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My Other Man 4

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I woke this morning and found my arms and legs intertwined with Tom's. How I got in this position I have no idea. He was still asleep and he had a cute little purr for a snore. Poor guy is exhausted. Lord only knows he wore me out last night. I gently slipped out of bed trying not to wake him and slipped on the green robe with my name monogrammed on the front. Then I saw myself in the mirror, oh my god, my hair is a mess.

I found the coffee pot and it was an old fashioned perk kind. After making a pot of coffee, I went into the living room area and turned on the TV. I wanted to look good for Tom so I brushed and combed my long hair until I was satisfied and placed it into a pony tail. Then I put on my face, just the basics so that I looked decent. I slipped into a pair of jeans and a yellow button shirt of his, tying it off at the bottom that exposed my tummy, and a yellow pair of heels. I think I accomplished my goal of looking like his sex kitten today. When I go to the office with him, I'll dress professionally.

The aroma of coffee perking brought me back to reality. I went back to the bedroom and he was still asleep. He had kicked off the blankets and his penis was limp and laying on his leg. Even soft he was large. Looking at his cock sent a tingling through my body and I found myself massaging my boobs and pinching my nipples. My pussy had that warm, itchy feeling and I stroked myself to ease that feeling. It wasn't working, I was getting turned on in a hurry, I had to do something else. I turned around and quickly went to the kitchen where I poured myself a cup of coffee. I found a box mixed donuts Anna had put in the cupboard and took a twisted glazed and a jelly donuts.

I sat down and watched TV wanting to get caught up with the news. The coffee was excellent as was my mini breakfast. I didn't want to eat too much just in case Tom wanted to go out somewhere. Finally, I was unwinding and cooling off. That man really turns me on, even in his sleep. I guess it is only normal and natural to compare Tom with Mike. Recalling how life was before Mike's problem, we had lots of sex but the quality was no where as good as it is with Tom. Mike would never go down on me and damn, not only did Tom go down on me, he made me have a massive orgasm doing it. Mike tolerated me giving him oral sex but I don't think he really liked it. Now Tom encourages me to suck his cock and if the truth be known, I really like doing it to Tom because he likes it. Maybe because our relationship is new, Tom turns me on so high to a level that Mike has never done. Then when Tom is spent, he'll cuddle with me and slowly bring me down. And Mike, he just rolls over and goes to sleep.

My most inner thoughts were broken by Tom's voice. ?Morning love, have you been up long?? He came up behind the chair I was sitting and he kissed my neck sending a chill down my spine ? again.

?I've been up for about an hour. There's fresh coffee on the stove and I found a box of donuts Anna had put in the cupboard. I'll get you a cup if you wish.?

He smiled. ?I can do that. I was thinking of taking a ride to find a restaurant for a good breakfast. These rural places have small diners that are excellent. And honey, you look hot. I love you wearing my shirts, that's a turn on for me.?

I felt my cheeks warming and I knew I was blushing. ?Thanks. Breakfast out sounds exciting. I've never been this far north, I seldom leave the bay area.?

?Let's see if we can change that, I love to travel. And sad to say I haven't done much since Margaret passed. In fact I've done none.?

He brought his clothes with him and began to dress in front of me just as if it were second nature for him. And I thought how Mike always wanted to dress in private and never dressed in front of me.

I took a sip of coffee then responded. ?I'd love to travel with you. What do you have in mind??

He flashed his toothy smile that melted my heart. ?Anywhere you wish, my love. Paris, Hong Kong, Disney World. I want you to take flying lessons as I have twin engine piper that can hold ten passengers. You'll be my co-pilot.?

?I've never been in a small plane before. That would be exciting to learn how to fly.?

?They gave us this tour guide when we checked in,? Tom said as he checked the listings. ?This restaurant sounds good, it's the Lake Shore Inn and it's only a ten minute drive from here. What do you think??

?Sure, let's give it a try.?

Tom unhooked the Jeep Cherokee we had been towing. ?Want to drive??

?Sure,? I replied and he tossed me the keys. I started the jeep and it purred like a kitten.

?When you get to the highway, make a right. According to this, the restaurant is ten miles from here and on the right hand side.?

The car was so easy to drive and it rode smooth. There was the restaurant and the parking lot was nearly full. ?That's a good sign, a full parking lot means it is a good restaurant.?

?I heard that too,? he agreed. When we reached the entrance he held the door open for me and I liked that.

