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My Other Man 5 - The contiuing story

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The trip back to the San Francisco Bay Area was basically uneventful, except for the wonderful lunch we had at the Nut Tree Resort and Restaurant. Every order came with a bowl of fresh fruit. I had a strawberry milkshake that was made with fresh strawberries and they even bought the mixing metal container to the table which gave me two and a half large glasses of shake.

Thoughts of tomorrow and going to work with Tom started to give me a creeping uneasiness at the bottom of my heart. My uneasiness is spiced with excitement. I felt apprehension and a faint yet distant nervous anxiety.

?You seem so deep in thought,? Tom said. ?We'll be home soon.?

I feigned a smile. ?Sorry, hun, I was just thinking about tomorrow. I don't want to blow it for you.?

He reached over and rubbed my arm. With his patented smile he said, ?Just be your charming self. It will be just fine. Here is what's going to happen. I'll introduce you to the office staff as our new Human Relations Director and you'll be heading up that department. Next you'll complete the typical executive application which asks the basic questions such as name, address, phone number and etc. Along with the IRS tax form. There will be a brief interview, by me, and you're hired. Next comes the company's indoctrination which will be part of your domain. That will take a couple of hours. If my workload permits, we'll have lunch together. And finally, you'll sign the papers creating the new incorporation from our purchase of Mike's old company. That's will be about it. Oh, you'll be reviewing applications of potential employees and you'll have the final say on who we hire. Of course, you'll have the authority to terminate employees.?

?How should I answer the marital status question??

He thought for a moment before he said, ?Say you're separated. I know some of the staff will look at your application even though they are not supposed to do that. With that answer Mike is still in your life and yet there won't be any office chatter when we are seen together.?

I nodded in agreement. Tom's answer was perfect. ?I do need to stop by my apartment to pick up my car. As much as I'd like to ride to work with you, the staff would certainly talk.?

?I was thinking that very same thing,? he said. ?In a couple of months you can ride with me. So after dinner I'll drive you to the apartment and then you'll follow me home.?

About an hour later Tom pulled into the circular drive way which lead to the main entrance of his estate. We were greeted by Anna who was standing on the veranda.

?Welcome home Mr. Rahde, Ms Drake, I hope you had a good time,? Anna said.

I smiled. ?We had a marvelous time. Shasta Lake is so beautiful. We even did some shopping for work.?

?I had such a wonderful time, Elizabeth is quite the fisherman. Friday she caught a large trout and I was skunked. Yesterday I caught a four trout and she limited out. The fish are in the freezer.?

?I'm glad you enjoyed yourself,? Anna said. ?I'd guess you and Ms Drake will be going somewhere again.?

?Oh yes we will. I was thinking of refurbishing the Lady Mint,? Tom said.

?That would be so nice. It has been a long time since you took her out.?

?What's the Lady Mint?? I asked.

Tom smiled. ?That's my seventy-five foot cabin cruiser. It's large enough to take to sea. My father used it a lot and even sailed to the Rivera and Sicily.?

?Oh my,? I said.

?The Lady Mint is small compared to the multimillion dollar yachts, but it is comfy and I don't need a crew to take it out,? Tom said.

?You have a couple of messages on your desk. Nothing urgent, they were all business related,? Anna said. ?Excuse me as I have a roast in the oven and after dinner I'll off load the RV.?

?That will be fine. There are some clothes belonging to Elizabeth please place them in the empty closet in my suite,? Tom instructed.

Anna had prepared a standing rib roast including Yorkshire pudding. It was excellent. Tom opened a bottle of red wine he'd purchased on our trip. Even though Anna was a maid, she was considered as friend too and had dinner with us.

When dinner was over Tom drove me back to my apartment. I could see from the parking lot that my place was dark. That was good as it was an indication that Mike was still in Florida.

As I walked to my front door nervous flutterings were pricking at my chest. I took my keys from my purse and inserted the apartment key into the lock, I paused for a moment, hesitant about saying my next thought. What if Mike was home and just in the bathroom? If that was the case, I wouldn't see any lights on. I turned the key and entered the dark apartment. I turned on a light and everything was exactly the same as I had left it. I made a quick check and I was alone.

I checked my answering machine and I hadn't received any calls over the weekend. I wrote a quick note for Mike telling him that I had landed a great job with Rahde Industries as part of the office staff and I was staying with Lori. Then I called Lori asking that she would cover for me and she agreed if Mike should call. I briefly told her about the weekend and I'd give her the juicy details later when I could talk.

