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My Sister in law, the submissive

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I have been married for many years, and have always had a great relationship with my in-laws. In particular, my sister in law, there is only a four year difference in our ages, and she has really maintained her appearance over the years.

My sister in law is Mary Louise, and she is 5?7?, 140 lbs, auburn hair cut kind of short, but very nicely. She has small but perky tits, and a fine ass. I must admit, that I have always wanted to get a better look at her body, but for the most part, I have only been able to sneak a peek here or there. I?m not sure if she has ever caught me trying to catch a look at here, but that would not have stopped me anyhow.

Mary Louise has been married twice, and whenever she had problems or questions, she seemed that she would always call me for advice. I didn?t think much about it, and was always willing to tell her what I thought, and possibly make some suggestions. Over the years, she usually took my advice, and sometimes things worked out, and sometimes they did not.

Her first husband ended up cheating on Mary Louise with a lady that he worked with, and then he got a divorce, married the mistress and moved out of state. Mary Louse eventually entered the dating arena again after many years. I told her that she wouldn?t have any problems finding another man, and one that should treat her well.

Mary Louise had sexual contact with several of the guys that she was dating, and either she would tell me about the experiences herself, or she would tell her sister to tell me about them. From time to time, I would always put in my two cents. My wife would always tell me to shut up and let her run her own life.

Mary Louse ended up getting married to one of the guys that she was dating. I personally didn?t think much of him, and I must admit, I was probably a little jealous. They had their difficult times during the marriage, and Mary Louise would usually seek my opinion and more than likely follow my advice.

Her new husband ended up in jail, and eventually passed away, leaving her a widow. So now she was alone in her house, and it seemed like when anything needed to be done, I would volunteer to give her a hand. I know she appreciated my help around the house, and the time that we spent together seemed to bring us even closer together.

We would always kid around with each other, and this particular day, was one of those 95 degree days, and I had been working outside on her property, so I was really sweaty and in dire need of a shower. Mary Louise felt bad for me and suggested that I take a shower before I go home. I was a little reluctant, and told her that I didn?t have any fresh underwear or clothing. She said that she could help with the underwear since she had just purchased a new pack for her husband before he died and he never even got to open the bag. What could I say? With that, Mary Louise said follow her upstairs. She took me into her bedroom and went into one of the drawers and pulled out a new bag of men?s underwear which happened to be the correct size and style that I wore and gave it to me.

I started to remove my shirt and I realized that she was just standing there, so I jokingly said to her ?Mary Louse don?t just stand there, take off your clothes.?

I think I surprised myself as well as Mary Louise, but she didn?t say anything in response to my statement, and just started to remove her clothing. I was shocked, but I also continued to remove my clothing. I think this was the first time that I realized that Mary Louise is a submissive female. So I thought that I should probably test out my theory.

Mary Louise was done to just her bra and panties, and I was standing there stark naked. I was checking out her body when I realized that she to was checking out mine. I again commanded her to remove her bra, and to get on her knees in front of me. She didn?t say a word, and removed her bra and tossed it onto the floor as she knelt down in front of my ever growing cock.

I told her since she is there she had better start jerking me off. She immediately reached for my cock and started stroking me. I was really enjoying the feeling of her hand going up and down my cock as I was playing with her tits and nipples. I noticed that if I pulled on her nipples, she would respond with several soft moans.

I said ?Mary Louise, suck my cock.? She got in a little closer, and opened her sweet mouth and allowed my now hard cock to enter her warm and wet mouth. These were the very same lips that I had tried to imagine how it would feel if my cock was placed into her mouth. Well, I didn?t have to imagine any more since Mary Louise was now sucking my cock and it felt great.

I thought that I should test my submissive theory a little further, and told her to get up off her knees and lay on the bed with her head hanging off the side of the bed. She responded immediately, and got into position. I move toward her open mouth and reinserted my cock as I pushed her panties down around her knees, exposing a lovely hairy pussy.

I told her I was going to fuck her throat, and then I was going to eat and fuck her lovely pussy. Since she still had my cock deep in her throat, her only response was a nod of her head and a muffled ok. I continued to play with her pussy and her great clit, which was driving her crazy, as she ate every inch of my six inch cock as I pushed it in and as far back in her throat as possible. It did cause her to gag occasionally, but did not stop her from trying to swallow my whole cock.

I knew that I wasn?t going to last much longer, and I just told her that I was going to cum in her mouth and that she was to swallow every drop of cum. Again, just a mumbled, ok.

Her pussy was very wet, and I had three fingers in her pussy as I shot my load of cum into her mouth. She accepted all the cum that I was providing her, and just kept swallowing. This was great for me, since my wife has not swallowed my cum in over fifteen years.

I told her to lick my balls while I continued to play with her pussy and tits. I could feel the inside of her pussy grabbing my fingers as I was going in and out with them, and I soon felt her beginning to cum as well.

Once we were both done for the moment, we just sat on the side of the bed and I told her how hot that was and how great it felt, as I took her now soaked panties all the way off so that I could enjoy the full view of this pretty lady.

I told her that I never knew that she was a submissive, and she just laughed. I said how come your sister isn?t a submissive. She said that even though they make look somewhat alike, when it comes to sex, they are very different.

I told her now that I know she is a submissive, that I plan to take advantage of her submissive nature more often, and if I had known before, I would have been fucking her for years. My last command to her was that she was not to mention any of the things that we did, or that she would never again get an opportunity to play with my cock. She agreed, and we both headed for the shower.

I couldn?t resist the opportunity once again while we were in the shower, I had her suck my cock, I enjoyed some time fucking her pussy, and I finished and dropped my load into her ass. All was done by just telling her what to do, and when to do it.

I never realized how much fun a submissive could be. I plan on having a lot more fun with my sister in law in the future.

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