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My Wifes Hot Date with New Lover! (long but true!)

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100% True Story

My wife and I have always had a very open relationship. We have always been honest with each other even in the rather delicate areas of extramarital sex.

She had recently admitted to me that she had been exchanging sexy e-mails and text messages with Alex, her old college boyfriend, for several months now. My wife confessed that they had admitted to each other that they still had very strong feelings for one another after all these years. That?s why they both felt the need to go beyond intimate phone sex and agreed to have a real date soon.

One day, she gingerly asked for my permission for her planned date with Alex. I frankly agreed subject to one condition: she could do anything BUT she had to tell me (no matter how embarrassing for her), everything that would happen on that date. She replied that she was always frank and honest with me.

My wife and Alex eventually agreed to go out the following Friday. They were going to attend the birthday party of their mutual friend in a nearby hotel.

I came home early that Friday night to see my wife dressing up for her date. I was so pleasantly surprised to see my wife completely naked when I opened the door in our room. The whole room was so fragrant. She was spraying her very sensuous perfume all over her body with particular emphasis on her neck, the back of her ears, her breasts and even her hairy pussy!

I jokingly asked her, ?Why are you spraying perfume all over your body??

She replied in a teasing manner, ?Just to be prepared for any eventuality tonight.?

I was aghast at her reply! I had to ask her,? How far are you really prepared to go??

She said ?Gee, it will all depend on Alex.?

I asked her ?Are you really willing to go to bed with him? What the chances of real, hot action tonight??

My wife replied straight to the point: ?Yup, but I think I would just give it only a 5% chance knowing how shy Alex used to be during our college days.?

I realized from my wife?s admission that the date could turn out a real hot one but it would all depend on how assertive Alex was going to be that evening. I could have easily predicted the outcome if it were dependent solely on my wife?s behavior. I have always accepted the fact that my wife is one hot lady at soon as she is placed in the right mood by a man that she really likes.

My wife certainly was at her seductive best that evening .She put on a black lace teddy, the tiniest thongs, a sexy black bra for her modest titties, and a classy, short black dress accentuating the curves of her tight body.

The only thing I told her before she left the house was an almost doting advice ?Have fun, be good, and if you cannot be good, be careful!?

She smiled, gave me a big hug and went quickly to Alex?s waiting car parked outside our driveway.

Around 2:30 Saturday morning, I heard our door bell ring. I opened the main door and had the shock of my life. My wife looked very tired and confused. By the looks of her face and her heavy breathing, I quickly sensed that she was in a high state of sexual arousal.

I asked her why she arrived quite late. I assumed that she and Alex had dropped by a restaurant to have a late night cup of coffee.

She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ears, ?Nope, we went to Shhhh!?

I gave her a quizzical look since I didn?t know any coffee shop by that name. She smiled and put her index finger in her mouth as if to tell me a little naughty secret.

She said ?Shhhh! You know the place where lovers make love and then keep their dark secrets??

She continues in an excited voice, ?We were driving around, then we decided to go the motel and ?I had sex with Alex!"

I thought she was just joking .Instead of further explaining; my wife quickly undressed before me .She then grabbed my right hand and placed it in a very wet spot in her teddy where the thongs should have been. I still could not believe it. In my mind, I felt that she was playing a nasty joke on me. Her wetness could have been plain arousal from obviously some hot kissing with Alex.

But when I saw her put her little finger on her pussy and then showed me the gooey stuff on the tip of her finger, I knew this was for real! I was so aghast and I quickly realized that she wasn?t joking and that she meant every word she just said. I felt an unbelievable sexual rush!

I had to ask her to quickly tell me everything that really happened that night. This was her complete account of what transpired in that hot date:

Alex surprised my wife that night by being so aggressive and assertive, very much different from his shy personality in their college days.

She said that Alex quickly placed his palm on the small of her back while walking into the house where the party was held. It was such an immediate turn-on to her. It was as if he was so attracted to and proud of her.

Alex introduced my wife to others as his date for the night and as his very special friend. In front of their mutual friends, Alex would hold her hands, put his arms around her shoulders and even give her smooches in the cheek.

He would push her hair behind her ears, held her arms while walking up the stairs, "accidentally? brushed her wrist when she reached for her drink.

Alex felt so amorous, so possessive throughout the night. He even asked her to sit on his lap and kissed her lips-to -lips when he thought nobody was looking in the room.

Somehow, my wife and Alex started talking with another couple about the things they do with their married partners in bed.

Alex suddenly blurted out, ?She (referring to my wife by her name) has very good acrobatic skills .In fact, and I had a problem getting her out of bed.?

My wife said that Alex was strongly implying to their friends that they were already lovers and they have had intimate sexual relations! Their friends just laughed thinking it was one of Alex?s silly jokes.

My wife said that she just looked sheepishly at Alex but kept quiet to avoid further discussion on that ticklish subject in front of the other couple. But she was so aroused by his very public display of affection.

