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My Lunch Date by C Ring

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Well... I thought I'd share with you how my lunch date went the other day. First of all let me tell you about her, she is beautiful, in her twenties or thirties, about 5' 7", blonde hair and blue eyes.... oh and a very nice body. We met for lunch at Gerona’s in Redding, and lucky for me they sat us in the back room (which allowed us a little privacy). We started off innocently enough, talking about her day and her new apartment she just rented. After a while we began talking about more personal things... so I brought up the discussion I had the other day with someone... about things to do with a tootsie pop... she said that she thought that it was pretty funny, and a bit sexy... so I reached in my pocket and pulled out a Cherrie tootsie pop, I couldn't tell at first if she was scared or excited. I slowly unwrapped it and put it in my mouth... mmmm this is good... but I know what would make it even better, I told her. She laughed and said, "Oh? and what would that be?" (as her nipples grew hard under her blouse). And to that I replied, "to taste you on it." She blushed a bright red, but didn't say anything, so I took my hand and put it on her knee. She sat for a moment, not moving. Then, slowly she spread her knee's apart. I slid my hand up her skirt and touched her panties, they were dripping wet. I pulled them aside and took the tootsie pop from my warm mouth... then slowly inserted it into her. Her face flushed and her eyes closed and she let out a soft moan. I moved it slowly, in and out... then up and down... then deep insider her again. Finally, when it looked like she couldn't take anymore, I pulled it out, and put it back in my mouth..."mmmmm Now that's a good tootsie pop" I said...

where was I... oh yeah.. sucking on that fantastic Cherrie tootsie pop.. mmmmm.... while I was sucking, she leaned over and said, "let's get out of here." Who am I to argue, so I paid the bill and we headed out the door. I figured she just needed to get back to work but when we got in my car; she opened her cell phone and called the clinic to tell them she was taking the rest of the day off. My heart started pounding in my chest as she hung up the phone and turned to me and said... why you don’t take me to my apartment... so we can finish what you started. She gave me directions, and lucky for both of us, it wasn't too far. I almost missed her driveway though, because I was so distracted by her beauty.

When we finally got in the apartment and closed the door, she turned to me and asked if I had any more of those tootsie pops. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a second one... she took it and unwrapped in, then put it in her mouth.... while she took my hand and led me to her couch. She pulled it out... and said, "mmm... this is pretty good... but I bet I know what will make it taste even better!" With that, she reached down and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants, then let them drop to the floor. Then she kneeled down and took the tootsie pop from her mouth... it was slick with her saliva... she grabbed my cock and slid the tootsie pop up the underside... the feeling was incredible... then she put it in her mouth again... and then took it out and put it up against the head of my cock... and swirled it around the tip... it was hot, sticky, sweet smelling... I thought I was going to explode.

Finally, she took the tootsie pop and put it back in her mouth... her eyes closed half way and she let out a soft moan..."mmmm... this is the best tootsie pop I've ever tasted." Then, she took it out of her mouth and sat it on the table... she bent over and put my cock in her mouth... and let out a loud moan... "MMMMMmmmm... this is the best cock I've ever tasted, she said and she started licking it and sucking it." Just as I thought I couldn't hold on any longer, she moved up and began kissing my stomach... and moved up to my mouth... we sat there kissing for a long time, me, sitting on the edge of the couch and her sitting on her knees. Then I reached down and pulled her blouse off... I could see her hard nipples through her sheer bra, I wanted to taste them so bad... I reached out and unclasped her bra with one hand while the other began caressing her breast. She stood up and grabbed my hand, "let's take this in the other room," she said as she led me to her bedroom...

When we reached her bed, she turned around and laid back on it. I reached down and unzipped her skirt... and pulled it off her... then her panties... she was so wet she was glistening. As I knelt down in front of her, I began licking her thigh as my hands caressed her breasts... then one hand moved down and picked up the Cherrie tootsie pop I had picked up from the table in the front room...

