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My first time with Jermain

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I'll start at the very beginning.

I'd been with my boyfriend Nigel for several years, we lived apart. Things between us were great, but over time, due to the distance and both our jobs, the relationship strained. We stopped making the effort to get up and down to see one another and phone calls ended up in arguements over the silliest of things. Of course we did still see one another, but it was becoming less frequent and more of an occassion rather than the norm. Whilst things were deteriorating between us, I fell pregnant, it wasn't planned at all, neither of us were prepared for it. We sat down, discussed our options and both decided that we should try to make a go of things, he'd look to see if he cold move to London and I would look to move further south to be closer.

Things didn't improve, we still kept arguing and bickering, neither of us making too much of an effort and several months into my pregnancy, we decided to part. It wasn't easy, both of us upset at the break up but felt it was the best decision to remain on good terms with one another especially for the sake of our child.

My son was born, and Nigel and I remained on good terms. Strangely both of us were making more of an effort to see one another now since our son was here, but things never progressed and we remained friends rather than becoming a couple again.

It was very hard juggling everything, working and looking after my daughter, so my social life was non existent apart from the rare odd night here and there, I didn't venture out too often, and when I did, I kept meeting idiots or men who thought they were gods gift to women, arrogance is not a pretty trait. Friends were pushing me to go out more, meet someone and start seeing one of these guys but none of them were appealing. What I did find strange was that I found myself actually talking to a few black men whilst I was out, whilst I was seeing Nigel I'd rarely met any black men or spoke to any. Even through school there were very few black boys or girls so for me it was a huge change.

After a year had passed, and being bugged by everyone I thought about maybe seeing someone start going out with somebody (if someone was prepared to obviously deal with me and my daughter). I'd never really received much attention from men when I was younger, I wasn't the kind of girl that boys really looked at. Pale white skin, glasses, freckles, red curly hair and not the biggest of boobs either, not exactly what boys or young men wanted. Whilst I was going out with Nigel I was a 32B but after giving birth I'd grown to 34D, looking back I'd say this was one of the reasons why I started receiving a bit more attention. I'd gone from a skinny freckle faced curly headed girl to a busty woman, 5'3, still pale (lol), freckles, lost my glasses, and big boobs, a bit more to look at.

As I mentioned I'd never really had any dealings with anyone outside my race when I was younger, of course I'd seen other children, adults of other races, but never had any real interaction or dialogue. Unless you consider Indian restaurants as an opportunity to talk to another race. Now I'd started to get out more, I found I was being approached by more and more men on a regular basis, mainly asian and white men, many of whom I found boring. There were a small number of black men too, but I'd never considered ever going out with a black man before, its just not something a good catholic Irish girl did. That was all to change though...

I was at the train station after travelling down to see Nigel, family and friends, there I was standing on the platform with my buggy, bags and a fair bit of shopping and the only man to offer any help was a tall, brroding looking black man. He was very tall, well everyone is when standing next to me, but he was over over 6ft and just as broad. Baggy tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. He offered to help me up the stairs as the lift was out of order. He picked up my bags and shopping took them up, came back for the buggy to and carried it to the top of the stairs and then did the same the other side. Of all the people who passed me, he was the only one who offered any assistance. When he first approached I was very nervous and wary thinking god, what does he want, he looked like the stereotype 'hoodie' but as they say never judge a book by its cover. Once at the bottom of the stairs the at the oppostie platform, he just simply said there you go and goodbye. I said "thank you" as he left. I never thought anything else of it really.

The following day, I was walking my daughter around the town and incredibly I bumped back into the man that helped me, as we passed I smiled and said thank you for yesterday, he paused briefly and said not at all, no problem, and that he couldn't believe that nobody had offered to help out before. I said thanks once again and off I went. Now the town is not particularly big, it has all the shops you need, all the high street shops men and women's, debenhams, next, etc plenty of places to eat and drink and a decent night life. You're bound to see people over and over if you're out long enough and thats what happened. We bumped into one another again in the park, this time as we passed he smiled, asked "you following me?" I blushed... I could feel myself getting red and managed to stutter no. I turned as he walked by, he had very short tight hair, very dark black skin, well over 6ft and very muscular, his t-shirt clung to him and seemed it would have to be peeled off him.

Throughout the weekend I must have bumped into him several times, each time he would smile and make a smart comment, causing me to blush and redden, it was strange, here I was a grown woman, getting embarrassed by these comments and not being able to say something smart back.

Over the next two months I was down regularly seeing Nigel with our daughter and I regularly bumped into my knight in shining armour whilst walking around the town. When we met in the park, I mentioned that I never got the chance to really thank him for helping me that day and it was quite strange that we kept on bumping into one another in the town. He said no thanks were necessary, and that if I really wanted to say thank you, I could buy him an ice cream for the van in the park. I agreed and we chatted for about 10-15 minutes in the park. What happened next totally shocked me, why? Well apart from someone offering to buy me a drink in a bar, I'd never been asked out on a 'date' by a black man. He asked if I'd like to meet for a coffee the next day, he gave me his number and said to meet him in the park where we were, if I got cold feet just to text him and let him know.

