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My Summer Job - Part One

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My husband and I both love this site, and for a while he’s been asking me to share this story here, so I decided it’s time to do just that.

We are both in our late forties, and since our youngest child went off to university, our sex life has never been better. We often discuss our fantasies in bed, which normally involve threesomes or orgies. We’d love to properly become part of the SLS scene, but due to the jobs we have (government and education), we don’t feel we can risk this yet. However, as our pensions and investments are doing well, we hope to retire within the next 7-8 years, and then, we’ll be trying everything we’ve not been able to do so far! We’ve agreed that our first adventure will be a MFM threesome, as my husband gets massively turned on by the thought of watching me suck another guy’s cock, and I have always wanted to be taken by two guys at the same time. Even writing about this is a major turn on, and when we are fucking, talking about this makes me orgasm every time, without fail.

Several months ago, my husband asked me to tell him about the best sexual experience I had ever had before we got together. He normally likes me to tell him my fantasies whilst he goes down on me, but this time, he wanted to me to tell him about something that had actually happened when I was younger. I was reluctant do this at first, not because I was worried about him being jealous in any way, because I only had sex with two people before him.

I was raised by strict, deeply religious parents, who always told me that sex before marriage was a sin, and tried to keep me away from boys at all costs. Naturally this made me rebel, and I lost my virginity when I was 17 to a boy from our church. It was a quick fumble the woods at a summer camp we were both helpers at, and other than it hurting like hell and being over pretty quick, I don’t remember much else about it. A year later, and six months before I met my future husband, I encountered my second lover, although I didn’t realise he would become this at first. Until recently, I had never told anyone about what happened, as even though it was a wonderful experience that lasted several weeks, I don’t think it painted me in a particularly flattering light, and I guess I was still slightly ashamed of what had happened, even though it was nearly 30 years ago.

My husband, however, clearly disagreed. I’ve never seen him so turned on! As I recounted the story below, he orally pleasured me to not one, but two fabulous orgasms, then rolled me over and fucked for well over an hour. I woke up that night to find him spooning me, his hard cock nestled between my still-wet thighs before he slipped it into my pussy and fucked me again. For days after, I continued to tell him my memories of that time, and it lead to the best and most frequent sex we have had, even before our kids came along.

So here is what happened.

It was a summer the early 1990s, and I had just turned 18. I was getting ready to go away to university to study economics that September, and wanted a job to earn some money before I went away. Most of my friends worked in restaurants or bars, but my parents would not allow me to do that in case I encountered ‘the wrong sort of people’, which meant boys and anyone who wanted to have fun. I did some babysitting and walked an elderly neighbour’s dog, but neither of these paid well, so I wanted to find something else.

One evening, my father came home from his job at a large local insurance company and told me he’d found a job for me. His boss, the owner of the company, had a secretary that worked for him, but she would be off work for about a month after injuring her back playing hockey. He needed a replacement for her, and had not been impressed with anyone that the temp agency had sent him. My father, knowing I was a hard-working, straight-A student who could learn new things quickly, and also being keen to impress his boss by finding a solution to his predicament, put me forward. The money being offered was much more than any of my friends made, and I liked the idea of working in an office, so I agreed to go in and meet the boss the next day.

On meeting Graham, I immediately liked him. Even though I knew he had a reputation for being tough bordering on ruthless, he was polite and friendly when I arrived. I guessed he was nearing 50, but was still quite attractive. He had what I would class as a large build, tall and slightly overweight, probably from all those business lunches and after-work drinks that executives at his level are known to indulge in. He had dark hair, greying at the sides, and a neatly trimmed moustache. His eyes were also dark, and very intense, but they also contained a naughty glint that appeared when he smiled.

He explained that the role would involve basic admin – answering his calls, typing his letters, filing, that kind of thing, as well as setting up and helping out at meetings. He was, he told me, a complete workaholic, who often worked in the evening and at weekends. As such, he would expect me to do the same when needed, but he would pay extra for this. I was already planning what I would do with this money, which was to save up and do some travelling after University, when I would finally be free of my parents’ control and could do what I wanted, and I knew that this job would help me get me savings off to a good start. We shook hands and agreed I would start the next day.

