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My Nasty Mother-In-Law

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My conservative mother-in-law leads me into a life of extreme kinkiness. (First Time, True, WS, Oral)

This is a true story.

I was 19 years old, married much too young a year ago. My 18-year-old wife was 7 month pregnant with our son. I worked as a milker, one of the worst jobs in the world ? up at 3AM, work til 7AM, and then back out at 3PM to do it again. It paid crappy, plus you smelled that way ? crappy.

No money, so we ended up living at the in-laws; Jan?s dad Ells was a propane truck delivery guy, short, swarthy, balding. Her mom Barb didn?t work; she was fairly tall, a little chubby, but had large boobs, and a big butt. She wore her hair in an old 40?s flip looking style, and completed the look by wearing library lady glasses, rhinestones included. She talked about her days as a cocktail waitress, and there was always a slightly slutty feel to her.

Of course, the fact that I had gone with sex for 4 months, and had to sack out on the floor next to our stupid little twin bed as my wife had grown to crazy proportions didn?t make me real happy. The old ramshackle house in the middle of cornfield was drafty, the rooms small, and close together. The thing about no sex had really made me horny for any woman, but Barb was always on my mind ? those big boobs.

I had gone to bed at 8PM after another long day washing cow?s tits, which were not the tits I fantasized about. A barely heard Jan go to bed at 10, and was sawing logs. At about midnight, I wake up to some noises. I listen, and realize they are from Ells and Barb?s room, which is just around the corner from our doorway. Trying not to breath so I can hear, I now know I am hearing sex sounds! Instant hard-on. More sounds just make me crazy. I scoot my head and pile of blankets towards the door. I can hear moans and whispering. I succeed on getting my head out of my door, looking around the corner into their room.

Of course it is as dark as coal, but now I can hear all. I start stroking as I hear Ells say ?Suck it, cunt!? clearly, with nice wet sounds accompanying him. ?Oh man,? I think, ?this is great, she is blowing him!? I hear the bed squeaking and his groans while she slurps. I am going to cum very soon, and scoot a little further in, not wanting to miss a thing.

Suddenly, the three-bar space heater ?pops? and the room is bathed in a bright orange glow as its thermostat cycles it on. ?Shit!? I think, instant cock deflation, and I begin to try to (silently) scoot my ass backwards. I can?t even fuckin? breathe. Then, I take a breath, and realize I am behind the heater! I am in the dark! They aren?t though?

She is lying on the big bed, her legs spread, and I can see part of a very hairy pussy. Ells is sitting on her stomach, and has straddled her, his very long and skinny cock in her mouth. His hand is behind him and he is fingering her pussy. His cock has squished a huge tit while he fucks her mouth; the other is stretched as she twists a very large nipple, pretty violently. I am so fucking stunned I can only stare. His cock comes out of her mouth, and she says, ?Use it..? He leans forward, opening the nightstand. He reaches in and removes a huge black dildo. He puts it in her mouth where she slobbers on it, and he withdraws it, leans back? and the heater gives another ?pop?, and it is dark. ?FUCK!? I scream in my mind. I listen and hear her moans pick up. More sounds of movement, more wet sounds, groans, she starts saying ?yes? very low.

?Pop?? The tableau is spread before me. He is off of her, laying next to her, her knees up as he is pushing this huge fake cock into her. He is slowly pushing it in and out. He pushes it all the way in. He whispers, ?Push it?? Her stomach moves as she pushes this huge cock out, and it makes a plopping sound onto the bed. I am now officially going crazy. She is jacking him, and he lies down, pulling her on top.

She doesn?t put his cock in her though; she sits on his chest, reaching back to jack him. I am ready to watch her ass move while he eats her ? ?this will be great,? I think. Instead she squats, and he starts jacking himself. I think this is when they will fuck ? I anticipate watching it sink into her pussy, which I can now clearly see, hairy and big lipped in the orange glow. Instead she stays in position, supporting herself with one hand while his hand really beats his cock. His other hand is on her tits. As she leans forward a little, I hear him say: ? do it baby, do it baby ? make it for me!? very softly. Suddenly a dribble from her pussy hits him in his chest. She is fuckin? pissing on him! Crap! How sick! I love it. Now she is gushing all over his chest and neck. Then, as she leans back, the stream, which is amazing looking, hits his cock, which instantly shoots strings of cum out, only to be washed down his shaft by piss. The sounds, the scene, the smell ? all too much, and I dump a huge load into my hand and blanket. She start to sit down onto the now soaked cock, when ? ?Pop?. No light at all. Crap!

But, now is my chance, and I try to scoot back into my room silently while they are still busy. I am moving slow, not wanting to get caught by making noise. I am almost completely back, my head just barely poking out my bedroom door, when I realize I don?t hear the noises. But I do hear footsteps. I instantly assume the "sleeping lump of son-in-law" position, feigning it with all my strength. I hear the footsteps walk by me to the bathroom, the door staying open while someone runs water. I barely squint thru my eyes when the footsteps come back by, walking slowly. It is definitely Barb. Safe! I drop off quickly, knowing I have to get up in 3 hours, but happy with the turn of events.