I found myself that night and the following morning contemplating on what I was going to do, throughout the morning I'd talked myself out of meeting, but then I had a change of heart, I'd been single for a while now, Nigel had a few dates with various girls but me, nothing... And so I thought, why not, lets see what the world can offer and I convinced myself to go. I arranged for my parents to look after my daughter for an hour or so. I remember walking through the park feeling very nervous, I'd decided to make a bit of an effort, put some make-up on, and try to feel good about myself. Part of me was hoping that he wasn't there, but there he was. My heart was racing and I could not believe how nervous I was. There he stood, and he made quite an impression, nice jeans, tight t-shirt, his skin shone in the sun and he looked quite different from that first day in his hoodie and tracksuit. We sat down in the park with our coffee's exchanged names Leon and Agnes etc just chatting about ourselves a bit, I remember doing most of the talking even though I was extremely nervous. The time passed quickly and I said I had to get back to collect my daughter. I almost made a show of myself when he asked would I be back down next weekend as he'd like to take me out for the night... Well, at 29 years old I should have been a bit more mature and sensible rather than blushing like a teenager and almost choking on my coffee... I managed to compose myself and said I wasn't sure but that I'd let him know in the week if that was ok. I got back to my parents and couldn't believe it, being asked out by a black man... thats just not something I'd experienced of ever thought of considering.

I thought about Leon's offer over and over throughout my trip back home, and during the week, eventually I decided to meet Leon. I thought why not, he seemed nice enough, he could hold a conversation, seemed intelligent, was confident, not arrogant and I suprisingly thought that he was not unattractive for a black man. I arranged with my parents and Nigel to be back down two weeks later and I let Leon know aswell.

Well that Saturday came and mysef and Leon had agreed to meet at the train station, the occassion of our first meeting...I readied myself at my parents, it had been a while since I'd had a date so I didn't really know what to wear, I decided to go with a black dress, simple but effective, straightened my hair and put my make up on. Once ready I ordered a taxi and headed to the station. Leon was already there, white shirt, which looked really effective against his black skin, jeans and shoes...I remarked that he scrubbed up well and he cheekily agreed that I did to, for an old girl.... That broke the ice, thankfully...

We walked along the beachfront talking as we went by, asking me what I did, talking about my daughter...Cheekily he asked my age, I lied as its my right to do so lol.. saying I was 25, I found out he was 23 and was a fitness instructor, and played rugby hence the reason why he was so muscular and fit looking. The time just flew, he'd booked dinner at an Indian restuarant, I teased him that I hated Indian... He was a bit taken aback but I confessed that I was glad he had booked there as a) I was hungry and b) I actually did like Indian food.

We chatted and laughed and the night passed, before I knew it we'd eaten our food, had a number of drinks and the restaurant was closing. We walked to the nearest cab office which was on the front, we paused at the pier and chatted some more, as the evening wore on I became more and more relaxed with him, laughing and joking and talking freely. We reached the cab office and he offered to drop me home... the perfect gentleman. We shared a cab and chatted some more, before we reached my parents house, I stopped the cab and said I'd walk from here, which was a good mile or so away. I didnt want Leon seeing exactly where I was staying. He got out and too asking the cab to wait a minute...

If I almost choked when Leon asked me out then I nearly collapsed at what was to follow. Leon stood in front of me, and asked if I wanted to go back to his, I said no, we'd only just met and that I was not that comfortable in doing that, plus my daughter was at my parents. He placed his hands on my hips, towering above me, I looked up as he looked down but I never removed his hands, I just stood there, he asked if we could meet again sometime soon, and instinctively I agreed. We stood there staring, his dark black skin glowing in the night light. Then he leaned down, and in, I just reacted without thinking, my eyes closed my head moved forward and our lips met, suddenly there was a surge, a pulse shot through me. That kiss was elcetrifying, I'd never been kissed like that before, Leon's hands moved up from my hips to my waist, sliding gently up and down, his thick full lips pressing firmly onto mine, our lips locked and our mouths opened slowly, tongues sliding forward and mixing with one anothers.... My eyes were closed and the thought of how good this kiss was raced through my mind... Our heads turned from left to right slowly, our lips locked, mouths open, tongues sliding over one another into each others open hands running up and down his arms, till suddenly I felt his large hands slide onto my bum. I baulked at this and slapped his hands away, it had been a while since any man had placed his hands on my bum let alone a black man. At this point I broke our (electric) kiss, saying thank you for a wonderful night and said that I will walk from here. He smiled and got back into the cab and as he left he winked. My walk home was short and after that kiss I'd say I floated most of the way, I could not stop thinking about that kiss, of his thick full lips locked onto my mine, his large black hands sliding up and down my sides... It felt amazing... I felt amazing. I reached home and slept soundly... That following morning my mother asked me had I had a good night, I'd be lieing if I said no, I told her it was fine... But I knew that the night had been wonderful and topped by that amazing kiss at the end.

