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My Golfing Buddy Has a Hot Time with My Wife

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Each year my wife?s employer holds a Christmas party for the staff and guests. At last year?s party we sat with a young and attractive couple. Lisa, the wife, was a high school teacher. Rick, the husband, was a lawyer. They had recently relocated to the area and wanted to make new friends. During the evening?s discussions, I discovered that Rick played golf and had Friday afternoons off. Rick wanted to establish a regular pattern of playing to improve his handicap. Needless to say, we made an agreement to get together each Friday, weather permitting. In southern Illinois depending on the winter temperatures, some years we can play year around.

In addition to talking golf that night, it was apparent that Rick was interested in my wife. In fact, he danced almost every slow dance with my wife. Of course, I couldn?t blame him; because she looked great in her holiday outfit. She was wearing a sequin top that nicely highlighted her 36C tits and gumdrop nipples. Instead of a skirt, she was wearing sheer slacks with high slits up both legs. As I described in three previous stories, she is about 5?7? with auburn colored hair and brown eyes. She has great legs with calf definition, especially in high heels. She has a unique combination of an independent spirit with a caring and sensitive nature. Also, she enjoys the company of younger men (10-15 years younger). Rick was a little bit beyond her normal preference, because he was 20 years younger.

Enough said about Rick. Lisa was five years older than her husband, but didn?t look it. She was an attractive brunette with a short hair style. She had smaller tits than my wife, but her legs were as good. I enjoyed dancing with her and talking about kids and family. She warned me that Rick took an interest in other things besides golf including, bass fishing, billiards, darts, and one special activity.

I questioned her, ?What special activity? Can you give me some specifics?? She responded back, ?Once you start hanging around with him, you will find out quickly enough. Especially since he has taken an interest in your wife.? With a smile, I said, ?I could tell that he enjoyed looking at her tits and legs. Also, did you see his hands roaming her ass while dancing?? Lisa smiled and remarked, ?Yes, I won?t mind some of that action.? With that statement she moved my right hand to her butt cheek as we were dancing. It felt tight and smooth. She felt so good in my arms and smelled great as she rested her head on my shoulder.

As the party was winding down, we invite Rick and Lisa to our house for a night cap. They begged off due to having a new babysitter and the need to get her home before midnight. Rick remarked as they were leaving, ?If the weather is above forty on Friday, I?ll call you about a golf game.? Needless to say, I responded back, ?Okay, two dollars a hole?? All he said was, ?Fine, what?s your handicap?? Smiling I said, ?A bulky putter. Just kidding, I play to a ten.? ?Good, I play to a ten also.? Rick responded back.

Well we were unable to play for a couple of weeks due to the weather, but when we finally got out on the course; I was able to easily beat Rick. I don?t know how he got a ten handicap, unless the course was extremely easy or something. We played as much as we could during the winter and every time I would win. I felt embarrassed taking his money, but wondered about Lisa?s comment on his special activity.

Then one spring evening after a round of golf while we were eating in the club course grille Rick said, ?You know that I put some time and effort into panning a special romantic weekend with Lisa. Remember I told you that I purchased those expensive dinner tickets for the wine tasting evening and a room at the bed and breakfast at the local winery. Now Lisa can?t go because of a family emergency and I can?t get a refund from either place. Would you and your wife like to use them??

Sadly, I came back, ?You know that Saturdays are a date night for my wife and me. However, I am going to a men?s retreat? My wife was a little disappointed at not having a date for Saturday. So, I guess you will need to offer them to someone else.? With a smile Rick said, ?Funny isn?t it, there is a couple who could go; but they aren?t married to each other. Since you always take my money on the golf course, may be you can replay me by letting your wife be my date?

Taking a deep breath, I said, ?My wife was disappointed and she does find you attractive and fun to be with. Also, she enjoys you company and conversation. I?ll check with her tonight and let you know.? Rick added, ?By the way, I?ll pick up the tab for all of the date.?

Later that night when I got home my wife asked, ?How was your golf match? Did you take Rick to the cleaners again?? With a grin I said, ?Yes, but only for four dollars. I felt sorry for him and missed a few putts.? My wife said, ?I don?t know why he wants to bet you, because you always win.? With a nod I said, ?Yes, well may be we can let Rick be a winner on Saturday and save him some money.? With a puzzled look, my wife questioned me, ?What are you talking about? What?s happening on Saturday, I thought you had to attend the men?s retreat and cancel our date night.?

I laid it all out by saying, ?Rick planned this very romantic weekend for Lisa and him. A wine tasting event with a multiple course gourmet meal and a night at the vineyard?s bed and breakfast.? My wife interrupted and said, ?Those rooms all have fireplaces and whirlpool baths.?

