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My best friends Mom.....A fantasy!

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I sat on the couch and reached under the cushions knowing that there were a few soft core magazines tucked in the creases. My twentieth birthday loomed on the near horizon; my first life epiphany. I knew the sexual basics; deep kissing, the breast stroke and that wonderful slide with your fingers. I?d lost my virginity at fifteen with Katie. I was simply a come machine! But the second I walked in that house I was hard as Brighton Rock. My balls ached and my stomach churned anxiously. I could barely keep to a normal conversation while my eyes roamed every inch of her body.

I sat back and flipped through the pages of the magazine, which in my present state, only heightened my level of anxiety. I noticed a knowing smile from across the room even though she still appeared to watch the television. For a hundred of these evenings I had hoped that my mate would leave and let me alone with her. I had a thousand questions that I knew she would answer that I could not ask my Mum. Question about a girls?.no, a woman?s body. From the basic ?where is?? To the complex ?What?? And all the nuances of lovemaking. What lovemaking! I wanted to fuck like a stallion and have them bucking like mares!

?You?re not going to find the answers in there? she said. I almost choked! Was I speaking out loud? ?It?s not in there? she continued. She?d turned to face me, her feet still resting on the fireplace. ?It only comes from experience?. She turned back to watching the TV. I was dumbstruck. Did she just say what I thought she said? ?Thanks? I said sarcastically. Goddamm, what a typically teenage response!

?It?s when you cannot think about anything or anyone else?. ?That?s desire?. She continued. ?It?s not about how. It?s about letting go?.

I was clueless. What the fuck was that? The question apparently reflected on my face. ?You have no idea what I?m talking about, do you?? She scolded. I admitted it with a shake of my head. She turned back to the TV. I was deflated and sat there in silence.

It was a few minutes before she stood up. Fully expecting her to leave the room, she stepped across and sat next to me on the couch. It WAS that very moment????..

I was immediately warmed by her body. Her left arm slipped across my shoulders and her right hand rested on mine. Her mouth breathed ?Don?t think? into my ear. Every nerve ending in my body felt exposed. I shivered in ecstasy as my stomach did back flips. ?Just let your body do what it wants?. I was paralyzed for what seemed an age. Then I felt her take my hand and rest it between her thighs. I stopped thinking for a nano second and then proceeded to worry of all my parts and capabilities. ?I said don?t think?. ?None of that matters and never will when you share these feelings?. How did she know? ?I?ll stop now if you don?t listen to me?. I went rigid then relaxed at the prospect of not feeling this way. I let my hand stroke her thigh. She took it again and slid it between them further. ?Firmer, but not hard?.

It felt awkward. ?Can I move?? ?Of course?. I stood and she relaxed against the arm of the couch resting on her hip. I sat at her knees. My eyes glued on my hand as it caressed her thighs. So soft and yet so exciting. So electric. She lent her head back and closed her eyes. I felt her relax and let her thighs part. It was then, that very moment. The epiphany. The letting go that everything became a picture. I lent forward and kissed her thighs. ?Like your kissing your girlfriend? I heard her say, ?like your kissing her lips?. I open my mouth and let my tongue slide with my lips. Instinctually, my hands slid to the outside of her thighs as my lips and tongue kissed each in turn. I realized my hands had found a new curve; a crease in the skin. It was her ass. They encircled and slid inwards. She was soaking wet. It was warm and exciting.

She took my hands away and stood up. She pulled the nightie over her head. I nearly fainted as I took in every curve. Her nipples. Her light pubic hair. She lifted me from the couch and undid my jeans and pulled off my ?T? shirt. This time she lay out on the couch. ?Take them off? she instructed. I pushed down my jeans and pants together and immediately covered myself. She laughed a little. ?It?ll not see much fun from behind your hands?!

I dropped my hands to my side; !Brighton Rock! It was so hard it had pushed the foreskin back from the head which glistened. I must have already come a little a thousand times in the past few minutes. I sat down on the edge of the couch. This time I just explored every inch of her body with my hands and my mouth. Each touch encouraging another and another. I felt my cock and my balls against her body and did all I could to maintain the contact. I became more and more aware of wanting every inch of my skin to touch hers; to rub against her. At one moment I was kissing her body the next I was consumed by kissing her mouth. Her hand must have touched my cock as I came. It felt like one hundred gallons forcing itself up the shaft and out. It covered her belly and breasts. She calmly let her fingers slide through it and tasted it. She did it again and placed it on my lips. She then slid her fingers through her pussy and then to my lips. I came again.

I needed to taste more. She moved her ass to the edge of the couch as I slid to my knees. ?kiss it as you did my thighs? she sighed. Frankly, I could not hold back. I was ravenous. It was incomparable. How can you describe pure pleasure? I pushed her thighs further apart so that I could get to more of her. I began to feel her grind against my mouth and open my eyes. I let my eyes wander over stomach, its muscles contracting and expanding as she moved against me. She had a nipple between her fingers that she tugged and pulled. Her head was tilted back and her eyes closed?..there was but a breath of a moan, a sigh from the depth of her stomach; from her pussy. She was coming. I could taste the change. She tensed. Her hands went to the back of my head and forced me further in. She widened her legs; she pushed me harder. I grasped her ass and pulled myself against her.

For a few seconds she completely relaxed and lay quite still. She then took my hands, silently making me stand then to lie next to her. She lay against the back of the couch, although she had her right foot placed behind her outstretched left leg keeping her thighs apart. I let my hand stroke her between her thighs; the area had become a magnet for me. The entire area was soft, a little swollen and very, very wet. The smell of her filled my nostrils. My erection rested against her stomach; her breasts against my chest. Her hand firmly massaged my cock and balls. I was in ecstasy. I became focused on what her hand was doing to me. She pushed the foreskin back on my shaft and places the head in between the warmth of her pussy lips. She used it as a dildo against her clitoris. My mind fused with the head of my cock as she continued to play. I let go entirely and my mind exploded into abstraction as I simultaneously came. I have only recalled two or three true orgasms?or at least I think it was an orgasm?..As I said, I can only recall two or three in my entire life. Perhaps, I?ve become too focused on you to remember to let go. It was a mental explosion-abstraction-discontinuity. I came what felt like gallons; my cock felt thick; welcoming. She continued to rub herself with me until she too came again. I returned briefly to reality to find I?d taken a breast into my mouth.

What followed will remain with me for the rest of my years??.She rolled on top of me and the proceeded to squat over me. Her knees spread wide while her feet were flat each side of my hips. Her pussy a few inches from my still aching cock, I watched as her juices drip over me. I slid my hand through them and to my mouth. The tastes were very familiar yet now stronger, more pungent. She reached between her legs for my cock which she took in hand. With her free hand she opened the lips of her pussy simultaneously lowering herself onto me. Slowly, so slowly she caressed the head of my cock with the lips of her pussy. She would push down so that it just slid in and almost immediately rise up again while keeping me there. There was no longer a thought in my mind. This continued for what seemed like hours until finally and completely I was entirely inside. There is little I can remember from that point on. She had taken me over and I was left to feel and watch. I know I touched, held caressed and played with her breast, ass, pussy, belly, thighs and mouth. I pulled her down to kiss the deepest most sensuous kiss; a kiss that felt as if I were kissing her pussy, her thighs, her breasts.

I do not remember coming again. I know I must have as my second last kiss of her was of her pussy. The feel and taste of which remained with me all my life.

I barely remember dressing and leaving the house. I remember only wanting her again and again as she lay there naked and asleep. I caressed the length of her body and walked out.

Her smell was with me and filled me for the next few months. Now thirty years later?..I still remember!

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