Myself and Leon texted over the next week or so, just general things really, nothing exciting, he kept asking when I was coming down again and could we meet again, I was reluctant not sure what to do really. I kept convincing myself that it was not such a good idea. What would my friends think, what would my parents say. Eventually I said to Leon that I felt it best that we didnt meet up again, he took it better than I thought he didnt seem to bothered which for some reason irked me a little.

I went down to visit my parents as I always did, at first I didnt see Leon, but as I said, it being a small town eventually we did, and I admit that my stomach did flutter as I saw him and remembered that kiss. Unfortunately on this occassion he was with someone else, I felt a bit jealous and wondered if he had been seeing this girl or any others and how long for... For some reason I texted him that I'd seen him out and that he looked well and so did his girlfriend, he was quick to reply and say that since I was not interested there was nothing to stop him from seeing anyone else, which was true but still it annoyed me especially as of that kiss.

We were texting throughout the weekend and over the course of the weekend I'd reconsidered my decision and said if he asked me out again I'd go... Which he did...

This happened for the best part of 4 to 6 months I can't recall exactly how long. We went out a number times, along the beach, restaurants, the cinema. Not every weekend but many of them, I'd come down see my family, Nigel and friends but also Leon, sometimes it would be a walk in the park, a short meet, sometimes a lovely night out resulting in more of them explosive kisses, of which I could not get enough of. His kisses were intense, nothing like I'd experienced before, kissing Leon, the first black man I'd ever kissed was amazing, his lips on mine MMMMMMMM most of the time I was just melting with them, but I could not bring myself to go any further than kiss, no matter how many times he asked me back to his, or where ever his hands wandered on my body... I always stopped him.

Then came that fateful night. Where my whole world changed, turned upside down and things were never to be the same again... I was back down to see my parents, but they were only there for the Thursday night, then they were heading off for a weekend in London to visit friends... So that left me at my parents with my daughter, Leon had asked me out and I'd agreed to meet him, but as my parents were away I thought I'd have to cancel, but Nigel had said he wanted to take our daughter and see his parents in Exeter so I agreed.

(I remember much of this night as if it were yesterday)...By now Id got far more comfortable in deciding what to wear when meeting Leon, I put on my jeans, a white top and my boots, it was a cool evening so being my boring old self wore a white cardigan too, we met at the station as usual, walked along the front, here was where things began to change. Usually Leon and I ended up kissing at the end of the night, but here it was still quite light, and we were on the beach standing there kissing. Totally engrossed in one another, I could see his big black hands running over my hips as usual, up and down firmly, what I didnt notice was that a couple of my friends had spotted me and Leon, and things were to get ugly later in the evening.

I received a text a short while later from a friend, saying that they had spotted me on the beach and what I was doing was disgusting and what was I thinking. I couldn't believe it, partly because I had been seen and also that yes had this been a few years back I would probably have said the same thing. I was stunned and shoked to receive that kind of text, from so called friends. They were mutual friends of Nigel and I but I never expected to be caught like that or that people would be so opinionated. That was niaive on my part I guess. This was not about Nigel but to them it was and I was made to feel very small. Leon knew I was upset immediately, I told him I received a hurtful text by some friends, I didn't go into details as I didn't want to offend him.

I asked Leon to give me a minute so I could make a quick call to my friend. We had a huge argument down the phone over the whole issue. I was visibly shaken when I rejoined Leon and I think he knew what it was all about as for the rest of the night he kept try to reassure me, by touching my hand gently throughout the evening. Instead of going for dinner, we went to bar on the front, we had a few drinks, then he managed to persuade me to get up and dance. It had been ages since I'd been out dancing and it was a relief, lots of fun just to get up and let my hair down. We never dnaced too close and was probably partly my fault due to the call I'd received earlier. The night rolled on and I soon reached my limit, I'd had enough to drink and I was pretty tired from dancing too.

We did the usual routine, getting a cab and me stopping it a mile from home, but this time instead of me walking alone, Leon walked me home back to my parents. To be honest I'd forgotten about walking back myself and it was a pleasant stroll late at night. We reached my parents house, and I invited Leon in, knowing that all prying eyes would be shut, fast asleep from nearby neighbours and that my parents were not at home. I said he could call a cab and collect it here and head on home.