For the rest of that week, everything went well and I really enjoyed being treated like an adult and having a degree of freedom. I worked hard, making sure everything I did was to a high standard and done as quickly as possible, which seemed to please Graham. On the Friday afternoon, he asked me to go for after work drinks with him, which he always did with new starters. I nervously told him that I wouldn’t be able to go, as my parents would not approved, but he told me that he had already cleared it with my father, and had promised to drive me home after.

We went to a local pub, and even though I had asked for an orange juice, Graham bought be a glass of wine and told me that grown up work deserved a grown up drink. I’d only had alcohol on a few special occasions before, so this was a real treat for me. We sat and talked about work, and he told me more about himself. He was married, but due to having a successful career in journalism, his wife often worked away. They had no children, and loved to travel whenever they had time together. He asked me about what I planned to do at university, and what I hoped to do after. Loosened by the wine, I told him about my own travel plans, and how I was saving for this, but didn’t want to tell my parents. He assured me that my secret was safe with him, and that he would do whatever he could to help me achieve my dream. Little did I know then what he meant by that.

On the drive home, we continued talking, until he suddenly blurted out, ‘Lucy, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I find you incredibly attractive. I think you have amazing tits, and I’ve not been able to think about anything else since the first time you walked into my office.’ I was stunned by this revelation, as no-one had ever said anything like that to me before. I considered myself to be kind of average. I was medium height, had long brown hair and green-grey eyes. My body was what most people would call a little bit chubby, and I had always been self-conscious of my 36E breasts. Even though I knew it was an inappropriate comment for a boss to make to his young temp, I wasn’t offended. I blushed, but the tone of his voice gave me butterflies, it was so sexy.

We sat in silence for a moment, before he spoke again.

‘Anyway, I won’t let that get in the way of work, you are doing well and I don’t want to have to find another assistant. Actually, talking about work, I am going to need you to come over to this house tomorrow and Sunday as I have a proposal that needs putting together before Monday morning.’

We pulled up in my street, and after arranging that I would meet him at 9 o’clock the next day, I thanked him for the drinks and said goodnight. My parents weren’t best pleased that I had been drinking, but I knew my father would not say anything to offend his boss, so they had no choice but to accept it. As I lay in bed that night, I thought about Graham’s comment, and blushed again as I stroked my breasts. I knew guys got turned on by women’s bodies, but had never thought anyone would find mine that attractive. The more I thought about him, the more I could feel dampness between my legs, and driven on by alcohol-fuelled lust, I masturbated until I had an orgasm, then fell asleep.

The next day, I arrived bright and early, and Graham appeared pleased to see me. He made me a coffee and outlined what was required, and I immediately got started on the assignment he gave me. We worked in companionable silence until midday, then he offered to make me some lunch. I went out to the kitchen with him, and offered to wash the coffee mugs while he made us some pasta.

As I stood at the sink, we chatted about what we needed to do that afternoon, but suddenly, I felt Graham close behind me. He leant towards the tap, to rinse the knife he’d been using, but as he did, he pressed his groin tightly against my ass. I gasped a little, but said nothing, and he carried on as if nothing had happened. We ate our lunch out in the magnificent garden, then came back in and worked on the project.

Around 5pm, he decided we were finished for the day, and that we deserved a drink for our efforts. My father wasn’t due to pick me up until 8pm, so I agreed. Graham opened a bottle of wine, and we sat on the sofa, discussing how much progress we had made on his proposal, which was almost complete.

He was sitting really close to me, which I didn’t mind, and leant forward to stroke my hair.

‘Long, dark hair has always turned me on,’ he informed me, a naughty smile on his lips. ‘You really are so beautiful Lucy. It was a lucky day for me when Suzanne got injured. But I keep thinking. You need money for your travel fund, and I’m missing my wife and could do with some…….female company. You know what I mean?’

I was stunned, and could only nod in reply.

‘I know it might sound a little seedy, but I promise you, it’s not. My wife and I have always had what you could call an open relationship. We fuck other people, but we always tell each other about it. Sometimes we watch or even join in,’ he laughed, his hand moving from my hair to my face. ‘But I have to be so discreet with work, that it’s not easy to find a playmate around here….Unless of course you might be interested in earning a sizable amount of money?’

