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My night with SpiderWoman

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As I sit behind my desk, taking part in a conference call with the ?top brass?, there is a brief knock at the door and in walks this blonde bombshell! I quickly put the speakerphone on mute before our President, hears my squeal of joy. This could be trouble from the look in her eyes, she?s hell bent on getting satisfaction and I?m in the middle of a very important call. What are the options, I think quickly? Having an angry Goddess on my hands or potentially losing my job over ?conduct unbecoming a Manager?. Hell, I can always get another job but there is no way I can replace this incredibly desirable woman in my life. If I?m lucky, maybe, just maybe I can keep both.

She turns in a flash and locks the door, then walks across the room like she owns it. I point to the phone and put my finger to my lips. She in turn puts her middle finger in her mouth, works it in and out a few times, whips open her raincoat and thrusts it into pussy! Damn there she stands, dressed in leather! Her voluptuous breasts straining at her leather bra, her hand working frantically in one of those wonderful openings in her leather chaps. God damn I love those chaps! Shit, the boss has asked me a question and all I can think to do is stab at the mute button and mutter a quick ?Ah ya, that looks good?. It?s becoming increasingly apparent that this vision standing before me plans on getting ?serviced? and could care less that I?m currently otherwise engaged. Off comes the raincoat and she comes around the desk to my side. She slowly removes her leather top, lightly pinching each nipple to make them more erect. She then moves her hand back to her pussy. Moving her fingers in and out, softly moaning. She steps nearer to me, then pushes the papers on my desk out of the way, sitting on the desk in front of me.... Clearly she?s not ?going down? under the desk this time, I think it?s payback time in her mind. She draws the chair back toward her and wraps a leg around each side of my head. I?m dizzy with the task before me. I start with the tender bowl of flesh behind her right knee, running my tongue in little circles before working my way upwards. The inner thigh being so sensitive causes shock waves to be delivered directly to her pussy. A brief flick of the tongue to her hot spot and on to the other leg. Again the teasing tongue behind the left knee, mmmm, I think she likes that. Back to the inner thigh to deliver another shock wave to her pussy. Oh boy I think we have some ?water stains? on the desktop already. Ah, fuck the cleaners if they can?t take a joke. By the time we are done this is going to look like a flood has come through here.

She is so hot and so ready, I don?t know whether to dive in with my tongue or drop my drawers and take her like the primitive beast that hides within me. Tongue, cock?tongue, cock??I dive head first and bury my tongue as deep as I can into that fiery pussy that cries out to be eaten. Ah yes it has been said that God wouldn?t have shaped it like a taco if it weren?t meant to be eaten. If I was to drown, this is the love canal that I want to drown in. Mmmmm nibble on the lips on this side, nibble on the lips on that side. A long slow lick from that lovely puckered rose all the way up to the little man in canoe. Today little man is when the boat gets rocked, hold on tight. Gently, lightly, teasingly, I use just the tip of my tongue to dart in and out of every curve, every fold, and every little bump that I can find. The juices flow, the moans get longer, louder, and more frequent. The voice is no longer sweet and demure, there is a primitive quality, a deep throatiness that suggests other places to search. My cock is so hard now, it hurts to be restrained in my pants. I notice that the desk is virtually cleared of everything now, except for this body that is writhing, slipping and sliding all over the surface. Hmmmnn, I guess I got disconnected from the conference call. Ya like I give a damn.

As she lies there on the desk, so totally relaxed, I take a moment to shed my clothing and sit back down to take stock of the situation. If my actions result in my termination, then fuck it. I decide that this is the opportunity to make memories that will last forever and isn?t that the reason that this incredibly hot woman and I got together in the first place. As she raises her head by lifting herself up on her elbows, her gorgeous ass starts to slide over the edge of the desk, forcing her to place her legs on either side of my chair. Oh God, she is slowly impaling herself on my aching cock, enveloping my shaft in a series of pussy contractions. It actually feels like her pussy is eating my cock, a squeezing sensation then another little bit disappears. She does it again and again until her whole weight is resting in my lap and I can feel the head of my cock pushing against the roof of her pussy. With that mischievous smile of hers she pretends that she has something caught in her throat and rises up a bit so that my cock doesn?t give her a stiff neck. As I laugh at this my cock pulsates in her pussy, just like when you cough. She finds this extremely enjoyable and retaliates with those exquisite contractions again. Ah, finally I get to kiss her deeply and passionately, I just can?t get enough. Tongues darting, searching, dueling with each other. I break off laughing again, causing those wonderful sensations between cock and pussy, it appears they are dueling too. She asks what caused the laugh and I remind her of our first ?encounter? and how we both discovered afterwards that we had a red rash around our mouths from how intense the kissing had been. As she starts laughing with abandon, it almost causes me to orgasm, the pulsing in her pussy is so intense from her laughs. Who says sex has to be so serious, I think we could laugh ourselves to orgasm!