We'd been in the house a few minutes, we'd kissed a little standing in the hallway before I did the usual by breaking off and heading to the kitchen. We sat in the kitchen/dining room before I got up and asked if he wanted anything. I had my back turned to him as I was reaching up to the cupboard and getting a couple of glasses down. I didn't hear Leon get up, but the next thing I knew I felt him standing behind me, and he whispered.... This is what I want, he began kissing my neck and shoulders and it felt amazing. His thick lips pausing on my pale white skin, kissing me softly up and down my neck across my shoulders, his hands were on my hips, sliding up and down my waist onto the front of my thighs... At this point usually I would have pulled away but not tonight. I opened my eyes to look down and see Leons huge black hands sliding up and down my thighs onto my hips and across my stomach. I gasped when his hands ran across my stomach, all the while he kept kissing my neck, either side, swapping from shoulder to shoulder. By now I was covered in goosse bumps, my sking tingling. I didn't think about anything until, Leon started to unbutton my cardigan. He started at the bottom, working his way up, until he had undone all four, he pulled it down my arms and returned his hands back to my stomach. I was enjoying everything, his soft kisses on my neck, his full lips working their way over and across my neck and shoulders. His hands moved up and slid over my breasts, squeezing them firmly, I gasped softly as I saw his hands cover my breasts. Slipping the shoulder straps of my vest top down my arms and pushing my top to my waist, he continued to kiss my neck and the top of my back. The goose bumps evident all over my upper body.

I could not believe what I was seeing, or allowing Leon to do, here I am, a single mother, almost 30, a 'good' Irish Catholic girl, letting this black man run his hands all over me. Leon's black hands were running up and over my breasts, squeezing them tight, sliding across my chest down my stomach and back up to cup my breasts again. I didn't even notice him unclasp my bra, he slid the straps off and let it fall to the floor. Leon placed his hands back onto my stomach as my breasts fell and for the first time I saw Leon's huge black hands slide up and over and onto my soft white breasts, brushing my nipples with his thumbs. The contrast was amazing, his huge black hands cupping and squeezing my white breasts. I felt a shiver run through me, my nipples were hard as I whispered "oh god." Leon leaned in over my shoulder and we kissed, mmmmmm those magical lips, my eyes closed and I was lost in that kiss. I could still feel Leon squeezing and massaging my breasts. By now I was really turned on, my body was tingling all over, kissing over and over, our mouths locked, tongues searching one anothers mouths, all the while Leon groped and squeezed my boobs. He slid his hands down and started to unbutton my jeans, I opened my eyes and saw my boobs covered in his hand prints where he'd been massaging them firmly, my jeans were unbuttoned and I slid them down slightly just below my bum... I'd gone to far now, no man had made me feel this good, I wasn't inexperienced by any stretch of the imagination but until then I'd never had a man touch me or kiss my neck and shoulders the way Leon did... I was unsure as to carry on or not but instnct and temptation took over, as well as curiosity.. Leon had pulled my jeans down further to my knees and I felt him place his warm black hands onto my bum, squeezing and tapping my bum firmly... His right hand slid back up to my breasts, squeezing and massaging a breast at a time, rubbing and teasing my nipples, his left now slipped round to the front stroking the inside of my thighs, all the while we were still kissing our mouths locked, tongues flicking in and out of one anothers mouth.

Leons hand was running up and down my thighs, when suddenly he slipped his hand inside my knickers and he ran his finger around the hair on my pussy, my moans muffled by leons lips, his right arm holding me tight as he rubbed my pussy with his left and squeezed my boobs with his right. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter, my body trembling, his fingers slipped up and down my pussy as I was so wet, then he rubbed them over my clit and my knees buckled slightly, I groaned into Leon's mouth he kept his finger then running round and around each time causing my legs to buckle and my body to tremble... MMMMMMMMMM my moans were getting louder and louder but you would never be able to tell as his mouth and lips enveloped mine...

My body was shaking when Leon stopped kissing grabbed my hand and shuffled me to the couch, he sat me down on the edge of the sofa, slipped of my boots and pulled off my jeans and knickers, completely naked now, it had been over a year since I'd been like this with a man and the anticiaption was killing me, what is he going to do I kept thinking. The majority of the men I'd been with would now just slip the jeans off and hammer away, but I could sense Leon was not going to do that.... And I was right, he pushed me back so I was laying on the sofa my bum just off the egde, he pushed my legs back up to me so my knees were up by my boobs, he instructed me to hold my legs up and he started to kiss his way up and down my thighs, his left hand slid up my body teasing and squeezing by boobs, twisting and teasing my nipples, I was looking straight down at Leon his head between my legs, his eyes fixed on mine, my mouth was open in anticipation. Leon started licking his fingers on his right hand and started to slide them up and down my pussy, his long thick black fingers looked huge, I felt him slide one inside and I gasped out loud "AHHHHHHHHHHH," then a second "OHHHHHHHH GODDDD...." he started working them in and out of me slowly, I was looking down at him as he looked up smiling at me "OHHHHHHH GODDD YESSS.." my hips bucking slightly as his fingers pushed deeper and faster inside me.... "OOHHHHHH GOODDDDDD YESSS YESS MMMMMMM" my moans and groans getting louder and quicker, his fingers felt huge inside me bigger than some of the men I'd been with in the past... "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS", my eyes closed mouth open "ohh god yes Leon" I groaned..

