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My Wifes Sister

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I was invited to sub on a bowling team in our little town by some friends of mine and I said that I would, I had never bowled with them before but knew them from other activities and they were fun to be with.

I showed up with my bowling bag and found the team I was bowling with at the very far end of the house. We began bowling and drinking beer and just having fun with the guys when the one that I knew the best told me I should go look at this one girls team bowling in the ladies league, he said they were called the Butt sisters and I said ?what the hell is a butt sister? he said that they all had great butts and they were sisters, my curiosity got the better of me so I strolled down and located them, trying to be nonchalant about it and trying not to be noticed, although I?m sure they were used to the attention.

Well he was right, I found their team and began to watch them bowl, not only did they have great butts but they could bowl, probably better than any guy could on our team. My team mates spent the rest of the evening coming down to get me when it was my turn to bowl, I just couldn?t stay away, they were all so damn cute, I remember the three sisters names but for the life of me I can?t remember the other two women on there team.

To say I was hooked is an understatement, I was there every Friday night after that just to watch them, I went the first season (34 weeks) and never had the nerve to speak to anyone of them, I would go in to the lounge and have a few drinks after bowling and watch them all, they were the life of the party and the center of attention, everyone wanted to talk to them, I just sat back and watched them and then they would go home by themselves so I knew they were pretty good girls. I learn a lot from watching and I knew I was hooked badly.

I finally got up enough nerve and began talking to them and found out that their whole family bowled down there and went into the lounge.

There was this one, her name was Peggy, she was gorgeous, long blonde hair, slim build and a smile that just melted me. She used to hang around a little longer than the other ones and was usually by herself, we eventually began to get to know each other and would dance a few slow songs after everyone else left, she would tell me that I had a face that belonged on TV, I think I reminded her of a weatherman or someone.

We would dance and hold each other, she would just touch my hair as we danced and basically kill me, she was so sexy, soft and smooth, incredible woman.

We finally began to talk to each other and I got to know her and her family pretty well, I became friends with all of them, even her Mother and father. I always looked forward to everyone else going home because I knew she would stay and we would dance, and she would run her fingers through my hair and talk to me so softly.

I was in a dream world, she finally started to talk about her marriage and her husband, she always told me how much she loved him and would never stray, I believed her 100%, you could just tell that she was a good girl and just liked people, she was not looking for anything, she just liked to talk. To say the wind went out of my sails is putting it mildly, she was gorgeous and friendly and wanted nothing else, we have stayed friends and always will be, even though my mind gets carried away now and then because the attraction will always be there.

I ended up marrying her sister and life has been good to me and I still get to see Peggy all the time, how perfect I thought, I kept my feelings hidden and just accepted the facts as they are, she will be married to her husband forever and I will be married to her sister as well.

My wife and I always seemed to get along and then things changed, she started to get headaches all the time and we began to argue about dumb stuff and our sex life has began to suffer a lot. If I bring it up it?s the same old story about me always pushing her and not really caring that she is in pain. It?s just hard to watch her jump out of bed and get dressed in tight pants, making sure she looks perfect, her monthly hair appointments and her visits to a plastic surgeon. she can?t hardly wait to get out the door of a morning and then she comes home and gets dressed in baggy sweats and plops on the couch, if I mention sex she readily tells me that she is just tired and don?t feel like it, hell I don?t know what to do. I wonder if she has some guy at work telling her everything she wants to hear and she don?t need me anymore, I?m starting to wonder.

I DJ in this lounge now after bowling on Friday nights, I usually get finished bowling around 9:00 pm or so and then I play music until 1:00 am, just recently she has started complaining about the music being too loud out on the lanes and she usually gets a migraine and leaves me there to play alone and then comes back to get me at 1:00 am. Last Friday night she couldn?t hardly walk and she left as soon as bowling was over, she said she thought she was going to die, anyway she came back in around 11:00 pm and she was fine, she came up on stage with me, she was in a great mood, said she felt good and even sang about five songs and danced a few more. I had called home to see how she was feeling and couldn?t get an answer so I asked her if she went straight home and she said no and asked me if I was checking up on her, she said she had went to her sisters house to get something for the pain and it had knocked her out and she never heard the phone.

I?m just going to assume that she is having a fling and act accordingly, what?s good for the goose thingy, no questions from here on out.

Anyway the story continues.

Peggys husband was involved in a serious accident and almost died, he was on his way to shoot a tennis match somewhere in Montana and fell asleep at the wheel, ran off the road at about seventy miles an hour and crashed.

