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My Naughty Fun

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My husband and I have been married for 14 years. I am one of those few fortunate women with an extremely high sex drive and the incredible luck to have married the kind of man who more than keeps up. As the years have progressed, we have become more and more willing to experiment and try new things.

In the last year or so we started discussing our fantasies more openly. My ultimate fantasy is to be pleasured, maybe I should just say fucked to exhaustion, by two very sexy men at the same time. I really can?t imagine anything more incredible than having two pairs of roving hands, two hot wet mouths, and two thick, throbbing rock-hard cocks to do absolutely anything I might want to do. The very idea of being bent over with a thick cock thrusting in and out of my dripping pussy while I kiss, lick, and suck another monster cock is plenty to send me over the edge while I rub my pussy. It?s a fantasy that I have used many times.

Being the incredible giving lover that he is, my husband has willingly agreed to let me pursue my fantasy at least once.

We decided that I might just take small steps and see how things worked out. We checked into a nice hotel with a great little bar downstairs. After checking in early, he treated me to a wonderful dinner and drinks and then took me back to the room. We relaxed in the room awhile where he teased me mercilessly, kissing, petting, licking, and fondling me until my pussy was soaking wet and throbbing. Then he told me to get dressed and go have a few drinks and just see what happened.

He lay in the bed and watched while I dressed in the sexiest outfit I could put together. I put on a tight little sweater dress that came to the mid-thigh. It was soft and hugged every one of my curves with a deep v-neck that exposed my firm double-D breast right down to the edge of my nipples. I rolled on silky thigh-high black stockings, but I decided to leave my bare skinned pussy just like it was, completely bare and as silky smooth as my stockings. For the final touch I pulled on my sexiest black over-the-knee boots. With a final make-up touch up and a little spray of perfume, I kissed my husband, gave his big cock a final squeeze and walked out of the room to the bar.

When I walked into the bar, every head turned my way. I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. Immediately the guy next to me at the bar asked what a pretty lady was doing alone. Not my type, so I just said getting a beer and walked away. I found a seat in the center of the bar so I could check things out. The next show of interest was one of the bartenders, he came by and asked, ?What is the sexiest lady in the bar doing here alone?? I said, ?Well there are some younger, very pretty girls over there.? Then he said, ?I said the sexiest, and they don?t even compare.? I laughed and said, ?Oh, I see. Well, I?m just here to have a few beers and see what kind of entertainment I can find.? He smiled and said, ?Let me know if I can help with that at all, okay?? I gave him a sexy half smile and said, ?Sure, I?ll let you know if you can help out.?

About that time a drunk came up and said something totally incoherent. I just smiled and he walked on. I had been watching several guys shoot pool across the bar and of course they were watching me. In fact, I felt like every person in the bar was watching me. There were probably four men for every woman. And admittedly, I was easily the sexiest woman in the bar, I usually am. Maybe it?s that confidence that makes me the sexiest, I don?t know. Anyway, I thought one of them was kind of sexy. He had a nice firm looking body and was over six foot. He had a handsome face and completely shaved head. He made eye contact a couple of times and kind of grinned when I stared back instead of looking away like most women do. He picked up his beer and came over and leaned on my table. He said, ?So did you have any idea what the drunk guy said?? I said no not a word and laughed. He asked how I ended up in this bar. I said, ?Well, mostly I just like the beds upstairs.? He missed an obvious breath and said, ?Oh you have a room?? I didn?t explain, just said, ?Yes, I have a room with a king sized bed.? He asked if I lived out of town and I said yes about thirty miles. He said that?s not that far to get a room; I replied, ?I really like the beds here, and breakfast, besides I always have a good time.? He continued to ask questions, trying to figure me out. After a few more questions and some more of my suggestive non-answers he gave up trying to pin down my situation. He asked me if I liked to dance and I said, ?I do like to slow dance, but mostly just as an excuse to feel up and fondle a sexy man.? He said, ?In that case will you dance with me?? I said that I would love that. We went out on the dance floor and I think half the men in the bar were watching.

After we danced the first time and chatted awhile and had a few beers, a couple that he knew came in and he asked if I would sit with all of them at a table in the darkest corner of the bar. I agreed. Almost as soon as we sat down the other couple got up to dance. By that time he had began to discreetly touch me as much as he thought was okay, lightly brushing my hair out of my face, running his hands down my arms, touching my legs, that sort of thing. As we sat at the table facing each other I slid in closer wedging my knee between his. Then I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, gently sucking on his lower lip as I pulled away. He leaned in to kiss me again, I kissed back much harder, allowing him to slip his tongue in my mouth, using my tongue to lick and suck his the same way I like to lick and suck a cock. As he pulled away, he slid his hand up my thigh and stopped about half way. I took his forearm and guided his hand between my legs until his hand reached my bare, soft clean-shaven pussy. A look of complete surprise and lust overtook his face. I pulled his forearm with more pressure and his fingers slid between the lips of my pussy and his look of lust intensified when he realized my pussy was dripping wet and slippery.