He pulled his fingers out and my eyes opened hearing them squelch as they slid out.... he looked up smiling and licked them, mmmmmmmmm moaning softly as he kissed my thighs, slowly working his way up. I felt his warm breath on my pussy and then his tongue dart inside. "OHHHHH GOD MMMMMMM" his tongue was working its way in and up and down MMMMMMM I was moaning and groaning louder and louder my breathing getting heavier and quicker. I could feel his tongue working around inside me quicker and quicker "YESS YESS YESSS" I was moaning, I'd only ever been with a couple of men who had given me oral sex, Nigel was not one of them, so it had been years since any man had been between my legs like this. Leon's fat tongue slipped up and down my pussy and then onto my clit, working around in small circles, "OH AHHH OHHH AHHH YES YES YES ....OH GODD...OHHHHH yes" my hips bucking up working in with his tongue his hands now both squeezing my boobs tightly firmly mmmmmmm his dark black skin covering my pale white body, the contrast driving my wild, his tongue making me groan and moan like I'd never had before..

I'd had a few orgasms before, but never through oral sex, the only way I'd ever reached orgasm before was by my bf's rubbing me, but Leons tongue was driving me wild, "OH YES OHHH LEON...OHHH GODD.. YES YES YES...." My body was shaking and my orgasm building, my chest reddening, my breathing quickening, the pace increasing and my moans and groans becoming louder and louder, quicker and quicker... "OHHHH GODDD YES YESSSSS IM GOING TO CUM....MMMMMMMMMM YESSSS YEESSSS LEON OHHH GOD YES...UGGGHHHHHHHHHH OHHH UGGHHHHHHHH.." My orgasm ripped through my body, ohhh goddd yes my body shook as Leons tongue kept licking my clit "AAHHHHHHHHFUCK.... OHHHHH GOODDDDDDD..." Shaking and trembling, my legs fell to the floor, trembling, weak from my orgasm, I lay there on the sofa just gyrating slowly groaning trying to recover from my orgasm..."OHHH GOD LEON" I gasped... my body breaking out into a sweat, little beads running down my naked body. He pulled me up by my hands and off the sofa onto my knees. I barely had the strength in my legs they were so weak.

There he stood, 6ft 3" looking like a giant, had I been standing he would still have looked the same but where I was kneeling he looked even bigger, so intimidating... He unbuttoned his shirt... and slid it off, revelaing a dark chiseled body, muscualr with some definition but not too much...I ran my hands up his stomach and onto his chest, MMMMMMM my hands looked so small, my pale white fingers running over his dark black body MMMMM WOW I thought, my skin looked soo good on his. He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and stood there. I knew what he wanted, I'd never really been into giving oral, I'd say because I'd had little experience of giving or receiving... Leon just looked down and said to "take my time..." I pulled his jeans down, he stepped out, as I looked up I saw his cock in his boxer shorts, I could tell it was big, bigger than the men I'd been with before, but I didn't realise how big. I gripped the waist band and pulled down his shorts.... "OH GOD", I gasped, it was huge, far bigger than Nigels and much thicker... I just fell back onto my heels and could not believe it... Leon smiled, looking down at me, "don't be shy" he said.... Considering that he'd given me oral I felt I had to give it back... I reached forward held it in my hand, it was heavy and it began to grow slowly, I watched it as I slowly slid my hand back and forth, I could barely get my hand around it. Watching this black cock harden in my hands was mezmerising, I leaned in mouth open and slid my lips over and around his big black head bobbed back and forth quickly, but Leon told me to slow down, take my time and enjoy it...

I slowed my pace and sucked tightly, his black cock sliding between my lips, I could barely fit it into my mouth and so I could not suck too much of it, gradually as I continued I was able to move my mouth down further, gulp gulp slurrp as I sucked his cock, mmmmmm the more and more I did this the more I enjoyed it, I was looking up at Leon holding his cock in my hand and sucking him, he was smiling back at me, he ran his hand up the back of my head and grabbed some hair, holding it tight whilst i bobed my head up and down sucking his huge cock... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm his cock was really hard now I could see a mark on his cock where my lips were reaching a wet ring around his thick black cock. I started to enjoy it more and more, moaning as I was sucking. Each time my mouth moved back down over his cock I tried to go further but he was too big but I was enjoying this. On my knees, sucking my first big black cock. MMMMMMMMM Leon talked me through a few things, to lick his cock all the way up and down, lick and kiss the tip, lick and suck his balls, going from a reserved naive girl who rarely gave oral to woman now enjoying sucking on a big black cock. What a transformation, both hands holding his cock in place right in front of me, as my head bobbed back and forth sucking and slurping on his big cock, my moans muffled as my mouth was filled by Leons black cock...

Leon reached over to his jeans pulled out his wallet and removed a condom... I stopped sucking him I leaned back and said that I wasn't sure... Leon just smiled and said "look we dont have to do anything you dont want to..." "Its not that" I said, well it was partly but he was big, much much bigger than anyone I'd been with before, I said "you're very big, I'm not sure... "he replied "look try it, I bet you enjoy it..." I carried on sucking his cock whilst he tore the wrapper.