I ran to my car stopping only to tell Tom everything was ok and sorry for taking so long. I followed him back to the house and parked along side the huge garage so my car couldn't be seen from the road. I noticed the RV was gone and when I entered the house from the side entrance I found Anna preparing desert, caramelized brandied bananas. I learned that was one of Tom's favorite and she had made triple the normal amount so we all could have seconds.

I slept with Tom but limited our intimate contact to a good night kiss. We both agreed that we needed to have clear minds and be full of energy for work in the morning.

In the morning Tom and I did shower together. We wanted to save water. Poor guy was erect all during the shower and while I dried him off. He wanted to do something and I reminded him, no touchy, we had to go to work. We did dress together and he looked so sharp in his dark blue suit, patten leather shoes, and a red tie. I wore my new dark green suit with a pencil skirt, light colored nylons, and black shoes. Tom thought I was hot. I have to admit that I did look very good, professional, and a department head.

Anna had breakfast ready for us when we entered the family room. I had a small individual size of Kellogg s cereal, a glass of orange juice, and eggs Benedict. Tom had the cereal, juice, and pancakes. Plus the morning paper was at his place sitting.

Anna came in with a pot of coffee and was most pleasant and friendly. She thought I was most beautiful in my new outfit.

Tom and I didn't say much, but I could tell he was excited and wanted to show me off at the office. I decided to leave half an hour after Tom left so we wouldn't arrive together. He glanced at the sports section and came to me and gave me a loving kiss. ?See you at the office, you know how to get there??

I assured him that I knew my way and we kissed again. He hurried out the side door and I saw him drive away.

Anna came in, refilled my coffee cup. ?May I sit down??

I smiled. I was nervous and needed the company. ?Sure.?

She poured herself a cup of coffee and took a sip. ?I never seen Mr. Rahde this happy in a very, very long time.?

?All weekend long he was like a little kid in an amusement park. He was floating on cloud nine and I was fearful he'd float away,? I said and took a sip of coffee.

Anna chuckled. ?I think he is falling in love with you. You are the first woman he's ever shown any interest or even brought here since Margaret passed. I don't want to see him hurt.?

I smiled and drank some of this great coffee. ?I'd never hurt him.?

?I don't think you would. I see the same look in your eyes. Elizabeth, you don't know it yet, but you are falling in love with Tom.?

This idea of my being in love with Tom slowly germinated within me. Anna could very well be right. Oh my god, if Anna can see this, would Mike?

Changing the subject I asked, ?Where did you learn how to cook? You are so good.?

Anna smiled. ?I've been here a long time. I worked for Tom's grandfather and he sent me to culinary school, the one at the community college. Plus I have always enjoyed cooking and thanks.?

I arrived at Rahde Industries and was greeted by young receptionist sitting behind a counter desk.

?May I help you?? she said with a soft Marilyn Monroe type of a voice.

?Mr. Tom Rahde is expecting me,? I replied.

?He normally doesn't personally greet potential clients,? she said.

?He'll see me, tell him that Elizabeth is here,? I said with a firm voice.

The receptionist then dialed his number. ?Sorry to bother you, sir, there is an Elizabeth here demanding to see you.?

?He'll be right here,? the young woman said.

A few moments later Tom came through one of the double doors that were behind the receptionist. He came to me and gave me a brief, friendly hug. He turned to the young woman, ?Connie, this is Elizabeth Drake and she is the new Human Resources Director.?

Connie smiled and stood up. ?I'm so sorry, I had no idea.?

?You were just doing your job, and you did it well,? I told her and she seemed to relax.

I followed Tom through a maze of office cubicles, most had men and women busy working on their assignments. They stopped just long enough to look at me as I walked by. The further back in the office area we went, the more elegant they became until we came to the executive section. There was my office with a large mahogany desk and numerous book shelves holding books, many of which I recalled from my college days.

On the center of my desk was a manila personal file with my name on it. When I opened it, I found all of the papers Tom told me. I filled in all of spaces and it was typical of an employment forms for new hires. When I came to the marital status I checked the box indicating I was separated. For position desired I wrote Human Relations Director. This phase took a little more than an hour.

I was so concentrated that I didn't notice that someone had placed my name tag on the wall next to the door of my office. It read ?Elizabeth Drake? and under my name was my title, ?Director of Human Relations.?

I realized that Tom's office was next to mine, I knocked on his door and he called me in. I handed him the file and looked through the forms making sure they had been completed. He then took out a rubber stamp and a black ink pad. On both the application and the folder he stamped, ?Hired.?

He handed me several more folders, ?Look these over and sign them.?

