special interest in choosing my favorite swim suit to wear. we then went to the pool are and sat on lounges for awhile. By this time it was very hot so we decided to get in the water and have drinks at the pool bar. We met two other couple at the pool bar that day and were having a delightful conversation when I noticed that my new friend came over and sat at the edge of the bar. He lifted his drink as if to say hello. Not knowing how to respond, I smiled, nodded, then quickly joined the conversation with the others we had met. He had a couple of drinks then left the area.

A couple of hours later, the others we had met had left to go have lunch so my husband and I continues to stay at the pool bar. I saw him get in the pool and start walking over to the bar. He sat right next to my husband and within minutes they were both discussing football. He introduced himself as Jeff. My husband introduced me to him and he just replied it was a pleasure.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking with him. hen it was time to go he said that it was his first full day at the resort and asked what there was to do at night. My husband told him that we woould likely be going to the disco later in the evening and if he saw us there to come by and share a drink or too.

I have to say, I found Jeff to be very intriguing. That night when getting ready for dinner I again took special interest in what to wear in my anticipation that we may see Jeff later. The dress I chose was a short black conforming dress with a low cut top. I wore black lace thongs and shoed that were silver studded with 4 inch heels. I do remember spraying a slight bit more of my favorite perfume on my breast area.

The disco was fairly crowded since they were playing more classic rock style of music rather than the usual hip hop variety. My husband and I were dancing as I caught a glance of Jeff standing at the bar alone. When we first sat down from the dance I immediately asked my husband to refresh my drink, hoping h would strike a conversation with Jeff and invite him to join us.

I knew in my mind that nothing would likely happen but the thought was turning me on so much. My husband and I had adventured some with others in the past, but I was not sure where he was on this since we had taken this vacation as a more romantic venue.

My husband came back to the table with Jeff following. My husband said,"you remember our beach friend Jeff?". I definitely remembered but my thoughts were more focused on the morning eperience. We chatted awhile withmy husband asking me to dance here and there. while dancing, I would often glance at Jeff and smile. And I would have to confess that I put a little more seduction in the moves I made while dancing.

The DJ played one of my favorites so I motioned my husband to get up. He politely declined and looked at Jeff and suggested that it was his turn. He obliged in kind. I was impressed with his ability to dance to music that was obviously beyond his years. The net song was a slow song and Jeff grabbed my hand as I was leaving the dance floor and said, "You have to give me this one.". While dancing, I felt his hand slide to the lowere part of my back just above my butt. He whispered that the morning encounter was the best thing that had happened to him all day. He told me that he thought I was "absolutely stunning".

We then sat back in the chairs for about an hour before my husband announced that he was tired. I assumed he meant we were leaving. But to my surprise he said that if I wanted to saty and dance somemore to go ahead and enjoy myself.

I knew exactly what he was saying and my excitement level rose 10 times. He just looked at Jeff and said to get me back safely.

Jeff and I stay in the disco for a short while before I suggested that we get some air. He gladly agreed. We took our drinks and walked through the resort for a bit before he suggested that we grab a lounge chair on the beach.

I think I knew where this was going, but I wasn't completely convinced. Either way, my arousal level was high.

We chatted some in that time where it is always awkward wondering what the other's intentions might truely be. Eventually, he just looked at me and said when he was at the bar it took everything he had not to reach over and kiss me. I just said, "We are not at the bar now.".

The net thing I knew I was kissing this guy passionately, someone I hardly knew. As we kissed he joined me on my lounge chair and placed his hand on my leg. As the kissing got more passionate the hand raised untill I felt his finger touch my wet panties. He slipped one finger under the lace. When he felt how wet I was, I just remember hearing a moan.

It was me that suggested that they serve drinks in your room by room service. And he asked whose room. I smiled and said, "yours".

We then gathered ourselves and walked toward his room. He would occasionally look around to see if anyone was looking, then begin kissing me again. Each time he would place his hand on my butt or reach under to feel me. My anticipation was exploding by that time.

Once in the room, I sat on the sofa. He came immediately and started kissing me until I suggested the room sevic e for those drinks.He rushed to order me some chardoney and whatever he was drinking. I guess I did that for a purpose to slow things down a little.

