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My Freaky Lil Niece

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This all happened in the first summer after I moved into my new apartment. When my 18 year old niece decided to come and visit me.

I was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels trying to find anything on that was worth the time of watching. I was beginning my long weekend and it was 8 am and a Thursday to boot all my friends were at work so I did not think that I would have any company so I was lounging around in my boxers drinking my coffee when the doorbell rang. Thinking that it was either a salesman or Jehovah Witnesses I went to the door figuring that my appearance alone would offend them I figured that my tattoos and boxers would end the conversation quickly. When I opened the door there stood my niece. All I could think of was that here I stand almost naked in front of m hot little niece that is 5 foot 6 inches and barely 85 pounds. I finally muttered to her to come on in. As she walked by me I noticed for the first time that she had two duffle bags that she dropped at the table near the door.

Whats up Steph?

I got in a huge fight with mom and dad and I walked out. She sobbed.

I stood there watching her cry and listening to the whole story I went over to her and hugged her telling her that it was okay. I asked if she wanted a drink and asked her to sit on the couch as I grabbed a soda for her and me another cup of coffee. I then went to the couch and handed her the soda and grabbed my sweats from the dresser in my room. I sat on the couch beside her and we talked about the fight.

Steph you can stay here I will call your mom and dad and let them know. The only thing I ask is you to follow some ground rules.

Whats the rules she asked sobbing

Well you help on the rent and bills groceries no boys after certain times and you ask me before you bring anyone over.

After that day several days passed and she slowly moved her stuff into the spare bedroom that was my makeshift office I moved my office to my bedroom. We got along great and she never asked to bring anyone over and would call me when she was leaving work and coming home. I would joke with her telling her it was like we were an old married couple. She would only giggle and agree. One night I was sitting at my computer checking my email and trying to get some work caught up when she came in my room and saw me busy and went to the living room I heard the tv and decided that enough was enough. I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and went to sit beside her to watch tv.

What you in the mood to watch? she asked

Hows a scary movie sound?

Ok she found one and we sat and watched I noticed that she was drinking a beer to she did from time to time but I never said anything. She went to get another one and brought one for me as she sat back down she had sat close to me. At one part in the movie she jumped and grabbed me around the neck still looking at the tv when she turned and saw me starring at her she kind of blushed and let me go. When the movie ended I had a hard on that my sweats were not hiding I got up and told her I was going to go to take a shower before dinner. I went to the bathroom and left the door open just a bit and got ready to get in shower when she came to the door.

Alex can I come in?

Steph I am not dressed

That?s ok can I come in

I guess if you are ok with it that is.

When she came in I saw her eyes staring at my cock as she got closer she looked at me and she smiled. Here stood my hot little niece blonde hair blue eyes and nice firm petite body with her nipples showing thru her top that did not seem to hold her 32c titts in check it was skin tight.

You think I am pretty dont you Unc

Yes I do?OMG yes.

She came closer and asked you love me

Yes I said looking at her

She reached out and grabbed my cock then she looked at me and kissed me and whispered then show me

I grabbed her and picked her up and carried her to my bedroom I sat her on the bed and looked at her laying there and I stood up and she smiled and sat up and took my cock in her had and she licked it and started to suck. I grabbed her and stood her up and I sat on the bed and pulled her top off and saw that she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were rock hard. I grabbed her and pulled her close and started to suck on her titts she threw her head back and let out a moan. She pushed me off put her top back on. Damn I thought its over until I noticed that she was going to the radio and played a cd when she turned around she started to strip. I sat there as she stripped down to her thong and she turned and bent over sticking her ass in my face I grabbed her and told her I wasnt about to let her tease me as I used my thumb to rub her pussy and she moaned and slapped my hands and said that I better. So I let her do her thing as she danced for me she bent over again putting her ass up in my face and taking her fingers and rubbing herself this went on for a couple of songs then she stood up and straddled me and I took her panties off and saw that she was clean shaven. She put her hand on my chest and told me to lay back. She then started to suck me trying to take my 10 inches all and gagging as she tried but damn she was trying. I sat up and she looked up at me with those blue eyes and I knew then I was going to loose it. I tell her I am going to cum and she pulls my cock out of her mouth and tell me to stand as I do she starts to jack me of and alternating in sucking licking and jacking me off I tell her I am going to cum and she looks up at me and licks me and tells me to cum in her face as I do I watch her try to catch my cum and her missing and going all over her face. I sit back on the edge of the bed and she takes my cock and sucks me clean and uses it to gather my cum off her face and eats it. She gets up and starts to leave the bedroom and looks at me and smiles and goes to clean up not bothering with her clothes I sit there wandering if this is the only time I will get to see that tight body naked and that I really want to fuck her brains out.

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