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My Neighbors wife - Part 2

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Part 1 of my story about my affair with my neighbor's wife Anna described our first full sexual encounter. It appeared for a while that the one session would be all there was to it. But I lived with the memory of one of the sweetest fucks that I had ever enjoyed, and wanted more.

Anna had called me to see if I had time to repair her computer. She was wearing a form fitting velour body suit. I could see every curve and valley and crease in her body, and she looked great. My obvious delight in her appearance seemed to turn her on and shortly after beginning to check out her computer, I was stripping the body suit off to check her tits and pussy. She was tentative at first but soon was sitting on my lap in the computer chair and fucking me like a mink.

We continued to see each other over the back fence occasionally. She dressed more and more provocatively and I let her know with eyes and words that I wanted her again. But she did not give me an opening, so it became just a game between us for some time. She enjoyed arousing me and I certainly enjoyed being aroused.

Through this period, sex with my wife was plentiful and fulfilling, some of the best we had ever had. One night she said, "Not sure what has got into us lover, but I am not complaining. Maybe we are catching up for all that we did not have when the kids were home."

But still, I wanted to fuck Anna again. She was a tiny woman, no taller than 5 ft. and probably less than 100 pounds. But her body was perfectly proportioned and everything looked great from her tiny tits and erect nipples to her beautiful little round ass. My cock literally ached to feel her slide that tight little pussy around it and eventually take it all in, right to my balls. I could not shake the memory of that first half hour from my mind.

I started to call her from my office. I have a one-man office as well as one at home. Sometimes I just need to have somewhere to go. She always talked, despite knowing that I would try to get her alone again. She was turned on but very cautious.

"God Anna, I want you again, I cannot get the thought of you from my mind. I know that you enjoyed our time together. Your nipples were as hard as candies. When you started fucking me, you went wild, your bum bouncing up and down. I could not have stopped you if I had wanted," I would venture.

She was always quite proper in her response, "Yes Jim, I certainly enjoyed it. I felt badly though, teasing you like that, forcing you to want me. I would not want to do that to you again."

"Anna, you did not force me, I had been waiting for the chance to fuck you for weeks." Despite her proper language I sensed that she was quite aroused when I used crude terms.

I was alone at home one morning and called Anna. I was very horny. When she answered, the first thing that I asked her was, "What are you wearing?"

She giggled a little and said, "Not very much, I have just come out of the shower, so I am only in a robe. Why do you ask Jim?"

I said, "You know why I ask. Are you are just saying that to tease me? It makes me hot to think of you next door wearing just a robe. I want to lick your pussy."

She was excited in her answer, "Would you really do that to me? I have never had oral sex. You excite me, tell me how you would do it."

"Anna, there are many ways to lick a pussy. But I would probably start out sucking your nipples first. Did you know that the nipples are hard wired to the pussy? It would be best to make your pussy hot and wet before I licked it. Hot pussies make the best licking."

She giggled, "I am not so sure I want it done. It makes me think it would tickle and I might laugh when you did it."

"Anna, you would not be laughing long, you would be begging for more, especially when I captured your clit between my lips and flicked it with my tongue."

There was a pause and then she said, "Come to the window Jim, I will let you see what I have under my robe."

Progress! I rushed to the window that was parallel to one of hers. She was standing just back from the window in a white terri cloth robe, still holding the phone. "Be ready Jim, you will not have long to see me."

I was rock hard and clutching at my cock as she opened the robe, exposing her little tits and shaved pussy. I groaned, "Anna, let me come over, I want you, I want to eat you and fuck you."

She replied, "Back door, lower floor. You can have me."

I quickly went out the back gate and into her yard. The door was jarred open and I entered. Anna was still wearing the robe and standing in the doorway of their spare bedroom. She had a half smile on her face as I drew close. She appeared to be quite relaxed but held the robe closed.

I leaned into her and kissed her softly. I think I surprised her as she thought I would go right for her pussy or nipples. But I wanted her to sort of lead the way. I kissed her neck and behind her ears, traced my tongue around her lips and whispered, "Open the robe for me Anna. I have been dying to see your naked body for weeks."

"Oh Jim, what are we doing? This is not right." She opened the robe and I stepped back to drink in her tiny beauty. It was all I remembered and more. Little firm tits virtually jutting out, the nipples pointing straight at my chest. Small waist and lovely round hips framing her shaved pussy.

"You shaved your pussy Anna. Did you do that for me? It looks delicious."

"Oh, I don't know why I did it. But yes, I was thinking of you." Anna was virtually writhing in anticipation.

I smiled and fingered her nipples and said, "I told you that it would be nipples first, and they look ready." They were ready all right, literally bursting. I bent and tasted one and then the other. But then I said, "Take my cock out Anna. I still remember your hands holding it the first time."

She worked on my belt and zipper as I sucked her nipples harder and harder. She was groaning and fumbling trying to keep her mind on getting my cock out.

And then she slid her hand into my shorts and grabbed my cock, using the other hand to push the shorts down. "Ah my God," she moaned, "It feels bigger even than the last time. It is so thick. I want it in me. But we shouldn't be doing this."

My fingers had now begun to explore between her legs. When a woman has a shaved pussy, she feels so totally naked. I slid one knee between her legs spreading her to allow my fingers full access. Her cunt was smoking hot. Her clit was swollen and firm. I spread her pussy juice around between her legs and back to her butt hole.

"It is ready Anna, sit on the bed and let me taste you."