I moved my hand up... and put the Cherrie tootsie pop in my mouth... and got it very wet... then, took it out and touched it to her left nipple.... I moved it around and around.. until it started to get sticky... then I put it back in my mouth... mmmmm.. it tasted so good... a little bit salty from the sweat that was forming on her skin. I sucked it for a moment, then took it out and touched it to her right nipple... and moved it around and around... watching her nipples get even harder...

When it began getting sticky again, I put the tootsie pop down, and moved up... and began slowly licking and sucking the wonderful juices off her breasts... while my hard cock was rubbing against the inside of her thigh.... she began to moan again... and her hips moved up off the bed... to force her body closer to mine.... I moved from her left nipple to her right... and licked and sucked.... then licked some more. When I finished getting the wonderful taste off her nipples... I moved down... kissing her sexy stomach and flicking my tongue out every so often to lick her sweet tasting skin... I moved very slowly... my hands moving up and down her body... rubbing and caressing... my lips exploring every inch of her as I moved down her torso... I moved down... inching closer and closer to her sweet spot... I moved my mouth over her clit, careful not to touch it just yet, but letting my hot breath blow on it... I started licking her thigh... slowly spreading her legs further apart.. I looked up and could see her wet and glistening clit...I had to fight to keep from pouncing on it right then, but I wanted to make this last... so I continued kissing and licking her thighs.. as my hands moved down and under her sweet ass.... squeezing and pulling her body towards my eager mouth... finally, I couldn't stand it anymore... I began moving my mouth closer and closer... moving up her thighs... kissing one side, then the next... my breath getting hotter and hotter with anticipation... I was so hard I thought I would explode...

When I was close enough to feel her warmth I opened my eyes and looked at her wet juicy pussy.... and my mouth watered... I moved my tongue up and flicked it across her clit, she quivered ever so slightly... and let out a soft moan... then I flicked it again... and then swirled it around her clit.... feeling it getting harder against my tongue... I moved up a little and put my lips on her clit and softly sucked it... then let my tongue move down and slide between her juicy lips...she moaned softly again, letting me know she liked what I was doing.... I could taste the Cherrie tootsie pop in her still... and I went crazy... and started licking and sucking... wanting to get all her sweet juices... my hands grabbing her ass and pulling her toward me... sticking my tongue further into her... then sucking as I slowly pulled it lick her clit again... swirling around... then plunging back into her sweet lips... lapping up all her hot sweet juices.... she began moving her hips rhythmically up and down... letting my tongue move deeper and deeper inside her... finally I couldn't take it any longer... I had to be inside her...

I slid my body up kissing her body as I moved, stopping momentarily at her belly button… before moving on to her luscious breasts. I remained there for a while, moving my tongue around her areolas… until her nipples were rock hard. Then I moved up to her neck, kissing and licking… up and down her neck… then our lips met and passion ripped through me, I felt like I was on fire. I had to enter her. I placed my cock against her hot clit, and rubbed it around… then down… sliding it between her hot juicy lips…. I began rhythmically moving in and out… pushing a little deeper with each thrust. She let out another soft moan. Then I began moving faster, sliding in and out of her… pulling almost all the way out, then thrusting all the way into her, moving faster, and harder each stroke… the headboard was pounding against the wall, but I could barely hear it, as I slammed my body into her over and over again… she was so hot and sexy, I wanted to be as far inside her as I could possibly be. I reached my hands down, and grabbed her ass, and pulled her to me as my hips slammed forward. Beads of sweat were forming on her upper lip… so I bent down, and kissed them off her… then moved my lips down, kissing her neck, as I slammed into her again and again! I felt a slight tremor coming from her… and looked at her face… eyes closed, biting her lower lip to keep from screaming… as I continued to move in and out of her… the tremor became more pronounced as I continued… she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me as I continued to pound into her… then her hips began convulsing up and down, in direct opposition to my movements… making me drive even deeper into her… finally she reached and wrapped both arms around me pulling me tighter as she came forcefully, almost explosively, our bodies tensed and I thrust my cock deep inside her, feeling her warm juices flowing. Then she released me… and laid back on the bed, exhausted. I held her, and kissed her neck… catching my breath, before I moved down to suck those sweet juices from her pussy.

Hope you enjoyed, if so let me know!!

C. Ring aka NorfCalCpl4fun00

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