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My hubby loans me

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My name is Amanda and my husband is named Joe, both of us in our mid 40's, and we had been swinging for 2 years. Though we had experienced 6 really great swings with other couples Joe was still interested in seeing me be more "adventursome" We decided to go to a pickup bar we had frequented previously to meet swing couples but this time we were going to see If Joe could watch me get picked up.

I enjoy dressing slutty, though I am only 5'2" and 118 lbs so my chest is only a 34b, so the next Saturday evening I put on my very heavy "$500 call girl" makeup, seamed stockings with a garter belt over a thong and matching shelf bra. I wore a sheer blouse and an A line skirt above my knees, and FM 4 inch sandles.

We arrived at the bar about 10:30 and Joe dropped me at the door and went to park the car. I went in and found myself a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. I ordered a Gray Goose vodka and when the female bar tender brought it to me she told me this guy , pointing him out to me, had paid for it. I smiled at him and mouthed thank you. As he rose to come over to meet me, I saw Joe enter the bar and take a seat on the other side of the room. We he walked up I realized he was only about 2 inches taller than me, I much prefer my men around 6 feet, so I had a brief conversation and polietly told him I wasn't interested.

As shorty walked back to his seat another vodka was placed in front of me and the server pointed out a guy at the opposite end of the bar, so I smiled at him. As he walked up to me I realized my nipples were clearly visible and that he had looked and then returned to looking me in the eyes. He was over 6 feet tall and a medium toned black man who introuced himself polietly and ask if we could chat. I was smiling as he sat next to me and began asking obout my intentions showing off my nipples like I was. Finishing my first drink I thanked him for the second as I sipped it. Getting right to the point he ask if I was with someone, and would I enjoy being with him if not. I told him to go speak with my husband and he smiled and said ok and told me he would like me to finish my drink before he returned. I watched as he approached Joe and they started to talk. As I drank I saw Joe smile and continue talking. They guy got up and he and Joe shook hands, with Joe smiling, and he started walking toward me with a big grin on his face too, while I took two swallows and then 2 more attempting to finish the vodka he a bought me. It was almost gone when he walked up and sat down and told me that my hubby was a very understanding man and that I was loaned to him for sex and to be returned to Joe here in the bar in one hour. I ask him where we were going, thinking that one hour isn't much time and he said out of hear and you are going to walk with my hand on your ass as we go out the door. I stood up, we walked out, he had his big hand on my ass and I was blushing as the door closed behind us.

We walked to the back parking lot to his car, seeing 2 couples get into a car and immediately start necking. We we got to his car and I was standing at the passenger door he told me to take off my blouse and skirt and hand them to him. Idid and he took them to his car door and unlocked both doors so I could get in. He told me Joe told him I could be used for rough sex and not to worry that he would not damage me and to get on my knees and get started sucking his black cock. When I got him erect I could'nt get much over half of him him my mouth, Joe is a good 8 inch erection, but this was much larger. He handed me a tube of Astro Glide and told me to lube up my cunt. While I did that he told me to lube up my ass hole too, and I new I was in for a real fucking. When he first went in my cunt I was moaning loudly and it took a bit for me to adjust to his size. Well I did a lot of adjusting in the next half hour and was thoroughly fucked in both my bottom holes until they were both gapeing. He pulled out of my ass and came all over my chest and bra and then had me put my skirt and blouse back on, unbuttoned, and we walked back to the bar with my thong in his left hand and his right on my ass.

My makeup was smeared, my face looked like a well fucked woman,with the shine of his cum on my chest and dark wet spots on my bra. We walked over to my Joe who was smiling broadly and looking me up and down and I could see the bulge of an erection under his slacks. A waitress arrived with a round of drinks while we talked and William, that was the guys name, told Joe how delightful and willing I was, and that I would explain some other things to him on our way home. As we rose to leave William held me off the floor, kissing me deeply as he ran his fingers up my exposed back side, having raised the back side of my skirt to my waist. He let me down and Joe and I said good by and walked out of the bar with me blushing.

As directed by William when we got to our car which was parked in the front, lighted lot, I removed my blouse and skirt before opening the car door. Joe started the car and I put myback to my door and raised and spread my leggs to show him my two gapeing, sore, redened, fuck holes. I explained that William had told me to do this and to tell him (Joe) to wait until we got home to fuck me. As we droveI told him I wanted to return to William the next Saturday and that he wanted to borrow me for the complete night this time and that he would be bring a friend of his along to use me. As I told my hubby about this I masterbaited to orgasim. We arrived home got the car in the garage and Joe bent me over a fender and fucked my ass as he told me that sounded like fun next Saturday and he emptied his pent up huge load in my ass. Catching his breathe and pulling his pants up he handed me $200 and told me to go shopping for a new slut outfit for next week.

Since then we have "loaned" me about once a month, for the last year now. The third and final time I was loaned to William he and 2 friends picked me up at our home and took me out. They returned me late Sunday afternoon and had to help me walk from the car into the house, I was so sore and had been drinking Vodka until we started home so was rather drunk.

Amanda and Joe

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