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My Other Man 3

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I woke to the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee brewing. Not the everyday kind that I was accustomed, this was the real good, very expensive kind. Then I realized where I was, in Tom's bed. He was sitting resting against the head board with a pin light shinning over his shoulder as he was reviewing some papers in a folder.

?Hope you slept well, my love,? he said as he put the folder on the night stand next to him.

?I did,? I replied, rolled over on by back and used his lap as a pillow.

?The coffee is almost ready and there is a danish or two for you,? he said. ?What do you like in your coffee??

?Just some cream or milk??

He poured me a cup of the brew, added some half and half, and placed an apple danish on a desert plate. He placed it on a cocktail table.

?Thanks,? I said as I picked up the cup and took a sip. ?This is really good.?

?It's my favorite and I always start my day with a cup,? he said and took a bite of his danish. ?We can take quick shower before we hit the road. Want to save water and shower together??

I smiled at the suggestion. ?Sure, but we have to be on our good behavior.?

?I know, I know,? he said sounding dejected.

To shower with Tom was heavenly. We were very good I thought. After I washed him off I stroked his penis just enough to tease him with a promise to make love with him tonight. He dried me off and returned my tease by rubbing my pussy just enough to get me moist. Damn, now I'm going to be turned on all day long.

His RV was magnificent, it was like a land yacht. It had all of the bells and whistles you'd expect to find on a vehicle of this class including a jeep he was towing. I could even watch TV as we traveled but I chose to sit up front with him in the Captain's Chair. With a flip of a switch, the entire coach filled with music. We both liked the oldies and Elvis was playing. This was going to be a long trip from the San Francisco Bay Area.

We talked and became closer, much closer. Something I didn't want to happen. For me, Tom was a magnate and I was drawn to him like a paper clip. He wanted to know how I was doing financially and I explained that we were making it but it was tight. He said that he would help me with that, he'd set up a credit/ATM card so I wouldn't feel the need to ask for money. He'd keep it stocked with ten thousand a month and I wouldn't need his consent for any purchase I made under five thousand. I would keep the card at his home along with the ward robe he expected me to purchase.

Tom wanted to know where Mike worked and I told him. He had come up with a solution to the problem of Mike preventing them of being together. I told him the company and when we stopped for lunch, he checked his lap top and saw the company was up for sale. He checked the asking price, did some math and said I can afford that. Tom asked if it would be all right for him to purchase the company. Upon the purchase he'd promote Mike to the position of west coast manager. This would include a healthy pay raise and an expense account. Part of the job description would require him to travel setting up accounts, hiring and training employees, and over seeing the accounts.

When I agreed, Tom called his business manager asking him to place a bid on purchasing the company. Now comes the waiting to see if the bid has been accepted.

?Just how much money do you have?? I asked. ?Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.?

?It's ok,? he said. ?To be honest, I don't know exactly how much I have. As of last quarter I have about nine hundred and fifty million and some change.?

?Oh my god,? I said.

?I made the bid on Mike's company with the interest I get on my accounts with plenty left over. I'll make money on the deal.?

?Want something to drink? I do,? I said.

?See what's in the refrig, a coke would be good,? he replied.

I found there were two small refrigerators under the counter, one was stocked with food and the other was full of beverages. I grabbed two cans of ice cold Coke and returned to my seat. I opened one can and handed it to Tom and opened the other for myself.

I took a sip when his cell phone rang. He checked the caller ID and said ?it's Bart, my business manager.?

?Talk to me,? Tom said. A moment went by and he said, ?Ok, good, cut the check and sign the papers. Have the corporate papers ready for me to sign Monday morning.? There was a period of silence when Bart was talking that I couldn't hear. ?Yes, list me as the President and CEO, yourself as Vice-President, and Elizabeth Drake as Executive Secretary and Personnel Director.?

