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My Turn, I Deserve It

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My husband of 26 years and I divorced less than a year ago as a result of me catching him with a saleslady in a motel. I suspected he was up to something and had a friend follow him around and take pictures. One night he was supposed to be working late I got a call from my friend that the love tryst was on at a local motel. I knocked on the door and that was that.

Well now it?s my turn for some fun. There were lots of men that hit on me while I was married but I resisted; well that was then and this is now. I went out for a drink with my friends whenever I felt like it and on a few occasions left on the arm of a handsome man. I was in control and loving it. Some of the married girls asked about being single again and sex. We talked openly about dos and don?ts and each expressed what she would like to try but didn?t have the opportunity. I think some were living their dreams from within my exploits. I thought that might be more fun to turn the table and let my exploits actually live out their dreams. Like the nineteen year old pool boy at the club, the golf instructor and let?s not forget the car and or the real estate salesmen. We girls met on a regular basis (every other week) and I had another erotic exploit to offer from my little black play book.

I got into my skimpiest bikini and got to the pool early when Mark the young man was there in his swim trunks to clean things. We were alone at the pool so I asked him to rub some lotion on my back. He was shy at first and I had to coax him some but he gave in to my suggestiveness and I moaned when he rubbed his hands on my skin. I untied my top and let it fall open revealing my breasts. I acted as if it was by accident but I saw him looking and asked if he liked them. His hands were soon rubbing them and I told him what that was doing to me sexually. I asked if he?d like to join me in the ladies shower. I had to take his hand in mine and with my bikini top in the other I headed for the ladies locker room with him in tow. Inside I turned and caressed him with a hot, wet kiss. He took my breasts and lick the nipples one at a time which drove me crazy and got me in the mood even more. His hand slid down my side and pulled the loose end of my bikini bottom tie. I was soon naked in his arms. By the time I got my hand down there to rub his crotch, I found a hard-on ready and waiting for some of my mature attention. I squatted down in front of him pulled his trunks down to his ankles and took that hard, young cock into my mouth. He stepped out of the trunks but I didn?t miss an oral stroke. Soon we were on the padded bench in the missionary position fucking like rabbits. I realized that I really did like them young if I was going to get a quickie. It felt great and I encouraged him to finish in me before we got caught. He did as he was told and unloaded in me. We kissed some more and got dressed. He rushed kind of embarrassed out to get back to work and act as if nothing had happened. I took my time to freshen up and patted him on the ass as I walked past him to leave the pool. We smiled at one another and mentioned seeing one another soon.

Tom the golf instructor was about ten years younger than me and very tanned and handsome. He flirted when he wrapped his arms around me to show me the stance and grip and swing lessons. I took the opportunity to wiggle and smile and make sexual innuendos that he always had a comment about. We went out on the first tee to get a round of nine holes as a lesson session. Little did he know that we were going to get ten holes in before we came back to the club house. On the third fairway I hit into the woods, sort of by accident. We parked the cart along the edge of the rough and began the search for the ball. I stayed close by claiming to be afraid of snakes and critters in the woods and he let me stay close as we looked around. I mentioned how private it was and no one could see us. Then I said something about my feelings about wanting to be alone with him. He took the bait and the kissing started. With his shorts and BVD?s down and my panties pulled to the side he fucked me up against a diagonal tree. His kisses were hot and wet and his meat filled my hole. Again, a quickie ended with him finishing in me. We gave up on the ball as we were being followed by another group that appeared at the tee behind us. They were far enough away to not see very clearly that I had FFH, you know freshly fucked hair?! We hit Tom?s shot and went straight for the green where I dropped and we both putted. Whenever no one could see we had another kiss. Finishing the round Tom bought me a drink in the club house and asked to see me again soon. We made small talk till the bar tender call Tom to talk to his wife calling on the phone. Now I had the upper hand and hinted that I get what I want or I tell his wife about my golf lessons including some sex education. He was like putty in my hands for months after that.

Bob sold cars for a living and chased women as a past time. He was a ladies man and I saw him coming a mile away. Gary the new salesman however was taller and more discrete about enticing me into a car. I got him to take me for a test drive. Shy at first I drove off the lot in a hot little sports car that had some real get up and go. I wore my cotton skirt and made sure the wind was coming in the windows to blow it around and lift it, showing my legs. I noticed Gary checking out my legs and asked if he wanted a good look as I lifted the skirt to reveal my skimpy thong panties. I turned into a park and headed down one of the side roads to a remote part of the park. I put the car in park, turned off the key and put my hand on Gary?s inner thigh. I told him I wanted to have sex. He really got a case of cold feet but didn?t resist as I planted kisses on him and unbuckled his pants. A zipper and a few tugs got me access to retrieve his penis from inside. I lowered my head to his lap and gave him one of the best blow jobs I could muster. I finished him off right down to the last drop of sperm. I told him that was just for starters and now he owed me. I had the car started before he got himself put back together and dust was flying as he stuffed his shirt tail in and zipped up.

The next adventure came in the form of an ?Open House? for sale. Since the local college team was playing at home, there were no lookers out checking out the housing market that afternoon. I figured that was a good time to catch David the tall, young realtor alone. New at the sales game but eager to say all the right things and ask the right questions. He now knew I was divorced, in the market and I slipped in that I was not seeing anyone at the time. We finally made it to the master bedroom after my having made as many suggestive comments I could squeeze in in as many of the preceding rooms. The master bed room would be the moment of truth for young David and me. I asked if he wanted to give me a demonstration of how comfortable the master bedroom was. He stammered and shifted him weight from foot to foot as I slinked over to get right in his face with my breasts touching is chest. I had to tell him to kiss me; he was too tall to reach even on my tip toes. He bent over to give me that kiss and I cupped the bulge in his pants with one hand and pulled him closer with the other. I asked if he was as hot for sex as I was and he only nodded to the affirmative. I stepped back to undress as he walked over to lock the bedroom door and get out of his clothing. What a nice surprise to see that long husky thing between his legs. It could be one of the largest I had seen let alone had. I was all smiles as he crawled onto the bed beside me. We fit together better lying down and hands touched each other in all the usually sexy places in the usual titillating ways. He was on top for our first penetration; then I was on top for the next reinsertion. We gave each a turn of oral sex and his fingers were as talented as his tongue. On my side he spooned me as soon as I guided him back inside me from behind. He finished in that position. I was exhausted partially due to the time flying while we were having fun and his wearing me out with that big thing of his. The bathroom was handy to freshen up before heading back downstairs. We looked the same coming down the stairs as we did going up; it had been an hour and a half of sex. No wonder felt spent. No one came to see the house or bother us at all. A few more kisses, a business card and brochure were handed to me as I slowly departed the house. He was waving from the front door as I drove off.

The girls enjoyed the stories I just shared with you here and when they get another wild fantasy I go do it and report back to them. In detail I might add. But I am the one having most of the fun. Well it?s time for me to go meet the girls at our usual spot. Bye!

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