When the other couple left, Alex pulled her to a secluded corner of the room and started embracing her. He was rubbing himself and pressing his pelvis against her. My wife said that she could feel a big bulge in his pants. Then, he very gently kissed her behind her ears .He told her how nice her perfume was, and how sexy she looked that night.

He whispered to her ?I feel so horny tonight!?

As he continued to kiss and lick her behind the ears and in the neck, my wife felt helpless and just closed her eyes both in embarrassment and sexual arousal and was hoping their friends were not looking at them.

When they leaving the party, the close male friends of Alex were kidding him on whether he had enough strength for the rest of the night... He just winked at them, kissed her in front of them and put his hand on my wife?s shoulders.

My wife felt that the gestures clearly implied that Alex had other plans for her for the rest of the night.

They proceeded to his car in the parking area. Romantic fireworks started very fast. It started when Alex asked for one simple kiss from her. Her first kiss was reciprocated by a passionate kiss from him directly to her lips. This gradually evolved into deep tongue-in tongue kissing. Alex eventually fondled my wife?s breasts and tweaked her big nipples as they kissed with so much passion.

She admitted that they acted like two hot teenagers with raging hormones. In the car, they both admitted that they were desperately aching for each other's body.

Alex almost desperately told my wife, ?I want to make love to you NOW.?

My wife was shocked by his temerity. She replied, ?Huh? Ok... but not here in your car!?

Alex seized the moment and told her, ?Let?s drive around.?

My wife instinctively knew that was his polite way to say that they were going to consummate their love that night. As expected, Alex drove his car to the motel near the motorway intersection.

When they were already in the motel room, Alex told her, ?Babes, you could still change your mind if you like.?

He also gently reminded her, ?This is a consensual thing between two of us. Nothing forced. No unusual expectations from each other.?

She replied, without any hesitation, ?I feel so aroused! I want you to make love to me tonight.?

My wife then quickly went to the bathroom and undressed. She came out wrapped in a large bath towel only.

She felt shy and told Alex, ?Please dim the room lights.?

Alex was so pleasantly surprised to see her virtually naked in front of him. He exclaimed,? Wow, I never imagined you to be this sexy!?

Then Alex led her to the bed. They resumed their passionate kissing. Alex's hands were all over her body, fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples and gently touching her clit.

He told her "You are very wet down there!?

My wife felt embarrassed but she could not hide the fact that she was so aroused and very ready for his penetration. But Alex made sure that the towel was still wrapped around her as some sort of last symbol of false modesty on my wife's part before he saw her completely nude.

Alex then gradually took away the towel and my wife's nude body came into full view. He stared for a long time at my wife?s tight body in its full naked glory! He even put on all the room lights to see my wife completely naked body, ready for his eventual penetration.

He told her, ?Oh boy, you look so sensuous! Your skin is soooo smooth and your beautiful breasts are so inviting! I want to bury my head between them.?

My wife replied, "What are you waiting for? Go ahead; put your head on my chest.?

He quickly placed his head on her chest and then eventually started licking her beautiful, big nipples. Alex examined and touched all the private parts of her naked body. After a complete licking and sucking of her nipples, his hands went down to her hairy pussy. He gently massaged her very sensitive clit. My wife started moaning when he started fingering her with one, and then two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Alex must have sensed that my wife was ready for his penetration by the extreme wetness of her pussy. The heavy foreplay had worked.

Alex looked at my wife, kissed her again and whispered softly to her, ?Babes, I?m in love with you?. He then looked directly at her eyes as if asking for permission to make love.

At that moment, my wife felt a mixture of emotions: love, lust, passion and confusion and just blurted out in no uncertain terms, ?PLEASE, PUT IT IN!?

Alex opened her legs and quickly mounted her. He first took out his engorged dick from the right side of his white baggy boxers. For strange reasons, he wanted to insert his dick into my wife?s pussy without taking down his shorts. But it just didn?t work.

He then slowly brought down his boxers and held out his very erect dick. My wife said that she had never seen a dick that large in her life. He gently spread apart my wife?s legs and slowly plunged his enormous dick into my wife?s very wet pussy.

My wife recalled that their first lovemaking was so passionate and full of raw, almost animal-like passion. His thrusts were slow as if he wanted to savor each moment of sex with my wife. She admitted that she wanted him to fuck faster but she did not want to spoil his momentum. She felt that the first fuck belong to him.

My wife deliberately answered with loud screams and soft moans all his strong pelvic thrusts to intensify his pleasure. My wife said that she acted without any inhibitions at all. She had this strange feeling that they were a newly-married couple in their honeymoon.

After almost an eternity of fucking, he started to almost groan and told my wife, ?I?m cumming, I?m cumming.? To intensify his pleasure at that point, my wife tried to squeeze his dick inside her vagina with her very tight pussy muscles.

She said that she came three times before his orgasm. Alex complimented her for being so "multi-orgasmic?.

Alex told her, ?You are really so horny. I counted at least two orgasms from you while we were fucking.?

My wife was also in awe about Alex?s stamina which she described as "his power of recovery". His dick never appeared flaccid even after cumming. She was so surprised that about five minutes after his orgasm, he wanted to fuck her for the second time.

