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My Mother in Law, who would have thought!

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Three months after my divorce I found some contract work in the next county. My ex mom in law happened to live there. Since I was going to be there 2 to 4 days a week for the next 5 months I contacted her to let her know I'd be in the area and I'd like to see her. Sex was never a thought in visiting her. She joyfully invited me to stay whenever I wanted as we were always good friends and enjoyed each others company. I was 46 then and she was 68. She was tall, slender with a beautiful smile, sexy lips and full breasts.

On my 1st visit her 78 year old boyfriend stayed the night. We had a wonderful dinner and visited after. As it got late I retired to my assigned room and undressed. The door opened as I stood there naked and it was her walking in. I walked toward the door to hide behind it in case her boyfriend was near. She said they were going to bed and he was already laying down, and she wanted to say good night and how she enjoyed my company. Well, she had a grin ear to ear and starred more at my cock then my face. Remember, this is my mother-in-law! I was getting turned on by this and she kept a conversation going. When she finally said good night she stepped in the door leaning forward for a good night peck. I slowly reached behind her head and gave a solid gentle kiss, a bit more the mother/son like. She smiled more then I could ever remember in my time knowing her then retired to her room.

In the morning she made breakfast and I ran off to work but grabbed my goodbye kiss first. The kisses became a bit more then friendly each kiss, wetter, longer and more sensual. Suprizingly she kissed me that way in front of her boyfriend, though he may not have seen.

I arrived back at her house that night and to my liking I noticed her boyfriend's car wasn't there. He wouldn't be joining us this evening. I took a shower before dinner and put on a very tiny thong. I waited until she was near and walked from the bathroom to my room sporting my cute panties. She said dinner was ready and smiled sweetly. I told her I'd be right there as soon as I changed and she replied "just get comfortable, wear your panties if you like"! So I did!!! She commented she'd never been with or seen a younger man naked, and I was as old as her sons. She also commented on my body and said her daughter was crazy for wanting a divorce.

After dinner we she showed me some projects she was working on. When it was bedtime she walked me to my room. I didn't know what to expect so I took off my thong as I was going to bed. She rubbed my neck and shoulders which I commented on earlier. I soon became rock hard and she kept rubbing, talking and smiling at my throbbing cock. Being the "lady" she is she said it was time for bed and header for the door. I followed her and thanked her for the rub. She leaned forward for her kiss and this time I very gently tongued her and she responded back with her tongue massaging mine. Smiling she retired to bed.

In the morning as I headed off to work I couldn't wait to come back that night, wondering what would happen next. Her boyfriend was home on my return and I was so disappointed. He stayed the night but I managed to get my good night kiss, me naked at the door with a throbbing hard-on, her smiling and now passionately kissing me with deep tonguing and light lip biting. We made-out for about 5 minutes and she said she'd better get to bed or her man is going to wonder.

I left town for a week to my home counting the hours until I returned. When the day finally came I was thrilled to see we were alone for the evening. I brought some flowers and champagne to thank her for being a gracious host. Dinner as usual, me in my thong, then a game of cards.. She suggested we get in her Jacuzzi before bed time and I suggested we take the champagne. She wore her one piece suit and I was naked. I rubbed her feet and fed her champagne until she was a little tipsy. AS we made out I began feeling her up which I hadn't done before. I got a breast exposed, emmm so big and huge long nipples just like her daughter. When I made that comment her tits were nicer then her daughters she got excited and became more loose with her breasts. I would pour champagne on her nipples then suck it off much to her liking. She began feeling my cock then suddenly had a case of guilt exclaiming "you are my daughters ex!" We talk about it for about 30 seconds before she sub-came to my touch again. She told me she was a lady and we couldn't go any further because of our relationship and I respected that. That lasted for 1 evening!

On my next visit I sleeping in her bed. She would let me seduce her, finger her into orgasm the orally service her to the next big o. She could only cum twice a night and I enjoyed servicing her even without reciprocation. As the weeks pasted she opened herself up to experiencing more and more. This is how it progressed:

Week 3:

I serviced her orally and with my fingers. Champagne and chocolate sauce spewed on her body for me to lick off. I gave her massages and sucked those beautiful 68 year old titties

Week 4:

She wanted me to get off so she let me masturbate on her titties and lick my hot cum off. Soon after she let me tittty fuck her as she sat on the bed with me sanding in front of her.

Week 5:

She loved being told she was hot and loved the fact a man 22 years younger could get enough of her, desiring to fuck her. When I was giving her oral she said in a commanding voice "FUCK ME!". I hopped on, spread her legs and held them high as I penetrated her wet pussy. She went wild and came and came. She said she hadn't fucked like that since she was a teenager, back in the forties. This was the breaking point, we fucked now in the morning, when i got home, before bed and sometimes waking up in the middle of the night.

Week 6:

She was feeling really hot and sexy. Her boyfriend called while I was fondling her in the kitchen. She seemed to like the conflict so I got on my knees and licked her pussy all thru her conversation. That made her really hot. We fucked every chance we'd get

Week 7:

She was out of control. This woman was fairly proper and had a social conscious. Prior I couldn't go near the windows because she was afraid her neighbors may see what's going on. well now I was fucking her in the front windows telling her that the old neighbors would be so jealous knowing a young guy was fucking her. She had a huge porch in her front yard though a short distance from the street. I took her out there one afternoon, still light outside, and me standing and her straddling me I fucked her slowly while neighbors walked by. They may have seen but she didn't care, she just wanted to fuck and let it be known she was HOT!

I frequently told her she had nicer tits and she was a much better fuck & lover then her daughter. This always made her hot and validated her in some way. Well that same week her daughter called one night while we were in bed. She knew she'd be on the phone for at least 1/2 hour and she climbed onto my hard cock and sat, slowly rocking away. She was giggling and smiling so much her daughter thought she was high. After the conversation she felt guilty but as usually recovered quickly and came twice.

It just kept getting better. One night I drove her to her son's house for the weekend. They asked me to stay the night cuz my drive would have been late. I did and yes, I snuck into her room and quietly fucked her usual 2 orgasms. I didn't cum and she new it. The next morning she thanked me for the orgasms in front looking over her shoulders to see if family was near.

Another day we were at a family event ex wife and all. I found an excuse to go to the store and she asked to join me. We stopped by my house, I filled her with cum and we returned to the party. She was all smiles and feeling so naughty. She came up to me a few times to tell me she loved the feel of my cum dripping down her legs.

My contract ended sooner then I wanted but I kept finding reasons to go visit on weekends. We ended up very good friends and still fuck on the few occasions we can, maybe twice a year.

She really is a good woman, well respected by family and friends, and a contributor to the community. If only people knew our sexy secret...perhaps that's what makes it so exciting.

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