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My First Time

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Many of my friends have stories of the first time they have sex; mostly how it was with their boyfriend, a few say it was with their now husbands. Mine, however, is completely different. I have always had a fascination with chat rooms. One can meet someone from other countries they never would have met before.

I was in a chat room, feeling naughty, and flirting with a man I had been talking with for a few weeks. That night, he let me know he was in my town and wanted to meet up with me. I was feeling reckless so I agreed if he was willing to pick me up at my house.

I put on tight leather pants and a shiny red snakeskin top that showed off my bare breasts wonderfully. I hear him pull up outside of my house and I slide into his Mustang. We drive to the lower dam silently. He finds a secluded spot and parks his car, leaning over he starts to kiss my neck and runs his fingers through my hair. Moving upwards towards my ear lobes, sucking on them. I feel goosebumps run across my skin as I shiver with excitement and anticipation. I close my eyes relishing in the pleasure of his touch, when I hear him slide his zipper down.

I look down and see him freeing the first cock I have ever laid eyes on. It must have been at least 10 inches in length. I feel his hand at the base of my neck push me towards his cock. Excited and scared, I licked my lips. His dick felt huge in my mouth as I sucked on it. The precum tasted salty yet delicious, and I started to suck harder. I tried to cram as much of him in my mouth as I could wanting more of him in me. Each time He would pull out, I'd run my tongue over his velvet head in circles. Further and further he pushed his cock down my throat until I felt him stiffen and something warm shoot down my throat. He groaned with pleasure and rubbed the back of my head, whispering "Good girl." Slowly I slide his cock out of my mouth and told him how good he tasted and that was my first time doing that. He let me know that wasn't all I was going to get tonight.

He instructed me to take off my pants and panties, to let him see my pussy. I shyly did so and spread my legs wide for him. he began to probe my virgin hole with two fingers and circle my clit with his thumb. I moaned with pleasure and couldn't resist moving my hips in rhythm to his fingers. Too quickly he pulled his fingers out and licked them. He told me how sweet I tasted and that I was going to be a tight fit, but he would make sure to fill me up.

He started his car and headed back towards town, making me stay spread for him as he played with me the entire way to his apartment. I must have orgasmed three times by time we made it to his place. I gathered my clothes and went with him to his apartment. Once inside he told me to fully strip so he could inspect me. I slowly pulled off my top to reveal my perky breasts.

He takes a breast in each hand, and pinches my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. Slowly he begins to roll my nipples between his fingers. I tilt my head back and moans with pleasure, closing my eyes once more. He pulls me close and begins to kiss and bite my neck. Whispering in my ear that I am a dirty slut. One of his hands slides between my legs again, sliding up and down my wet slit. He whispers in me ear that I'm so wet and such a naughty girl for meeting men online to fuck.

Suddenly he pushes me to my knees and makes me begin to suck him again, this time not as gentle as before. All I can do is hold onto his hips, my nails digging into his jeans. He pushes my head further down his cock, faster and faster. I feel his length slide down my throat further and further. Just when I think he is about to cum again he pulls out.

He walks towards a different room, I assume it is his bedroom. He beckons for me to follow and I start to stand. He tells me no, that I must crawl to him on my hands and knees like the filthy bitch I am. I slowly make my way over to him, feeling my breasts sway with each movement. When I finally reach him, he points to his bed and tells me to lay down with my legs spread as far as I can. I assume his position and hear him take off his clothes.

I feel his weight on the mattress as he joins me, and he blindfolds me. then I feel myself being tied down. A gag is put into my mouth and he lets me know that this will be the best night of my life. Suddenly I feel his mouth on my pussy. Licking up and down my slit, sucking at my clit and probing my hole. I moan against the gag and start to writhe in pleasure as I feel myself about to orgasm again. Each time I get close, he pulls his mouth away and tells me, "Not yet little one." Over and over again I am brought to the brink of pleasure only to never be allowed to surrender.

I feel his mouth leave me once more and my bindings are removed. He then flips me over and binds my hands behind my back, then above my knees, and finally my ankles together. He pushes my face forward so my head now rests on his pillow with my ass in the air. I feel the head of his cock against my wet pussy. I moan and push against him wanting him to enter me. He moves his cock away from my pussy and asks mockingly "Oh is there something you want?" I whimper wanting him to finally enter me and stop this torture. He laughs mockingly and says he will let me have my release since I have been a good little slut.

I feel the head of his cock return to my pussy. Slowly sliding in. It feels so huge in my virgin hole, I feel the pressure and hear him groan in pleasure as he bursts through my hymen. he slowly pulls out then I feel more of him enter me. He feels so massive inside of me, like I am about to be ripped apart! Soon he starts pumping faster and faster, I feel his balls slapping against my clit the harder he begins to pump. His hands grip my hips as he pounds my pussy. I moan in pleasure and try to keep up with him, but my body soon is overcome with a series of orgasms. I feel him slam into me once more and groan. His hot cum filling my tight pussy. As he finishes he slowly slides his cock out of me and I feel his thick cum trickle between my legs.

He gets up and goes around to the side of the bed my head is on and undoes my gag, telling me to clean his cock. His limp cock slides in my mouth and I taste myself mixed with his cum. His cock twitches and started to harden again in my mouth. I start to suck harder wanting more, and he pulls his dick out of my mouth. He moves back behind me again, and for the second time in my life my pussy is penetrated. I feel him easily slide in my sopping wet pussy, thrusting harder and deeper. With one hand he reaches around and starts to rub my aching clit, and with the other he begins to pinch and play with one of my nipples. I feel myself start to climax again and silently scream in pleasure into the pillow I'm face down on. My body tenses and begins to quiver as waves of ecstasy flood through. He rams his cock deep into as he too starts to cum.

Once he finished he slowly pulls out of me and has me lick his cock clean once more, he then hands me my clothes and tells me to get dressed. Soon, we are back in his car as he is taking me home. I feel our mixed juices still leaking out of me, making my panties soaking wet. Once home, I crawl into bed exhausted but pleased.

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