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My Wife and Her Young Lawyer (Part 3)

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It had been months since my wife had heard anything from her young lawyer Matt. He had sent a letter shortly after their second encounter. But no further communications from him. She wondered if he was only interested in her for the sex. I reassured her that he was intelligent enough to know the complete package when he saw it. It is true; my wife has a great body, high sex drive, intelligence, outgoing personality, and a caring spirit. Needless to say, I am one lucky guy.

Anyhow, one night while watching television; the telephone rings and it is Matt. My wife gives me a signal that she is going to the back bedroom to talk. Matt told her that he was on a business trip and would be staying at a motel only 60 miles from her. He wanted to see her again, so that they could get caught up on the happenings in each of their lives. She expressed to him how she felt cheap after their last meeting. He said that he was sorry and if she would let him, he would try to make it up to her. He would be able to spend the entire afternoon with her and go to dinner that evening. She accepted and the date was set. During the discussion, Matt had a surprise for her. Matt mentioned, ?I am married and have a baby girl.? My wife said, ?I have a surprise for you, but it?s not as big as yours.? At first she wanted to keep it a secret until seeing him, but Matt pressed her to know. My wife shyly said, ?I have shaved my pussy. Not totally but the labia. There is still a small patch of pubic hair.? (After watching several porno films, I encouraged my wife to shave her pussy. Shaving her was a real turn on for me and her. The razor against her pussy lips was exciting, but dangerous. I even attempted to shape her remaining pubic hair into the shape of a heart. It didn?t work too well, so we went with the traditional triangle. My desire to eat her pussy had increased 100 per cent with shaved labia. Besides the feel of her pussy, I saw it in a whole new light. It was beautiful with all types of folds and creases. I know that Matt would love it, too.) Matt was excited and said, ?I can?t wait. I liked eating your pussy, but at times a stray hair would gag me.?

After showering, my wife put on a cool cotton summer dress. Under it she was wearing a lacy pink bra and panties. She didn?t need hose, because her legs had a nice summer tan. She was looking forward to spending time and talking with Matt. After arriving at the motel, Matt and she went for a long walk through a local state park. Matt talked about his beautiful daughter and even described his wife to my wife. Matt said, ?She is a professional woman. Tall with brown hair and an average body. She is very loving, but not very adventurous when it comes to sex.? Further Matt stated, ?I like to be with you because you?re independent, strong, aggressive, and willing to try new techniques.?

It seemed funny to my wife, but during the afternoon together Matt never got horny or interested sexually. This was fine with her, because she enjoys sharing feelings and thoughts. They went to a nice restaurant for dinner, but Matt was disappointed that it was not conducive for playing under the table. No table cloths, no privacy. After dinner, they went back to the motel.

Once inside his room, Matt relaxed on the bed and asked my wife to undress for him. Since the room was warm, she had no problem with that. In fact, my wife likes to be nude and should have been a nudist. Anyhow, she slowly removed her dress revealing her pink underwear. Matt asked her to first remove the bra, because he wanted to see his ?surprise? last. Even in a warm room and before foreplay, her nipples were clearly visible and poking through the lacy fabric of her bra. Removing her bra, she smiled and mentioned, ?Looks like the nipples are at attention already.? She continued, ?Now for your surprise!? She slowly moved her panties down in a teasing manner. Not wanting to wait, Matt said, ?Come here now.? She quickly approached him and he ripped them down to her knees. Matt scolded her, ?I can?t see much yet. Step out of the panties and come here to the bed and lay spread eagle!?

My wife did as she was told. Spreading her legs and raising her knees, Matt had a tremendous view of her shaved and smooth pussy. Mat commented, ?It?s beautiful and so smooth.? Inspecting it closer, he felt her labia and the skin leading to her anus. Matt said, ?Not a hair, how can you do such a good job?? My wife responded, ?My husband gave me a touch up before letting me out of the house. In fact he licked my pussy while dreaming about you eating it.? Hearing that Matt said, ?Let?s not disappoint him.? With that his face went forward into her shaved smoothness. His tongue was all over her clit and slit. As his tongue did its work, his finger was massaging her ass hole. My wife was in heaven. Matt had never eaten her pussy in such a manner and never for such a long time.

She was itching for his hard cock to ram her pussy. Sensing this Matt positioned himself between her spread legs and forcing his cock head against her clit, he entered her with ease. He was building his strokes to a faster and faster pace. When he was about to ejaculate, my wife said, ?Unless you want another baby, don?t come inside of my pussy. I am not on birth control since my husband?s vasectomy.? Matt pulled out his cock and a stream of warm semen covered my wife?s pussy and the bed sheets.

After a short relaxation period, Matt wanted to fuck her again. Without using much imagination, he fucked her again in the same missionary position. Again he ejaculated on the bed and her pussy. Since Matt was relaxed and spent, he wanted to turn on the television and watch the Monday night football game. My wife warned him, ?If you turn on the game, I am out of here.? Thinking that she was may be joking, he turned it on. My wife said, ?Sorry, I am leaving.? She quickly dressed, gathered her belongings, and said good bye.

She headed home to me. I couldn?t believe it when she walked in the door. ?What?s wrong?? I said. She then related what had happened while we were sitting on the living room couch. We started kissing and necking. Soon her dress was off and my eyes were feasting on her pink underwear and one hot body. I took her into the bedroom and ate her shaved pussy for about 30 minutes. Then I rammed her missionary style while pinning her hands to the bed. She smiled and said, ?Oh you wicked man, you know that technique is Matt?s. Are you in competition with him?? Just then I pulled out my cock and exploded all over her tits and stomach.

Matt didn?t have the morning fuck the next day, but I did. Oh what some men will give up for a football game. The game of sex has many scoring periods; will there be a fourth for my wife with Matt?

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