There was another period of silence before Tom spoke again, ?Yes, that is Elizabeth Drake, common spelling. While I'm thinking about it, set up an account at Wells Fargo in her name say an opening balance of ten grand and an unlimited credit card.? There was another period of silence as Bart was talking. ?Good job, thanks for rushing this, see you Monday in the office. Yes, Elizabeth will be with me so she can sign the papers. Of course, I'll catch some fish you. Bye.?

?H-how can I ever thank you?? I stammered.

?You already have. You make me feel so good with just your presence. Not to mention your wonderful love making, oh my god, how may I thank you?? He reached over and stroked my arm. ?Now for a little business, they jumped all over my offer of ten and half million. The deal will be final when Bart gives them a check this afternoon. Monday you'll have to come to the office with me and sign some papers concerning the corporation, your bank account and credit card. I'm listed as your backer so they won't check your credit or Mike's.?

?What do I tell Mike??

?When he returns tell him you are now gainfully employed with Rahde Industries in the Human Relations department. At an employee's meeting in a couple of weeks, Mike will learn the company he works has been purchased by the Rahde Company which is one of my subsidiaries. It will be at this meeting that he will learn of his promotion to the West Coast Manager.?

?That way I can be with you legitimately,? I said.

?Exactly. And I do a lot of entertaining and business meetings out of my home so you'll have to be there for those and once in a while Mike will have to attend a meeting or two. These will be real business meetings, nothing staged.?

?And of course, you gotta hold those meetings during football season,? I said with a grimace on my face.

?Naturally,? he said and we both laughed together.

As we traveled north on Interstate 5 I saw a billboard that read ?Lake Shasta RV Park and Resort, take exit 153 five miles.? In the back ground was a picture of a beautiful and mountain and a large lake.

?That's where we are going,? Tom announced.

A few minutes later he took the turn off and signs lead us right to the main entrance of the park. He stopped right in front of the lodge and we entered the rustic lodge and went to the registration desk. He had made reservations and the clerk thought I was his wife which was fine with me. We had a shady space with full hook-ups only a few feet from the water's edge. Tom parked and leveled the RV and the park provided a two man crew to set up the utilities for the vehicle.

?This is so pretty here,? I said.

?It's been a long time since I've been here,? he said. ?The last time I was here we didn't know how serious Margaret's illness really was. We knew she had cancer but it was treatable.? He swallowed hard and bit his lower lip. ?They opened her up to remove the tumor and it was much worse than they realized. In short, three months later to the day, she died. I haven't been here since then. But I'm glad you are here with me.?

I went to him and gave him a loving kiss then hugged him. ?I'm sorry for your loss. Are you ok??

He returned my hug and took in a deep breath. ?Yes, I'll be fine. It still hurts but life moves on. I want you in my life and in my future.?

?I'll be here for you and I want to be in your life,? I said.

?Let's get our fishing lines wet and try to catch some trout,? he suggested.

?Yes, I hope I'll catch something instead of drowning bait,? I replied.

We walked to the lake and several other people were fishing. As I was setting up my line for salmon eggs a guy about fifty feet from me brought in a good sized fish. Perhaps it was twelve inches long I thought.

?Honey, did you see that?? I called out.

?Yes,? Tom replied. ?The next one is mine,? he said as if it were a challenge. He was preparing his line for fly fishing.

I baited my hooks and cast out as far as I could and finally I could feel the distinct bump when it hit the bottom. I sat down, took the slack out of the line as my dad taught me. Tom began his masterful fly casting, it was amazing how far out he could cast the artificial bait. Again and again he casted out then suddenly there was a large splash close to his fly. The fish missed his potential meal.

?There's some large fish here,? Tom called out.

?Yes,? I replied. ?My name is on one of them.?

I felt a slight bump or tug on my line. ?Come on fishy, take my bait. Be patient,? I told myself. Suddenly I felt a very strong, jerky tug on my line. I had hooked a fish of some size, I pulled back and my rod bent way over.

?Honey, I got a fish!? I yelled and Tom came running with a net in one hand and his pole in the other.

?C'mon baby, you got a real good one. Bring it in slowly, you're doing great...I see him, it's a large rainbow,? he said.

