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My Part Time Job

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My husband Randy (a firefighter) was injured saving a childs life . The roof of a house fell on him as he passed the child through a window. he recieved a severe back injury but is no doing fine after 5 months of therapy.

Randy was the main bread winner in our family and his paycheck from the fire department still came in he work part time doing odd and end jobs making our mad money. After a few weeks we realized that we wold make it but would have to give up a few things we normally did for the kids. I ask Randy if I found a part time job would it be alright. I work now making eyewear for a doctor's office. He said if I could find something to do then it would be okay with him. I was having lunch that day with a friend of mine (Sue) . She was single and work 2 jobs for a while and suggested I coctail waitress at local club here. I sad do you think they will hire me and she said they always are looking for good help. I applied for the job and got a cocktail waitress job for 3 nights a week. There was 2 different cocktail waitresses job . One I would wait tables like I have done in the past are be a CHIA Girl. My boss said he would recommend the cocktail job and not Chia girl on the behalf of me being married. I ask what is the difference in the two. The regular job was waiting tables on the floor and the other is where you waitress in a room for independent clients. There you wait on there needs as of helping clean up . He said some get pretty intense sometimes. I ask do they get paid the same and he told me the rent a cubbie holes 12 by 12 for a price of $50 per 30 minutes. The Chia girls get half of that and half of what is sold in the rooms meals drinks Etc. I told him I needed the money and wanted to be a Chia girl. He gave me the chance. I was excited in getting the chance of showing how good I was at my job. I was on the floor dancing and trying to get people to buy a Chia Hole as it is called when a man and lady came to me and said they needed a Chia hole. I went to my boss and order there room.I got the drinks they needed and the food they order and went to the room. When we got to the room they sat on a love seat as I pour there drinks. They man was in his 40"s and the lady look to be in her 20"s. They drank there first drink and then started in kissing passionately. Soon the girl pull the man's cock out of his pants and started in sucking it. The man took his hands and ran them up the lady short dress and pull her panties down. I was amzed at them doing te deed in front of me. What do I do now. Do I leave the room are stay and serve as I was told to do. Soon the lady stradle the man as watch the head of his cock disappear in her hot wet pussy. This excited me as I watch his dick disappear completely in hre. I found myself getting excited since randy and I had't made love for around a month now.the man work his cock in and out the lady and soon thye both let out a loud moan. Boy was I hot myself by now. The lady got up and started in getting dress as she wash herself off with a cloth. The man sak me if I could help him in cleaning up since he didn't want his wife to smell another woman on him. i got a hot washcloth and towel and walk over to his now half hard cock and reach out and started in washing his balls and cock. What was I doing I thought cleaning a strange mans ballsand cock. I also notice his half hard cock was now in full erection now. He said do do think I am clean now. I said let me see as I lean over and took his hard cock in my my and suck it for around 10 seconds. I said yes I can't taste anther woman there. as I smled ay him. Then a bell rang his time in the Chia Hole was now over. A minute after the alarm went off a bouncer came to the door and ask them to leave because the room had been rented. I clean the room up and walk out to let the next Chia girl come do her thing. as I walk out to the dance floor i noticed an high friend there walking around. He was the high jock that every girl in school wanted (including me) but never really paid attention to me. I walk up to him and said (Do you remeber me ? ) He said that yea I remeber you but you sure don't look the same. I ask how do you see that. He said well You are filled out more in the breast area. I just laughed and said that is what having kids will do for you. He said well I don't think I need that and laughed. I told him it was nice seeing him and I had to get to work. I danced one dance with him and kissed him on the check and went to work the rest of the room. My outfit they gave as a Vhia girl is a mini skirt with a body suit that snap at the croch and a pair of fish net hose that looked like chaps the way they were made. They look like leggings except they had the crouch cut out. i went to the ladies room to releive myself from the drinks I had drank with the customers. When I came out my boss said that I ad been ask for to host another Chia room for and hour. I ask what room and he told me. When I enetered the room I saw the high school jock(Ray) in the room. I ask how can I help you. He said he rented the room so we could talk alone and catch up on old times. I pur him and me a drink and sat on the couch as we talk. I told him all the girls in school wanted him back then. He said yea but they just wnated the attention you get with being the high school quarterback. We talk for a few minutes and dran a few drinks and then it happen. Ray lean over and gave me a kiss on the lips. i satther confused and excited from the kiss and from thinking about the couple I had been with before. Ray said (I wanted to do that back in school but was afraid to do. I said yea it would have ruined your eputation dating a low class girl like me. He look at me and said no I didn't think you would let me. I said well you was wrong. He lean over and we started in kisssing again. Umm I thought here I am getting paid and kissing a high school stud can life get any better than this. I was enjoying the moment as we kiss ,his toungue running in and out my mouth. We was in a deep kissing mode when Ray reached down and put his hand between my legs. At first I resisted but quickly gave in to what his desire was. He unsnapped my body suit and ran a finger up my hot warm pussy. I moan as he deeply kissed me and massaged my clit. I was now very horny and wanted more. I reach down and rubbed the bugle in his pants. He pull back and unzipped his pants and pulled out his long hard cock. His cock was huge. His cock was the largest cock I had seen in a few years since my stepdad enter me in (If Momma Only Knew ) He had t be 12 to 14 inches. I lean over and suck his cock for a few minutes and then laid back on the couch and Guide his cock into my now juice runnig hot pussy. as he enetere me Ray let out a loud moan. I was glad the music on the dance floor was loud ar everyone would know what was going on. He slowly at first enter my pussy he was unsure if I could take it all in. I kiss him then said I want it all. This must have excited him as he quickly and powerfully pund my pussy. As his cock completely enter me and the head of his dick bottom out I had a massive orgasm. I don't know if it was the excitement of fucking someone in a public establishment or that I haven't had sex in a while but my pussy started in squirting pussy juices out like a water faucett. I was putting out massive amounts of pussy jucies as it ran down Ray's hard throobing cock and balls. Ray then came in a massive expolsion as we soon feell into each others arms. More to come

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