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My photo experience with a real photographer

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My husband and I have always enjoyed taking erotic pictures. Most of what we had taken are of me in various venues with lingerie or nude. We progressed some with him setting up a tripod and taking pictures of us in various sexual position. However, due to having to rush because of the timer, it seems that most came out as if they were posed. We had talked many times of having someone else take them for us. It was apparent that we could find some amateur with a camera willing to take them, but we were looking for better quality pictures. We had no clue how to find a professional photographer who would be willing to take intimate shots of a couple.

We eventually started posting some of our pictures on an adult internet site that allowed others to respond. As expected, we received many responses from horny guys just telling me how much they would like to enjoy me. That is until one responded, James will say. He was a professional photographer from the other side of the country. His comments focused on the poses, camera angle, lighting and other helpful suggestions to taking better pictures. We began exchanging emails in which we would send new pictures. He continued critiquing and offering further suggestions.

Fortune would have it that after several weeks he informed us that he was giving a seminar in a city not so far from us. He invited us to join the seminar and of course suggested that we could meet after for a drink and some further photo discussions. We agreed to both and also asked if he would be interested in shooting me while we were there. His response was very professional, stating he would be delighted to do so, included his rate and assured us that he would remain completely professional throughout the shoot.

The day before the seminar we checked into a very nice hotel suite in the center of the city with a remarkable city view and balcony. It was a traditional style room with a king-sized bed with a pillow top mattress and colorful. We spent the night picking out what to wear and looking for camera angles and views in the room. We took many pictures that night on our own.

The seminar was very typical filled with amateur photo buffs, all men of course . I was wearing a halter top with a short skirt with modest heels. I felt a little awkward at first when the guys all looked as I walked by. I wasn?t sure if they just liked my looked or just thought I was dressed inappropriately.

When James arrived I noticed that he first scanned the room to see if I was there. Upon noticing, he smiled and waived. I was a bit taken by his good looks. I had never seen a picture of him just some of the models he had of which he had on his website. I guess I was expecting a heavy set balding guy. Throughout his tutorial he kept looking my way as if I were there for the seminar. I was bored crazy. Most of my thoughts were centered on the later evening when this tall handsome guy would be taking pictures on me in various lingerie sets or nude and eventually of me having sex with my husband. I felt the level of my sexual arousal increase by the minute. I couldn?t wait for the lunch break.

As everyone stood up and gathered their things for lunch, James came immediately to us and suggested we all go to lunch together. The hotel restaurant was as elegant as the rooms. The conversation focused on the seminar points at first. James seemed to be conversing as if I were alone with him at the table. Or at least that?s how it seemed to me. The conversation eventually became more personal and we made plans for later in the evening. James would come to our suite at about eight. I confessed that the seminar was a bit too technical for me and politely excused myself from the afternoon session.

Alone in the room, I tried reading and watching TV, but my mind kept wandering to our upcoming photo shoot. Since the room came with a large jetted tub, I decided a warm bath would be the trick to get my mind off things. Of course soaking in the jetted tub with the bubbles sliding around my body had the opposite effect. I closed my eyes and began touching myself while imagining James laying me back on the bed and sliding into my wet pussy and kissing me passionately. That was just the thing and it didn?t take long before I felt my clit pulsating into a fabulous orgasm.

By this time it was almost four o?clock and I knew my husband would be coming in soon. I went to the closet and picked out a sleek black dress. It was low lined and short. I picked out my new black six inch heels and proceeded to put on my makeup. I began to question who exactly I was dressing for as I sprayed on my favorite Spellbound perfume.

We decided to get a bite to eat and since time was short we just went to the hotel restaurant. I immediately noticed James sitting alone at the corner table. We went over to say hello and he asked that we please join him. I agreed but asserted no more photo talk please. This time the conversation remained personal. I spoke up at one point and asked him if he ever got aroused while taking pictures of all the sexy women on his website. He just replied that if he did, he wouldn?t tell me because of his professional standards. I was a little disappointed, but jokingly said, ?yea right.? He turned the conversation to us. He began by asking about the photos we wanted to take together. He then looked directly at me and asked if I got turned on while taking these types of picture. I looked him directly in the eyes, smiled and said, ?You do the math Mr. Professional.? He responded by touching my thigh, looking me directly in the eye and saying that he had better go get ready and he would see us in a few. My husband commented after James left that he thought maybe I had an admirer. I shrugged it off and said he was just earning his money. I recalled my younger days when working in a strip club that our motto was, ?Give them what they want to a point.?

I answered the door when he arrived. He looked around the room and said everything looked great including me. I remember thinking, ?God, this guy is good.? My second thought was how I wished I knew just really how good. I noticed that he had changed clothes since dinner and was wearing tight fitting jeans with a black button up shirt. He chatted some while putting together all of his equipment, including portable lighting . He looked at me and asked, ?Well sexy lady, what are you going to wear?. I took him to the closet and showed him a variety of lingerie outfits. He picked through them and pulled out a shiny black teddie with a thin thong. ?Let?s start with this one?, he said, ?the shoes you have on will work well with this one?. Not that I am modest by any means but I excused myself to the bathroom to change.

When I came out he looked me over from top to bottom and instructed me to turn around. ?Very sexy?, he said, ?but there is one thing wrong. Your tag is showing. Do you mind if I fix it?. The label was located on the back bottoms just above the top of my butt. I withheld my cringe as he slid his fingers gently under the lingerie to turn in the label. It must have shown through because he looked at my husband and asked if would mind if he cut it off. I stood motionless as he held the back of my thong open and very slowly snipped the label. I could almost feel my wetness . It became more obvious when he turned me around and slid both hands lightly under my lingerie around my 34c boobs.