With knotty pine paneling and ceiling, the restaurant had a rural country and logging atmosphere. Antique logging equipment donned the walls along with photos of lumber jacks cutting giant trees. At the rear of the dinning area was a number of very large picture windows displaying the beauty of Lake Shasta. In one corner there was a well used wood burning stove that kept the place warm during the cold months.

A young, attractive woman escorted us to a table with a view and gave us each a menu that was huge, both in size and in content.

?Coffee?? The young woman asked.

?Please,? Tom replied.

?I'd like the double coco delight,? I replied.

?I didn't expect this,? Tom said honestly surprised with the menu.

?They have so much. What do you like?? I asked.

?Feel free to order anything your beautiful little heart desires. You'll get used to it, that is money is no object and you can have anything.? Tom said and took my hand into his as he was across from me in this cute little booth.

I smiled at the thought. ?Steak and eggs sounds good with home fries.?

He flashed his smile that I just love. ?So be it. May I order for you??

?Of course, eggs over easy,? I replied.

The waitress returned with our drinks. My drink came in a huge mug that had to be at least double the size of his mug.

Tom ordered for me and he ordered ham and eggs with home fries for both of us. That is when we learned that juice came with breakfast and we both wanted orange juice.

He took a sip of his coffee and asked, ?Did you ever go to college??

I took a sip of my coco and it was so very chocolatey. ?Yes, I went to SF State and graduated with my BA in business. In fact, I'm only 8 units shy of getting my masters. My minor was in advertising.?

?Really,? he replied. ?Why didn't you finish your masters??

?I ran out of money and tapped out my loans,? I answered truthfully and I could tell he liked my answer. Come Monday I knew that I could fill the chair he wanted me to fill and really be able to do the job.

?When things calm down and the dust settles, we'll make sure you'll get your masters,? he said then added that he just had a two year degree.

The waitress came with our breakfasts and they were on large platters. My breakfast steak was a regular dinner rib steak with three eggs, and what had to be a half pound of home fries. Tom's plate was the same as mine except he had a full slab of ham with the bone in it.

My steak was so tender that I didn't need a knife to cut it and took a bite. ?You know honey, I don't want to go back to my apartment.?

?I figured that was coming because I don't want you to go back either,? he said. ?I love having you with me. But you really don't have to go back until next Sunday. Just as long as you are there when Mike gets back.?

?That's true,? I replied. ?I probably should be there Friday afternoon in case he comes home early.?

?I'll find out Monday when the conference is over. His office should know when his flight is booked.?

?That will be good,? I said.

Tom took a sip of his coffee. ?It's going to be hard on you and me, but more so on you. When Mike does get back you are going to have to be the same with him as you were when he left. Treat him like you missed him. This will be half of your life.?

?And the other half is with you,? I said.

?Yes, and his business trips will range from one to two weeks at a time and that's when we'll be together. Well, except for the time at work. That will be real work like any other job and we can not make love at work.?

?Not even a kiss?? I asked.

?Not a kiss or a special touch. People in the office will be watching you and wondering who you are. We can't give them any ammo.?

?I can understand that,? I said.

We left the restaurant and decided to be tourists seeing the sights of this beautiful lake. I hadn't realized there was so much here, oh sure, I knew that Shasta Lake existed and that it was in the north central part of the state and that was the extent of my knowledge. I had no idea there were small towns or villages all around the lake. Each of these towns were loaded with boutiques of various kinds. Of course, we had to check some of them out. I was able to do some shopping where I, we, purchased several suits, skirts, blouses, jackets, and the accessories for my new job at Rahde Industries. I had to dress like I belonged in upper management. When all was said and done Tom had spent close to twelve thousand on me.

I was surprised that there were several wineries and Tom had me stop at most of them. Two offered tours and most had side rooms for tasting of their products. The tours were most interesting seeing how wine was made. Their wines were absolutely delicious and far better than the large corporate wineries. Tom made a point of buying a case of the wines we liked. One even made champagne which was so good that it was beyond belief. He bought four cases and explained that was for the New Years party he was planning to host. He explained that he had a catered New Years party at the house for all of his employees with their families. As a Board member, I would be one of the hosts.

I could only imagine what Mike would think when he saw Tom's place. Being there would be lots of people there, it would not be a problem of Tom and I being on our good behavior. It would be at this party that Mike would learn that I was more than just an employee at Rahde Industries. He'd learn that I was the Director of Human Relations and a voting member of the Board of Directors.

On our drive around the lake we saw a bill board advertising a diner-dancing cruise on a paddle wheel ship named Lady of the Lake. We got all excited about taking it then we saw a sign saying the ship was down for repairs. We agreed that would have been fun.