Peggy had to jump on a plane and be with him because none of us thought he would pull through. She was pushed to the limit and came through like a champ. She was gone almost three weeks before she came home with him he was in really bad shape and was totally dependent on her for everything, she was trapped in the house with him 24 hours a day, constantly at his beck and call for everything. I thought I would never see her again and that she would change in some way.

She came to our house one evening about six o?clock or so and was just so happy to be out of the house, we sat around and talked for hours and my wife, her sister had to go to bed at nine o?clock exactly so she could bounce out of bed and rush off to work in the morning.

Peggy and I sat around talking, I just couldn?t take my eyes off this woman, she was gorgeous and sexy, we talked about everything under the sun, I was on one side of the bar and she was on the other side, perfectly safe. Things started to change, something had happened, we were just looking at each other and words became very hard to speak, all we could do was look at each other, she got up and walked very slowly towards me and I realized that I had gotten up also and was going towards her, we met in each others arms and just held each other.

She was weeping softly and I was holding her tight and rubbing her hair to soothe her pain, I pulled away slightly to kiss her on the cheek and I tasted her tears, my breathing became difficult and I felt so close to her, we pulled away just far enough to look into each others eyes a moment and I pulled her to me and held her so tightly, she was sobbing while I was holding her but I could feel an urgency between us, I wanted this woman right then and there but I wasn?t sure what she wanted so I held her, I felt her pull away again and she held her face up to mine and I leaned forward and just brushed her lips with mine, I saw her close her eyes and a soft moan came from her lips, I kissed her lips so softly several times and I felt her mouth open slightly and I put my mouth to hers fully and she opened her mouth a slight bit and touched her tongue to my lips, I waited sixteen years to kiss this woman like this, there was so much passion in this kiss, she put her hand on the back of my head and pulled my face to hers hard and the passion began to build, we kissed and I began to rub her back in a circular motion working my way down her back and pulling her into me as she was pushing her hips into mine, it was obvious that we wanted the same thing.

She suddenly pulled away and said that she had to go home now before it was too late. She started towards the steps leading upstairs and stopped and turned around and came into my arms again, we kissed so passionately for a long time and then she turned and went upstairs. she walked into the living room and it was dark except for a night light by the door. Her daughter was sound asleep on the couch and my wife was in the bedroom with the door closed. Peggy stopped and said she had forgotten her purse downstairs. We had turned the lights out when we went up so it was pitch dark when we reached the bottom of the steps and turned the corner we immediately went into each others arms and began kissing deeply.


I was kissing her and began reaching for the button on her jeans, I was unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping them, she was kissing me and breathing very hard, she did not resist, I got her jeans open and put my hand down her panties, she was so incredibly wet, I started rubbing her pussy and trying to get my finger inside her while she was kissing my lips but I couldn?t get inside her standing up like that. I pulled my hand out and led her over to the bar and sat her in a barstool, I started kissing her again and working my hand back into her jeans, she was so wet and her perfume was driving me crazy, she had such a wonderful fragrance and I had to have her now, she started to slowly spread her legs a little bit and allowed me to put my finger inside, I slowly moved my finger in and out of her in a circular motion, she started to moan and began to suck my tongue as she kissed me, I raised her up off the bar stool and began pulling her jeans down, I managed to get one leg out of her jeans and sat her back into the bar stool, I put one of her legs up on the bar and I stood between her legs and kept kissing her. She was kissing me so hard and I kept hearing her say something real soft but I couldn?t make it out.

I thought she was telling me to stop so I quit doing anything for a moment, she put her hand on the back of my head and said don?t stop now, she put her lips to mine and I started unzipping my shorts, I pulled my dick out of my shorts and began pushing it against her panties, she reached down between her legs and pulled her panties to the side and whispered in my ear, ?will you please make love to me?, I pushed my erect cock against her opening , I felt her start to open up and I began going inside her, my god was she hot, the temperature felt 50 degrees hotter inside her, she was so creamy wet, I could only stand to be inside her for a moment so I pulled all the way out of her, I pushed against her opening again and just went in as far as the head of my cock and then I pulled out again, she was so hot I couldn?t stand it, I felt like I was going to come just standing between her legs and looking into those gorgeous eyes and that sexy mouth.

