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My New Boat

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This story started off as an effort to buy a boat on craigs list and ended up a bit different.

I?d found a fishing boat that I wanted and my wife was all for it and I?d settled on a price with the guy selling it and planned to go pick it up that evening. For $1,200 it was exactly what I wanted, nothing fancy but plenty for fishing around our place.

I was anxious to get it and I emailed John (a guy I?d never laid eyes on) to see if what the earliest I could pick it up, and even though he had already told me he wouldn?t be home till about 6:00, I wanted the email in his in box so if he saw it early I could possibly get on the water that evening. To my surprise he replied ??you can come get it now if you want, I?m here.?

It was only 11:00, so I jumped up, grabbed my cash, fishing rods, a cooler of beer and a few sandwiches and headed out the door. 30 minutes later I was pulling into John?s driveway. I backed my truck in, hopped out and knocked on the door, but to my surprise the door was answered by someone who was obviously NOT John. Standing in the door was woman about 5 feet tall, shoulder length brown hair and a killer smile. She wasn?t dressed all that provocatively, unless of course you think jean shorts with a tight white t-shit covering some really nice ?B? cups being held in place with a sports bra is provocative. I was a bit shocked and said ??John said I could come by and pick up the boat, is he around?? Immediately she said ?John?s not here till about 6 today, but I took the day off and saw your email and I figure that if I can do the boat sale I?ll have a new couch in the living room before he gets home tonight!? I laughed and saying ?well, lets do some business then.?

We walked to the back making small talk and I discovered that John had no idea about the couch, his plan was to get a faster boat, but I really didn?t care, in less than an hour I?d be on the water, a rod in my right hand a beer in my left enjoying the day. I came back to paying attention to what she said when she asked if there was any way on earth that I?d go $1300 for the boat, all I could think was that my wife knew what I was going to pay and she?d be pissed if I paid more, so ?NO?sorry? was all I said. As we walked into the garage, she became a negoator and asked if there was anything in the garage that I could see that would be worth an extra $100 and being a bit slow, I again said there was nothing and sue faced me, lowered her arms with the palms of her hands facing out, her shoulders back, chest out and said ?absolutely nothing here is worth $100??

I flushed a bit as she pulled her t-shirt off, and those ?B? cups under the sports bra immediately took on a new meaning and the negoater in me took over too, because this was a business deal and nothing more. ?Looking is great, but $100 is a chuck for looking at stuff you know.? Her response ??looking is just so you can see what you?re bargaining for.? As she lifted the sports bra off of her tits and I realized that these were not ?B? cups, but very nice and firm ?C? cups with quarter sized nipples that were starting to protrude a bit. Sue pulled the sports bra back over her tits and kept her fingers going down till she to the button on her shorts, and as she unbuttoned her shorts and lowered them down enough so I could see freshly shaved skin down there and said ??so are we talking the same language??

?We could be working toward a deal? I said, ?what kind of limits are you talking about here? What am I going to get for my $100?? A smile came across her face as she stepped closer to me and touched my crotch feeling my rock hard cock through my shorts ?sounds like parts of you like this deal?? All I could think to say was ?what are the details???

She started walking out of the garage toward the house and passing the pool she started wading in but suddenly stopped saying ?I don?t want my clothes wet,? stripped and waded in, placed her elbows on the pool edge and asked if I was going to come to the negations table with her. Not being a total idiot, my shirt and shorts came off and I sat down on the edge next to her and asked again, ??this seems to be a business deal, I know what I want, you know what you want so lets set terms. Is anything off limits? Do you swallow?? Sue just looked and said ?I?m off work today and if I was there, I?d be getting paid $30.57 per hour to do stuff. I need $100 which works out to 3 hours and 16 minutes of my work time, so how about you get 3 hours and 16 minutes of anything you want from me?? That?s awesome, but my wife is going to ask what I got for the extra $100?any ideas?

Sue hopped out of the pool, water dripping off of her naked body and disappeared into the garage. A few minutes later she came walking back to me, her breasts swaying with each step holding an old ambassador fishing reel ??how about you take this reel, I give you 1 hour 8 minutes of anything you want and I get $1300??

?Deals ON? I said ?lets head in side and the time can start when we get to your bedroom? She stammered, ?my bedroom? I?d rather not do it there?? I jumped in and said ?1 hour 8 minutes of ANYTHING I want and I want you on your knees, sucking my cock in your bedroom.? Continuing to stammer, she said again ?but I already feel bad about this and doing it in our bedroom??!!? I said ?yep?I want John?s wife in John?s bedroom and I?ll fish in his boat, using his old reel and think about his wife?s body while I?m fishing but right now I?m going to use you as my personal slut?remember this is simply a business deal.?