As she starts to rock up and down, back and forth, I realize that it is so fortunate that I have an ?air ride? chair. It?s almost like my memories of fucking on a waterbed when I was in my twenties. One thing I do know for sure, there were never women around like this when I was in my twenties. If there was I probably never would have married and would very likely be dead and buried by now. But rest assured buried with fucking smile from ear to ear and with not a penny to my name! Of course I could still die with those last two circumstance applying.

Back to the living. I ask her to wrap her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and I proceed to pull myself to a standing position using the desk. Cool, never done this before. As I walk around the desk I notice the time on the clock, on the floor, is 6:00 pm! Great, that means the office will be empty and we can play anywhere we want. Oh baby time to make memories and fulfill fantasies that I?ve always had! Walking across the room, I feel her bouncing up and down on my cock. The little devil is adding some motion to this to increase the thrusts. I feel the roof of her pussy again and notice that she?s not pretending to have a stiff neck this time. There is this far away look in her eyes and her eye lids have that hooded look. The little vixen! She?s having an orgasm in total silence, trying to keep it hidden from me in order to get more. I know better because I can feel her hot, wet juices running down both my legs. ?FUCK?, I shout as I trip on her raincoat, stumbling against the wall. This results in me slamming up against the wall with her in between me and the wall. My cock drives into her so deep that her eyes shoot open and she screams, ?OH GOD? don?t????..stop! Do it again ???..and again PLEASE!? How can I resist the pleading look in her eyes as her lips of fire lock on mine and suck the breath right out of me. Her hot tongue, driving inside, searching, swirling, jerking here and there causing my mouth to explode with the sensations. It occurs to me at that moment that my cock is doing the same thing as her tongue?driving inside her, searching, swirling, jerking here and there and her pussy is exploding with a flood of cum that envelopes my senses. Oh that unique smell ?hot sex happened here? permeates the room.

Time to get mischievous, I open the door slightly peeking out to make sure everyone is gone. YES? play time! Seeing as how your legs are so weak and you have that gorgeous ?I?ve just been fucked? look, I lift you into my arms and proceed down the hall. ?Where are we going?? you ask. ?To make memories, for us and for others? I reply. The bewildered look in your eyes is so cute that I have to stop to give you a long deep kiss. Damn, I?ve never been happier than at this very moment. It?s off to the mailroom, no not to send you somewhere. That?s where the great big fucking photocopier is! I step in the room, push up the cover with the back of my hand and place your sweet ass on the glass. I need to make two copies of everything, one for me and one to leave behind for someone to find. Son of a bitch, this place is going to be buzzing tomorrow! Image number one, your gorgeous ass (the posterior for posterity!). God if there was some way for me to get my tongue between the glass and your ass, I would be in there licking like a madman. I help you turn over and we set up the ?pussy from heaven? image. Oh boy there?s going to be a whole bunch of stiff cocks in this office tomorrow! Now for the ladies, I mount you from behind, slide my cock into your pussy and decide to play for a while. We might as well make this one a ?live? shot of the both of us cumming. The glass is getting so slippery that we both have trouble finding something to hold on to. Your arms are extended, holding your upper body up by pushing on the sorter tray, your breasts are shaking all over the place because they are hanging freely over the edge of the copier. I notice that you have your feet hooked on the in tray. Jeeesus the glass is getting as slippery as your pussy. The only way I can get any traction is to hold on to your shoulders and pull on them driving my cock into you, over and over and over again. As we both scream out and flood the glass, I remember to hit the little green copy button. I think the copier may need a service call tomorrow!

