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My other man

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I met my husband of 15 years in one of those on line dating services. I was recently divorced and Mike was a recent widower whose wife died suddenly from cancer. It was love at first sight and I'm still very much in love with him. Our sex life was exceptional, we had sex three to four times a week. We had it so often that I went on the pill to make sure I didn't become a mommy before we planned.

Then his headaches began, the real bad migraine kind. After many tests the doctors put him through, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and this was the cause of his headaches. The cure was simple. They put him on medications for the blood pressure and his headaches stopped. That was the good news. Do you know what blood pressure medications do to a guy? They prevent him from having an erection. Sure, he gets all turned on, he still has a good orgasm and he can shoot his cream two to three feet into the air when he cums. He just can't get hard which means my husband can't penetrate me with his penis. So my sex life came to a screeching halt.

I give Mike credit as he tried to satisfy me sexually by masturbating me until I had a complete and thorough orgasm. I liked the way he sucked on my nipples and fingered me off. Then I would do him, he loved how I'd lick his cock, suck on it as if it were a lolly-pop until he exploded in my mouth. I loved it when I made him cum like that and I even liked the salty taste of his sweet cream. Other times I'd get him off by stroking his penis. This was more difficult because the best he could be was semi-hard. Other times I would stroke myself with his semi-hard cock until we both exploded.

One day after Mike went to work I went into the bedroom to get undressed and take a shower. After the shower I opened my panty drawer and there it was on top of my undies, a gift wrapped box that was about sixteen inches long, and three inches wide and tall. The card on the box read, To Elizabeth. I unwrapped it and the box was jet black. I opened it and there it was staring back at me. It was a sexy vibrator in the shape of a penis of a well-endowed man. I thought it would need batteries until I turned it on and it worked. There was control at the flat end and as I turned the control the stronger it vibrated.

Here I was sitting on the edge of our bed, completely nude with a new, working vibrator in my hand. Plus, I was home all alone. Two of my best girlfriends raved about their vibrators, I just had to try it. I decided to name my vibrator ?Steve? just like my friends named theirs. Steve was my very first boyfriend that I had sex. I touch my right nipple with Steve and the vibrations was an instant turn-on. My nipples became instantly hard and erect. I got that special feeling when I'm turned on. While I rubbing my breasts with my vibrator, I laid back down on my bed and spread my legs anticipating what was going to happen next.

I stroked my pubic area with Steve and nearly had an instant orgasm. I had to stop for moment to catch my breath. Then I started again, this time I slipped Steve between the lips of my pussy and the feeling I got from my vibrator was unbelievable. My orgasm was huge. My love juices flowed so much that I thought it was pee hitting my thighs. I finally had to stop as it felt so good that and my pussy was so sensitive that it started to hurt.

As I laid there coming down from that wonderful high, I was trying to figure out who put it in my panty drawer where I would find it? Mike? I don't think so. He's sweet yet very naïve when it comes to sex toys. I bet it was Lori, she was here yesterday and I did tell her about Mike's little problem.

It took me six months to get my courage up to tell Mike about Steve. At first he didn't even want to touch my vibrator, but what got him turned on was when I gathered all of my strength up and I masturbated with Mike watching me and I used Steve. After a few times of this, Mike wanted to be part of this experience and finally he got me off by using my vibrator. Now he does it all of the time and even he calls it Steve and pretends that it is a real Steve doing me which is an additional turn on for me.

Now five years later this has gotten old and boring. I mentioned this to Lori when we were alone. Last week she told me that she knows of a guy, a widower, who had indicated an interest in me. It would be no big deal for her to talk to him and perhaps even set something up for them to meet at her apartment. Lori told me what she knew of him and did seem most interesting plus he was pretty well off to boot. So I told her OK, set something up and make sure he does know I'm married with no plans of leaving Mike. I don't want to mislead him.

Luck is on my side for a change. In an hour I'm meeting Tom at Lori's apartment. I'm so nervous, my stomach feels like it is full of butterflies all fluttering around. As luck would have it, Mike's boss sent him to a conference clear across country yesterday and he'll be gone ten days. I checked my make up and I look hot. I decided to wear a mini skirt to show of my legs and a top that showed lots of my cleavage. Guys like to see boobs I told myself. Don't forget my pill just in case I get lucky and he wants to do something. I put on a pair of long earrings and liberally sprayed myself with Passion. One last look in the full length mirror. Maybe I should put on a bra, no, I argued with myself, my nipples are showing just enough. Elizabeth, you're stalling, I told myself. Now get going.

I'm glad Lori has a first floor apartment, I don't think I could climb a flight of stairs. I rang the door bell and heard Lori's voice say, she's here.

A moment later the door opened. Lori was standing there wearing her normal jeans, a white man's shirt tied off at the bottom, red heels, and her blond hair in a pony tail off to the side of her head.

