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My lover, my bitch

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You come to me late in the evening again. I let you in and welcome you with a long passionate kiss. I step away and tell you to follow me. I stop at the linen closet in hall, and grab a towel and wash cloth. I proceed down the hall and tell you to go into the bathroom and take a shower, be sure to scrub real good everything. As you are showering I move to my room, making sure everything is in place. Lights off, candles lit. The scarves are tied to each side of the bed, out of sight. Third scarf is lying on the night stand, like I just dropped it there. Nothing out of the ordinary to tip you off what I have planned for you. I quickly remove my shirt and shorts, and put on a lace nightgown for your visual pleasure. I grab my hairclip and lay it on the night stand as well. I hear the shower stop, I feel a wetness between my legs in anticipation of what is to come. You walk in with the towel wrapped around you and your clothes in your hands. I tell you to fold them up and sit them on the chest behind you. I walk over to you, to kiss you again as your arms wrap around me drawing me closer to you, until my breasts are tight against your chest. Your hands running down my back, to the top of my ass, drives me absolutely crazy when you touch my body with such familiarity. You lower your mouth to my neck, lightly kiss it as you move to my shoulders, releasing your tight hold on me, for me to step back slightly so you can take my breast in your hand to squeeze it gently, causing my clit to twitch, mmmm how I love the way you distract me, but I can not be distracted tonight, so I step away and tell you to lay on the bed. You drop your towel and lay on the bed, I tell you to move to the middle. I climb on the bed between your legs, spreading them so I am on my knees in front of your cock, preparing to worship it. I take your balls in my hand as you moan in pleasure while I am massaging them gently, bending down to lightly kiss the tip of your dick. Flicking my tongue out to lick the head, as my other hand grasps the base of your hard cock, to gently massage as I stroke up your length, never stopping my gentle massage on your balls. I bring my mouth down to take the head of your cock into my mouth wetting it with my saliva, pulling up to spit on the head and sliding my hand up to wet your length preparing it for the onslaught of my mouth as I slowly open my mouth wider around your cock, taking my time sliding my mouth down to the half way point, and back up again. With my hand following the path up and back down as I remove my hand to take your whole length into my mouth till my nose is against your flesh, and withdrawing my mouth to the head again as I find my rhythm to fuck your cock with my mouth. I hear you telling me how much you love me sucking your cock. I get my fill of worshiping your beautiful cock with my mouth and move up your body, to take you in another kiss as I straddle you, but not letting your cock slide into my soaked pussy, you move slightly to enter me, but I lift a little out of the way, not letting my friend find his home. I break from your kiss and ask you if I can tie your hands to the bed, waiting for your response hoping you are as open minded as you have said you were, and willing to do what I want. You quietly tell me yes with a chuckle in your voice. I reach across to grab one of the scarves already tied to the bed and wrap it firmly but comfortably around your wrist, you start to say something but I put my finger on your lips, shhhhh not yet. I finish with your right wrist and stop to kiss you again as I work my way to your left wrist, you bring your left hand up to hold my head for the kiss, I grasp it with my hand as I move from your mouth, kissing your hand and taking your thumb into my mouth to softly suckle it. My wet mound is perched lightly on your groin and you feel my hot wetness, as I move away to reach the other scarf and tie it around your wrist in the same manner. I see you pull on your restraints, they are firmly in place. I ask you if you are comfortable and you tell me yes, with a smile on your face. I ask if I can blind fold you now, waiting for your agreement. When I receive I smile and kiss you once again before reaching over to the night stand for the third scarf, more solid so you can not see through it and I cover your eyes with it as you lift your head for me to secure it in place. I kiss you again, entangling my tongue with yours. Before I lift up, and tell you, now you are my Bitch. I will not do anything to hurt you, you say one word and I will release you, that is your control. I will give you pleasure as long as you keep giving me pleasure. I adore you and would never do anything to make you uncomfortable. Do you understand? You say yes, I ask you Yes what. Yes, Ma?am you respond. Good now just enjoy, I slide my pussy over your cock, sliding your cock between my lips, letting you feel my heat, but not penetrate me. I slide my body down, as my hands find your nipples and I lightly pinch them, causing you to jump slightly, I stop, but you did not say the word. As I reach your cock I take it in my mouth to taste the juices from my wet snatch that dripped on you from my excitement. I move away from you getting up from the bed. I walk over to the dresser to retrieve my new gift for you. A small anal plug, with graduating speeds of vibration. I come back over to the bed and sit between your spread legs and tap your legs to tell you to bring them up, with knee bent and spread them further. I take your new gift and slide it along my wet lips to lube it up. As I slide down to lick your balls, and stroke your cock with my hand. I move my mouth down further, not quite reaching my destination. I tell you to roll up more so I can access my destination better. I slide my tongue over your puckered hole, wetting it with my saliva, bringing my other hand up and sucking on one manicured finger to lightly rub