Where next? Oh ya, she?ll like this! Having a mental flashback of recommending our new ?GridWorks? ceiling for the boardroom, I grab a couple of velcro straps on the way out the door. I take her hand in mine, like a school kid on his way to the prom with his favourite girl. We smile at each other as we walk down the hall, this is hilarious walking around here totally naked. I think she?s having as much fun as I am, hell she must be, she was the one that actually started this! I open the door to the boardroom and follow her in. There is the gleaming 25 ft. teak table stretching off into the distance, dimly lit with the overhead pot lights. Oh that heavy duty GridWorks ceiling is just going to be perfect! She hasn?t looked up, so little does she know what I have in mind. She is standing in front of the floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows that look across to the biggest shopping mall in Canada. I think she?s starting to get the idea that this may not be as private as the mailroom. Oh boy here come that devilish grin on her face and that look in her eyes that tells me things are going to heat up real quick here. I need to take control before she gets ahead of me. Holding her tightly in my arms, I kiss her deeply and then lift her up on the table. She looks at me wondering what I have in mind, why standing, why not lying down? I get up on the table with her, take one hand and raise it over her head to attach her wrist to the GridWorks with the velcro strap. As she is starting to realize what I am doing I finish attaching her second wrist. She is now mine to do with as I please. I get down on my hands and knees and start at her feet. Massaging each toe one at a time, sucking on them before I go to the next one. This is causing her to squirm and occasionally swing from the ceiling. I sit at her feet, massaging each calf , while placing tiny kisses up and down each one. Look out, we?re back at those tender spots behind the knees again, this just might make her hang from the ceiling! As I work my way up the inner thighs with my tongue darting and placing little kisses, she is trying to get back at me by stroking my cock with her toes. Damn she?s good with any part of her body! Ah at last, on my knees and looking at the most beautiful sight know to man. Her pussy is already dripping from the attention paid to her other body parts. I am finally in control of the most desirable woman I know. As I start to gently lick the edges of her pussy she starts to moan and swing from side to side. I hope her wrists are OK. As I lick from her gorgeous ass upwards to the centre of her pussy, I stiffen my tongue and drive it into her as far as I can. All of a sudden her legs wrap around my head, forcing my face to be totally buried in her hot wet pussy. I?m stunned, how did she do this? She has taken total control by gripping the GridWorks in her hands, using her toned stomach muscles she has raised her legs up and trapped me in their grip. She starts bucking and swinging from the ceilings, fucking my tongue in frenzy. ?Oh fuck, oh fuck, YESSSSSSS?, she screams and cums all over my face. As she unlocks her legs I fall to the table, dazed. Unbelievably, she then swings her legs up to the ceiling and uses her toes to undo the velcro straps. As she drops to the table without a sound I realize how stupid I?ve been. I?ve been having so much fun I had lost sight of the fact that I was in the presence of ?SpiderWoman?. Mariah?s web has struck again. As I look up at her I realize that not only is she in control, but judging from the way she is staring at my cock, she?s not finished yet.

She jumps down from the table, landing so lightly that she makes no sound at all. She grabs my legs and tugs me across the boardroom table like a sack of potatoes. As my legs slide over the edge, she stops pulling, licks my cock from the base with a long slow lick all the way to the head. Swirling her tongue under the ridge, she then plunges it deep into her mouth, deep throating all the way down. As I spasm and my cock spring back to life, she looks up at me and winks, then smiles with those eyes. She?s got me hard as a rock again! With a big wet slurp, she withdraws her mouth from my cock, moves up to look me straight in the eyes and lays a lip lock on me like the world is going to end. Her tongue drives deep and I feel like I?m deep throating her now! God this woman is so sexual, so beautiful, so desirable, it almost brings me to tears. As she withdraws her tongue, she takes me by the cock and says ?My turn now?. We float back down the hall to my office, where she starts to pick up her clothes. Realizing that this incredible session is coming to an end, I get a bit of a sad look on my face. Noticing my look, she laughs and says ?Put your clothes in a bag, I?m not finished with you yet! Remember, I said my turn now?. After getting our clothing gathered up and in bags, I turn to her with a questioning look in my eyes. She laughs and says ?Cum with me for the ride of your life!? I follow her out the office door and down the hall again. Jesus, I could watch her walk in front of me for hours! She goes out into the foyer and stabs at the call button for the elevator. Cool, I think, we?re going down to my truck for the ride of my life. We enter the elevator together, as the door closes she pushes all the buttons. What the hell? She drops her bag of clothes on the floor, goes to the back corner, turns around and winks at me. Those winks are driving me crazy! With her right hand on the back railing and her left one on the side rail, she lifts herself up and lays a leg on each rail. My God, she has herself spread eagle on the rails with her legs spread 90 degrees apart! ?You?ve been a bad boy? she says, ?Come stand in the corner and lets see if we can cum together to make you a good boy?. I bend my knees slightly, position myself under her and as I start to rise back up the elevator jolts to a stop, driving my cock up into her waiting pussy. As the elevator bounces up and down, my cock pushes in and out in short quick motions. Now I know why she pushed every button! Damn this is going to be fun, as long as I don?t drop to the floor. Holy crap?as long as she doesn?t drop to the floor, she?ll break my cock right off! Have faith man, your talking about ?SpiderWoman? here. She looks like an Olympian straddling the pummel horse. I start making long slow thrusts, figuring that every time we stop that will result in short fast ones. Oh God this feel sooo good, innnnn, outtttt, innnn, outttttt, oh oh, in, out, in, out, in ,out. Two floors down another ten to go. Mmmmm, how many orgasms will that cause? It?s a damn lucky thing we didn?t get dressed, her pussy juices are flowing down my legs and pooling on the elevator floor. I?m starting to feel like an oversized popsicle, except I?m hotter than a sausage right off the BBQ. Ninth floor, my lucky number. I want it to be her lucky number too. As the elevator stops, she expecting the short strokes, but I rise up on my tip toes and drive my cock so far into her pussy I raise her up off the rails, ?Oh God, Oh God, your cock is exploding inside me?, she screams! I push against her to make sure she stays tight to the wall so that she can keep on the rails. We are so far past anything normal now my cock stays hard, probably in the desire to last all the way to the main floor. It appears that there is no way I?m going to cum again on this wild ride to the main floor. But with my cock staying hard, she can take my saying of ?rock my cock? to an all new level. As I keep her jammed up against the corner, I place my hands on either side of her face, holding her face gently. I lean in and kiss her tenderly, slowly searching for the tasty sweetness inside. Our tongues intertwine in an erotic dance all their own. The deep kissing becomes all the more urgent, intense and passionate as we arrive at each floor, bouncing, in and out, her pussy stroking my cock in those short quick motions. Over and over the jolts of pleasure wash over us until we arrive at the lobby. We quickly get dressed so that we can exit the building. We both smell like we have been fucked, we feel like we?ve just been fucked and we have left a trail of sexual liquids behind us through all the various rooms and elevator testifying that indeed this has been a night to cherish for the rest of our lives.

