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My hunger attack!

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I want to start with soft kisses. First on the lips and then I begin my descent. Slowly moving from your lips to your cheeks, your forehead, your ears, your neck. As you are laying on your stomach I will move down your neck to you shoulders then shoulder blades. Maybe back up to your neck and then lips for some more kissing. I truly love to cover every inch of the body with my mouth! Back to your shoulders and then slowly ever so softly moving down your spine. Moving away from your spine being careful to cover your entire back. Lower and lower until I reach your butt. Here its a combo of kisses and caresses. Maybe a light pinch or slap. Then down your thigh, moving from side to side covering all of you with my mouth. Down your leg further to the back of your knee. While I am kissing the back of your knee I am caressing your other leg and your butt. Moving lower and lower with my kisses until I finally reach your toes. Where I linger for a bit kissing and sucking. I may use your big toe as if it were your throbbing manhood to tease you a bit. Then I will move to your other foot doing the same. This time slowly moving my way back up. Kissing, licking, caressing every inch of you. Your calf, the back of your knee, your butt, the small of your back. Your shoulders to your neck then your ears back to your cheeks and finally kissing you on the lips. Long deep soft kisses. Then I will ask you to turn over and will slowly begin another descent. Down your neck to you chest. Paying special attention to your nipples. Lower and lower soft gentle kisses. I play with whatever hair may be there with my lips and my tongue. Teasing you, pleasing you. Just when you think I am going to take you into my mouth I move to your thigh. A little nibble on the inside of your thigh, soft kisses, a few light licks. Moving further down to your knee. Your calf and back to your foot and toes. Teasing you again with your big toe. Now to the other foot. More of the same soft wet kisses. You are so excited by the feel of my lips and tongue on you. You are breathing very heavily now, begging me to take you into my mouth but I don't I continue with my kisses. Moving up to your calf now, you knee, your thigh. At this point you want to feel my warm wet mouth wrapped around you so badly that you sit up and try to pull me to you but I don't let you. I getly push you back down onto the bed and keep kissing you, licking you, a few more nibbles. I am so close to you cock now that you can feel my warm breath on it, on your balls. You are secretly begging for me to taste you. Then I stop. I move all the way up to kiss you. I am completely laying on you now, kissing you. Not as gentle any more. A bit harder, with more passion. You are begging me. You tell me that you want to make love to me. You want to feel my warmth wrapped around you. And now in one swift move I have you in my mouth. It happens so fast, you weren't expecting it. You arch your back in pleasure, moaning loudly. That first deep throat feels amazing after the desire that you have built up. Then I start to lick you, up one side and down the other. Teasing the head of your dick with my tongue, little flicks here and there. While I am doing that I am using my hand at the base of your cock, slowly up and down and in a spiral motion. I lick your balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time and then both of them at once. While I do this I am still stroking you a bit faster a bit harder. Also I have begun to rub that little area between your balls and your ass, you know where I mean, you love the way that feels. Back up to your rock hard cock. Licking, sucking, stroking, teasing. I stop every now and then to stroke you a bit to get a taste of that precum. Mmmm I love the way you taste. I get my taste and then engolf you again and again. Alternating between deep throating you and teasing your head. Stroking you while sucking on you balls until you explode in my mouth!

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