He pulled me up by the hands and walked me over to the sofa, "not here," I said. I held his hand led Leon off to my room, once inside he held me close, his huge black arms holding me tight to his body, feeling his big cock digging into my stomach, we kissed and he walked me to the bed, pushing me down onto the corner. Sitting down on the edge I reached out and held his big cock in my hand looking up at him. Leon began to slip the condom down onto his cock, it barely got half way down and I remember thinking christ... Had that been anyone else there would have been a bit to spare. Leon pushed me onto my back, holding my legs up high and wide by my ankles, he arched his back and thrusted forward, his big cock was now sliding up and down my pussy MMMMMMMM my breathing quickened Leon re adjusted himself and then, his big thick black cock began to push forward and slip inside me.. "OH GOD LEON...OH GOD." I screamed out, my hands on his hips trying to stop him from pushing deeper... "stop stop" I muttered, Leon looked down smiling to me, saying "I'm not even all in yet..." What... shocked, it felt too deep already and deeper than I have ever had before. "OHHHHH GOODDDDD" Leon pushed in further and further. I was gritting my teeth, gripping the bed sheets tighter and tighter gasping and groaning with every thrust... "OHHHH FUCK LEON..." I groaned he was sliding his cock in and out slowly but deeply.. This dark muscular black man was fucking me deeper and better than I had ever had before, his pace quickened slightly as I began to get use to his size...By now he was pushing deeper and deeper, but not the whole length, I was barely able to handle him groaning and moaning out loud "OHHHH FUCKKK YES YES OH GOD OH FUCK...." he leaned forward elbows propping himself up on the bed, his feet planted firmly on the floor, his big black cock fucking me hard and deep, my arms and legs were wrapped around him tightly as he fucked me "OHHH FUCK OHH FUCK OHH GODDDD YES YES YESYES," he grabbed my bum cheeks and started to fuck me faster and faster, it was too much I was screaming out now "FUCKKKK OHHH FUCKKK LEON....." I just couldn't cope, I'd never been fucked like this before, not at this pace and certainly not with anything as big as Leon. He fucked me like that for what seemed ages, but not before too long I had that same feeling I had earlier, I was going to orgasm, but this time I was going to orgasm whilst being fucked, and being fucked by a black man. I buried my head into his shoulder and screamed out "I'M CUMMMMMINNNGGGGG OHHH FUCK IM CUMMINGGG...." The whole of my body shook, Leon pushed himself up, his cock still buried inside me I ran my fingers through my hair gasping for breath "ohhhh gooodddddd ohhh godd" I kept whispering..... "Told you you'd enjoy it..." he said smiling down at me...I lay to my side and gasped "ohhhh god Leon, I dont think I can go on" I said.... He laughed pulled out of me and turned me over.

My legs were weak and trembling, he stood me up at the corner of the bed and pushed me down at the shoulders, I held onto the corner of the bed as Leon bent his knees and slipped his big cock back inside me... MMMMMMMMM I groaned feeling his cock stretching my pussy again. "AHHHHH MMMMMMMM" Slow and deep thrusts fucking me gently. My head was down on the edge of the bed, my hands gripped the sheets tightly "OHHHHHHH YES YES YES YES..." Every so often Leon would pull out and then slam in hard making me jump and scream out... "OHHH FUCK. AAHHHHHH..." My head was down, I was gasping for breath, I couldn't believe how good it felt. I heard Leon ask "You're enjoying the black cock aren't you?" I didnt say anything I was too busy enjoying myself and moaning as he fucked me slwoly....He picked up his rythmn and started to fuck faster and harder, he grabbed my hips and at first pulled his cock almost the whole way out before sliding it all the way back in....This was driving me wild, making me moan louder and louder, pushing back into him feeling his cock driving in deeper. My head was tossing and turning with every thrust, but then Leon grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder and harder faster and faster.... "OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSS!" I was screaming. His huge black cock fucking me slamming in and out of my pussy I was screaming out legs buckled from underneath me but that didn't stop Leon, he pulled both my arms behind me back, grabbed both wrists with one had and began to fuck me hard fast and deep. My head was thrashing around my hair flying everywhere, he slapped my arse and I screamed out in both pain and pleasure the mixture was unbelievable. His pace was relentless Leon just kept on fucking me harder and harder faster and faster... I was screaming out loud, "YESS YESS OHH GOD YESSS FUCK ME FUCK ME...OHHH GOD YES LEON FUCK ME....(I never spoke like that during sex but I couldn't control myself)..." Leon knew this and started telling me to "fuck that black cock." Leon just never let up... my legs were shaking my boobs were bouncing everywhere, smacking off one another every time he drove his cock into me...He grabbed my hair and turned my head towards him, he kept on fucking me hard and fast, I was screaming, moaning and groaning "YESS YESS OHHH FUCK YESS OHH GOD...." "You love my black cock fucking you don't you Agnes..?" I didn't say anything but then I felt a smack across my bum... AHHHHHH "Say it Agnes.." facing him with my mouth wide open and eyes open moaning... Leon looked at me, "Say it Agnes... tell my you love my big black cock fucking you..." "I do." I replied... "No, no, say you love my black cock fucking you.." I never imagined I'd ever say anything like that during sex, but there I was bent over being fucked senseless, my bum wobbling everywhere, my boobs bouncing all over the place... "I love your black cock fucking me Leon"... He started to fuck harder which I thought impossible, but that was it, I couldn't handle it anymore, my legs gave way and I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, Leon fell forward with me but then stood up, his cock slipped out of me. I rolled over on the bed "OOOHHHH GODDDDD" I moaned, shattered, sweating, out of breath....Leon looked down at me, "told you you'd enjoy my black cock didn't I..." I just panted for breath on the bed, too tired to muster anything... My body was trembling, I barely orgasmed before with any of my previous lovers, but here I'd reached two orgasms like I had never done before.. I was a wreck, shattered from it...