The first folder was forming the new corporation and I was listed as an incorporator and an officer, the Secretary. I signed the legal documents where it was indicated. The second folder held a credit card and an ATM card with Wells Fargo. He opened a checking account in my name for twenty-five thousand and the credit card was unlimited. I read this very carefully and he was responsible for both, so I signed it in the required places. I put both of he cards in my wallet. Then I saw the note on a post-em, Mike will be on flight 289 out of Orlando next Monday. The flight leaves at noon and arrives in San Francisco at 5:27 gate 32.

I went back to Tom's office and gave him the folders. He smiled when he saw I had signed everything and said, ?Let's go for a walk and meet some folks.?

The first office belong to Al Jeffries. ?Al, please welcome Elizabeth Drake. Al is my Vice-President.?

?Well, h-e-l-l-o, where did you find this little piece of heaven?? Al said.

?She's our new Human Relations Director,? Tom said and turned towards me and said ?he's harmless.?

We went to the next office when he said, ?You'll want to get to know Sherri, she's our Treasurer and the one who cuts our pay checks.?

The introductions went very well, everybody was friendly welcoming me with open arms. Tom then wrote a memo that went out to all of the other employees telling them about me. My first official duty was to write a memo to all employees and the employees of Construction Structural Wood telling them about the purchase Tom had made over the weekend. I told them there wouldn't be any lay offs from Rahde Industries or from CSW. In fact there would be promotions available in the acquired company and transfers to the new company would be looked at on a case by case basis. Tom approved my memo and it went out to all of our employees and to the employees of CSW.

After work I followed Tom home. I felt blissfully happy, fully alive as I kept Tom's SUV in view. Once again I parked next to garage so it couldn't be seen from the street and entered the house from the side french door.

?Hello, Ms Drake. You must have had a good day, there's a spring in your step,? Anna said.

?It went very well, I had a wonderful time, you're looking at Rahde Industries new Human Relations Director,? I said and spun around making a full circle.

?I'm so very happy for you,? she said.

?I'm going to slip into something casual,? I said and nearly ran to Tom's suite.

He was sitting in a chair next to a small, round table. He was sipping on a coke and had one for me. He was lounging in his undies and a t-shirt, there is something real sexy seeing a man in his shorts.

I undressed down to my bra and panties and hung up my suit. I went to the bedroom area sitting across from Tom and took a sip of coke.

?God, you're sexy, you turn me on walking around in your undies,? was the first words he said to me.

?You do the same to me,? I said. ?I thought we were on our best behavior at work. I wanted you to take me on my desk.?

He came over to me and took my hand in his. ?There's nothing stopping us now.?

I smiled and gently squeezed and stroke his bulge pushing out his shorts. He moaned as I fondled him and slid my hand down his briefs. He stopped me long enough to close the bedroom door. Now where were we as he placed my hand back onto his bulge. I went to my knees and lowered his briefs exposing his large, thick, cock. He stood there as I stroked him. He was so turned on. Every once in a while I stopped only to kiss and lick his throbbing love stick. Then I'd stroke his thick shaft. I was determined to make have several climaxes. Faster and faster my soft hand went over the full length of his cock. He told me to stop as he was about to cum. I didn't stop, I kept up the same pace. Tom arched outwards towards me and he was close to a climax. For good measure I sucked and licked the tip of his penis. He groaned and began to hump my hand. Then I felt that delicious pulsation and moved to the side just in time as I was still stroking him. His cum shot out and must have went ten feet in the air. Tom kept exploding again and again. I continued stroking him for about a minute after he was spent. I wanted him to give me every last drop of his hot cum. Breathing heavily he collapsed onto the bed.

I laid next to him and ran my fingers through the hair on his chest. Tom really liked me doing that to him. A few minutes later my fingers found their way down to his cock again. I slowly played with his tool and it came back to life. I was still completely turned on as I mounted him. We kissed and I guided his cock in between the lips of my hot pussy. He thrusted up and just that quick he was in me, again. We both humped each other, his cock felt so good deep inside of me. I thought about doing this all day long and I was ready to ride my man. Suddenly, I had a massive orgasm. I could both hear and feel the sloshing of my love juices mixing with his. I was cumming again, and again. Then Tom exploded a second time, filling me with his life-giving cream. We stopped and I just laid there enjoying the feel of his cock in me.

When we both came back down to Earth, we decided to save water and shower together. We were like newlyweds, laughing and giggling as we dried each other and sexually teased each other. We dressed and opened the bedroom door. Diner should be ready soon.

To be continued Elizabeth D.

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