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My stepdaughter

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My wife and I were back together after nearly a month of being separated. She moved back to San Diego and I stayed in San Jose as we tried to figure things out. Her daughter, my stepdaughter, stayed in San Jose for the month. She needed to graduate from high school and I needed to find a place of my own. Her daughter Trina had two of her friends from school staying at the house full time. They were all sharing the rent. There were two bedrooms so I stayed in one and Trina had the other until the end of the month when I needed to get out. Her friend, Wendy shared her bed and Mary slept on the couch in the living room. I usually slept with my door partially open to the hallway and the bathroom was directly across the hall. One morning I heard the sound of someone opening a closing Trinas door and looked out in the hall to see the sweetest little tush disappearing into the bathroom. I knew it was Wendy because she is very petite. She was totally naked and I naturally kept waiting for her to come out for a frontal view. A few minutes passed and she emerged and then stopped just outside the bathroom door looking unsure as to what to do next. I was enjoying the view when she started peering into my darkened bedroom. She was slender with small firm tits standing stright out with tiny dark nipples that looked like Hershey kisses. I was laying in bed with a firm grip on my cock under the covers. She stuck her head in the doorway and saw me staring back. She may have noticed the movement under the covers of my hand. “I hope we didn't keep you up last night,” she said. She didn't but she sure was keeping me up now I thought. She stepped inside and said, “can I help you with that,” looking at the movement beneath the covers. “You sure could,” I replied pulling the covers off revealing? a fat 7” dick at full mast getting stroked. She smiled broadly and crawled up on the bed and grabbed my dick in one movement. It was my turn to gasp as her hot mouth went to my dick and her head started bobbing up and down. She went all the way down and her tongue started lapping my balls at the same time. After a couple of minutes of her absolutely incredible cock sucking I had to stop her or blow my load down her throat. I pulled her up on the bed and turned her on her back and slid down to get my tongue in her tiny pussy. She had only a few wisps of hair and the sweetest tasting slit you could imagine. I dug my tongue into her 18 year old pussy and lapped her up over and over. With each finishing stroke, my tongue caressed her little nub and with each contact she shuddered until she moaned and soon shook with an orgasm. She implored me to fuck her and I was only to willing to comply. With her legs on my shoulders, I plowed her snug little pussy with abandon. I pulled nearly completely out and then pushed balls deep. The sucking sounds her dripping pussy made, excited me even more and I was close. I announced I was about to blow and she quickened the motion of a her hips to urge me on. I soon drenched her cunt with a big double helping of cream. As I pumped her full I caught sight of a shadow and realized we hadn't closed the door and we were being observed. I shot a quick glance in the mirror and saw Trina with her hand down her panties and her eyes nearly closed and a look that showed she was very close to cumming herself. Wendy pushed me up and said that she had to go before Trina woke up and wondered were she'd gone. She kissed me before scrambling out the door. Trina must have sprinted for her door to escape being seen. I was very grateful for this unexpected morning delight but figured it was a one time thing. The father of a school chum may seem exciting but she could have her pick of boys her own age that would surely be better company than I. I tried to block it out of my mind but the image that kept coming back was my stepdaughter rubbing her pussy while watching me bang her schoolmate. In truth I'd thought about Trina in a sexual way since I noticed her figure fill out with large plump tits atop a slender waist and full hips. I'd caught sight of a tit or panty occasionally but tried to keep it out of my mind in the past. In her Speedo swimsuit she looked amazing and I had to force myself not to stare or drool when she padded across the pool house floor when I went to her swim meets. Swim meets that I never missed. Later that day when I got home, Wendy came home early and told me that Trina had seen us and wouldn't stop asking her what it was like. She wanted to know how big my dick was and how if felt with me in her. Wendy said that Trina was not a virgin but she had no satisfying experiences as yet and apparently she often wondered what it would be like with me. She often heard her mother and I screwing and her moms screams when she came had excited and intrigued her. She had masterbated in her bedroom when she heard us. Trina had concocted a plan. Wendy was to tell me that night that Trina had passed out from some Brandy coffee and that I should come into Trinas room and fuck them both. I've heard the phrase, “ a stiff cock has no conscience.” Apparently it's true because I had no reservation about fucking Trina whatsoever and couldn't wait until Trina had “passed out.” I waited as they made some Irish coffee and took it to their room. Time dragged as I awaited Wendy's return. Finally after about 45 minutes, Wendy came out to tell me the coast was clear. I followed Wendy in and closed the door and turned to see a feast laid out before me. Both Wendy and Trina wore silky sexy underwear. The transparent white material did little to hide Trinas full round tits and nipples. Her pussy clearly visible as well. Wendy pulled off her robe to show she wore a similar outfit in pink. I felt like giving thanks for the meal I was about to enjoy but felt a prayer was far from appropriate. I