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My Introduction to Love

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My introduction to love and sex happened in 1962 when I was fifteen years old. My neighbor was a woman in her mid thirties named Gail. She was almost exactly twenty years my senior. When she moved in she was married but soon separated from her husband. Gail was a pretty woman, very tall (almost six feet) and a natural redhead. I was in love with her from the moment I first saw her.

She quickly became friends with my mother and my mother thought it would be nice if I offered my services doing odd jobs after Gail was alone. I fed her dogs, cleaned her house, mowed her lawn, shoveled her driveway, watched her house when she was gone and baby-sat her young son when she went out on dates with men. When I baby-sat she would come home very late, sometimes after two in the morning, so I would sleep over at her house.

I would come over when I she went out at about six PM and we?d talk while she got ready for her date. I?d play music for her on her hi-fi while we talked. She?d ask me to play this song or that song and we?d sing along while she dressed and put on her makeup.

One time I couldn?t find the particular record she wanted me to play and she told me it might be in another cabinet in the living room. When I opened the cabinet there were several photo albums stacked in front of the LP?s. I moved them out of the way and found the LP she wanted to hear.

Casually I leafed through the photo albums while the songs on the LP played. The first photo album was filled with pictures of her wedding and honeymoon. The second was filled with pictures of her, her husband and their baby.

The third one, however, was filled with Polaroid?s of her in various states of un-dress in scanty see through lace teddies and other sexy lingerie. At that time, 1962, this was scandalous. Playboy was hardly more risqué and there was nothing remotely like Hustler then.

I was so shocked I could hardly look at the pictures. I put the albums back and finished spinning records for her. After she left and her son was in bed I pulled the album out and looked closely at it. I was so turned on I think I masturbated ten or twelve times that night. I couldn?t think of anything else for weeks. I couldn?t wait to go back and baby-sit again.

As luck would have it her husband moved back in later that same week and I was left without hope. They tried to get back together that whole winter and the only time I saw Gail was when I shoveled the snow off their driveway.

But in the spring, when a young mans fancy turns to love, he moved out again and they got divorced. I was soon back baby-sitting. The good news was that they?d added to their album over the winter. Even better news was that Gail went back to dating with a vengeance. She never said anything about that winter but reading between the lines it must have been hell for her.

She would go out almost every Friday and Saturday night. Almost always I?d baby-sit. Several times she asked me to come down to the house even if her son wasn?t there. She said she felt safer coming home with someone in the house.

Not too long after she started dating again and when her son was not there I accidentally fell asleep with her nude album on my bed. My bedroom being directly across the hall from her bedroom. When I awoke in the morning the album was downstairs back in the cabinet and she never said anything to me about it.

When I?d get up in the morning I?d come downstairs where she?d be sitting at the kitchen table having coffee. She?d have a housecoat on but often I?d see her nightgown, which was often very sexy and usually very sheer. I?d sit there having eggs and juice with her just like we were married, except for the sex part. I decided to make some kind of play for her that morning.

The next time I was there I deliberately left the album out on my bed even thought her son was home that time. I even stayed awake to see what she?d do. When she returned that night she brought a boyfriend home with her for the first time. I was stuck leaving the album out because by the time I realized he was there I couldn?t hide the album without them knowing I was awake. I was so scared I could hardly breathe.

When she came in to check on me she saw the album and told her friend about what I?d been doing. He thumbed through it and laughed about me looking at it. He told her I must be a horny little bugger and she laughed with him about that. The man reached down and gently pulled the sheet from my body (yes I slept nude even at fifteen) and, of course, I had a raging hard-on.

I am not hung like a horse but I do have seven or so inches and a large head on my dick, plus I was only fifteen years old so I was hard like a rock with my dick hard up against my belly. He laughed and whistled and she hastily pulled the sheet back down over my body and hustled him out of the room. She left the album where it was.

The next morning I met the guy and I realized quickly he wasn?t a ?real? boyfriend but more of a drinking buddy. Apparently he?d spent the night but not in her bed. She made it quite clear to me that he was a buddy not a lover. I assume he slept on the couch.

I could see he wasn?t happy I was there, which of course I loved because he?d revealed my nakedness and because it meant I might have a shot at Gail. After a couple of minutes I was glad he tried to embarrass me. I was ready for my next step when I was called back to babysit.

Unfortunately it was a few weeks before she needed me again. This time I was only dog sitting because her bitch had had puppies that week. When she got home that night, really in the morning, I was lying naked in my bed with the sheet down low on my stomach and the album on the bed next to me. When she came into the room I could smell the liquor on her breath and the cigarette smoke on her clothes as she came into the room and pulled the sheet up to my neck, picked up the photo album and gently kissed me on my cheek. I turned towards her and put my arm out around her neck and tried to pull her gently towards me. She ducked down under my halfhearted embrace, I was supposed to be asleep you know, and pulled back away from me.

She stood there for what seemed like a half hour to me but must have been just a minute or so looking down at me I could see through my lightly closed eyes (I have a pronounced epicanthic fold which means it?s hard to tell if my eyes are open or not) . She took off her coat and walked slowly out of the room carrying her coat, stood in the doorway for a few seconds and gently shut the door.

The next morning she was strangely subdued and neither of us said anything about the night before. She dismissed me without our usual small talk about her night and I worried that I?d crossed some line with her and that we couldn?t or wouldn?t go back to the game we both were playing with each other.

This was confirmed to me when the next time I stayed the night the album wasn?t in its usual place. She didn?t come into my room that night but just looked in and closed the door. I was devastated by this development.