Leon just looked at me and said... "I'm not finished with you yet.." By now just over an hour had passed, I could scarcely believe it, I hadn't had sex for a while but I didn't think things changed that much... For much of my sex life 10 minutes was probably about the usual length of time I had sex with any man... But Leon had shattered me, I couldnt believe I was still alive, nor could I believe that Leon had not cum..... He came and laid down alongside me, I thought that was it, but I was wrong.. he pulled me up onto him. It then dawned on me how big and muscular Leon was, he pulled me up with relative ease and I looked so small in comparison. We kissed for a short while until he then told me to "Get up on my black cock Agnes and ride it..." I blushed straight away, I was not used to this a) being told what to do b) being spokent to like this during sex... I knew then that I was submissive, because if I wasn't I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Leon was slapping my bum whilst I was laying on top of him and he spread my legs apart and slipped down between me.. His cock was still hard and he told me to hold it up... I did as I was told. I held his big cock and I slowly slipped myself down onto it.... "MMMMMMMMMM" Groaning as it entered me, my moans became louder and louder as that black cock went deeper and deeper inside me... "OHHH GOOODDD YES... GOD IT FEELS GOOD." I moaned.... Leon was smiling "What feels good?" he said "You do" I replied... "No, no Agnes,... Tell me what feels good.." "Your cock feels good" I groaned.. Leon smirked, "what colour is it Agnes?" He was moving his hips up and down slowly and it felt good, "Black" I moaned,... "So say it Agnes you white slut...." My jaw dropped but at the same time Leon started to fuck me harder grabbing my bum cheeks and really pushing up hard..."Your black cock feels good" I groaned loudly..."MMMMM thats it Agnes ride that big black cock... You white sluts love big black cock..." I couldn't believe the words I was hearing but to be honest I didn't care what he was saying I was bouncing up and down on that black cock and moaning out loud.... my tiny pale white hands spread on Leons chest, grabbing at his chest digging my nails in as I slid up and down his cock, being fucked hard. My boobs bounced up and down Leon grabbing and squeezing my bum rising and falling as my pussy slid up and down his huge black cock...

My body was experiencing things it had never done before and it wasn't long before my third orgasm came... It was building and building all the time I was moaning out "OHHH GODD HOOO FUCCKKK MEEE... YES YES OH GOD YES ITS GOOD FUCK ME LEON FUCK ME..... "My eyes were closed but I could hear Leon saying "Yeah, Agnes ride that black cock.... cum on my big black cock Agnes..." My orgasm shot through me "OOOHHHH GOD IM CUMMING OHHH GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!" and my orgasm just kept on going and going I was moaning for ages, my legs and arms were shaking and I could not hold myself up... I collapsed onto Leons chest, panting for breath, exhausted, totally spent I buried my head into his chest, my hair matted from sweat laying across his black torso... "OHHHHHH GODDDDDD....." I could barely move... My whole body trembled, the sweat was dripping off me... My nipples were hard, my pussy was soaked I was panting like mad trying to recover.. Leon rolled me off as I was too weak to move...

Laying there, completely tired, Leon straddled me, his knees either side of my body he slid off the condom and started wanking in front of me and over my boobs... he was rubbing his cock all over my boobs and then held them together... I'd never done this before, partly because up till a few years ago my boobs were not big enough and secondly, no man I was with wanted to... He squeezed my boobs together and seeing his huge black hands covering my soft white boobs was incredible, he slid his cock between them and started to fuck my boobs, after a minute or so he said "suck my cock as it slides between your tits.." I didnt think I'd be able to but in fact it was easy, Leon pushed through them and I could easily suck the first inch and a bit more... After a little while he then said .."Now suck my black cock Agnes..." I did as I was told... I held his cock in my hand and opened my mouth sucking that cock tightly in my warm wet mouth...gulp gulp gulp slurppppppppppppp mmmmmm gulp gulp slurp mmmmmm I coud hear Leon moaning as I sucked his cock and the more he moaned the more I enjoyed it, knowing that I was making him feel that good...I could only get around the first three inches in but that was enough for me (I got better) my head was bobbing back and forth as I moaned, sucking his cock tightly mmmmmmmmm. I could feel his cock throb and they became more frequent and I knew he was close.... He pulled out of my mouth and let out a long groan, I was still wanking him but he angled himself pointing his cock right onto my boobs. His cock twitched and it throbbed and then he began to cum, his thick cock twitched in my hand and the first shot of his cum flew up onto my cheek and the corner of my mouth, I lowered his cock, kept wanking him and his cock throbbed again this time shooting hot cum all over my boobs.

