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My Wife and Her Young Lawyer (Part 4)

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It had been about 18 months since my wife?s young lawyer lover had given up a fuck for a football game. One afternoon the telephone rang and it was lawyer Matt. He told my wife, ?I was wrong to put football before you. If you?ll give me another chance, I?ll try to make it up to you. I have discovered a fancy and outstanding restaurant in St. Louis. If you?re interested, I promise that you will not be disappointed with the food or me.? My wife agreed and remarked, ?My husband gets so turned on after our meetings, and I would hate to disappoint him.? Matt said, ?If you want I?ll bring a video recorder and he can watch as you narrate.? ?I am not sure. I wouldn?t want it to get into the wrong hands.? said my wife.

Before leaving for her date, my wife let me shave her pussy. Since the last time with lawyer Matt, my wife went from partly shaved to totally shaved. For me this is a huge turn on. My wife wasn?t sure about Matt?s reaction and said, ?I don?t know if Matt will appreciate it as much as you do, because now he has two young daughters and it might remind him of them. I guess that I will find out tonight.? After her shave, she asked me to cover her body with scented body lotion. Also, she wanted me to paint her fingernails and toenails with bright red nail polish. For her dinner outfit, she chose a black/tan business suit, black turtleneck, black pantyhose, black heels, and a black bra. She completed the outfit with a black/tan necklace, bracelet, and earrings. She looked like a million dollars. Matt was in for a real treat!

As she drove the interstate to his motel, she noticed that many of the truck drivers were giving her the once over. Her skirt was shorter than usual and had ridden up her thighs. She had to admit to herself that she looked and felt good about herself. Meeting Matt at the motel, he was equally impressed by her looks and outfit. They drove about 45 minutes to this fancy restaurant. Matt was right, it was outstanding. Every item was prepared to perfection. The coffee was even brewed in individual pots at their table and was 100% Kona beans. After dinner while on the way back to the motel, Matt said, ?Why don?t you take off your pantyhose so I can play with your pussy?? My wife said, ?No that would be too distracting for you while driving in this heavy urban traffic.? Matt came back by saying, ?At least you could play with my cock.? Again my wife responded, ?No, you might get into an accident and I have a big night planned for us.?

Upon arriving at the motel, Matt and my wife rode the elevator to his room. Matt was all over her when the doors closed. That didn?t last long as their floor came quickly. Entering the room, my wife noticed that it was exceptional warm. My wife remarked, ?I know it?s winter, but isn?t this room too hot?? Matt answered, ?No, I wanted to make sure that you would be totally comfortable in your nakedness.? My wife joked back, ?So you think that I will get naked for you?? ?Of course you will.? Matt remarked back as he turned on the radio and removed her suit jacket. While kissing her, his hands grabbed her ass and pulled her close to him. My wife could feel his erection. His hands moved from her ass to her front. One hand was massaging her tit and the other was slowly making its way down her stomach under her skirt and into her pantyhose. When Matt?s hand reached its destination he remarked, ?You?re smooth down there. Totally shaved. What a surprise and gift.?

Without much hesitation, Matt undid her skirt and removed it. Then he removed her turtleneck, bra, shoes, and pantyhose. Matt always seemed to like her totally naked with no clothes of any type. My wife said, ?You like me totally naked don?t you? My husband likes me in heels and such.? Mentioning her husband, Matt remembered the video recorder. He said, ?Do you want me to set up the video recorder?? My wife responded, ?I am not sure, you may forget to give it to me and show it to the lawyers back at corporate headquarters.? ?I would never do that.? Matt remarked. My wife said, ?No, maybe next time.?

With that Matt went back to his business of foreplay on my wife. Remembering her shaved pussy, he started to eat her while she was standing. Uncomfortable with this, he said, ?Sit on the edge of the bed with your legs spread. I am going to feast on your shaved pussy.? As Matt began to eat her pussy, my wife reclined backwards and enjoyed his tonguing. Matt ate her pussy for what seemed like an eternity. She was not complaining. Finally Matt stood up and she realized that he was still dressed. As he undressed, his cock sprang free as his underwear came off. My wife took it totally down her throat. She was massaging his balls and alternating between sucking and stroking his cock. Matt asked, ?Please concentrate on the head. I love it when you suck the head. It seems more sensitive.?

After hours of foreplay, Matt was ready to fuck my wife?s shaved and wet pussy. My wife asked, ?Did you bring any condoms?? Matt said, ?No, I figured that you would take care of that.? My wife suggested, ?How would you like to fuck me in the ass?? Matt jumped at the chance. He requested that she lay on her stomach and he would slowly enter. Luckily, he had some baby oil in the suitcase with the video recorder. He dribbled some over my wife?s ass crack and put some on his cock. He was able to enter her with ease. He slowly fucked her ass as she moaned in enjoyment. He ejaculated inside of her ass. After cleaning up, Matt and my wife went to sleep.

As usual, the next morning Matt wanted to come before heading off to his meeting. Not wanting another ass fucking, my wife gave him a hand job using the baby oil. When he came, Matt?s semen shot almost to his chin.

Again my wife relaxed and watched Matt get dressed in his usual very professional and business manner. Will this professional be in the game for round 5?

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