The next morning she casually reminded me that I was the young (und*rage) son of her best friend. Hope surged through me because I knew it wasn?t about anything I?d done but rather about who I was as a person, young, und*rage and inexperienced and I thought I might be able to overcome that.

I mentioned to her that boys reach their development peak at twenty and women at thirty-five. I was young but I was very well read and reasonably smart (not to mention precocious). In 1962 there was not the stigma about older women and younger men that there is now. Older men and younger women yes but not so much the other way round. At that time no one prosecuted that ?crime?.

I eagerly awaited my next baby-sitting job, which occurred about two weeks later. I checked the cabinet after she left for her date and the album was still not there. I was disappointed but not devastated like the time before. I prepared myself for her return as best I could. I was naked, clean, had the sheet just above my hard on when she got back from her date. My hard dick was highly visible under the thin sheet.

When she got home she didn?t come directly upstairs like she usually did. I heard her rummaging around the kitchen as she went through her cabinets looking for something. When she did come up she still had her coat on and I could see through my lightly shut eyes that she was tipsy. Her coat was open, her shoes were in her hand and she was navigating like a ship in a storm. She came into the room and plopped down on the bed next to me, lying full length beside me. She snuggled up close under my chin and threw her left arm, in which she had a bottle of Vodka (found in the kitchen I presume) over my chest.

I could smell the cigarette smoke in her hair mixed with her shampoo, mixed with her perfume and I almost fainted right then and there. I turned towards her so I was almost facing her and I tried to kiss her on the lips. She moved her head so I couldn?t do that and murmured something I couldn?t hear. I kissed her on the forehead instead. She snuggled closer to me and my heart must have been beating at about 150 times a minute. It beat so hard she pulled her head off my chest and looked me full in the face and said, ?I know you?re either awake or you?re having a heart attack.?

I opened my eyes and tried to kiss her on the lips again. She denied me that and we again went through the conversation about how young I was and how my mother was her best friend. I laughed and asked her if she thought I?d say anything to anyone much less my own mother? She said even if I didn?t say anything to my mother I?d surely say something to my friends. I told her she was nuts because firstly they?d never believe me and secondly I didn?t want them trying to duplicate what we were doing. She laughed and said, ?Now THAT I believe? and she kissed me full on the lips.

Part Two

I responded as best I could. I?d never kissed anyone seriously much less an adult and a horny adult almost three inches taller than me at that. She shrugged her coat off, dropped the shoes that were in her right hand, let go of the Vodka bottle in her left hand and moved over on top of me on her hands and knees. She had to pull up her dress in order to straddle me and, of course, I could see right down her blouse.

I was somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn about then. Blood was rushing to all points of my body. She kissed me fully on my mouth and stuck her tongue right down my throat. I may have been precocious and smart but I didn?t know much about the physical acts of lovemaking, at least in specifics.

She kept at it and kissed my nose so hard it hurt. She stared moving against my body and moaning. That scared me because I wasn?t sure what that meant at first. But she seemed to be enjoying it; at least I hoped she was enjoying it, so I went with it.

She kissed me passionately and put her hands on my chest and arched her back pushing her pelvis into me. I kissed her mouth, her arms and her chest through the top of her dress matching her intensity as best I could. I tried to put my hands into her top to feel her breasts but the dress was too tight for me to do much more than feel her breasts through the cloth. She had a C cup and compared to the girls I knew in grade school she was built like a brick house, as the Commodores sang.

I realized after a bit that she was masturbating herself on my dick right through her dress, panties and the sheet over me. I drove my hips upward to meet her coming down. After about ten minutes of this she came and that really scared me because she cried out like I was hurting her. She grabbed my shoulders and pushed so hard against me I couldn?t breathe, not that I wanted to at that moment anyway. She came for what seemed like minutes but was in reality about 30 seconds. After she was through she collapsed onto my chest and murmured something I couldn?t hear in my ear.

After about two minutes she suddenly pushed herself back onto her hands above me and said, ?You didn?t come yet did you?? I said no. I?d been too concerned with what was going on to pay attention to that. She kissed me again and started moving down my body slowly removing the sheet covering my nakedness. When she got to my stomach she lingered there rubbing my cock through the sheet while she kissed my stomach. I couldn?t stand it! Then she pulled the sheet down past my cock and licked it from top to bottom. I almost came right then but since I?d masturbated several times before she?d gotten home I didn?t but she?d might as well doused me with ice water. It felt so good it almost hurt.

She sucked me, stroked me, licked me and held my cock in her hands while she licked my balls and scrotum. My cock was so hard she could hardly move it away from my stomach. She finally took me into her mouth and put her hands under my butt and pushed me into and out of her mouth. After a bit I got the idea and moved into her while she squeezed my ass cheeks. When I thought I?d blow up she suddenly moved all the way down to my brown little puckered hole and stuck her tongue into it. I came instantly while she encircled my cock with her hand squeezing it as I came. Most likely I shouted because she looked up at me and put her finger to her lips and said, ?Shhhhh.?

She then moved back up my body kissing it and licking my come off my pelvis as she moved upward until she got up to my face. Then she kissed me with my come in her mouth and on her face and laughed when I tried to avoid her doing that. Two seconds later she was off the bed with her bottle and her coat. She kissed me, said good night to me and left the room before I could say anything. After she left I masturbated several more times and feel asleep with a smile on my face I?m sure.

The next morning I tried to kiss her good morning but she deflected my kiss to her lips and I kissed her cheek instead. She looked me straight in the eye and said, ?It didn?t happen, did it?? I said, ?What didn?t happen?? and that was that.

I am Tagurrit on SLS and if you?d like to read more of what happened to Gail and myself let me know and I?ll let you know what our next meeting was like.

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