I slowly entered her again and each time a little deeper, I was trying to adjust to the temperature and the tightness of her, she is incredible. It took me almost ten minutes before I could go all the way inside her, I stood between her legs and moved in and out of her, coming all the way out, letting her close up and then push all the way in again and again, all this time she was moaning something real soft, I finally put my hand around to her back and pulled her all the way on to my hard cock, I thought she would pass out, I asked her what she was moaning as I kissed her and fucked her hot pussy, she said she was telling me to fuck her, she said fuck me hard, as she was telling me this she started moaning in a deep voice, ?I?m coming?, I slowly kept pushing my dick in her and out of her the whole time she was coming, I fucked her until she told me she was going to pass out,, I pulled out of her and stopped, I put my dick away and zipped my pants up, she looked at me and said aren?t you going to finish. I stepped away from her and got a beer and lit a cigarette, I turned the light on and lit a cigarette for her also.

She said, is something wrong and I told her I just wanted a little break, that we weren?t done yet, we sat there awhile just looking into each other eyes, I thought my dick was going to explode, I was looking at the sexiest woman in the world, I just had my cock inside her for about an hour and I wanted more, I wanted to fill her pussy full of my come, I told her to pull her jeans back on and fasten them.

I turned the lights back out and I led her over to the couch and we sat down, I turned to her and kissed her lips so soft and I said, Peggy, I?m going to make love to you like no one ever has before, I started kissing her and she kissed me back just as hard, I started putting my hand up her sweater and I unhooked her bra, I felt these beautiful breasts and I rubbed them so softly, they were so firm and ripe, she started moaning again and said that she thought I had forgotten about them, there was moonlight coming through the door and I looked into her eyes and thought how beautiful she is, I raised her sweater up and looked at her breasts, they were so pretty, her nipples were so hard and I began sucking and rubbing them, I kissed her on the mouth and unbuttoned her jeans, I unzipped them and pulled them off of her, she sat on the couch and slid her panties off and let them fall to the floor, I kissed her deeply and began fingering her pussy, she told me that I had to fuck her again or she would explode, I pulled her to the edge of the couch and got between her legs again and entered her slowly, I pushed all the way inside of her and pulled out again, each time I entered her all the way I would stop and kiss her mouth hard, she would suck my tongue and move against my dick inside her, she was pushing harder and harder, I fucked her like this until my mouth began to get sore from kissing. It felt so good inside her pussy, it was so hot and tight, she was incredibly wet and slippery.

I sat up on the couch and asked her to get on top of me, she got on the floor and knelt between my legs and began to touch my hard cock, she rubbed it and felt it, she finally started kissing the head of it and rubbed me up and down, she took me into her mouth and started sucking my dick, I felt like I was going to come any second and I pulled her away from it and lifted her by the hands to me so she could straddle me and slide down on my dick, she slid down so slowly and then stopped for just a moment and started moving back and forth real hard, she said Oh my god I?m coming again and she fucked me so hard, she came so good and it felt wonderful to me as well, after she finished she sat on me and kissed me, she told me that she had never come twice before and that it was incredible, she lifted up off of me and sat down next to me, I slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy and started fingering her, I had to have this pussy and I was going to come this time, I fingered her pussy so hard and kissed her mouth, I got her so hot again and I rolled her onto her back on the couch, I spread her legs wide open and put my mouth to her pussy and sucked her clitoris and sucked her pussy lips, I fingered her pussy and I licked her, she tasted so fucking good, I?ve never tasted pussy that good, she bucked her body against me and begged me to fuck her, I made her tell me exactly what she wanted me to do. She said I want you to get between my legs and put that huge cock in my pussy and fuck me hard.

I got between her legs and slowly lowered my self to her opening, she reached around my back and pulled me to her, I started the head of my dick inside her and she pulled me all the in and started moving her hips against me, I picked up her rhythm and started sliding my dick in and out of her, our tempo was so perfect, I felt the come start rising through my engorged cock and I felt my climax building so slowly, I kept pumping that pussy for all I was worth, she was fucking me back just as hard, I was starting to come, I felt it building, I was trying to hold back, I looked at her eyes as we fucked each other and it was too late, I started fucking her and I was coming, it burned the entire length of my cock as it erupted deep inside of her, I kept fucking her until I couldn?t move anymore and then I collapsed into her arms, she was crying and kissing my face as she held me so tight to her, she held me against her for a long time and finally said, ?you know this can never happen again? I Said ?I know, but every time I look at you I?ll remember this as our night and I?ll never forget it as long as I live. She said ?neither will I, I have to go now, by the way, my purse is in the car.

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