My wife was totally surprised and naively remarked, "AGAIN?"

She asked him candidly, "You want to fuck me again now? Don?t you want to rest first??

Alex naughtily smiled and told her, ?What the hell, I waited so long to fuck you. I would like to make love to you again," He said, "right now!"

He opened widely my wife?s legs and mounted her again. This time, he was pumping much faster than their first lovemaking. My wife had a distinct feeling that he was literally having the best fuck of his life, moaning, groaning and in the end, shouting, ?Babes, I?m cumming again!?

She said that she came at least twice during their second sexual intercourse.

After Alex?s climax, they rested, watched some porn movie on TV and had some idle chat. They embraced each other?s naked body and talked about their common friends, latest local gossips, shared interests, their respective families and even about their favorite cooking recipes!

My wife felt that they were done for the night. (Frankly, she is used to our lovemaking where I normally have two orgasms at the most.) She started looking for her hair clip that fell off probably during their tight embraces in bed. On all fours, she crawled like a dog around the bed looking for the pin among the pillows. Alex was also helping her looked for the pin. The two naked lovers must have looked funny crawling around and around the bed!

Her crawling posture must have given Alex some naughty ideas since her butt at some point was facing his face directly. She distinctly felt his mouth almost buzzing on her pussy lips! He abruptly ended their search for her hair pin and without any warning grabbed her waist from behind.

He whispered to her, ?Let?s try doggy this time!? She offered no resistance at all since it was really her favorite position.

The funny part was that Alex?s dick kept slipping out as they were doing doggy style. Apparently; her pussy was so slippery from all the semen build-up. Eventually she got so frustrated by the constant slip-ups of his dick.

My wife shouted at the top of her lungs, ?Please, I?ll be on top .I need to cum!?

They quickly exchanged positions. She said that she furiously rode on him. Alex helped my wife really enjoy this position by trying to make his upward thrusts coincide with her furious body movements.

She told Alex in a sultry voice, "That feels so damn good. Don't stop."

At a certain point, Alex gently interrupted their lovemaking to put the towel behind her back. He was concerned about her getting sick since her naked back was being hit by a strong air draft from the room's air conditioning unit. My wife was so touched by this small, thoughtful gesture.

They quickly resumed their lovemaking. She was panting, screaming like a wild woman in the heat. She had a big orgasm. It was her best orgasm of the night.

Alex?s own orgasm shortly followed. She said his orgasm was accompanied by very loud guttural groans. After the "woman on top" position, they hugged and passionately kissed again .She said that Alex was such a good kisser with his tongue expertly darting in and out of her mouth.

My wife felt so thirsty after that furious lovemaking (their third for the night).she stood up and got a bottle of mineral water. She came back with the bottle of water and offered it to Alex. She noticed that Alex just kept staring at her wet, matted pussy as she was standing beside the bed. She was not conscious anymore of being completely naked in front of Alex even with all the lights on in the room.

She also was staring down on Alex?s naked body and then noticed that his wet dick was still "semi-erect?. She asked him, ?Did you cum when I climaxed??

He smiled and said, ?Of course! But I cannot have a soft dick with you around in that condition.?

Alex pointed to her wet, dripping pussy and then told her, "Your pussy lips are so extended. No wonder, they felt so good as if they were clasping my dick earlier.?

He then touched her wet pussy and held her pussy lips apart as she remained standing beside the bed. My wife started moaning and then almost begged Alex, "Don't touch me there! It?s too much."

Alex stopped holding her clit but he asked her to join him in bed and then held her breasts with both hands. They started to passionately kiss again. Eventually, my wife again noticed some movement between her legs. Alex was ready to mount again but she pleaded with him to stop and call it a night. She told him that her pussy was real sore!

Alex ignored her. He told her they were checking out in ten minutes but she had to at least kiss him all over his body.

My wife admitted that she was still turn on but her pussy could not take another fucking. So she just kept licking his nipples and gently caressed his balls.

"Get on your knees, baby, please," Alex begged my wife in a hoarse voice. "I want to watch you suck my cock."

"I want that so much, Alex," my wife said breathlessly. ?I want to feel your hot prick in my mouth!"

Alex panted as she took his dick between her lips. He could barely speak. "Fuck...oh, FUCK! That's incredible. Don't stop. Suck it harder, baby..."

She said that Alex kept whispering to her, ?You always make me feel so horny.? He asked her him candidly, "Will you fuck me again??

Lifting her face from between his thighs, she gently told him, "What did you say? I can?t fuck anymore. My pussy is so sore.?

Alex replied, ?Ok, just suck me harder and swallow my cum.?

"I always swallow," she said smugly.

He shouted at the top of his lungs, "I cumming, babes!"

Alex then told her to dress up just wearing her black lace teddy .No bra, no thongs. She agreed thinking I would later get excited by her surprise attire.

At the end of her narrative, she still had one more bombshell to explode. It was possible that Alex could have made her pregnant that night since they fucked bareback the whole night!

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