He said, ?You know we can leave any time you want to go?? I said that I wasn?t quite ready to go yet, but soon. He asked if I wanted to dance again. When we got to the dance floor, he pulled me against his body as tightly as possible on a dance floor. He leaned down and kissed my neck and ears while his hands roamed down my back and all over my ass. As we continued to dance I ground my pussy into his cock, while he squeezed my ass and pressed me against his cock.

After we sat back down the other couple came back just as a love song started to play. I looked at the husband and said, ?That is an awesome song, you should dance with you wife.? As he took her to the dance floor I pulled his hand back under my dress, he smiled and said, ?I see why you wanted them to dance.? He began to kiss me and rub my pussy a little more earnestly. He no longer needed my hand to encourage him. He held my clit between his thumb and index finger and firmly stroked my clit; he then let go and slid a couple of fingers into my slippery pussy while he continued to rub my clit with his thumb. He used the other hand to squeeze my breast, urgently pressing them with the palm of his hand and gently pinching the nipples with his fingers. While he fondled my pussy and boobs I ran my hand up his thigh and squeezed his hard cock through his jeans. His breathing became irregular and heavy; his eyes were glazed over with obvious lust. He said, ?I would absolutely kill to fuck you right now, my cock is so hard it almost hurts.? I squeezed his cock and gave it couple of firm strokes through his jeans and said, ?I know your cock is hard.? He could barely speak and just mumbled, ?Oh my god, you are a bad girl.?

Then the other people came back to the table. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 11:45. I leaned in and told him that he was probably going to be mad at me, but that I was going to have to go. He looked kind of shocked like the rug had been pulled out from under him, and asked if I had to go to someone and I said yes, my husband. He looked so disappointed. The other couple left again. I told him that it would still be awesome is he would come back with me anyway. He looked confused for a minute until it registered what I was asking him to do. He said, ?You mean come back to the room with you and your husband?? I said yes and reminded him that I was a ?bad girl? after all. I explained to him that I had always had a fantasy of having two men and that my husband was willing to indulge me one time. He said he didn?t think he could do it. I told him that was fine, that I had an awesome time and had really enjoyed his attention. Then I asked if he wanted to walk me part of the way to my room. He grinned and said he would.

We walked to the elevator and were the only ones around so late in the night. When the elevator doors closed he took advantage of the first moments we were alone and the mirrored enclosure. He pulled me into his body, ran his hands down my sides to the bottom of my dress and then slid his hands up pulling my dress up with them. He pulled my dress up over my round ass, enjoying the view of my bare ass in the mirror. He said, ?You are absolutely the sexiest woman I?ve ever met, I can?t believe your husband lets you out of his sight, much less is willing to let you do this.? I told him that my husband was very secure that at the end of the night I would be curled up next to him, and that he mostly wanted to be sure that all my fantasies were completely met; he?s very giving to say the least. He pulled my dress back into place and we walked off the elevator.

On my floor there were several chairs in the foyer. As he kissed me I pushed him down into one of them and sat in his lap. I sat sideways and dr*ped my legs over the sides. He reached under my dress and began to fondle my pussy again while he kissed my neck. He reached around me and held on to one of my breast to keep me balanced. He rubbed up and down my slit until his fingers were covered with my pussy juices. As we sat there kissing and getting my pussy fingered, the elevator doors opened and a guy from the bar came walking through. He glanced at us and said hello. I made no attempt to move, cover my pussy, or even try to be discreet. He just grinned and walked on through. After the guy walked through I pulled his hand from under my dress and began to kiss, lick and suck his fingers while I ground my ass into his crotch and hard cock. As I licked the pussy from his hands, I asked if he was sure he couldn?t come to the room. He said it was very tempting, he would do anything to fuck me, but he didn?t think he could do it. I said, ?Are you sure, my pussy taste really good.? Then I kissed him with pussy all over my lips and tongue. He moaned and said I was really making it tempting but he didn?t think he could. So I reached down and stroked his cock through his jeans one more time, kissed him bye, and took the short hallway back to my husband and his waiting, throbbing cock.

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