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My Veterans Day Tribute

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So, how do I start. Well my name is Nicole and I am 19 years old, 4?10, 32AA-22-32 and I look like a middle school girl. This used to get me upset cause I wanted guys to like look at me as though I am older, but as I have noticed lately, older guys are more attracted to fresh faces girls like me instead. People have said look like a very young Phoebe Cates, which is cool, I guess. Anyway, on with my adventure.

This morning I decided to dedicate myself to honoring the servicemen. After showering and shaving, I decided to wear my camouflage tank top with the school name Newport Christian School. I got this at a thrift shop and cut it so it barely covers my tits. If I lift my arms, you get a free show. I decided to pair the top with a flared micro mini, about 4?long. I never wear underwear except if I wear only tank tops then I wear bikini panties and no skirt. I left my house about 11 and headed for the local veterans hall. When I arrived, there was some older guy raising a flag. I parked my car about a block away and walked toward him kinda nervous. He watched me walking all the way to where he was standing and I could tell he was nervous too. When I got to him, I asked him if he was in the army. He studdered yes and I then gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek. He then invited me into the building and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said sure and he opened the door for me like a true gentleman. In front of me was about 14 stairs to climb and I made sure I was ahead of him by about 3 feet. As I climbed the stairs, I could feel him staring under my skirt looking at my bare bottom. I kept asking him things and his answers were not too clear. When I got to the top, I quickly turned to face him so he could get a clear view of my clean shaven slit, as well as looking up under my top. He stopped for a second and you could see the stunned look on his face. I was getting wetter by the second, knowing I was exposing myself to him. I put my arms out to him and then he then scooped me up and carried me into the room down the hall, with his left hand cupping my left butt cheek. I felt so at ease with him. When we got to the room, he slid my body down his and I felt his hand gently slide up my thigh and across by now fully exposed butt. I reached up and gave him another kiss, this time closer to his lips. He was kinda shakin at this point, having some young girl giving him so much attention. He then took my hand and showed me all the military stuff in the glass cases and I asked him where I can get a drink of water. He showed me a fountain across the room. I skipped over to the fountain, knowing my little skirt was going up and down with each skip and giving him quite a show. When I came back to him, he was sitting on a couch. I then sat opposite of him on the couch and slowly raised my legs, one at a time and sat Indian style across from him so he got a perfect view of my pussy. He asked my about the school on my shirt. I lifted my top to see the writing, knowing that I was now completely exposing my tits to him and read the school name. I told him it was an intermediate school in Newport, and then slowly lowered my top. We talked for a few minutes and he asked me if I wanted some candy. I told him sure and he showed me a dish sitting on a table on the other side of him and asked me what I wanted. I then moved over and slid my body over his lap, making sure my bottom was directly on his lap and reached over to get a milky way. I could see him staring at my barely covered butt. As I was eating the candy, I felt him run his hand across my back, down the back of my skirt and he rested his hand on my upper thigh. I was sooooo nervous and hot. I started to squirm on his lap and told him that I would be a good girl. He said if I wasn?t, he would spank me right there. Knowing I was in a perfect position for this, I dared him to spank me. He then moved his hand and pushed my skirt up over my lower back, exposing my completely naked butt. He asked me where my panties were. I told him I don?t ever wear any, that I like not wearing any underwear at all. This whole time I could feel him getting an erection on my tummy. He started to carress my bottom as I squirmed and said that I deserve a swat on the butt for not wearing any panties outside of the house and then he smacked my butt. I told him that I was sorry and will wear them from now on as he squeezed my butt for a minute or two. As I raised myself off his lap, I let my shirt creep up until my titties were completely exposed. He then ran his hands across my chest and pinched my nipples. I was soo wet by this time that I decided that he needed relief as well. I gave him a kiss on the lips and reached down and pulled down his zipper. He had a lot of grey hair down there. It wasn?t hard to find his cock. I started to stroke his cock and lowered my mouth on the head, as he played with my ass and fingered my pussy, as he was pulling my skirt off. I came soo hard! About 15 seconds later, he came. Oh my god, it was like a hose that wouldn?t shut off. It was everywhere, in my mouth, on my cheek, in my hair. I then got up and walked over to the table in just my cum soaked tank top. I wiped the cum from my face and hair and proceeded to walk back over to him, as he played with himself. I knew there would not be a repeat performance. I mean he was over 65 years old. He kept looking at my body. When I got to him, I fell into his arms and let him feel my body wherever he wanted. He then said we should get dressed, because the other service guys were going to be there within the next half hour. I reached over and put my skirt back on and told him I was thankful for what he did for our country and hoped that he appreciated my gratitude. He said this was the best day of his life. I gave him a nice French kiss and walked away back towards the stairs and said good by. As I walked down the stairs, there was a couple of guys coming up, looking up the front of my skirt. As I reached them I put my arms out and gave each on a hug and kiss. Each one of them ran there hands under my skirt and felt me up. I then walked out and ran down the street, knowing they were watching my butt. As I turned the corner, I looked back and saw them waving. I blew them a kiss and ran to my car a few blocks away and drove away. What a fantastic morning. Now where do I go from here.

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