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My husbands first attempt at writing erotica for me

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Hey, pretty mama,

This is my first attempt, so bear with me. It excited me, and I tried to consider any audience. This isn’t a wish list or anything, so don’t think I’m trying to hint at something. We’ve pretty much done all this anyway. I just couldn’t see the point in writing one that didn’t get a little deviant. I know it’s kinda boring compared to a lot of the other stuff out there, but I was going for quality. If you like it, I’ll make more. This was rather fun.

When he came home from work, she was waiting. He walked through the house, wondering where she was until he came to the bedroom where she was laying, dressed in lace and silk, on their burgundy bedspread. She had lit candles, their flickering light bathing the room in soft gold and shifting shadows. She sat up slowly, her hair tumbling over her shoulders as she gave him a look that sent a tingle through his loins. He had never seen this particular outfit on her before. Black lace hugged her curves, stretched tight over her breasts to show the dark nipples beneath. She stood, running a finger up the inside of her silk-clad thigh to linger a moment between her legs on the lace of the panties. She shivered, her eyes never leaving his as she walked closer, the finger trailing up her stomach and over one breast.

She reached him and smothered his offer to shower and change with her lips. The kiss was hot and deep, and she felt him stiffen against her. She undid the buttons of his workshirt with a deliberate slowness she knew he found agonizing. As she freed the bottom button, her hand brushed the head of his cock as it strained, rock hard, against the fabric of his pants. Her pulse quickened, but she instead slid her hands up his body to his chest, red nails grazing the skin beneath curly hair. She pressed, enjoying the strength she felt there, before sliding the shirt off of his shoulders.

At last she ran a hand down his body again where she caressed his cock then unbuttoned his pants. She kissed his throat then bent lower to lick one of his hardened nipples. She relished the salt of his sweat, the musky scent of his day’s work only exciting her further. Kneeling all the way down, she carefully unzipped the pants that confined his manhood and slowly, wickedly drew his pants and shorts down to the tops of his boots. One hand began work on the laces while the other trailed a finger up his muscled leg to his balls that were pulled up tight beneath his erect member. He shuddered as she softly stroked with her fingertips and closed her mouth over the tip of his head, giving the end a sucking lick. Her lips came off him with a little kiss, and she touched her tongue to the rigid base of his cock. He moaned as her tongue slid up beneath his head. She took him all the way into her mouth while her other hand moved to the laces of the other boot.

She sucked, tongue and lips sliding up and down his stiff shaft, his head meeting the back of her throat He moaned again and began to thrust, but she grabbed his hip to hold him still. She was enjoying the control while she had it. She had finished with both boots, and was grabbing where his thighs met his ass as she rhythmically fucked him with her mouth. He was moaning deep in his throat, arching his back against the urge to grab her hair and thrust with that rhythm. He knew she wanted this moment for herself and didn’t mind one bit.

He began swelling even more in her mouth, now bucking unconsciously against her, and she knew he was on the verge. She popped his cock from her mouth and grinned up at him as he shuddered all over. He smiled down at her hungrily in return. Pressing the back of his knee to indicate he should bend it, she began removing his boots and pants with a little more haste. Her own eagerness was getting the best of her. Once he was fully stripped, she led him to the bed where he ran his hands up and down her lace-clad body, savoring every curve. If she could torture him so sweetly, he could do the same for her.

His fingers found the zipper in the back of her outfit and he slowly peeled the lace down from her breasts. He caressed these, circling the nipples with his fingers, wanting to take one into his mouth, but holding back. She arched her back and sighed when he squeezed gently instead. Heart pounding, he rolled the lacy garment down her ribcage and over her hips to let it fall to the floor. He brushed his fingers up her thigh to press against the panties that now were the only thing that stood in his way. Her gasp and the warm dampness he found there was nearly enough to send him over the edge. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down onto the bed, letting his cock grind against the wet lace between her legs. Her hands went to her waist to pull them off, but he stopped her, pinning her wrists at her sides and shaking his head.

He slid down to kneel between her knees beside the bed and grabbed her legs softly but firmly just above the knee. Pressing the tops of her thighs he ran his hands up and around to her hips rubbing his palms over the lacy band of the panties. She almost cried out in frustration before he slid a thumb beneath the lacy fabric and over her clit. Now she gasped and shuddered, and he slid the panties off over the silk stockings. His hands caressed her legs as he kissed the soft insides of her thighs, working his way up until he flicked his tongue up between her lips and over her clit. This brought a moan, half ecstasy, almost pain from her lips, and he obliged her by running his tongue up and down her. She bucked against him, and he let her, loving the heat and the taste.

She was groaning and arching her back when he suddenly stopped and climbed up over her to grab her around the waist and push her further onto the bed. She moaned as he placed the head of his cock between her lips, hot, slick, and eager, then entered her, letting her feel every rib and ripple. An orgasm rolled up from her loins to the top of her head and back down to the ends of her toes as he buried himself deep enough to hurt then began to thrust. As she met his thrusts with her hips, another came, and then another. Her nails dug into his back and his ass, and he drove into her harder. He lowered his mouth to the taut bud at the end of one breast as he fucked her and sucked, making her come again. Still pounding, he moved to the other breast, licking first, then biting around the nipple. She screamed and came again, her juice trickling down between the cheeks of her ass. An eternity seemed to pass before he swelled inside her then throbbed to empty himself into her.

The thrusts slowed then came to a halt as they both panted, sweating, locked in the embrace of their coitus. He began to pull himself from her when she grabbed his hips and whispered in his ear.

“More.” The word was hot, and her lips brushed his earlobe lightly as she slid a hand down to base of the half-erect cock still in her. She rubbed him and herself at the same time, greedily coming again as he began to restiffen.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, and skillfully rolled her over onto her belly without withdrawing his stiffening manhood. She got up on her knees and rammed herself against him, screaming in time with each thrust, building up to another climax. As the wave was breaking over her, he pulled himself completely from her and slid into her tight ass, which was surprisingly greased from before. It hurt, and she knew it was no accident. Before she could pull away in anger, he reached around her hip and squeezed her clit gently between two fingers to send a jolt of pleasure up her spine. He did not thrust at first, but she began to slide slowly back and forth on him. She panted rapidly, moaning breathlessly as he massaged her clit and let her get used to him. Soon he was thrusting, and she had buried her face into the pillow, growling and moaning with a voice she herself did not recognize.

He buried his thumb in her, trapping her g-spot against her pubic bone, and she roared, pounding the mattress with her fists and slamming her ass down onto his cock. What was happening to her was beyond coming as he rubbed her inside and out with his thumb and forefinger while he fucked her ass. After some time, he swelled again and burst inside her with pulsing throbs. The were both soaked with sweat and out of breath, and when he pulled himself from her with a wet sucking noise, she only moaned and rolled onto her side. He lay down next to her matching his curves with her body and kissed the back of her neck.

“Thank you,” he said, and she shivered with an aftershock.

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