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My mother in-law and sister in-law par t 2

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OK I hope that you have read my Part one story.

I?ll tell you a little bit about it My wife and I used to live with my Mother in-law until we could afford to get a house of our own My sister in-law used to live there at the time also

As you probably remember my mother in-law and I used to flirt, Joke, and tease each other,

When I would come home from work My mother in-law was already there setting in her recliner reading, resting, or watching TV I would come up from behind and say hello and I would start massaging her shoulders and neck, I knew that she loved it because of the way she give out soft moans and the shivers through her body, and how big her nipples would get, and I think it was the fact that it had been a long, long time since she had a man touch her but like every evening she was ready to be home wearing her short sleep gown

And our routine of watching TV would begin we would sit across from each other her in her recliner and me across from her in the sofa with her recliner kicked back and her legs slightly open just enough for me to see her beautiful short trimmed pussy hair I had the best seat in the house and since the lamp was right behind me providing great light and it was almost blind to her when she would look at me but I new that she saw me looking at her crotch several time and would pretend like it was natural allowing me to continue having my show

One time when she asked me to help her move some furniture around in her bedroom I discover by accident one of her electronic boyfriends it was called Hitachi Magic Wand and several attachments for it, she saw me staring at it, she was kind of embarrassed but said nothing and just walked out of the bedroom, so I left it alone and moved on with the re-arranging of the furniture,

Like two weeks later I came home after being out drinking with friends I was a little buzzed not much but enough to just feel good, it was around midnight, I?d always try to be very quite I was trying not to wake any body up, my sister in-law wasn?t home yet and when I was walking down the hallway I heard a buzzing sound it was very irregular like it would get loud and then muffled and I noticed that my mother in-law?s room was the only one with the lights on it was almost all the way closed but I could still see light, and I also noticed that, the sound was coming from there so I went to look very quietly peep thru the barley cracked opened door,

Wow what a site, there she was going to town with her enormous looking electronic boyfriend she was squirming and she would stretch her legs then she would pull one up then the other,

When I noticed that she had a pillow on her face to muffle the moaning I could hear them very clear regardless of her effort to be quite, I opened the door more so that I could see the show much better I knew the she wouldn?t be able to know that I was there cause of her moaning and the loud buzzing from her Magic wand, I had my cock pulled out of my pants and I was jacking off enjoying the show when I knew that she was bout to cum I pulled away and closed her door just the way she had it and finished watching the grand finally again I had to go finish in the bathroom, like with my sister in-law ?

I was almost a month since I had the beautiful show of my in-laws it was a weekend and my wife had gone to Seattle WA. With her friends for a Bachelorette party she would be gone all weekend, so I decided to do some BBQ in the backyard my mother in-law and my sister in-law joined me and had beer in the cooler and a bottle of wine in the fridge that I had bought a while back my mother in-law had gone to the liquor store and got her self stuff to make some mixed drinks she never drink before at least not in front of me,

As the day went by the evening arrived and my sister in-law had gone out with her boyfriend me and my mother in-law were starting to get quite drunk and we were singing and dancing a little bit of grinding and we talked and shared stories of past lovers and she would tell me of her last sexual encounters with men, that had been like nineteen years prior to that night as the night progressed I was drunk but not as drunk as my mother in-law she asked me if I could take her to her bedroom she wanted to he to sleep I was trying to hold her but it was very hard to do and the way the I was holding her was from behind and I couldn?t help it I was grabbing her tits and they felt great nice and hard they weren?t big but very firm,

When we got to her room she ask if I could get her night gown and helped her put it on while I was looking for it she begin to strip out of her cloths and I stopped looking for it for a minute I couldn?t keep my eyes off of her she got completely naked in front of me, What a view she looked even better then what saw the night of her masturbation, I finally found her night gown and I was handing it to her when she pulled me to her and begin kissing me and grabbing my ass then she moved her hands to the font of me and started to grab my balls and unzipping my pants I knew where this was going I said fuck it I could resist there she was naked basically asking to fuck her and I wasn?t going to pass the chance,

so the first thing I did was to have her lay on her bed and she just failed back and spread her legs I got on top of her and we begin to kiss and make out I was allover her tits and neck she wanted me to just put it in and start fucking her but it was such a rare thing that I wasn?t about to just do it and leave I was caressing her and kissing her allover she couldn?t help it and she let her self go she started to moan and be loud she reach her climax so quick it kind of make me feel like a stud but I knew that she just was in need of a good fuck

I finally went down to her already soaked pussy and her clit was so fucking hard that, I could almost flick it like a spring it didn?t toke much of me licking her clit when she starter to cum and to squirt she freaked me out I had never had a girl do that it was great and she grabbed me and pushed me on to the bed and got my pants off and begin sucking my cock so hard and with twists and pulls I quickly starter to cum and she just swallow every single drop after a minute of her sucking me dry I felt ready to start fucking her and Boy was she ready I fucked her pussy and her ass all night long my sister in-law never came home that night I guess she got the same treatment,

And until today we?ve never talked about it she has invite us over to stay with her for a few days this summer I will take her offer stayed tuned I don?t know if we will do it again. I guess I just have to wait and find out.

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