‘What would you want me to do?’ I whispered.

‘Nothing you wouldn’t enjoy,’ he replied. ‘The normal things a girl does to keep a guy happy. Have you done those sort of things before?’

‘Once,’ I told him. ‘So I’m probably not very good at it. I’d probably be a disappointment to you…’

‘Quite the opposite,’ he interjected. ‘I’d love to teach you new things, and hey, your future boyfriends would probably thank me. So,’ he continued, ‘if you agreed to keep me…..happy…. whilst you work for me over the next few months, I’d be prepared to give you this in return.’

He took out a folded cheque from his top pocket, and slowly opened it. As I read the numbers, I gasped. This would mean my travel plans could become reality, and not by staying in cheap hostels, either. I knew my parents would disown me if they knew I was considering having sex outside of marriage with an older, already man who was willing to give me money in return. But I was desperate to see the world one day, and I definitely found Graham attractive….

‘Okay,’ I told him. ‘I’ll do it. What do you want me to do?’

He pulled himself closer to me and started to kiss my face, all the time moving towards my lips. I could feel the hairs of his moustache lightly scratching my skin. I closed my eyes as his lips locked onto mine, and allowed him to kiss me passionately.

‘We’ll start off with something quick tonight,’ he told me, ‘I don’t want to push you too far, too soon, and we only have an hour before you get picked up. So for now, I want to play with those gorgeous tits while I jerk myself off. Is that okay?’

I wasn’t used to such language, but didn’t want to further highlight my inexperience, so nodded my approval.

He kissed me again, deeply, his tongue pushing into my mouth as he began to unbutton my top. He wasted no time in removing that, and then started to run has hands over my breasts, cupping and squeezing them, before reaching round to unhook my bra.

‘Beautiful,’ he said, pulling away to stare at my naked chest, as his fingertips gently stroked and circled my nipples. ‘Now lie back.’

I did as he asked, sinking back into the leather sofa as he continued to play with my boobs. After a few minutes, he pulled of his shirt, and loosened his belt before pulling down his jeans and underwear. He knelt over me and started to kiss me again, before moving his lips to my neck, my shoulders and onto my tits. He grabbed one with each hand, kissing them all over as his tongue reached one of my very hard nipples.

‘Mmmmm,’ he moaned as he started to suck it into his mouth whilst he rolled the other between his thumb and forefinger. ‘Such delicious tits!’

I wasn’t sure what I should be doing, so lay there whilst he played with me. He move from one breast to the other, squeezing it with his hand as he lapped at the nipple, before suckling hard. Before long, his other hand moved to his erection. He leant back so that I could see his enormous, hard cock, resting against his hand. It was so big, I guessed at least 8 inches, maybe longer, and really thick. He smiled at me as he began to stroke it, his other hand returning to my boobs, but now squeezing harder. The more he became aroused, the firmer his touch, and he began to pull on my large nipples, making me moan.

‘I’m so close,’ he panted, his hand frantically stroking his giant dick as he neared his climax.

Without saying anything, he moved upwards on my body, and then suddenly made a loud groaning noise as he began to spray my breasts with his hot, sticky semen. I had not realised he would do that, but the feeling of his cum trickling down my body was incredibly sexy, especially when he rubbed into into my nipples with his cock.

‘Shit!’ he said, suddenly panicking as he looked at the clock. ‘You need to get upstairs into the bathroom and wash that off, your dad will be here soon.’

I did as he said, and when I returned to the living room, he kissed me deeply and told me how much he’d enjoyed it. We arranged that I’d go around again the following morning, and at that moment, we heard a car pull up on the drive. Graham came out and said hello to my father, who nearly made me die when he asked if I’d been working hard, to which Graham replied that I had certainly done a good job and that he couldn’t wait to pick up where we’d left off the next morning.

We said our goodbyes and left. After telling my parents about the project I had been working on (the insurance one!) I told them I was tired and needed an early night, before slipping off to my bed. Even though I had quickly washed before I’d left, I could still smell Graham’s come on my chest, and for the second night running, I fell asleep with my fingers in my soaking wet pussy.

To be continued.

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