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My New Fuck Buddy

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At this time I lived with my wife in a little apartment building in Ventura. It is a nice newer building with only a handful of apartments. A nice looking lady in her in her late forties moved in two doors over and we spoke now and again and became casually friendly. She also spoke to my wife in passing from time to time.

A few months later, my wife and I broke up and she moved out. The neighbor lady, Karen, was always friendly and we spoke about breaking up, and how she was separated from her husband. She was very friendly and understanding. After a couple of weeks I was talking to Karen on the balcony of the apartment building one Saturday morning. She told me that she had been married for a long time, and understood how men feel and what their needs were. She then told me that if I ever wanted to relieve some of my male stress, she was available.

My mind raced for a moment. Was she saying what I thought she was saying? I didn't want to insult her by jumping to the wrong conclusion. So I looked at her straight in the face and asked, "Are you saying, what I think you are saying?"

She replied, "Yes, any time you want, just knock on the door. No strings, no problems, just pleasure." I looked a her carefully for the first time. She was in her mid to late forties, with a pretty face, maybe five three, or four, with brown hair and eyes, large full breasts, but a little overweight as ladies her age tend to get. Even though I was only in my late twenties, it didn't take a moment to decide that this could be a lot of fun, if it was really with no strings.

I told her, "That would be great." I didn't want this to be just talk, so I wasted no time. I said, "This would be a good time for me, is it good for you." She smiled at me, winked and said, "OK." She motioned with her head to follow her down the balcony walkway to her apartment. She opened the front door and I followed her into her apartment. She locked the front door, and walked to the staircase that leads to the second floor of the apartment. I just stood there for a moment, unsure what to do, and not wanting to mess this up. As she started up the stair, she looked at me and said, "Come on, the fun is upstairs."

I followed her up the stairs. She had gone into the bathroom, so I continued into the bedroom. I noticed that her apartment was a little different than mine. Instead of a regular second floor, hers had a loft that overlooked the living room. The head of the bed was against the low wall and railing of the loft balcony. As I looked out above the living room, and through the upper windows I could see the sparkling ocean beyond the city. I then noticed that there were no curtain or blinds for the second floor windows.

At that moment Karen came out of the bathroom, dressed in a white bathrobe. She walked over to me in her bare feet, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She gave me a full soft kiss on my mouth. I could feel her chest against mine as she stretched to reach my six foot plus frame. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me as I kissed her soft wet lips, and probed her mouth with my tongue. I moved to kissing her soft neck and she shuttered softly with delight. As I kissed down her neck, I moved my hand to her shoulders and slowly pulled her robe to bare her white shoulders. My kisses continued down her neck to her shoulders, she shuttered and flinched and moaned ever so softly.

Feeling confident now, I pulled the robe down and she let it drop to the floor. She was completely nude and I cupped the sides of her full heavy breasts. I pinched her large erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger and she moaned softly. My kisses moved down to her breast, which had very large and dark aureoles. She was stirred by this and moved her hands to my pants. By this time my cock was very erect and straining against my pants. She slowly unbuckled my pants and unzipped them. As she pushed down my pants she sunk to her knees. She pulled my boxers down, and took my cock in her hands. First she kissed the engorged head of my cock, and then she licked the full length of my shaft, one side at a time. At the end of each lick she would place first the head, and then more and more of the shaft into her mouth. Slowly she alternated between licking and sucking my cock.

She then stood up and told me to get on the bed. I quickly threw my shoes off and stripped the rest of my clothes off. She pulled the covers off the bed, just leaving the sheet and pillows. I positioned myself on the bed, lying on my back. She crawled onto the bed so that she was straddling me with her knees. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and then she slowly lowered her wet pussy onto my shaft. Her pussy was warm and very wet and juicy. Her vagina swallowed all eight inches of my member with ease. She then started thrusting forward and back, and up and down. Karen's thrusting became stronger and stronger, with longer and longer motions. Her large heavy breasts where flipping up and down as she moved. She moaned and grunted loudly as she faced of the uncovered windows. The light streamed in on her pale skin from the large windows. She showed no modestly about exposing almost her full body above the loft railing on a Saturday morning.

I was excited and amazed, at how wild and uninhibited this older woman was. When I would usually see her, she was in her work scrubs or dressed plain, almost prudish. Here in her bedroom she seemed a different person. I was having fun fucking her and already looking forward to next time.

Karen demounted my cock and starting giving me head again. Her mouth went deep onto my shaft and she sucked her abundant juices off my cock with relish. After a couple of minutes she remounted me and resumed riding my cock, like it was a bucking bull. As I did not want to come too soon, I told her I wanted to change positions. She immediately stopped, and asked how I wanted it. I told her to lay on her back, and she quickly took that position. I mounted her and drove my penis deep into her pussy in one hard thrust. I was rewarded by a deep moan and her thrusting back. The harder I fucked her, the better she liked it. I pumped her harder and harder and she responded by moaning louder and louder. She started say, "yes, yes, Yes, YES! fuck me, fuck meee!" I knew she was just about to come.

Suddenly I had an a thought, and I wanted to test it. I pulled out an told her to turn over. She didn't complain, just turned over and let me enter her from behind. As I rode her, and thrusted deep inside her, I knew this was a woman who would do as I told her. This excited me, as I thought of having a no strings fuck buddy next door. Suddenly I felt empowered and confident. I wanted to test my new found power, so I slapped her on the behind, and she arched her ass higher. I did it again harder, and she moaned with pleasure and said, "Spank me, oh spank me, please spank me." I repeated the slaps on her behind harder and she moaned with pleasure. I pumped her as hard and as fast as I could, deeper and deeper. She started to shudder and jerk in convulsions of orgasm, calling, "yes, yes, yessss, oh fuck me, fuck me." I continue to fuck her for several hours, she was happy to do it any way I asked. Eventually I went back to my apartment, and looked forward to my next encounter.

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