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My Wife

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My wife, Heather has always wanted to play with other men as I did with other women. We have always played together. But as I thought more and more I trusted my wife and she trusted me. Heather told me that I could have another woman if she could have another man. I agreed to that with the understanding that she had to know about it if and when I chose to fuck another woman. So a few days later I found a woman on a swinger?s website and we began to chat, days of chatting lead into weeks of chatting and at that time I felt that I was ready to meet her. I asked Heather if she thought that would be ok, she told me of course that would be fine. She just asked that I share all the juicy details with her when she arrived home. I agreed to that. So I called the woman up that I had been chatting with, lets call her Allison. Allison was all excited about meeting up, I told her Saturday afternoon would be a great time to meet up and play if things worked out. I invited Allison over to our house, Allison asked if my wife knew about this and I told her about how as long as Heather knew she was cool with it, plus the fact that Heather wanted all the details in the end because it was a real turn on.

Allison agreed to come over to the house, when she got there she came in the house and I took her coat, we sat on the couch and talked for a little bit. Allison was wearing a short skirt with a very low cut top on. She had a great body and nice firm breasts. I could feel my cock pulsating in my jeans just ready to jump out. Allison kept looking at my pants knowing what was going on. She got up from where she was sitting and walked over to me, she sat down on my lap facing me, her breasts were in my face and she ran her hand over my hard throbbing cock. Allison had very nice legs and a wonderful body. She had brown hair that was shoulder length, and beautiful green eyes. She leaned in and started kissing my neck and rubbing up against me. The whole time my cock was just throbbing and wanting to fuck her. I told Allison to stand up I wanted to see her pussy in person I had seen so many pictures of it I wanted to see the real thing. Allison stood up I got down on my knees and started lifting her skirt up, kissing her thighs and rubbing my fingers over her thong that was soaked. I unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it to the floor, she stepped out of it. I spun Allison around and sat her back down on the couch, she laid back and I moved her thong away from her pussy and dove right in. Allison was shaved clean. She had a very sweet pussy. I began to lick her pussy and finger her, until she started to moan more and more. Allison was very vocal and I loved it. I took her by the hand and into our bedroom, where Heather and I had sex many of times. Thinking in the back of my head I knew Heather was going to love hearing about this, I knew it would make her very horny and very wet the minute I told her.

I got Allison in the bedroom and took her shirt off of her and she immediately ripped my clothes off. She made me sit down on the side of the bed. Allison knelt down beside me and started sucking my cock; it was hard already from the playing we had done on the couch. Allison sucked and sucked and she licked my shaft up and down. Allison was very good at giving head. All I could think about was the fact in just a few moments I was going to be fucking that hot, wet pussy. Allison stopped sucking my cock after a few moments. She asked me what my favorite position was and I told her I loved doggie style. She agreed that was great, but wanted me to slow down a bit so I didn?t come so fast. I said what would you like me to do, Allison said lick my pussy more, you made me so hot while doing it in the other room. I laid Allison down on the bed started sucking on her nice firm breasts and kissing all the way down her body, when I got to her pussy I shoved a couple fingers in there gently and stuck my tongue in there and started licking and licking until she squirted her cum all in my face, Allison was moaning and screaming so loud I was surprised the neighbors didn?t wonder what was going on. Allison said now you are going to fuck me doggie style. Allison got up on all fours and had her head propped up by the pillow. We have a mirror in our room and she said she wanted to watch me fuck her so she faced the mirror and I was behind her. I took it nice and slow to begin, then started pounding Allison?s pussy till she was sopping wet. Allison was screaming out fuck me harder, fuck me harder, and fuck me harder. So I did, I pounded Allison until she couldn?t take it anymore and we both came together. I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and we lay there on the bed together. Allison said she was so happy that we got together and couldn?t wait to hear what Heather thought about it. Allison got up and got dressed, I threw on some clothes and we sat back on the couch and talked for awhile. Allison decided she ought to be going it was getting late. I walked Allison to the door and told her what a great time I had, and she agreed it was wonderful.

A couple hours later Heather came home from work. I was laying there watching TV when she walked in the door. The first thing out of her mouth was how was it? I told her how Allison was just calm in the beginning, and then really started in on me. Heather said I want to know all the details I said well lets go in the bedroom and I will tell you. Heather and I went to the bedroom, the bed still had the sheets messed up. Heather threw her clothes off and lay down in bed and told me to lie down next to her. Heather said spill it honey I want all the details. While I was telling Heather everything that happened, she stuck her hand in my pants and pulled my cock out and started licking and sucking on it. I knew what was coming she was going to want some hot sex. Heather told me how my cock tasted like pussy; she loved to lick other women?s pussies so she knew all about the taste. I could tell Heather was getting really turned on because she was sucking on my cock extremely hard, after telling Heather the whole story she was soaked she wanted my cock in her pussy so bad she could taste it. I rolled her over and climbed on top of her and started fucking her hard. Heather was so wet, she told me it was from me fucking her after fucking another woman and hearing about it and also tasting the other woman?s pussy on my cock. Heather was so turned on we fucked for about 45 minutes. I made Heather scream out several times until we both were done. I climbed off Heather and we laid there on the bed holding each other. Heather leaned in and whispered to me how much of a turn on it was to know that I fucked another woman while she was gone at work. Heather just loved to be turned on by stories especially stories that were true.

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