Don't we look hot, Lori said then informed me that he was on the sofa in the living room. I sat on the same sofa as Tom. After the introductions, Lori brought me a glass of chilled red wine. I needed it to settle my nerves. Tom was a man in his mid to early forties, light brown hair, white shirt with a red tie, and dark blue pants that went to a suit. Just sitting next to him took my breath away.

As the afternoon wore on I discovered Tom and I had much in common. We have the same interests and we knew a lot of the same people. He told me that he was aware of my situation but none of the details.

Lori's phone rang and few minutes later she came into the living room. The phone call was my work, they want me to come in right now, one of the girls fell and they took her to the hospital. I think you two will be fine if I left you guys alone. Tom couldn't believe his good fortune. We'll be just fine. I nodded in agreement. There's a roast in the oven, potatoes and veggies on the stove.

Lori quickly changed into her cocktail waitress uniform for the casino where she worked. Long moments later Lori closed the door, started her car, and was gone.

Excuse me for a minute, I said and went in the kitchen. The roast still had two and half hours to go I said as I heard Tom enter the kitchen. I took the pot of potatoes over to the sink and added water.

Tom came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist from the rear and I didn't stop him. I leaned my head back on to his shoulder and he slid his hands up and cupped my boobs. It was now he discovered that I wasn't wearing a bra. This felt so good and he was being so gentle as he squeezed them and began to unbutton my blouse. I liked the way he was turning me on. Soon his hands covered my exposed breasts and my nipples were already hard as pebbles as he pinched them.

It's been a long time for me he whispered. I replied, me too. Do you like? He asked. I was getting turned on very quickly and the best answer I could muster was a simple nod.

I turned around facing him and opened up my blouse fully so he could see my boobs. I had the strangest urge for him to see them and to touch them. He pulled me close to him so they were crushing against his chest and finally, our lips met for the first time. Gentle first kisses came in bunches then a deep passionate kiss. While we kissed I rubbed his thigh with my leg making sure I was touching the swelling bulge I knew was between his thighs. His hands slid down my back stopping at my butt and pulled me closer to him.

Without saying a word, he took me by the hand and led me to the sofa where he sat down and I stood in front of him. He slowly turned me around and unzipped and unbuttoned my skirt and it fell to the floor. He pulled down my slip and panty hose together. I slipped off my blouse and I was completely nude in front of Tom. He ran his hands up and down my curvy figure sending warm chills throughout my body. He cupped and squeezed my breasts and I thrusted out my chest for him. This seemed so natural, so wonderful. Tom slid his right hand between my thighs and cupped my now moist femininity and began to gently rub my pubic area. It felt so good as I stood there with my eyes closed and I spread my thighs a little more which made it easier for Tom to make love with me. Soon I felt his finger slip in between the lips of my pussy and found my clit. I moaned squeezing his finger with my pussy. He started to make little circles around my clit and I began to slowly hump his hand. While he did that I began to squeeze my own boobs and nipples.

Faster and faster Tom went and I responded by humping his hand just as fast. Don't stop, I begged. I'm about to cum. I can tell he said and he suddenly stopped. He stood up and quickly undressed. Then I saw something I haven't seen in nearly six years, a very hard and stiff throbbing cock. I pointed to the sofa and Tom laid down with his penis standing straight up just longing to be loved. I knelt down next to him and touched his large unit. I began to run my fingers up and down the long, thick shaft which brought a moan from Tom. I began to stroke him with one hand and he arched up his hips. I had to try something, I grasp his rod with one hand and then my other hand above that hand and still there was about four inches of his penis extending past my hands. The head of his cock looked so inviting, I bent over and kissed it. Then I did something that I haven't done in many years, I went down on him and let his cock slip into my mouth. I began to tongue his cock and licking it. Tom began to twist and squirm. I blew into the tiny hole in the head of his penis bringing a mini squirt of cum which I immediately licked clean. It was time. I climbed up and stratled Tom, placing my cunt over the tip of his cock. I reached down and stoked myself with his hard rod and he arched upwards. At the same time I guided his cock into my waiting pussy. Slowly I lowered myself onto him, he entered my cunt. He was so thick that I felt like a virgin again. Soon I was full of his cock. I began to grind my hips and I felt his enormity deep inside. I looked down at this handsome hunk of the man that I was now fucking. I leaned forward, our lips meet and my hips were like a piston doing a hundred miles an hour up and down his shaft.

Suddenly, I felt his shaft swell and I knew his time was soon. There it was, gushing deep inside his cum shot into me. I sat up so I could feel all of Tom. He pumped his cum again and again. Then I exploded covering Tom with what seemed to be a bucket of my love cum.

I sat there, motionless, enjoying the feeling I was getting from Tom's hard cock in me. That was wonderful, I said. Please promise me this won't the only time we have sex. I promise, he replied.

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