Since it was summer, there was still outside light, so we started on the balcony. I am usually very relaxed and natural when taking pictures. However, I found myself a little nervous. He quickly eased my apprehensions as he would position my body for each pose. He bent down to reposition my bottom and he must have noticed my wetness because he said, ? You seem to be getting into this well.?

The next set was of me on the bed. My husband watched as James once again touched my body for each additional pose. The tight jeans did not help his professionalism in that I noticed a bulge that looked like it was ready to split those jeans. He suggested that I try on a new piece. You can only imagine, I thought. Instead of going to the bathroom to change, I announced that I wasn?t shy and proceeded to remove the top of the lingerie, exposing my boobs. He seemed a little surprised when I looked at him instead of my husband and asked if he would help me with this. He came over, knelt down, slid his hands on both sides of my hips, pulling the lingerie slowly from my body. With his face close to my hips, He must have first noticed my small rose tattoo just below my bikini line and that I was partially shaven with a small layer of red hair just above my clit. Maybe it was me, but I thought he took even more time helping me put on the next piece. He slowly slipped each heel in, and slid the lace slowly up my legs and over my hips, eventually allowing me to slip my hands through each shoulder strap. That was the first time I saw a real connection in his eyes as he looked directly at me. I could see a crack in that professionalism.

The next set took about twenty minutes and each pose became more revealing and sexual. We decided to take a break and have a drink before moving on with the next level. He entered the suite?s living room first and sat on the sofa. I sat next to him on the other end with my husband taking the adjacent chair. My husband was fully aware of my thoughts. During the following conversation, James commented on how sexy I was and how easy I was to work with. I smiled as I said, I love to please. He was fully aware of the double entendre? in my comment as he replied, ?I can only imagine. I looked at my husband and he laughed and said, ?Dude, you haven?t a clue.?

My husband the announced that we were out of the drink we were using to mix the drinks and said he would be back in a little bit. When the door closed, I said that this is awkward. James just chuckled and said, ?Hell, I?m sitting on the sofa with a half naked, sexy woman, I?m just fine.? At that point I thought what the hell, I?m going to see where this could go. I moved next to him and put my hand on his thigh. I suggested that if he would just put that professionalism in his camera bag, I could help make the moment less awkward. I took his, ?oh really now,? as a go. I then reached down and unzipped those jeans .He maneuvered his hips to allow me to release his hard cock. As I started licking and sucking him, he grew in my mouth and my God, he was so large. He stood up and I pulled the jeans down to expose all of his gorgeous cock. I got on my knees and began licking it all slowing while caressing hid balls with my hand.

We heard the key card entering the lock and James pulled back. I stayed on my knees. When my husband entered he acted surprised and said, ?Wow, It seems I should have stayed longer?. I think James was in awe when my husband then said he was going to go down to the hotel bar for a couple hours and that we should have fun.

When the door closed again I could see that James was a little taken back. I stood up and pulled him into me slightly and started kissing him. I loved as he rubbed my body through the lingerie occasionally slipping underneath to feel my skin. He removed the straps and began caressing my boobs, rubbing my nipples between his fingers. I started unbuttoning his shirt. Then one hand slid under the thong and he touched me feeling my wetness.

I stepped back and too both of his hands in a gesture to follow me. He let go with one hand and awkwardly removed his shoes and jeans. I slid his shirt off and removed the remainder of my lingerie, keeping the shoes on. I lie back on the bed and he immediately went between my legs. He began by softly licking the lips of my pussy with his hands gently pressing my clit. His tongue entered me as he licked my juices. He moved his hands around to cup my ass and pulled me closer to his face as he began licking my swollen clit.

I was almost to the point of coming when I reached down and pulled him up toward me. He licked my belly , boobs and neck before passionately kissing me. Without touching his cock, he entered me for the first time, completely filling me. He raised my long legs up and began thrusting harder. I thought I was going to explode but again held back.

I moved slightly to get him on his back. I licked my way down until I had him again fully exposed to my lips. I could taste myself on his cock. I got up on my knees and straddled his face. He placed his hands on my ass, spreading my ass cheeks. He began fingering my pussy as he licked my clit. I was so wet I think my juices were dripping into his mouth. I soon felt a finger rubbing my own juices on my ass. He gently inserted his finger in my ass and I let out a slight moan of delight. He soon inserted two fingers and started thrusting them deep in my little ass.

I got up and got on my knees, being careful to arch my back just as he instructed in the photo session. He got behind me and entered my pussy. His long cock was stroking my g-spot perfectly. The entire time he was rubbing my ass and telling me how sexy I was. I turned and softly asked if he would like me there. The moan he gave was my answer. I simply said, ?just go slow at first.? I was in bliss as the gorgeous guy slowly slid his cock in my ass. He was good in that he started slow gradually increasing the dept and frequency of his strokes. He announced he was going to come and asked if I minded if he came there. I said, ?Please do.? I reached around and started caressing my clit. The tow of us exploded simultaneously.

We lied back in the bed a few minutes before getting up and returning to the sofa. My husband entered the room. We all chatted for a long time afterwards until James announced that it was late and he had to get up early to teach his seminar. I stood up and kissed him passionately as my husband watched.

We never did get to the action pictures that night. Although the seminar was a two day event and we extended our stay. I guess that is another story.


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