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My Sis-in-Law And I Have a Secret

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I had been so proud of Jean in all the things she had accomplished without the support of her family. As a freshman in college she had advanced to the final round of the state Miss Teen competition and finished second runner-up. Her talent and beauty, in my biased opinion exceeded all of the others.

How I came to know Jean was through my wife's brother who had dated her all through high school and college. The last two years before their marriage they lived together to test their love and faith in each other, but there was one thing about her that I wasn’t aware of.

Time passed by, twenty years into my marriage and nine years for Jean and her hubby Alan. All of us were close knit with families to raise and every summer we shared a nice cottage on the lake for two weeks. Swimming, boating, skiing, and just having a great time.

One year our vacation plans were so screwed up when Alan had a business meeting that delayed his going to the lake for a couple days. We decided to load all the stuff up and head to the lake mid afternoon. I also had to go back home that first night to take care of some business of my own, and two of the kids had stayed back and that created more problems.

With the suitcases, food, and other supplies put away, and also the boat docked, I made plans to head back home. Unknown to me, Jean had cleared it with my wife to ride back with me. She supposedly had some family business to attend to. Her and the two missing kids would all return the next day. So Jean and myself headed back on a two hour drive.

Conversation on the way home was mostly about work and kids until about an hour into the drive. “John, I want you to know that I really appreciate you and all you do for us”, she said as she reached over to put a hand on my arm. “And you are such a loving husband and father. I wish Alan treated me that way”. Then she unbuckled her seatbelt, slid over, put an arm around my shoulder and placed a kiss on my cheek.

I was a little surprised and shocked, but her action did arouse my cock a bit, and I didn’t know why. We were brother and sister in law after all!

But it didn’t stop there. At seventy miles per hour going down the interstate, she put a hand to my face and turned my head toward her. Her wet lips planted firmly to my mouth and her hand dropped to my thigh and slid up the loose leg of my shorts. My cock grew quickly in her soft hand and I damn near went off the road. “My god Jean! What’s up with you?”

“I’m horny and I want your dick”, Jean panted. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for as long as I’ve known you”, she added, then undid my pants, told me to lift my ass, then tugged my shorts down past my knees. A moment later her head was in my lap slurping wildly up and down on my cock.

“Oh my god Jean! I’m gonna cum!”

That didn’t slow her down any. She sucked with even more enthusiasm until my cock exploded and long after every drop of cum was extracted from me. My fucking head was spinning!

I kept thinking to myself, “She’s wanted to fuck me since our first meeting!” My god, she was only about fifteen or so at that time!

The remaining ride home was pretty quiet except when she orgasmed two or three times while I massaged her clit and finger fucked her. I couldn’t believe she was bare ass naked on the cloth seats of our van and leaking her own cum juices on them. I was also having a tough time keeping the van on the road.

Back at her house Jean suggest I come in for a while. My two older kids were at my house and probably in bed by now since it was quite late. Still naked she jumped out of the van and I eagerly stumbled along behind her, my shorts still half off my ass.

In the back door and we raced like two horny teenagers back to the bedroom. Hell, that body of hers still looked as good as I had imagined her as a teen. She flopped on the bed, spread those long legs wide and I imagined I would crush her as I dropped on top of her. We kissed like lovers and before long my cock pressed at her wetness and I slipped inside the warmth of her pussy.

I don’t know how long that session lasted, but I do know the whole next day I had rubbery legs and knees. The last time I remembered getting a suck and a fuck of that magnitude and length was many, many years earlier with my wife before having kids and the rest of life that interfered with good sex.

The next day as the kids and Jean loaded into the van, her and I were both feeling a bit of guilt and shame over the night before. She was pretty quiet all the way to the lake, BUT!

Yes, I said but. That night after all had bedded down, I grabbed a cold beer and wandered out to the boat dock. Alan hadn’t returned and my wife was exhausted from a day of getting everything ready for the two weeks ahead. It was a warm night with the moon half full shining down on the still water. I sat on the old wooden bench, lit a cigarette, and sipped the beer.

After only a few minutes I heard the creaking of the boards on the deck and saw Jean’s silhouette coming nearer to me. She was wearing a rather sexy, sheer, shorty gown and her long hair drawn into a ponytail. When she reached me she bent down, kissed me, and a hand fondled my cock through the baggy shorts I wore. I aroused quite quickly.

As soon as my cock was hard she turned around and straddled me, her bare ass lowering and a hand guiding my cock into her sloppy wet pussy. “Can you tell I’ve been thinking about you”, she giggled.

She rubbed her clit wildly as she bounced up and down on my shaft, then she damn near woke the neighborhood with a “Oh fuck, yes!” I quickly reached up to cover her mouth. She shook all over as she came and I filled her with several squirts of hot cum. Her legs went limp and her sweet ass lowered onto my throbbing cock and balls.

“I better get back inside hon”, Jean sighed, then lifted up, my cum dripping out of her all over my legs and the bench, but being the sweet and caring woman she was, she bent down to lick up all the cum she could except the bench.

There are no more BUTS to this story. Jean and I had a good talk a couple days later and vowed to put an end to the sex and go back to being just brother and sister in law to each other. It was hard to do but we did manage it. We always smile to each other when we meet, a smile that says, “We fucked and nobody will ever know!”

Well, all of you do now.

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