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My Tropical Getaway to Paradise Part 2

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Trent wakes me by planting a soft kiss on my lips and whispers to wake up sleepy head. The plane has landed and we need to get ready to leave the plane. I am still in a daze. I can't believe what all has happened with him on this plane ride. I am starting to get wet just thinking about how he made my body feel. He grabs my hand and leads me through the airport so we can get our bags. He seems to be in a hurry. I asked him what's the rush. He gives me a sly grin and says he wants to get my hot body to the hotel. I tell him to slow down that I need to get some breakfast in me so I can have energy to really make it worthwhile. He relents and agrees that we need to get something to eat to help nourish our bodies.

We got our bags and he rents a car. We head to McDonald's and go through the drive thru. We don't want to take time to sit down to eat. We head to the hotel. We decide that we don't need separate rooms. It would be a waste of money because we both know that we be spending all out time this weekend together. We get to our room. I can feel the sexual tension between us. I watch him walk over to the small table in the room. He pulls the chair out for me to sit. I nervously eat my breakfast. I just can't get over my luck of meeting such a great guy. We make small talk while we eat. I catch him stealing glances at me just as I am stealing ones of him. He has such a strong jaw line. He is so masculine looking. I notice his hands. They are so big and his fingers so thick. I remember back to how they made me feel and it's enough to get my juices flowing. I ask him if he is ready to go take a shower. He told me to go ahead and he would join me in a few.

I get undressed and start the shower. The warm water cascading over my body was only making the already on edge nerves even more sensitive. My nipples were erect from the anticipation of what's to come. It feels so good to have the warm water hitting my skin. I lather my body up and spend a little extra time on my boobs especially the nipples. I am really getting turned on now. I reach down and start rubbing my clit. Trent walks in and watches me. He is enjoying the show so he doesn't let me know he is there. I have my eyes closed and just enjoying the sensations as I continue to rub my clit. I start to moan and Trent can tell I am getting close to cumming.

He gets undressed and gets into the shower just as I cum. He gets up close behind me and kisses my neck. His body feels so good up next to mine. I push my backside up against him and he lets out a sigh. He then starts to caress my boobs. He pinches my nipples getting them to be even more erect. He turns my head so he can kiss me. I am lost in this realm of ecstasy. I am growing bolder and I turn around to take his cock in my hand. I start stroking his cock while he reaches down to start playing with my pussy. I open my legs for him to allow him access to my clit that is aching for his touch. He slips his fingers in and runs them up and down from my clit to my love hole. He dips his fingers into me to get my juices going even more then back up to my clit. He really knows how to work my clit. It doesn't take much for him to make me cum. I tell him to lets rinse off because I am ready to have my pussy filled with his thick cock.

We towel off each other and head toward the bed. I get on it and he pulls me to the edge. I lift up my legs and he pulls my hips to him. In one quick stroke he is fully into me. He waits just a little bit to let me get use to his size. I start too squirm to let him know that I am ready for him to start pounding that pussy like it so needs. He doesn't disappoint me. He is giving it to me so hard. I reach up and start caressing my boobs and then I stick out my tongue to lick my nipples. He tells me to suck them. I do and he moans at the sight of me doing that. I tell him to give it to me good. I want him to cum in me. I need to feel him explode in me. All this is getting him so hot. He is having trouble holding back. He wants it to last because my pussy feels so tight and so good to him. It's just too much. He feels me cum and the spasms force him to let his load go. He lets out a groan and then collapses on me. He whispers that is the best fuck he has ever had. I smile at him and tell the best is yet to come.

We get up further on the bed. He lays beside me admiring my body. He lets his fingers lightly touch my skin. He comments on how smooth it is and how good it feels. He takes one of my nipples in his mouth. Alternating between sucking and nibbling on it. He reaches over and takes the other one in his hand and pinches the nipple with just the right amount of pressure. It's stings but it also feels good at the same time. He has me moaning and cooing again. He lets my nipple go and then plants kisses and his tongue licks all over my body. I tell him that my clit needs some attention from his tongue. He said" Oh it does, then I better give it the attention it so deserves!!" I open my legs wide to give him room to do what I need him to do. He kisses his way down my body sending electric sensations all throughout my body. He finally reaches my pussy. He stops to admire it. It is completely shaven and he likes that. He parts the lips and takes my clit in his mouth. He rolls it around and flicking it with his tongue then sucking on it. This is trying me crazy. I so needed this. He definitely is experienced in what to do. It doesn't take long for me to cum again. He sticks his tongue into me to taste my cum. He looks up at me and sees the look of satisfaction on my face. He moves back up and deeply kisses me and I can taste my juices on his lips and I love it.

All that work on me has gotten him hard again. I still want to get pounded so I get on my hands and knees. He gets in behind me and slaps me on my ass. He loves the way it looks. It's nice and round. He watches as his thick cock slides in my soaking wet pussy. He doesn't waste time. He start slamming into my drenched pussy. I am enjoying every stroke. His thick cock is what I needed to fill me up. He has set a fast deep pace. He is showing me no mercy but then I didn't need it. This is the way I love it. Trent gives one finally deep stroke and I can feel him explode inside me. It's still so much even though this is his second time that it drips down my legs. We are both thoroughly wore out now and fall asleep in each other arms.

to be continue.....................

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