couldn't help but tremble as I pulled Trinas nightie up to expose her tiny thin panties and I began licking up the inside of her thighs toward their intersection at the center of her sex. As I approached her cunt I could smell her sweet aroma and it urging me on. I gently blew on her pussy and saw her flinch letting me know she was awake and anxious for me to taste her. I pulled her gently toward the edge of the bed and opened her legs just enough to be able to touch her panty covered pussy with the lightest touch of my tongue. The sweet scent and warmth radiated from her and I lay my tongue on the folds of her pussy still wrapped in the thin silky material. The moisture of my tongue turned her panties transparent and I saw the tiny crack that I would explore until it opened to welcome me inside. Now I covered her pussy with my mouth breathing warm air on her cunt. She moaned slightly and stirred just a tiny bit and I thought I saw her eyes flutter. Now my tongue began lapping gently at first but harder as I continued until I saw her crack open and moisture begin to show. I started to push in with my tongue and feel the separation widen. I took hold of the top edges of her panties and peeled them slowly down. As they slid down over her thighs, the last part to move down uncovered a pink slit with lips that were totally bare. Once off I let Trinas panties dangle from one foot as I reattached my mouth to the center of her womanhood. My tongue went to work now lapping up and inward a little more with each stroke. She was now murmuring uncontrollably, trying to be quiet but unable to just lie there. My hands pushed her legs further apart and, with my thumbs, I separated her lips as my tongue now dipped further into her sweetness and touched her nub for the first time. She jumped on first contact and as I worked it over with my tongue, that special sound began. That unmistakable sound of starting on the path to satisfaction, somewhere between a moan and grunt. My tongue was deep now, jabbing deeply and coming out and up to tickle her clit. Now I just flicked the clit as she moaned and thrashed around getting closer and closer. I reached under her nightie top and up to massage her tits. Then I pinched both nipples and twisted them gently but not too gently. As I tweaked her nipples I kept lapping her clit and suddenly there it was, that music to my ears as she scream/grunted and convulsed, shaking all over. All pretence now gone, she grabbed my head and clutched it to her stomach and wrapped her legs around me. I felt a pressure on my head and looked up to see Wendys pussy pressed against my face. She watched us while rubbing her own cunt to the brink and wanted me to take her over. I was happy to oblige and turned Trina over and partially off the bed. She now knelt on the floor with her chest on the bed. I lined up my dick and started feeding it into the hot drooling pussy of the teenage girl and fastened my mouth to Wendy as she lay on Trinas back with her legs spread in open invitation to my ministrations. With my dick in Trina and my hands full of Wendys ass as I lapped her pussy I'd never been happier. It simply couldn't get any better than this. Wendy was very close and as I lapped her pussy she came and squealed in delight. I love the sound of a woman having fun and I devoted my attention to hearing Trina having that kind of fun again. With both hands firmly holding her hips?, I pumped her sweet pussy with all I had. My ass was a blur as I bottomed out to the squishy sound of a well and truly fucked cunt. My balls bounced off her clit as I pounded away giving in to my own desires. It was my turn to enjoy and I was determined to send my seed deep into this delicious pussy. When my release came it was huge. I blasted cum into her until I collapsed on her back and felt our cum coating my balls. I serviced these two horny young ladies until I could no longer feel my legs and they both were full of cream. I was totally drained and crawled off to my bed and snuggled under the covers and was asleep in seconds to sweet dreams. Trina came to breakfast wearing the same sleep clothes and I nearly choked when she reached up for the cereal showing her cunt lips bulging beneath her tight panties. I stalled as long as I could before heading off to work and drank in the sight of her melons wagging as she moved and her open pussy winking at me beneath her nearly transparent clothing. She had never dressed like this around the house before and she clearly enjoyed teasing me to an erection before I left. That evening I hurried home to find Mary in the kitchen cooking pot stickers and setting a place for me at the table. The other girls had some shopping to do and wouldn't be home till later. I tried to hide my disappointment since Mary had been so kind to include me in her plans. I hadn't noticed Mary before but I took a good look as we talked over the nice meal she'd prepared. She was a full bodied girl but she wasn't fat. She had long light brown hair and a lovely face and manner. She laughed easily and smiled often. Her tits were outstanding, very big and round and they shook when she laughed. Her ass was round and well shaped and in the tight clothes she wore I started imagining her naked which created a boner in short order. When I stood I made sure to have a plate or glass in front of me to hide my stiffy. I started drying dishes as she washed and kept my boner pressed against the counter so she couldn't see my excited condition. She noticed eventually as I moved back to put away a glass. She came out with the old, “is this a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me”, line. I said I didn't have any bananas in the house and she turned and looked up into my eyes. I just had to kiss her. That became a passionate? embrace and we started making out like mad and making our way to my bedroom. This time I closed and locked the door.

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