As we look through the glass doors, I see she has parked her bike beside my 4x4. She turns to me with an eyebrow raised, that wicked look in her eyes and says ?You DO have the ramp in the back of your truck, right?? I get this innocent look on my face and ask why? ?Because I?ve rolled your sausage under my pussy on my bike seat at 80 miles an hour already?, she says with a smirk, ?It?s time we initiated Big Red. I?m sure you?re Hemi can throb just as sweetly as my Harley.? Hmmnn, lucky thing we both went ?commando? when we got dressed. As I proceed to load the bike in the back, I see her get in the back seat of the truck to warm up the leather seats. God, leather seats, leather chaps and a leather bra, does it get any better than this? This will give a whole new meaning to ?squeaker toy?. My hands are shaking as I crank the tie down straps to secure the bike. I?ve been looking forward to a ?fuck in the truck? since I bought this monster. I walk up the side of the truck and see she is already having some fun. She is bent over the centre section between the front seats, her ass up in the air and she is chattering away on the cb radio. Oh boy this looks like this session might be even more public than the boardroom, I suspect we are looking at a ?live broadcast?! As I climb into the back seat of the truck I hear her say into the mike, ?Stay tuned boys and keep both your hands on that big steering wheel because you?re liable to see a fourth spoke appear there real soon.? With that she wraps an elastic band around the mike forcing the mike button down keep the channel open and making ?us? live. She turns to me and says, ?Get your ass over here big boy, I want that cock where all these listeners wish theirs was. While I position myself behind her I can?t help notice her fingers working frantically in her pussy creating that lovely wet noise. She starts moaning gently so that the public can hear her and her pussy enjoy themselves. With that trade mark wink she asks me, ?What kind of truck is this?? I reply that it is a Dodge, to which she says with a grin ?RAM this, RAM it good and RAM it hard!? As I enter her she lets her breath out in a swoosh ending in a long load groan. Remembering that this has to be an ?audio session?, I too groan with a ?God this feels so fucking good, you are sooo hot and sooo wet I feel like I am fucking molten lava!? I tear off that leather bra again, grip her awesome breasts, one in each hand to be able to hold on to this bucking, fucking wild woman that is writhing under me. There is no way this is going to last long with the primitive fuck me hard pace that we are going at. I hear her getting louder and louder, her moans combine with an almost guttural growl deep in her throat. I find myself panting as I?m slapping my abdomen against her gorgeous ass. There are juices running everywhere! I feel her pussy start to spasm around my cock and now I start to cum so intensely I feel like I?m going to pass out. Out of nowhere, we both shout ?FUCK ME, that was unbelievable?, then burst into laughter, collapsing on the centre console.

With one last wink, she reaches up, takes the elastic off the mike and says ?Sweet dreams boys.?

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