"Oh no, oh no, I never counted on this, I am not sure Jim." She sat on the edge of the bed and spread as I kneeled between her legs.

I looked at her and inserted one finger in her pussy hole. Our eyes locked I pulled the finger out and licked it clean. She knew that I was serious and closed her eyes in surrender.

I was slow and deliberate, using my hands to spread her legs, working my way up between them from her knees to her pussy. I hovered over it, sensing her tense and raise her hips for my tongue. The clit was jutting out of the slit and I flicked it with my tongue. Her body jerked in response.

I moved her legs up over my shoulders, and kissed her lips while circling around them with my tongue tip. I pressed my tongue flat on the pussy and rubbed it. She gasped using her hands to pull my face tight against it.

"Oh my goodness, this is so bad but so good. I have never had anything like this; your tongue is driving me mad. Oh Jim, take me any way you want," she prattled on as I tongue lashed her from butt hole to slit top.

I stood up in front of her, my cock sticking straight at her face and held her head. She look startled, her eyes going from my cock up to mine. She took it in her hand, which made it stiffen even more.

"Taste it Anna. Use your tongue on it." I grit my teeth as she flicked her tongue on it. "Run your tongue around the knob." I groaned as she grew more positive. By this time she was holding my cock like an ice cream cone.

"What now Jim, it is too big for my mouth. What do you want me to do? Just tell me," she moaned. Actually she was doing quite well and I had no complaints. "Take it in your lips Anna, as much as you can, it will feel so good, don't worry."

She took more as I pressed her head to me. "Hold it there Anna, I am going to fuck your mouth a little." Her eyes opened wide, and she looked frantically up at me as I pushed a little more cock in her. I smiled and pulled my cock out of her lips slowly as she relaxed.

"Get back on the bed Anna, I want you on top of me like we were the first time for starters, and then I will put you on your back and fuck you properly."

She straddled me as I lay on my back, in much the same position as she had been our first time in the chair. She was very excited and her hand searched in behind her butt to find my cock and direct it between her legs.

"This is so bad Jim, doing this to each other like this, it is not right." She was moving her pussy lips around my knob, holding it in place with her hands. "Oh goodness, it is so big Jim, so thick, my, my," as she settled down over it, working my cock into her in little short downward jabs.

Her eyes closed as her sweet little ass cheeks settled on my thighs. She started to grind and move on me, her tight little pussy clutching my cock. She settled down and leaned ahead presenting her tits for my mouth. I licked and sucked her nipples, staying calm as she writhed around over top of me. She was starting to get in a groove now, pushing herself up on extended arms while her ass pounded away at me.

I turned her quickly to her back and she wrapped her legs around behind me. She buried her face in my neck and shoulders, licking and nipping at me as I started to bang her fast and furious. "I'm going to fuck you till you cum Anna, am gonna fill your pussy with my cum, gonna take you to the moon."

"Yes, yes do that Jim."

By the time we both got off, she had wrapped her little body around me like a leech. Her heels jabbed into my thighs and her fingernails dug into my ass.

We were in the slow strokes now, those long languorous strokes that you hope will never end as your cock softens and bends a bit. "That was lovely Jim, I am so glad that you wanted me today. Every thing was perfect. We did some things that I was curious about. I know that we should not do this to each other but sometimes we just have to do it, don't we."

I rolled off of her and we lay side by side. I lifted her leg up over my hip and we kissed softly. I knew I could get it up again in a little while so we talked. I caressed and fondled her, she seemed content and relaxed and wanting to continue. I ran my hand down her back to her cheeks, then down the back of her legs. As I slid my hand back up between her legs I felt her tense a bit. I rubbed the edge of my hand along her butt hole. She clenched her cheeks; I knew her mind was working. "Jim, what are you thinking?"

In answer I slipped my fingers down into her juicy cum filled pussy and then back to her butt hole. She spread instinctively, obviously wanting to explore this anal experience. I rimmed her with my wet fingers and worked one into her. "Jim, that is so wild, and bad. Don't stop."

I was getting hard again. I prefer fucking pussies, but if the lady is aroused and wants the anal experience, I find it exciting to provide. My finger was sliding in and out quite easily and Anna was clutched to me groaning. Her little ass was moving in rhythm to my finger strokes. "You want my cock in you don't you Anna," I breathed in her ear.

"I don't know, maybe, how can you do it, I am sure it is too big, but God I want to feel it, should we do this Jim, I am confused, but yes, yes, do something."

I pulled her on top of me, with my cock sticking up behind her and between her cheeks. I pulled her down until her face was in my neck and her tits on my chest. I used my hand to direct my cock to her pussy first, slipped it in and fucked it a bit, and then pulled it out and pushed the knob to her butt hole.

"It's up to you Anna, take it easy and work it in your bum, go slow and just take what you can handle."

Anna began to straighten a bit, finding an angle that suited her and worked about a quarter of my cock in. I let her do it all, despite getting to the point that I wanted to drive it in her all the way.

She was almost straight up over me, but was meeting resistance with less than half my cock in her and contented herself with fucking that much of it. She held her little titties, closed her eyes and slid up and down on me. She looked quite beautiful perched above me, totally focused on her anal pleasure.

I used my thumb to rub her clit and pussy as she lost herself. I could feel her cheeks clench as she got off. As she sat there trembling I released a few belts in her ass.

She lay beside me exhausted. I said, "Next time we will use some jelly."

She said, "Yes, let's do that next time."

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