I responded, ?Yes and Rick can?t get a refund on either at this late date. If he doesn?t get someone to take the reservations, he?ll be out over three hundred dollars.? My wife said, ?Well we can?t go with you being gone. And how does this relate with Rick becoming a winner??

With a tone of excitement I responded, ?Rick mentioned about you and him going. I know that you are definitely attracted to Rick and curious about what kind of lover he would be. Plus, it would be a real turn on to hear all the details of the encounter. So should I call Rick and tell him that you agree?? Without much hesitation my wife said, ?Of course, but I?ll need a new outfit, because this is a slightly upscale date.? Quickly, I remarked, ?You know how I like to shop with you for party dresses and how it turns me on to see you all dolled up.? I called Rick and he was excited to hear the good news.

On Saturday morning, we went to the mall to buy some items of clothing for my wife to wear. She found the perfect little black dress. To add a touch of class, she bought a pearl necklace and matching earrings. To wear under the dress we picked up black silky thigh highs, a black open tip bra, black panties with a pearl t-back, and three inch black heels with pearl accents.

That afternoon while I cut the grass and did yard work, my wife went to the nail salon and had her finger nails and toe nails manicured and polished. I addition she had her hair cut and styled. When I finished my chores and came into the house, my wife was in the bath tub drinking wine and listening to romantic music. She had the lights turned off and candles ringing the tub. After getting a beer, I joined her. As she was shaving her legs, I remarked, ?Don?t forget to closely shave your pussy. I would guess that Rick may want you for dessert.?

Before getting dressed my wife laid on the edge of the bed and had me check her pussy for any missed hairs or stubble. I gave her a touch up with our cleancut razor. Before letting her up to put on her make up and get dressed, I tasted her pussy and licked her clit. Later I watched my wife get dressed for her date and remarked, ?You look hot. I am envious of Rick.? Just then the door bell rang and my wife and Rick were off on their date.


Arriving at the restaurant, the hostess seated us in a small and very private dining room. Local legend has it that these rooms opened directly onto the outside, so that patrons could make an escape from the police during prohibition. Our meals were excellent as always. The chef/owner had prepared all the courses to perfection. We had a different wine with each course. Needless to say, I was has relaxed and a little tipsy. During the meal Rick rubbed my ankle, calf, and thigh with his foot. Due to the good wine, good company, good conversation, and good thigh massage; my pussy was getting wet and my clit started to itch. When the waiter asked how we liked the dessert, Rick said, ?They were good but; I am planning to have an even better dessert later tonight.? Rick winked at me and I knew immediately what he meant. Before leaving Rick said, ?Before heading to the bed and breakfast, how about if we stop at the gentlemen?s club just down the road for a drink or two?? Smiling I said, ?Okay, but let?s not stay too long; my body can?t compete with those young things.? Rick smiled and said, ?I don?t about that, from what I can see of it looks great to me!?

Before driving to the gentlemen?s club, Rick and I kissed and necked in the parking lot. Rick is some great kisser. His hand stroked my thigh and slowly made its way to my pussy. Pushing my thong to the side, Rick fingered my clit and fucked my opening. I mentioned to Rick, ?We better get going down the road; the gentlemen?s club is only a half mile south of here.?

The gentlemen?s club was nice, even though I was one of the few females in attendance. The female entertainers were talented and nice looking. During one of the performances, Rick commented, ?Most of the tits are silicone, but did you notice that most of the dancers are shaved like you and Lisa?? In return I asked Rick, ?So Lisa is also shaved? Is she totally shaved or partial?? With a shy grin Rick said, ?Of course, totally. I can eat Lisa?s shaved pussy for hours!? I said, ?That?s good news.? I knew my husband would enjoy the good news about Lisa.

Rick played with my knee and thigh under the table. I was getting so wet that my thong was soaked. I whispered to Rick, ?Would you remove my panties? They?re so soaked that I am getting a chill.? Rick removed my panties and put them into his pocket. Then he commented, ?If you?re getting cold, let?s head to the bed and breakfast. We can use the fireplace to get things warmed up including your pussy.?

The drive to the winery?s bed and breakfast was over twenty miles of country roads. In no time we were headed through the vineyard to the contemporary styled bed and breakfast. Before exiting the car, I made sure to take my purse. My thoughtful husband had remembered to pack my vibrator and lubricant. I hoped that Rick didn?t mind my toy.

