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My Other Man 2

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I was blissfully happy as I was making the bed even though my pussy was still a little tender from my experience with Tom the other day. I smiled as I recalled seeing his stiff penis the first time, he had to be at least twice as thick as Mike's and much longer too. Tom even called me the next day to make sure that I was all right and that he was thinking of me. That was nice, I really liked that he cared. We had talked for nearly an hour on the phone but really didn't say much. The only thing I learned was that he had a step-daughter, Candance, that came from his late wife's previous marriage. Her ex didn't want anything to do with the teen so the courts granted him full custody and denied visitation rights to her biological father.

He was so proud of her, she graduated from high school with honors and was a freshman at the local University with a full academic scholarship. She hadn't declared a major yet but was leaning towards a pre-med major. Several times he had told me that he wanted me to meet her.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.

?Hello,? I said.

?Hi,? the man's voice said. ?It's me, Tom.?

?I was just thinking of you,? I said.

?Me, too,? Tom replied. ?When is Mike due home??

?A week from Monday. Why??

?I have a forty foot class A RV that I haven't used since Margaret passed away. I was thinking of taking you up to Lake Shasta for the weekend. Get in some trout fishing and some love.....? he said when I interrupted.

?I love to camp and fish, yes, I'd love to do that with you,? I said with my voice reflecting my excitement. My boobs became all tingly just thinking about spending the weekend with him and I found myself squeezing them as I was on the phone with him.

?I'll tell you what, why don't I pick you up Thursday at about 5:00 p.m. After I get off work. Then we can get an early start Friday morning before the sun comes up.? Tom suggested then in the background she heard him say to apparently a client, ?I'll be right with you.?

?Yes, that sounds like a plan,? I said. ?You're busy and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.?

?Never too busy for you,? he said. ?bye for now.?

?Bye,? I replied and hung up the phone.

I screamed ?YES?! I found my suitcase and began to pack. Jeans for sure, two pair. I want tops that I don't need a bra, here on the bottom of this drawer are the halter tops Mike don't like me wearing because it shows too much. Sorry Mike, Tom will like them. In case it is hot I should take these short shorts, hmmm, I wonder if my bikini still fits. I quickly undressed and tried on the swim suit, the bottom fits fine but my boobs must have grown as the bra top is a little small. I'll take it. Finally, I packed some panties, flip-flops, tennis shoes, a pair of heels, and one nice outfit just in case there is a nice restaurant he wants to take me.

I took Mike's trout gear out of the closet and it looked complete. Finally it was going to get some use. The last time it was used was the summer before his headaches started. Even then he didn't bother to ask if I wanted to go.

Time seemed to stand still as I waited for Tom. I was getting so anxious. Then doubts crept into my mind, he wouldn't stand me up, God I hope not. The next morning I was doing my chores so I wouldn't come back to a messy house. This time was a little different, I was doing my chores in the nude. I never done that before and I wanted to try it. I found it to be exhilarating and I enjoyed the freedom I felt. I fantasized that I was cleaning Tom's house in the nude and that took me to another level.

I checked the time again, five more hours before Tom gets here. The phone rang bringing me back to earth. I checked the caller ID and it wasn't Tom.

?Hello?? I said.

?Hi honey,? the man's voice said. My god it was Mike.

I quickly had to bring myself off the high I was thinking about Tom. ?Having a good time??

He chuckled. ?Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Then we break for lunch which is followed by a seminar. What have you been doing??

?I was just cleaning house when you called. This weekend Lori invited me to stay with her and we'll be doing girl things.?

?That's good, I didn't want you to be all alone this weekend. That was nice of her. This weekend the conference is taking everybody to Disney World and it is part of a weekend tour. I didn't want you worry if you called and I wasn't here.?

In the background she heard another man's voice, ?C'mon Mike, you'll be late for lunch.?

?You'd better get going,? I said.

?Love you,? he said.

?Love you, too,? I replied and I heard the click indicating he had hung up the phone.

I decided that it was time to start getting around. Basic make up will be enough and I can't forget to pack that too. I just ran a brush through my hair, one of the advantages of having long, straight hair. Besides, Tom likes long hair.