About a week later, I drag ass home, tired, smelling of cow shit, and starved. I get in about 8AM. My bride is off with her sister for the morning, helping with her kids. Ells is out pumping propane to folks. Barb should be home somewhere. I pick thru the fridge and score some fried chicken, eating it cold as I start undressing to shower and hit the bed, which is all mine during the day.

Barb?s car is in the yard, but no sign of her, maybe she went with Jan and her sis? A perfect time to whack off in the shower, replaying my mother-in-laws nastiness in my fertile mind. I strip to my underwear, dump the chicken bones and head to the bathroom.

I am quickly under the hot shower, nobody to save water for, groaning because it feels so fucking good. I let the water beat on my head, eyes closed. If I could do this all day? I start to play with my cock, thinking of Barb?s titties. It hits it?s stride quickly ? only 5 inches, but really fat ? earned me the nickname ?Tunacan? later in life. I soap it up, slowly stroking? The door opens, it deflates.

?Brad?? I hear Barb say. ?Umm- Yeah!? I say.

?Just stay there, I need to go ? I?ll yell before I flush.?

?Ohhh ? OK? I sort of stammer

I hear the toilet seat clunk down. Then the sounds of rustling.

I stand there, totally embarrassed, but I wish I could somehow see her with her pants down. I edge to the back of the tub, where the curtain isn?t all that tight. I look.

She is sitting there, head sorta looking down, legs spread. I can see that furry cunt. She is wearing a T-shirt with no bra, and I can see those huge titties clearly thru the fabric. I am hard again, and lean back so I won?t get caught. I stroke a little, replaying the scene.

I move back into the water, and ? suddenly the curtain is pulled back. Barb is standing there, looking at me, those rhinestone glasses on, and smiling. I have a handful of shrinking dick. But, not all that shrinking, as she is pantless, and those titties are still only hidden by that thin t-shirt.

?Did you like watch me blow Ells last week?? she says, looking at my hard-on.


?Its OK, I saw you in the hall ? watching. Did you see everything we did?? Her damn nipples are huge, and I can see hair.

?No.. I wasn?t?? I stammer, cock huge, trying to cover it with my hand.

She steps in the tub, the water hits her, turning the shirt transparent. Her tits are amazing.

?Did you watch me pee just now? Did you watch me pee on Ells??

?Er. Ah. I am sorry, Barb, please don?t tell Jan?? I plead.

?I wouldn?t worry about her ? its Ells that would kill you,? she says.

Now, I am scared ? this is so weird, her basically naked, in the shower with me, talking about ?turning me in?, but at the same time staring blatantly at my cock.

?How about if I let you watch us whenever you want? Would you like that? Would you beat that fat dick off when you do??

I just stare, and she steps into the water further, and grasps my cock, which leaps to full bloom in her hand.

?I love big fat ones. The man I dated when I was 15 had a very fat cock and I loved it,? she says, beating my cock and looking at it.

I finally decide that my 19-year-old mind is now blown, and I am dead, so I reach out a touch her tit lightly. She grabs my hand, and says ?harder.? I oblige, rubbing her nipple, which is unbelievably big. I pinch the nip, and she groans, and is now really stroking me. ?She again says, ?Harder, twist it. Twist the shit out of it!? I do, coning her breast straight out as I twist it. She kneels, and swings me around, and out of the water. She begins to suck me. I can barely stand. I know this won?t last long for me.

She is up suddenly, and kissing me. She raises her leg, and I finger her pussy. ?Put your fingers in? she mutters, and I put two, then three in, fucking her rapidly. She pushes my hand away and leans into me head, and whispers:

?I want you to pee on me?. Now, at that age I wasn?t experienced in the joys of kinky activities, living on a ranch, not a lot of girls around, and I would have never thought of piss as a sexual thing. But, now, this crazy woman, pussy juice on my hand, my pre-cum in her mouth, could have said ?put on this hat, stick this lit candle up your ass, and sing!? ? and I would have.

She kneels again, but I can?t pee ? I am hard, and this is not going to work. She turns me around, facing away, the water hitting me. She massages my back. It feels so good. I lose my hard-on slowly.

She turns me back, and says ?please?. I just let loose, pissing on her tits, her hand, which was holding my ass, reaches, and the water is off. (Which was good, as the hot wasn?t too hot by now.)

As the water stops, I can hear her hand in her cunt frigging her clit. I can hear and see my piss hitting her. She smiles then leans forward to put the stream in her mouth. She is swallowing, but it is running down her tits. My stream slows, I am getting hard again.

She stands, arms around my neck, huge tits covered with piss squished into me and kisses me. She leans back, and says: ? There, now you have drank piss too.? Which is true. I can taste it. I am so fucking hard. I duck and suck her tits, tasting more piss.

She pulls the curtain back and steps out holding my hand. She sits on the john, and pulls me to her, engulfing my cock in her mouth. After about 3 strokes, I cum. Massively. Maybe a world record. She drinks it, some of dribbling down her chin and onto her tits. She stands and pushes my head to the left one, and I lick my cum. ?There, now you have eaten cum too.?

She says: ? Tomorrow night, you will see something even crazier after Ells and I go to bed. You know where the closet from the laundry is? Open the door there; you can see right into the room. I will make sure you get a show. Then, we will do this again, you and I, only more ? OK? I hope you want to, because I don?t want to have to tell on you??

More to come?

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