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My Wifes Work In Progress With Her Sisters Husband (TRUE!)

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100% true(couple,voyeur)

We have requested the husband of my wife's sister to design the major renovation of our house. He is an architect .My wife and I have been pleased with his previous work for us.

Since I have to go the office, my wife has to be the one to deal directly with him.

By 8:00 am, my wife is usually alone in the house since the kids are fetched by the school bus by about 7:00am.

I got a strange call from my wife this morning as I was starting to prepare my project list in the office(where I am now writing this story)

Her: Hi,I have company this early!

Me: Who?

Her:"xxxxxxx"(the name of her sister's husband))

Me: So what? He’s supposed to show you the initial designs.

Her: I didn't expect him this early. He was to come after lunch!

Me: Any problems?

Her: Sort of...

Me: What?

Her: I wasn't dressed properly. The door bell rang and I rushed to the door thinking there was a problem with one of your kids who had gone to school...But it was him!

Me: What were you wearing?

Her: Short shorts!

Me: What happened?

Her: He looks so surprised!

Me: Why?

Her: He said I look so sexy so early in the morning!

Me: That’s a nice compliment!

Her: The problem is that he didn't stop with that remark!

Me: What do you mean?

Her: I asked whether he wanted "coffee or tea?"

Me: So?

Her: He said "You!"

Me: What????

Her: Don’t get mad at me darling"

Me: Sorry"

Her: He didn't stop there.

Me: What happened?

Her: He asked for a kiss!

Me: You gave a friendly peck on the cheek?

Her: Yup, but he also kissed me!

Me:Well, that’s expected.

Her: In my lips!


Her: One kiss led to another...

Her: Our kisses became passionate.


Her: Became tongue-on tongue.

Me: what the hell!

Her: Are you angry at me?

Me: Sorry.

Her: We just got carried away...

Me:Ok, is that all?

Her: Nope.


Her: He placed his hand on my leg...

Me:What did you do?

Her: I told him to stop!

Me: So?

Her: He ignored me!

Me:What did he do?

Her: At first, his hand was on my thigh.

Me: And?

Her: He said that my skin was so smooth.

Me: And...

Her: I told him he was tickling me!

Me: Did he stop?

Her: Nope! He was gradually bringing up his hand on my leg...

Me: Whew!

Her: Hope you are not mad.

Me: Go on.

Her: I told him to really stop it.

Me: And?

Her: He said I was sexier than my sister.

Me: He was seducing you.

Her: I told him him that he was not going any further.

Me: he took you seriously?

Her: No! He untucked my T-shirt from my shorts, and lifted the bottom of my T-shirt up to expose my breasts!


Me: You had no bra?

Her: Remember, I had to rush to the door when the door bell rang!


Her: I was immobile! Shocked!

Me: And?

Her: He unzipped my shorts, and slid them down my legs!!!

Her: He brought his hands up, and touched my breasts, stroking and squeezing them.

Me: And?

Her: He ran his hands down my stomach and sides, lingering on my abdomen, just above my pubic area.

Me: That’s really too much!

Her: At this point, I honestly gave up all resistance!

Me: Understood.

Her: He was smiling then, a strange smile which sent me to frenzy.

Me: And?

Her: I think that he wanted the anticipation!!!

Me: And?

Her: It worked pretty well, if that was his intention.

Me: why???

Her: Don’t get mad...I was completely under his spell!

Her: He slid his hand lower, under my panties and between my legs.

Me: Go on.

Her: When he touched me there, I realized I could not stop him.

Me: And?

Her: I surrendered myself to what was about to happen to me ...

Me:What happened?

Her/his hand pressing between my legs, touching and prodding and poking ...

Me: Whew!

Her: You won't believe what happened next!


Her: He stopped!


Her: He didn't actually finish what he started!!!

Me: Why?

Her: I think from his reaction ...the control over me was what he was after!

Me:What did he do next?

Her: He told me we had to work first on his "official business" with me.

Me: Strange guy!

Her: He left me there, half-naked, with my T-shirt pushed up above my breasts and my shorts pulled down around my ankles

me: And?

Her: I managed to get, shakily, to my feet, and I pulled my shorts back up, and my shirt back down. And I decided to call you.

Me: Whew!

Her: He told me he had other plans for me later today!

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