I checked the clock for the hundredth time, it was getting close until Tom would be here in less than an hour. The phone rang again and caller ID indicated it was Tom.

?Hello,? I said.

?Just calling to let you know I'm leaving my house and I'm on my way,? he said.

?You have my apartment number??

?4A, right??

?See you in a few,? he said.

?See you shortly,? I said then hung up the phone.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at my door. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly trying to relax a little before opening the door. When I opened the door Tom was standing there holding a beautiful bouquet of long stem roses.

?Come in,? I said.

He stepped into my apartment, we kissed briefly, and handed me the roses. ?I hope you like them. I figure this maybe the only time I'll be able to get you flowers.?

I smiled a toothy smile. ?I love them. They are beautiful and you are right about getting me flowers.?

?Now you are ok with spending the weekend with me.? He inquired.

I nodded. ?Mike called and he is in Orlando, Florida. The convention is taking everybody to Disney World for the weekend.?

?Lucky Mike, lucky us,? Tom said as he gave me a gentle hug.

?Want a tour of my apartment? Not much here,? I said as I lead him by the hand to master bedroom first. Then to the second bedroom which was Mike's office, the kitchen, dining area, and the living room.

?You do keep a neat and clean apartment,? he said.

I chuckled and grinned at the thought of my cleaning house in the nude this morning. Then I confined in him the state of dress or lack of dress I was when I cleaned up.

?Shall we go?? He suggested.

?Yes, I'm so anxious.?

?Just be yourself,? he said.

Tom drove a silver SUV and I needed the side step to climb up into the cab and it had an automatic seat belt. The engine was so very quiet I could hardly tell the engine was running. The drive to his house took forty minutes and I was not prepared for what I saw. Saying it was a house was technically correct but it was an estate. Tom explained that he had inherited it from his grandfather several years ago when he passed away.

He explained that he had help for the house in the form of a maid and on an occasion, a butler. There was a landscape company that took care of the grounds for him. Anna, my maid, is expecting you and that you will be sharing my bedroom. She is very discreet. And there is her quarters in the rear of the house.

Tom parked in front of the house so that I could use the walk way up to the entry and foyer. Just as I reached the top step of the concrete porch the massive entry door opened and Anna was standing there.

?Welcome to the Rahde Residence,? Anna said. ?Make yourself at home and I hope I can make you feel like this is your second home.?

?Thank you Anna,? I told her as I looked around. The interior was done in early American and looked very expensive and lavish.

Tom followed me into the house and Anna reported the RV is stocked, both gas tanks filled, and your fishing equipment is in the lower front storage bin.

?Please place Ms Drake's luggage in the RV along with her fishing gear,? he instructed.

?Please leave my make up case, I'll need it in the morning,? I requested.

Ana smiled. ?Yes, ma'am. I'll place it in the master suite.?

?When will supper be ready?? Tom asked.

?The usual time Mr. Rahde, 7:00 and I fixed something special for Ms Drake,? Anna replied, paused, then added. ?I hope you're hungry, dear.?

I smiled. ?Yes, I am.?

?May I show you around?? Tom asked.

?Yes, but you should know that I am so embarrassed that I showed you my humble apartment.?

Tom took me by the hand as the tour started. ?Elizabeth, just be yourself. Here is the formal living room, we only use it for entertaining and the same here, this is our formal dinning room. From dinning is the family room which we use for daily use and it is close to the kitchen. In the kitchen I discovered that it had everything a restaurant would need and Anna was busy preparing shrimp cocktails. Down that hall are the six bedrooms and the master suite, there are five bathrooms on this level and one down stairs. Downstairs is the bar, wine cellar, game room, and media room.

?Shall we go downstairs? I'll fix you a drink, the bar is fully stocked,? Tom suggested.

I followed him downstairs into a dark space and suddenly the room filed with light when the motion detectors activated. The walls had real wood paneling, the ceiling was sound proofed, and carpet everywhere except around the bar. In the center of the room was a pool table and along one wall was a row of video games. Large screen TVs were everywhere suspended from the ceiling. On the wall across from the bar were opened double doors which lead to the media room and I could see a huge TV screen.

I sat on an upholstered bar stools and rested my arms on the highly polished bar top. ?I guess you follow sports.?