We continued just kissing and touching as we waited for the room service. By that time I was clearly upset with myself. It seemed to take forever. Although while waiting he did get on his knees, lifted my dress and slowly removed my panties. I felt his mouth touch my by then very wet pussy. He was good, starting slow just lightly licking the edges of my tighs then narrowing in until I felt his tongue licking my wettness and occasionally sliding across my clit. Where are those drinks!

Finally the buzzer rang and he greeted the waiter at the door, not letting him in. He came over to the sofa with drinks in hand. I stood up and suggested that he just set them on the table. He then came over to me and again we kissed with passion. He ran his hands over my butt and pussy hile kissng my neck. as He lowered he unbucked my dress and it fell to the floor.

He touched my boobs theen lavishly kissed and licked them, all the while telling me how sexy I was. I felt his mouth go lower as he licked my belly ring then down to my very wet pussy. His hands were cupping then caressing my ass cheeks as he licked.

I reached down and pulled him up to me. I kissed his neck as I whispered my turn and slowly got on my knees in front of him. I could see through his shorts that he was very much interested in me. I pulled down on his shorts and there he was. He was rock hard. A large guy in thhat respect as well. I slowly put my lips around top head of his cock, licking it underneath with my tongue. I then started licking the entire shaft while lightly rubbing his balls with my red nails. I could feel him starting to tighten up. I didn't want to rush things so I stood up, grabbed his hands wnd led him to the side of the bed.

While he quickly took off his shirt and the remainder of his shorts, I slide over to the middle of the bed with my head on the pillow leaning on my side.

He came over and started again kissing me while sliding two fingers in my pussy. I enjoyed that he would take his fingers out and use my own wettness to touch my inner thighs and the cheeks of my ass.

I finally could not take it anymore and just suggested that he let me have him. He never broke his stride as he layed me on my back and I raised my knees. He slowly slide all of his hard, thick cock in me. That is the point where you know it can't be taken away. It may never happen again, but for that one moment you are the most intimate you can be with someone.

We enjoyed the missionary position for awhile, kissing and eploring each others bodies. I then motioned him to roll over. I turn down and started sucking his cock again. H was touching my boobs, ass and pussy. He then touched my leg and motioned for my to straddle his face. I did without breaking stride. As he licked my pussy I felt his tongue slide deeply in me while his fingers were caressing my little red ass. I felt his tongue lick my ass, then the tip of his finger slide in. I moaned a little to let him know that was ok. I was so turned on.

I then lifted my body with my backside facing him still. I leaned up and guided his dick inside me. As I rode his cock I felt him so deeply in me. It was wonderfuland I came hard on his cock.

I suggested a short break and stood up to get my wine. He just begged that I not get up so I kissed him lightly and said no problem. We eplored each other's bodies and fucked in every position we could think of for about 2 more hours. My favorite was when he leaned me over the side of the bed> I was facing him and he grabbed my legs and pulled me up, sliding his cock deep inside me.

Eventually, I knew it was getting late and I suggested that I needed to get back to my room. He was very understanding of the situation. I looked and asked if I could give him one more come before I left. He was definitely in kind with that statement. I think I shocked him a little when I asked how he would like me. He hesitated at first before saying that he loved my ass and wondered if I did that at all. I was a little taken back because of his size but I told him I would be fine with that if he would be gentle and go slow at first.

I layed back on the bed on my tummy. He went and got some lotion, He put me on my knees and began rubbing my ass with the lotion. He would lightly place a finger in and take it out, going deeped and wider each time. I relaed well and soon felt the tip of his cock in my ass. He very slowly progressed until I could feel most ofhim in me. I was so full. I reached down and started touching my clit.

He slowly and rythmically statred thrusting his cock in me I started rubbing my clit harded. I hardly noticed as he then started really thrusting my ass until I suddenly felt the warmness of his come shooting in my ass. I came at the same time. He layed me down and slowly withdrew from my ass.

We chatted a few more minutes before I got up and put my dress on. I tossed the panties to him and said they were his. I kissed him one last tim and left.

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