We made it completely around the lake as I drove into the camp ground and parked behind our RV. We placed the cases of wine in the storage belly of the RV and I carried my bags of goodies into the vehicle. He watched me with glee as I took out one outfit after another and held them up against me, then hung it up in the closet.

?How can I ever thank you?? I said as I tried on a pencil skirt, blouse, and matching jacket. It was a good fit.

Tom smiled as he sat on the sofa and crossed his legs. ?I get my pleasure from pleasing you. Love, this is only the beginning. By the time I'm done your walk in closet will be full of fine clothes.?

Thinking of the walk in closet at his place I recalled it was huge. It had to be the same size as the second bedroom in my apartment. Then there was an unused make up station in the master bath.

As if Tom read my mind he said, ?then you need to go to Sephora's to get the make up and the fragrances you like. The make up center hadn't been used since Margaret passed away. I gave to charity everything she had. I was so angry that I didn't want anything of hers around. I was mad at the doctors and it didn't matter that her cancer had progressed so far that she was beyond help. I later realized that it was her fault as she had refused to go the doctors until it was way too late.?

I went over to him and hugged him. His head was resting on and crushing my breasts as I comforted him. ?I'm so sorry you had to go through so much pain.? I kissed the top of his head and I felt a warm stirring deep within me. I told myself that I can't turned on right now.

I stepped back when he asked, ?BBQ ok? I think there is a whole chicken in the refrig.?

?Sure,? I said as I undressed. I liked to undress in front of Tom and I could tell he enjoyed watching me.

I slipped back into the clothes I wore for our drive around the lake. Meanwhile, Tom went out and set up the TV that was built into the side of the RV. He then started the fire in the fire pit and placed the grill over the flames.

The whole chicken was easy to find and I prepped it. This kitchen was unreal. Nearly every spice was in the pull-out spice rack drawer. When Tom came in he was surprised to see I had the bird in the roast rack and ready to put on the fire.

?You did my job, thanks,? he said and took out two bottles of beer, opened them and handed one to me. ?I've got the fire ready and the TV is on.?

Diner was excellent. We had worked as team and everything went well. We watched TV and roasted marsh mellows for desert.

I took a long, hot shower in the lodge facilities and it felt good. I was alone for most of my shower but two other women came in as I was drying off. They apparently knew each other as they were talking about their men and other than saying ?hi? to me they ignored my presence.

When I returned to the RV Tom was sitting on the sofa, wearing a terry cloth robe, and watching TV. Without saying a word I gave him a wry smile and went back to the sleeping area. I knew he was behind me when I started to undress. He kissed me, took off his robe exposing his penis and slipped into bed. I joined him and cuddled up next to his body. I slipped my leg over his thigh and with me knee I felt his cock was now hard and stiff. This was enough to reignite my fires of passion.

Our lips met, my mouth warm and demanding. He willingly accepted my passion. My lips blazed a trail of liquid fire across his masculine skin and I was becoming intoxicated with his scent. I kissed his nipples and suckled each one bringing a moan from his lips. I kissed his rippled stomach and took his cock in my hand. I slowly stroked his thick, long shaft as I tongued his belly button. He began to twist and squirm as my strokes became faster. In the dim light I saw the glistening of his pre-cum and I spread it all over the head of his cock. I continued stroking him and spread more of his pre-cum down his shaft. I could feel my own juices run down my thigh as I kissed the very tip of the sticky head of his cock. I loved the taste and began sucking and licking. I stopped just in the nick of time.

I mounted him and holding his rod in place, I lowered my pussy down until I felt him enter my hot, moist lips. He felt so good as he entered me. I could feel the thickness of his shaft as well as the heat radiating from it. I began my humping motion as I was fucking him. He called out my name and squeezed my breasts. I leaned forward making it easy for him to fondle them. When he stopped, my boobs swayed all about with my humping action. Our lips met and our tongues danced together in a silent melody. Suddenly he broke off the kiss and began heavy panting. I hadn't realized what was happening until I felt him gush his cream deep into my womb. He came again and again which fired off my own wild explosion of a massive orgasm. I kept cumming and I couldn't stop my orgasms. After what seemed to be ten minutes they finally stopped and even though I was totally exhausted and spent, I felt wonderfully happy.

I laid next to Tom and he pulled me close to him as he brought me down from this wonderful high I was on. Sleep came easy for both of us.

To be continued Elizabeth D.

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