against your closed ass hole. Slightly sliding the tip of my finger past the rim, you move slightly and moan, I hear your breathing pick up slightly. I remove my finger to wet it again, as I slide my tongue to the center of your hole. It is pink and inviting me to dip my tongue past the outer rim. I gladly do so I may taste you, I get a rhythm slowing fucking you with my tongue, getting your wet and lubed for your gift, I feel you tighten up from the onslaught of my tongue. Your gift is well lubed from the juices of my cunt. I pull it away from me and remove my tongue from it?s position. I slide your gift to your closed opening, and I feel you jerk, I stop, not pushing it in, just letting it sit there waiting for the word, you do not speak. I slowly slide the tip into you spreading you slightly, it is not a wide toy, nor is it long, about two inches in length and half an inch in width. I tell you to relax, I will not hurt you my love. I slide it further into you, until it is completely inserted. I tell you to bring your legs down. And wait for you to say the word or show any signs of discomfort. I take the control for the plug and turn it on the lowest speed, you tense up and moan. I take your cock back into my mouth, God I love your cock buried in my mouth. I speed up the vibrator just a little more as I am taking your cock all the way in my mouth, you moan louder, whispering how much you love what I am doing. As I continue to worship and fuck your cock with my mouth, I increase the vibration of your anal plug, to it?s full speed. Once it is going strong, I move away from your cock and set the control up close to your chest. I get off the bed and move to the side as I get on my knees, watching you twitch your cock in that wonderful way. I tell you now, you will eat my pussy and fuck my ass with your tongue, I straddle your face, sitting my wet pussy on your mouth. Reaching down to spread the lips for you to access my clit and cunt with your tongue, keeping my weight off of you. I lower myself more on to your tongue as you are licking my lips, telling you to suck my clit, suck it harder, bringing me to my first orgasm, I lift again so you can catch your breath, I change positions to straddle you reverse, and tell you to keep eating my snatch. You are my slut tonight. I roll my hips so you can lick from my clit to my puckered hole, reaching back to spread my cheeks for you to have full access to my ass. I feel you slide your tongue across the rim of my ass, causing me to moan in pleasure. I tell you, ?Yes, now fuck me with your tongue, slide it in my ass? and you do, showing an amazing rhythm fucking my ass, I start to follow you bringing your tongue deeper into my ass, causing me to cum yet again, feeling my juices flow, down my thighs and onto your chin. As you go deeper into my ass I feel the soft bristles of your goatee on my clit, making me even wetter, you alternate between fucking my ass and my pussy with your tongue, bringing me to a shattering orgasm causing me to gush on your face, I hear you struggling for a breath, so I move away from your wonderful mouth. As you catch your breath, I turn to kiss you deeply and taste my juices on your tongue and start to lick the wetness from your face. You did well my little slut. I move down you, adjusting the speed on your gift, to low, reaching under the throw blanket and pulling out my own toy. I wet it in my pussy juices and straddle you reverse cowgirl, and slide my toy in and out of my pussy to lubricate it well, It is about 6 ½ inches in length and about ¾ in diameter. I reach back and slide it in my well prepped ass gently at first, and start stroking it in and out of my ass, preparing myself to slide your cock deep in my pussy. I mount you and turn the speed on my vibrator to low, as I increase the speed on your plug, your cock is buried in my pussy to the hilt. I reach down to make sure your new attachment is firmly in place. I lean back to keep my toy sliding in and out of my ass as I slide up and down your cock increasing the speed of my vibrator and moving yours up a another notch. I increase my tempo, bringing your cock against that beautiful spot deep in me, feeling full from the rubber dick in my ass and the throbbing one in my pussy. My orgasm builds and I pause and feel you lift your hips to keep plunging in and out of my puss as hard as you can as my orgasm takes control squeezing your cock tight. With the tightness and wetness of my soaked snatch, and the vibration from both toys, I feel you tense up and scream out with your orgasm to fill my pussy with your hot cum. Still thrusting up in me till every drop as been planted deep within my vaginal walls. I slowly lift off of you, turning the vibration of the toy in me off and sliding it out gently. I turn yours off and slowly remove it from your very well massaged hole, you jump slightly as it pops out, I giggle, telling you, now you know how that feels.

I ask one more thing of you, you know you can say no, I ask of you will you please taste our combined juices so I may kiss you and take them in my mouth as well. You hesitantly agree, and I lower my soaked dripping puss to your mouth for you to lick our combined flavors, causing me to shiver in a mild orgasm, I move away from your mouth, so I may kiss you deeply to take all that sweet nectar from you. I then move down to clean your glistening cock with my tongue, avoiding your very sensitive head, cleaning every drop from you before lightly for a second suckling the head of your cock.

After I have finished, I move to lightly slide my tongue over your swollen puckered ass hole to give you some relief from the workout it received by your new toy. Then I slowly undo your restraints kissing and rubbing your wrists, before removing your blindfold, as I reach down for a long deep loving kiss, because you were a very good bitch. You wrap your arms around me as we continue to kiss deeply. I lay my head down on your chest and we slowly drift off to sleep.

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