Once inside the room, Rick turned the radio to easy listening music and ignited the gas fireplace. Also, he had a bottle of champagne and two fluted glasses. As we embraced in a kiss, Rick slowly removed my dress. Then he began to suck my nipples and said, ?I need to open the champagne and pour some into the glasses, before drinking the remainder from your tits and those great erect nipples.? As he drank from my nipples, he also sucked and softly bite them. Later he asked, ?Can I drink what?s left in the bottle from your shaved pussy?? After giving him the okay, he directed me, ?Put one leg on the bed and spread the other as far apart as possible. I want to be able to pour it down your stomach and over your clit and down to your ass.? He did exactly that as he drank and licked and sucked my clit, labia, and ass hole. As he tongued my ass hole, waves of several orgasms sweep over my body. At the conclusion, my knees were weak and I collapsed to the edge of the mattress. Spreading my legs Rick continued to eat my pussy. He lapped at my clit like a man dying of thirst. In addition he was tonguing the opening to my pussy. In no time I had another orgasm and could feel my toes curl and my nipples harden.

As I continued to lie on the bed spread-eagled, Rick commented on how I looked by saying, ?I just love how you look in that position. Your legs and feet nicely accented by the black hose and heels with your smooth and shaved pussy as the center piece. Your tits are mounded in a natural way and your nipples are like red gumdrops. I wish that I had a digital camera or camcorder.? While he was giving me these flattering comments, Rick was removing his clothes. His cock was erect and curved upward with a nice bend. I was obvious that he had shaved his scrotum.

He stepped to the bed and knelt between my legs. His cock slowly entered my wet pussy. As his rhythm became faster and faster; he was jack hammering my pussy. As I closed my eyes in ecstasy, I could feel Rick ejaculate into my pussy. He collapsed upon me and kissed me passionately with his tongue exploring my mouth. After a few minutes he stopped kissing me and actually fell asleep with his cock still in my pussy. I kissed him softly on the forehead and slowly rolled him off of me. Just the thought of my husband at home and relating the details to him about this lovemaking session got me hot again. Since I needed to come again, I took my vibrator from the purse and buzzed my clit. In no time I had another great orgasm, only this time Rick didn?t get to feel or experience. I kiss his soft cock as I covered his naked body with the blanket.

Funny, the next morning I was still in my underwear and hose less the shoes. Rick woke up with a morning hard and wanted to put it to good use. While Rick was on his back, I sucked his cock for a few minutes and then I climbed on top as I slowly feed his cock into my ass. He let me take complete control over the rhythm and speed. Once he was fully in my ass, I rode him hard until he ejaculated. I was surprised when he commented, ?That is the first time I have ever fucked a woman in her ass. Lisa doesn?t like idea and I have never pushed it. But may be after I tell her about how you did it, she will change her mind.?

After we showered, we headed home to our houses. Rick escorted me to the front door and gave me a nice good bye kiss as he grabbed one last feel of my ass. As I opened the front door my husband was there to meet me with a smile and a kiss. He asked, ?Did you have a good time?? With a smile I said, ?Yes, it was almost as good as with you.? Further my husband inquired, ?How many time did he fuck you? And in what positions? And for how long? And does he have a bigger cock than mine? And, ?..? I had to interrupt him by saying, ?Slow down we have all afternoon and night.?

He responded, ?At least tell me if he fucked you this morning?? I said, ?Yes, he did.? As a follow up he said, ?Did you shower?? My response of, ?Yes, we did.? caused a disappointed reaction from my husband. I asked, ?What?s wrong, I thought that you would be excited.? He told me, ?I was hoping that he fucked you and you didn?t take a shower. I wanted to eat your pussy and have a delicious cream pie." I giggled a little then said, "It's true we did shower before we left but on the way home Rick drove down a dead end trail in the vineyard and we fucked on a huge rock in the woods."

With that knowledge my husband proceeded to eat me for all he was worth. The taste and the smell so aroused him that he immediately guided his cock toward my pussy. But as soon as he entered me he exploded and ejaculated his load into my pussy. We just stared at each other for a minute then we started laughing.

Still laughing he said to me, "The plan that Lisa and I hatched to get you and Rick together worked perfectly. The family emergency and men?s retreat were believable excuses. Now remember next time, its Lisa and me."

Also, laughing I said, "You let me believe that this was a give back for beating Rick so badly at golf. It?s okay if you continue to beat him and give him back his self-confidence through me. By the way, Lisa is totally shaved. So it?s okay with me if you want her for dessert after a romantic date with her. In fact, I?ll call her this week and set up an encounter for next Saturday."

In the next story, I?ll let my husband tell you about his date with Lisa. He thinks it?s hotter than this; but I don?t know. We?ll let the readers decide.

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