The fish jumped but it wasn't going anywhere except into the net as I could see it swallowed the bait and the hook. Finally I brought in close enough so Tom got the net under the big fish. He held up the fish then placed it on his tackle box and it appeared to be thirty inches long as it longer than his two foot box.

We decided to call it a day fishing as this one fish was enough for dinner for both of us. But before the trout met it's fate, Tom took several photos of me holding the large beast.

Tom is an excellent chef as he showed off his culinary skills by preparing dinner over an open fire. He had prepared the fish in foil with herbs, butter, and white wine.

After dinner we sat cuddled by the camp fire for hours admiring the stars in the black sky and getting to know each other better. Occasionally, a meteor shot across darkness and I made a wish this will never end.

It was almost eleven when we went into the RV. I looked for and found one of his white t-shirts, undressed and slipped into his shirt. I felt so sexy in it, more so than the nighty I had brought with me. I made a mental note that I was going to have to make a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret.

Tom came out of the bathroom wearing a t-shirt too. He was already excited as he was erect and stiff. My mouth went dry and I licked my lips to moisten them. He came to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. We kissed and as our lips met, I reached down and placed his cock between my thighs. He slid his hands down to my butt and pulled me close to him so my breasts were crushing against his hairy chest. He felt so good to me as I begin to slowly twist and thrust my hips so I could feel his stiffness. Already I was completely turned on and my wet pussy was a hint that he didn't miss.

He had me sit on the edge of the raised bed. He kissed my boobs and sucked on my nipples. All I could do was run my fingers through his hair with one hand and hold up the breast he was kissing. He then started to kiss my chest, then my tummy and further down he went. He dropped to his knees and continued his assault on my senses. I opened my thighs for him as he kissed my mound of femininity and I laid back. My head was spinning as he began to finger me. Suddenly, he spread apart my pink pussy lips and kissed me there. The feeling I got was unbelievable. He kissed my pussy again and again. Then he started licking me! I tried to warn him that I was going to explode soon if he didn't stop, but I couldn't speak. Faster and faster he licked me and I couldn't stop from thrashing about, twisting, and arching my hips up as high as I could. Then it happened, I had a full orgasm exploding everywhere while he was still licking me. When he finally stopped, he looked up at me and I could my cum all over his face.

I stood up and was about to lay down when he had me turn facing the bed and bend over. Gently, with his hands he indicated he wanted me to spread my thighs and I did. I felt the head of his cock rubbing my pubic area. I never had sex in this position and I was fearful he'd fuck me in my ass, but he didn't. He slid the tip of his rod into my cunt, slowly he pushed in. This felt so much different than any other position I had experienced. I has having an orgasm and he wasn't even all the way in me yet nor had he begun to hump me. Almost the moment he started his humping motion I had another moderate explosion, then another and another. I was almost having a continuous orgasm. I was so wet that there was a slopping sound each time he'd thrust his cock deep into my womb. I tried to call out his name but all that came through my lips were grunts and loud groans.

He picked up the pace of his fucking me. He held me by my hips and pulled me into him with each of his thrusts. Faster and faster he went when I felt that familiar feeling and he began to fill me with his life giving cream. I could feel the warmth of each squirt of cum that shot deep within me. It felt so good to have him cum in me. Again and again he squirted deep within me.

Just as suddenly he stopped. He stopped squirting and he stopped humping me. He and I were both spent and panting heavily. He left his cock in me for several minutes and we both enjoyed the wonderful feeling it gave us.

I spoke first, ?Oh my God! That was beyond belief. I love making love with you. You make me feel like a real woman.?

He finally withdrew his penis from me. ?Yes, I can't believe I gave so much cum. You milked me dry, but I loved it. Oh my God, yes, I love making love with you too.?

?Today was fantastic,? I said. ?I don't know ho we can top it tomorrow.?

?We'll try,? he replied. ?We'd better get some sleep.?

We cuddled in bed and sleep came easy.

To be continued ? Elizabeth D.

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