She took my hand and led me through the house till we got to the bedroom. I saw a big overstuffed chair and a huge flat screen TV and Sue was moving me toward the bed, but I pulled away sat on the chair, flipped the TV on and told her that I wanted her to start working my cock over?and she complied immediately. Sues lips felt amazing while she was working up and down my 8-inch shaft using her hands with her tongue to dive me wild. Even though I was trying to ignore her and watch TV it was impossible because she was so incredibly talented with blowjobs. I was getting close and I grabbed her hair to control the pace and told her that I wasn?t ready to cum and I asked if she would like to cum before I did. All she could do was make an audible noise that sounded like a muffled ?yes?. She was getting into it and asked if she could have my cock in her because she had never had one this big.

I got up and pushed her into the chair and moved my tongue down to her shaved pussy. She was so wet and started whimpering immediately as my tongue found her sweet spots ?Damn? she moaned, ?my pussy hasn?t been eaten in YEARS? Her moaning got louder and she began to buck, grab my head and squeeze her legs and finally she screamed ?ARGGGGGG, FUCK!? as she came. She became a limp rag doll leaning back and I moved my tongue up her body to her breasts, exploring her nipples, pulling on her hair and telling her that there were more orgasms to cum.

I picked her up and moved her to the bed, I stuck my cock in her mouth and told her that I was going to fuck every hole her body had ?Do you want that?? I asked her and she just said ?please, please fuck me now? and I turned her around on all fours and I eased my 8 inches into her tight, wet cunt and again she started moaning saying over and over again ?fuck me, please fuck me hard and fast?. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, grabbing her hair, slapping her ass and after 3 or 4 minutes I couldn?t take much more and I told her I was going to blow my load in her pussy. She just kept saying, ?fuck me!? I came so hard it was unreal..

I pulled out of her and crawled up on the bed and told her to use her mouth to clean the cum off my cock and that I wanted her to swallow as much as she could get, eagerly she complied and she moved her pussy up to my face and I of course began to taste my cum mixed with her juices and within what seemed like a few minutes I could feel my cock getting hard again. I said ?Sue, I?m gong to fuck your ass hole now?turn over? Again like a good slave girl she complied and her pussy was so wet that I just lubed her ass with pussy juice and started my cock on it?s ass hole path. She flinched saying she had never had it in the ass, which made my cock get even harder than it was, and I slowed myself down (not that I cared about hurting her), but I just wanted to have fun with this.

It took me a bit, but soon I had my 8 inches all the way in her virgin ass and I started pumping slowly, massaging her clit at the same time and she was again getting so fucking into it and screamed ?fuck yes!? For another 5 minutes I pumped her ass and fingered her clit and she came hard twice and finally I blew my sperm up her ass hole. Again, when I pulled out I laid back and told her to clean my cock and there was no hesitation, just her mouth over my cock, making me clean.

I checked the clock and had 22 minutes left, I?d already cum twice, she?d had at least 7 orgasms and she laid there fondling my cock while I stroked her tits and asked if we could do this again but for free. I asked about her husband, she said he wouldn?t know and asked about my wife?.I said we may be able to get her to join us. This little bitch amazed me yet again as she perked up and asked ?REALLY??!!? I said yes, but we would have to have a plan, because my wife would kill me if she knew about this afternoon?. We spent next 10 minutes talking about our ?plan? and when we had 10 minutes left, I told her ?10 minutes left and you have one hole that hasn?t had a proper load of cum shot into it?.

She understood what I meant and moved her lips back to my cock and to my surprise I was hard once again watching her move up and down my shaft. I took her hair in one hand and moved her lips up and down till I was just about to cum. Then, I asked ?are you ready for a load bitch?? I?m not sure what she said, because as she was trying to respond my milk began to bubble up and I took her head and pushed it hard down on my cock and exploded my load of cum down her throat. Like the good whore she was she took it all, sucking as had as she could to milk every drop.

Spent again, she sat up smiling and noticed we had gone over our time by a couple of minutes. All she said was ?time?s up for you, you?ll need to leave now.? With that we both dressed, hooked my new boat up and I left anxious to put our plan be in place as soon as we could?.

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