Leon shot several globs of cum onto my boobs, it was thick and white, and it was all over my boobs as well as a big lot on my lip and cheek..."Rub that cum into your tits Agnes"..I rubbed Leons cock all over my boobs, smearing his cum onto my chest I didnt realise there was so much of it....his cum was all over my boobs and on his cock... I flicked out my tongue and caught a taste of his cum on my lips, it was only a small taste. I'd rarely given any man a blow job let alone swallowed his cum... but here I was, after being fucked silly by my first black lover...rubbing his cum all over my boobs and tasting him. "Now Agnes, suck my cock clean..." Leon leaned in and his cock was right in front of my mouth, I opened my mouth and started to suck his cock, tasting his cum off the tip anad shaft... I must admit that for my first time, it didn't taste bad and I sucked and licked his cock clean.... I swallowed what bits I could and I just laid there... Leon was still kneeling above me and he looked impressive, muscular body, dark black as the light shone off him... MMMMMM I could not believe what I'd done and how good it was too... And I had a passing thought to my friends who'd slagged me off earlier thinking, well, if only they knew what I'd done now.. I didn't care because, Leon had just fucked me silly, I'd never been fucked as good and no man had made me cum with his tongue or his dick, and Leon had done just that, 3 times in a night.

As I laid there, taking everything in, Leon looked down and said, "Now thats just for starters... next time you suck my cock you're going to swallow every drop..." I smiled. He carried on "So Agnes how you feel now after being fucked by a big black cock?" I smirked and said "I never knew sex could be so good..." Leon laughed, "Well its only that good with black cocks babes... you know what they say... Once you go black you dont go back...Your pussy is mine now Agnes..." I just lay there and smile, I was shattered. At this point it was beginning to get light... Leon had been fucking me for almost two hours. I told him to stay and get a cab the next day. I pulled the sheets back and slid under telling Leon to get in aswell... I'd never had any men back to my parents house before, Leon was the first... He lay there on his back, I threw my arm over his chest and wrapped my leg over him aswell drifting off to sleep.

What seemed like a few minutes was in fact a few hours and my sleep was broken by two text messages. The first from my parents telling me they were on their way back home and just pulling into the station... The second from Nigel, leeting me know our daughter was fine but also asking me what had I got up to last night... Panic was setting in, firstly I had to get Leon up and out without my parents seeing him or the neighbours and did Nigel know... Had my so called friends told him what they saw... I jumped up out of bed, I was completely naked, grabbing the sheet to cover myself, Leon's huge black muscular black frame swallowed much of the bed and the reality of what I, what we had done earlier began to hit me. I saw him in all his 'glory' completely naked on my bed and momentarily I just stared, not believing that I had actually done what I did only a few hours earlier.

I shook myself from my trance and called out to him, "Leon, you have to go.... now, come on get up...." He stirred and just said, "come back to bed girl, I want another go..." "Leon, you have to go, my parents are on the way back and so is Nigel, with my daughter.." Leon got up out of bed, walked over to me, my god he was huge, without my shoes on I was so small in comparison to him, he was enormous, both in stature and down below... I was mezmerised by him, his skin was so dark and so contrasting to my pale body. He took hold of the sheet, and yanked it out, there I was standing before him, naked, he moved his hands up, cupped my boobs squeezing them, god his large black hands looked good on my body, his hands just covered all of my boobs. Leaning in he kissed me and that electricity just raced through me again, he pulled away saying, "I had fun last night, and I know you enjoyed getting fucked, so when you coming back for my cock?" I was a bit shocked by this, but trying to remain cool I simply said "I'll text you." I just needed him to leave, and leave quickly.

Leon grabbed his clothes went to the bathroom and got changed, I was still standing there in my sheet trying to straighten the rest of the room up before he left. I went to the kitchen/dining room and put the glasses away, straightened the chairs up and wait for Leon in the hallway. As he reached the door I said "thank you..." he turned, kissed me gently and slapped my bum. In mt panic to get Leon out and tidy the house I'd forgotten about the neighbours, they didn't even enter my mind and it wasn't until he was at the end of the path I realised I was standing at the door, wrapped in a bed sheet as he left.

I went back to bed to wait for my parents, I thought about Leons question and I think we both knew I'd be back as soon as I could...

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