He nodded. ?I love both college and pro football as well as college basketball.?

?I love football. My dad raised me watching the games,? I told him.

?We have to find a way for you to watch the games here. Sometimes there are over a hundred people here enjoying my media room. Perhaps if we also invited Mike. With so many people here, we couldn't do anything anyways.?

?That might work,? I said.

?Here, try this, it's a Martini,? Tom said.

?I never had one before,? I said and took a sip. ?This is good!?

Dinner was excellent, something that could be found in a high end restaurant.

Tom lead me by the hand down the long corridor to his master suite. Just inside the door was my make up case just as Anna promised. The bed was huge and had matching night tables and a dresser. In one corner there was a coffee bar next to which was a door leading to a giant walk in closet. On the wall was a door leading to a very large bathroom.

I went into the bathroom to take off my make up and personal hygiene. I couldn't miss the extra large jacuzzi tub and pictured relaxing with Tom and sipping on some red wine. There was a huge shower with multiple shower heads next to the tub. I could get used to living like this in a hurry I told myself.

I completely undressed and hung my clothes on a hook which was above a dressing bench. Folded neatly on the bench was a plain white t-shirt I assumed was his and slipped it on. It was a little too large but I liked wearing his shirt. That's when I saw the robe in my favorite color of green. I slipped it on and it was the perfect length. Then I saw that my name had been monogrammed on the front.

I went out into the bedroom and he was already in bed. ?I see you found the robe,? he said. ?Looks good on you.?

?How.....when did you have time to do this? Thank you so much, I love it.?

?Anna did it, she is very good with a sewing machine.?

I took off the robe, placed it on a dressing chair and climbed into bed with Tom. He was holding a remote control of some kind, he clicked a button and music seemed to come from everywhere. A click on another button and the lights went out.

I felt him roll over towards me and his lips gently pressed against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers though his hair as our kiss deepened and became more passionate. At least for tonight and this weekend, I am Tom's wife and promised myself to be wifely with him and do my duty to please and satisfy my weekend husband. His hand lovingly roamed and explored my body turning me on higher and higher. I was becoming like modeling clay and he was the master artist creating something wonderful. His hand cupped my pubic area and stroked me. In a moment I felt my juices flowing and my pussy was so very sensitive, I needed to be fingered to relieve that feeling. Right on cue his finger slipped in between the lips of my cunt and I instantly thrusted my hips upwards. As his finger made little circles around my clit I uncontrollably twisted and thrashed about. I couldn't get enough of whatever he was doing to me! Spreading my thighs as wide as I could helped temporarily. What I desired and needed was his cock deep inside of me.

I ran my fingers down his body searching, searching for his stiffness and I found it. My mind hadn't played a trick on me, he was as huge as I remembered. I stroked him while he was fingering me only for a minute or so. I had to taste him, I had to make him feel good, I had to be his slutty wife. I sat up and through back the covers and there it was, stiff and throbbing, longing to be kissed. Desiring to be licked and sucked. Without hesitation I took his cock into my hand, bent over and licked the very tip bringing a moan from his lips. I sucked on the head of his cock then went down on him until it nearly gagged me. Up and down my mouth went along his thick shaft, stopping only to lick his tip and to blow him.

He rolled me over on to my back and he slid up on top of me. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and stroked my pussy with it a few times then guided it in between my hot, pink cunt. It felt so good, so warm, so hard as he pushed down with his hips. He began his humping me and I wrapped my legs around his waist, harder and harder he pushed in and with each of his thrusts I arched up as high as I could. He was all the way in me as I felt his balls slapping my butt with each of his thrusts.

His time was close as his cock swelled up in preparation for his eruption and I wasn't far behind him, I, too was going to explode. There, I felt a pulsation coming from his cock followed by the gushing of his cum as he squirted deep into me, then he gushed again, and again and again. Right in the middle of his filling me with his love cream, I exploded into a million stars. Wonderful feelings of delight shot through my body. Uncontrollably, my pussy muscles began to milk his cock of every drop of cum his balls held.

I lay there exhausted, completely spent. We kissed and I slid off if him and fell asleep cuddled with Tom.

To be continued ? Elizabeth D.

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